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ASB Awards 2011

So I've been getting a lot of last-minute awards votes, and I thought I'd let the rest of you know that they really are last-minute: there are only two hours left before I stop taking them. So if you have anything last-minute to add, get it in quick.

Edit: That's it! Voting is closed for this year. See you tomorrow with the results.
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The results are in, and winners are bolded in the first post. Congratulations to Squornshellous Beta, 2011 ASBer of the Year and taker of the lion's share of the awards, and all of our other awesome winners! Many thanks to everyone who helped make the awards a success, especially all the people who sent in votes and provided nominations so that there would be something to vote on. We had the best turnout yet this year, and ended up with only two ties--not bad at all.

I've already given out all monetary prizes and surefire rare candies. If you won in a category that lets you have a pokémon or otherwise choose your prize, let me know what you want either by posting in this thread or sending me a PM or something.

Happy birthday, ASB! Last year was the busiest and most exciting in the league's history, and I hope you'll enjoy what's in store for the next. Here's to another year of TCoD ASB!
I don't get how Ole_schooler's battle qualified as a Valiant Defeat, but wwhatevver. [/whining like an Eridan]
[/oh, so very jelly]

Who were the the nominees that took second place?
It would be interesting to know how close some of the nominees got to winning.
I'm posting who I voted for. If you don't want to see it, don't read the spoilers.

ASBer of the Year: Zhorken (I voted for him as a sort of "lifetime achievement" award)
Best Battler: Crazy Linoone
Best Ref: Squornshellous Beta
Best New ASBer: Lord of the Fireflies
Best New Ref: Squornshellous Beta
Best Battle: Lucas755 vs Whirlpool
Most Improved: Karkat Vantas
Most Entertaining: ole_schooler vs Crazy Linoone
Biggest Upset: Whirlpool defeating Coloursfall
Most Valiant Defeat: ole_schooler (vs Crazy Linoone)
Most Helpful: Squornshellous Beta
Best Arena: Silver Cupcakes Platter
Best Strategy: Whirlpool
Best Signature Move: Chucklevoodoo
Best Signature Attribute: In Unova
Best Profile: Squornshellous Beta
Best Nickname: Capt. Plantpants
;u; thanks guyssss I never expected to win anything let alone ASBer of the year! I love you alllll :3

As to my prizes, I'll in a bit once I think about it.
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Apparently, I won something! Whoa, I didn't think I'd even get nominated. This surprises me. Yay for my insane penchant for detail and profile obsessiveness!

Also congrats to Squorn!
:DDD! I won something! Yes! (It's a prize for everyone expecting I'd lose, but whatever okay I have money!)

Congrats to everyone else, especially Squorn! I didn't actually expect to get nominated, but just that is so uplifting so! I'm extremely satisfied with this~
Who were the the nominees that took second place?
It would be interesting to know how close some of the nominees got to winning.
For that matter, seeing the whole tally would be interesting.

Looks like I actually won a single one of the countless things I've been nominated for (even though it was a tie). And all I get is what I already have tons of.
all riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

thanks to everyone who thought I was cool enough to be the best new asber, I think you have a really good judgment!

Also, congraaaaats Squorn for the numerous awards, you were this year's true superstar! :D

Finally, grats to everyone else who won and/or were nominated!

@Negrek: I'll take the DW ability poke, but I don't know what I want just yet, so can I have it, like, reserved or something?
Right, but with not many members in our ASB, it's quite possible that someone receives zero or one vote(s), which would compromise confidentiality.
Well, at lease I got something. At least half the league must have been pushing for the Mosh Pit to win best battle, I guess--or at least, everyone who was/is in it.

But congratulations to everyone who won!
@Negrek: I'll take the DW ability poke, but I don't know what I want just yet, so can I have it, like, reserved or something?
Yeah, it's not going anywhere. Just let me know when you decide.

As for posting the votes--I'm not really a fan of this, as from my experience this leads to bad blood more than anything. Fanfiction awards do admittedly tend to be a little more drama-filled than these, but I'm not really that enthused about inviting trouble. If you really want to know the full results for one or more of the categories, I guess you can ask and I'll PM them to you. But make it soon if you're going to; these things are clogging up my personal notepad and so aren't going to last long.
Weeeeell, since I have no particular need for more Pokémon, I will GIFT. :D

Eevee (female) <Anticipation> directly into Shinatoa's account, and Nidoran (male) Hustle into Skyman's, please. And a Rare Candy from the third thing.

I've also distributed the rare candies I forgot to give out to mosh pit battlers earlier.
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