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If you were a Pokemon, which would it be?


New member
This may sound a bit silly, but I desperately want to be a Jolteon, which shouldn't be too shocking of a statement based on the username I chose to use here.

I like Jolteon a ridiculously large amount, and it would take forever to explain every aspect of why. I guess it's worth mentioning that most of the time in real life, in place of pretty much any incoherent interjection, I'll say "Jolt" instead; also in most of my dreams I'm actually a Jolteon rather than human.


local hellion
Hmmmm, this is a good question!

Well, I've been told that I'm a Teddiursa, which I suppose kinda fits. And I like Teddiursa.

I like Shinx, too, so I wouldn't mind being one either.


is not dead after all lol
I've heard Scyther, Persian, Meowth, Wurmple, and Skitty describe me, but I would love to be an

Because I cannot make up my freaking mind on those.
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Karkat Vantas

Virile God-Snake Tower of Masculinity
Probably a Quagsire. I like axolotls.

Maybe Kadabra? I'd walk around with a badass mustache and piss off Uri Geller all day and all night.

Kali the Flygon

Devourer of Sandshrews
I wonder.... which Pokemon would I be... hmmm... decisions, decisions...

If anyone doesn't know or intentionally guesses wrong, I'll hunt them down and eat them.


Quagsire. Quagsire is awesome. And is laid back. Either that or Mew. But Mew is an uncreative choice.


Back in action!
I haven't posted here yet?

Uh... I'm kinda envious of TealJolteon because it gets to be a Jolteon in its sleep, which would be awesome... as long as I'm not three-legged. (My sister will like that reference. Also, your profile says to call you "it," so I did.)

I'd probably be a Mightyena because of the long fur and strong jaws. I like biting things, especially people when they question my dominance.

Or maybe an Empoleon, considering the above statement. And I like water.

If I had to choose, though, Mightyena would be the answer.



It fits; I'm fickle, like shiny things and money, like running around at night, and everyone calls me a cat.

I am the cat who walks by herself and all places look the same to me


hopefully back??
I'd say Cyndaquil. Partly because I love the line, but I also think Cyndaquil kind of fits me. Timid and careful.

But that would mean I would never evolve into Typhlosion, who are rash and hot-tempered. Definitely not fitting for someone like me :U

I often turn into Bulbasaur in the PMD games.. hm.


It's feeding time
I don't even have to answer this question.

Admittedly someone said I was more of a male Lopunny at one point, but what the hell.


New member
I'd probably be a Natu, or Mareep, if we're going by personality. I'm leaning towards Mareep since I'm fairly happy, not very arguementive, and a tad naïve. I'd go with Natu, but I'm not nearly as antisocial as I picture them to be. Hoppip and Sandshrew might work, too.


is NOT edible. Unless you're a vampire.
On Butterfree's personality quiz I've had such results as Alakazam, Scyther, and Sneasel. All of them fit me at times, but I have a somewhat bipolar personality, so I don't think any one Pokémon would fit me best. Not one that I can think of off the top of my head, anyway. Doduo? Dodrio?

Spinda? Clumsy yet sort of intellectual - I get that image from the one in PMD.

Now, as for what I'd actually like to be...something badass, like Scyther. Maybe even Luxray. X-ray eyes would be awesome~