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Retro Choice Pokémafia


blame telegram
Retro Choice Pokémafia

Retro Choice Pokémafia

As a belated tribute to #Pokemon20, let’s play a Mafia game whose flavor goes back to the very beginning. After my recent bastard game, I'm sure y'all are just as eager as me for a traditional game. With that in mind, I've constructed a game for between seven and eleven players with a basic but semi-secret setup. I promise there are no bastard surprises in store, though.

The first seven players will include two scum, an inspector, a doctor, and three other innocent roles that are fairly typical for TCoD play.

If we have enough people sign up, I'll add up to four less typical roles, including another scum and three innocents. These roles will include the "dreaming god" from Kanto Role Choice Mafia and a freemason recruiter, since those are two of my favorite roles.

Flavor will be based on the party icons for Generation I (the black-and-white icons across the top row-and-a-half in the linked image). I'll be randomly pairing icons and roles, then constructing flavor to fit the pairs.

To start with, please post in this thread which of the icons you'd like to claim. Once an icon is claimed, it may not be claimed by another person.

I tend to tweak the rulesets of each of my games as I get better as a mod and learn what I like, but I’m hoping this ruleset will be solid enough that I can just copy-paste it for future games. It returns the warning system universally to first-time-warned, second-time-dead (none of the in-a-row nonsense I used in Bastard Mafia) and brings back a ban on direct quoting of role PMs.

  • You must post at least once during each day phase. The first violation is an in-thread warning; the second is a modkill.
  • You must send in your night action every night, if you have one. Abstaining from use is a valid night action (unless your role PM states otherwise). The first violation is a PM warning; the second is a modkill.
  • The only players who can communicate out-of-game are the scum faction(s) and any others whose roles explicitly include out-of-game communication. I'll start a Quicktopic thread or threads for this purpose so they can be shared upon the game's end along with the role descriptions and night action log.
  • You may not directly quote your role PM. You are, of course, allowed to publicly claim (or falsify) as much of it as you like, as long as you don’t copy the text of it word-for-word.

Phases will last two days each.

Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia

Ohh! I've never played a Mafia game before, but now looks like a good time. I want to be the snake icon!
Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia

I'll be the gengar! or whatever the very middle icon is supposed to be

Whoops nevermind, we're only using the 1st gen ones. I'll be whatever the 3rd one is
Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia

I've always wanted to be a tree.
We're actually only using the Gen I icons; I couldn't find a source that included Pikachu with them but excluded the Gen II icons.

The unclaimed ones so far are the monster thing (top row, #2), the bug (top row, #4) and Pikachu itself.
Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia

Awesome, that's every role claimed.

I'm on mobile at the moment, but this afternoon when I get to a computer, I'll send out role PMs and the night phase will begin.
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