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League Championship 2011

A notification system that I hope you remember to turn off now that it's served its purpose, or you might be getting some unexpected surprises in the future. :P
Hawke--referring to:

My Thunderbird is currently hanging because I told it to play When Will My Life Begin? to grab my attention whenever this thread gets a new post, and apparently it hangs during the alert wav. Oops.
Okay, so as it turns out, we have the closing of the second round tonight as well. I hadn't thought to put up the third round battle conditions as I normally do, so I'll provide it here and delay the start of the round for three days for people to have the opportunity to prepare their teams and to get the referee situation worked out. The third-round pairings are also available in the first post.

There are five battles this round, and I'll need someone to referee mine. It be great if anyone felt up to taking some of the others. These battles have a seven-day DQ, but I will still be trying to enforce it fairly stringently to keep the round moving along. Let me know if you'd like to ref.

Also, there are still two spots available in the late bracket.

And now, our arena for the third round:

3vs3 Rotation
DQ: 7 Days
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned Moves: Weather moves, moves requiring external resources
Arena: Cold Storage

Driftveil City has plenty of attractions: its picturesque lighthouse, its bustling marketplace, and, most important of all to trainers, its official gym. Surely any of those would have made fine sites for a battle and a worthy introduction to Driftveil's culture.

Instead, trainers and spectators find themeselves huddled, shivering, in a glorified walk-in refrigerator.

As it turns out, it's rather expensive to rent out Nimbasa's music hall for a few crazy trainers to have their battles in. And it's even more expensive when you have to pay for repairs after a couple of those trainers smash a hole in the stage and set fire to the orchestra pit. Over budget and facing a suddenly-inflated insurance premium on whatever location it decided to rent, the league found itself too strapped for cash to secure one of Driftveil's more desirable locales.

There was no way they could simply call off the battle, though, so they made do. And, with a bit of effort, they even managed to wrangle a local into teaching their battlers a unique bit of Unovan battle-style, the rotation battle. He's a heartbreaker... His name... Charles...

In a rotation battle, each player sends out three pokémon from the get-go, though only one fights at a time. Up to once per round, at any time, a trainer may choose to "rotate" their pokémon, swapping the one in battle for one of the two in reserve. Now, though the arena manages to avoid the iciest parts of Cold Storage, the floor's a little slick, and the pokémon being rotated in will need to take an action to get its footing. The act of rotating therefore takes a full action, but is otherwise unpenalized. A pokémon that is rendered uncapable of leaving the field under its own power cannot be rotated out.

The frigid conditions of Cold Storage are going to sap a bit of the fun out of this new battle style, though. It's so freezing that all pokémon in battle will lose 5% health and energy at the end of each round, whether or not they're currently in battle. Ice types, of course, love the cold and are immune to this effect--too bad they happen to offend Charles, who can't stand their shameless aping of his aloof and distant attitude. At the end of each round, any ice type actually in battle has a 10% chance (each) of becoming taunted, tormented, confused, or paralyzed as a result of suffering through Charles' intense, furious, and yet carefree stare for the entire round.

For these battles, the first player to post will post all three pokémon that they will be using, as well as which one will start in the active position. The second will then do the same, as well as issuing commands, and the battle will proceed as normal from there.
I knooow right >(

Ugh I think I'm going to just go into debt for the next month or so.

Why do I have to face Kratos now? I was starting to feel competent about my battling skills ;_;
A couple of questions:

Does rotating out have the same priority as switching out would, or is it affected by speed?

How is experience going to be distributed?
I realize that taking an action to rotate is to balance the mechanic and all, but the description as is implies that fliers/levitators can avoid this because there is no "footing" to regain. Is this intentional? And would things like earthquake and/or dig still work in this arena?

I /may/ be able to take one or two battles this round (if I do take two, I guess I'd prefer one each of round three + late bracket? and uhhh since you need someone to do yours specifically I s'pose I could take that one), though I still have stuff to sort out. Put me down as helping tentatively unless the ref slots you need are all filled by other people before the round(s) start; then, if I haven't already said anything, let me know and I can tell you for sure if I can take any. /waffly

bah, dunno what you're so worried about, Mai, the third round of a tournament is usually where everything blows up in my face anyway
Can we reserve the late-bracket spot in case no one shows up?

Because I'm not online often enough to grab it the second it's open.

EDIT: Oh wait no it's full aaaah nevermind then.
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I could ref one of the late-bracket rounds. Two of the battles I'm reffing are about to finish, anyway. But I don't think I've got enough time/am confident enough to take on a rotation battle :P
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