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Dragons' Den Simulations

Umm, what's the cheapest thing I can go through.

If it's under nine dollars, i'll take that open spot. If it's over, then, umm, you know. =\
@DarkAura I think the cheapest is $15.

If she won't take the spot, I'll take it. Just read that any combination of legendaries... so... I'd like a double battle at easy. Against Kyogre and Suicune. I'll post in the bank once I have confirmation about the slot.
You forgot to mention the multiple basements we had built for nefarious purposes! Or was that supposed to be a secret?

Also you guys should check the first post(s) before asking stuff. Skylark's right about the prices.
Unfortunately, DarkAura, the lowest cost is $15.

So Skylark, the spot is yours. Basic arena, Northwind Field, or Marine Cave? I'll post the thread once I get the preferred arena and confirmation of payment.

(shh, Dragon! Those multiple basements are a secret! Basements are shady things; we don't need people to know how many of them we have!)
Oops well better stop being suspicious then :x Suspicious like the fact that we managed to rebuild a (previously) burning building in like a day while legendaries sling meteors in our general direction from above.
pardon me for asking, but can I go down to that basement? :o
Whoops, we totally meant Unova. (man why do I always confuse Sinnoh and Unova)

Sorry Superbird, we've already stated that we don't take reservations.
Right, so Skylark vs. Suicune and Kyogre has finished.

Some changes to note: Easy mode has been changed so that the legendary has 150% health and energy, because 175% was kinda ridiculous.

Also, we are currently going through a price change. After that is approved/denied/whatever and overheads are given, there will be an additional 24 hour wait before a slot can be claimed. Whoever posts first after that amount of time has been elapsed will get the slot. We will handle slots like this from now on, so more people have the opportunity to get a slot.
I'm not even a person, I'm an unperson. e___e I want to grabby can't I grabby??? *grabs Blazhy* I'll hold onto you until you let me grabby.
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