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The Battle for Asber

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So Melodramatic. You brought this upon yourselves you know. We didn't join this fight with the thought of turning, but after seeing you all...how you acted when things didn't go your way or when you try to piece a plan together...you gave us no choice.

Look at you! You barely work as a team. And when things start to get rough, you cry about it and make lives miserable. This only happened because you couldn't listen, you couldn't work together. You made it that every pokemon had to stand on their own. Well guess what, they are now alone. I tried to help you, and I am sad to see the few good ones of you having to fall.

Asber was such a amazing place. There was a nice order here, where everyone could have fun. We were all happy...

Then the Rats came. All this happened when we weren't looking, but when we noticed it was too late. Now I want my world back...my world before the Rats and the backhanded deals. Before the promised silver to win titles and before we had to become something flashy to gain any name.

Why can't we all have just had fun?

(And just a reminder guys. This is a game. Don't take it so seriously and have fun with it. We don't need drama here folks~. Just sit back, play together and have fun! This is what the Event is for! Its for F-U-N~<3! And damn is this going to be fun playing along with you guys in this. Give us a good challenge so we can all look back and be all "Yep, that was a fun game. Can't wait for the next". Thank you)
- Not a rules change, but a clarification: your prize for this battle depends primarily on your level of participation; your pokémon can last for round and rounds on the battlefield, but if you had little to no hand in making that happen, you can't expect much EXP/money for it.

So my Ditto gets almost nothing, then?
they turn to nothing; and guided, they come, so that they end. they remain.

we like to distinguish you not working as a team from us not working as a team.

no pokémon has stood alone. their trainers, perhaps -- but the trainers are mere bystanders, unnecessary and completely expendable. but the pokémon -- never. always, our pokémon have worked in unison. it was the perversion of this ideal which would drive us to despair.

yet one might note, there was never discord at the core -- the turmoil we would leave at the edge.

but that is all gone now. now we have a certain ... clarity, which we could not have before.

but the time you speak of -- there was no such time. if you remember, it is a false memory. it has always been so. we have been. we have long been, ever watching, if silently.

that was our world. it has been our world. this is our world. we will not have our world defiled as purification.

but then, no alieniloquy will bring agreement. this will be settled in this battle. but mark, we will make it ... nontrivial.

by its own it will be devoured, but not consumed. it will be consumed in brilliance.
Why, hello, there, L'arc-en-Ciel! How are you doing this fine day? How have you been since your defeat at the Music Hall? Jet's up and ready, you understand, right?

also i don't get any lines what
Why, hello, there, L'arc-en-Ciel! How are you doing this fine day? How have you been since your defeat at the Music Hall? Jet's up and ready, you understand, right?

also i don't get any lines what

It's hard to talk when Mort's holding you up with GHOSTLY ICE POWER. Chattering teeth and all that.

in other news YOU GUYS sreservoir is bugging again someone needs to fix him

Of course no Pokemon stood alone - they were expected to act as a swarm, like insects. No individualism, no fun, always controlled by the Queen Bee and forced into doing as she wishes. Never question the hive! But we know better - a pair of hornets in a honeybee hive, discovered too late.

But don't be scared - give up the ghost easily and we will make your death quick and... relatively painless.

And you - you didn't even really win that... L'Arc put too much energy into the fight and had to rest. But, as you will see now, he is ready to beat the arrogance out of you.
I'm sorry Coloursfall but it's hard to take you seriously when you ride a pseudo-bird/angel whose explicitly detailed as a bringer of rainbows and happiness.

Actually his name is rainbow in french
Holy crap what have I missed I disappear for a week and treachery

You terrible horrible no-good very bad unpersons! How durst! What wick! The nerve! Well, the Asber will stand for this not! Have at you!
Strike the last two actions from the record. The round will be done over. You can send new commands (I would guess that you'd like so, since cutting levitate won't KO a pokémon that has it as an innate ability), or send the old ones again. They're due by next Saturday at 10:00 PM EST.
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