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The "Fwee" Thread


Reading Artemis Fowl 2 I think. Eternity Code, right? Buuut I'm coming back to the series after reading the first one, like, 2 years ago.
OH MY GOD. MAJORA'S MASK IS OUT?! [/stupidity]

hahah, no it isn't. i bought it at a local video game store that specializes in older consoles and video games like Atari, NES and SNES, dreamcast, and some others (most important to me would be N64, of course)
I'm on the verge of catching Raikou in a Poke Ball in HeartGold. Just trying to paralyse it with my Ampharos whom I named after my crush for some strange odd reason. =P
drilled my boyfriend yesterday on whether he'll be willing to stick with me even if we go weeks without seeing each other due to college life.

looks like he's willing to stick with me.

grateful <3
So my grandma cleans houses for a living, and one of the houses is the grandmother of the most spoiled child on the face of the earth. And apparently this spoiled child was no longer interested in his 32GB iPOD touch.

I got a free 32GB iPOD touch. :3 No idea what generation it is, but it's in good shape, and it's mine.

Whoop. There's now blonde poking out of this dark, dark hair.

Looks rather fine, if I do say so myself.

EDIT: I also found another reason to actually watch Cartoon Network for the first time in ages. Adventure Time and, get this, Regular Show. My new favorite thing. Goooooo Mordecai.
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My first assignment for one of my classes was to compare and contrast Wikipedia and Conservapedia.

I am a happy, happy Augment.
Lazy day today~

also I'm doing a hetalia-themed SS run. it's scary how accurate the natures (and that little note thing at the bottom) are.
I like having my friend as baritone section concert band leader. (Not that Nick wasn't a much better one last year) But Lucas is strict yet incredibly laid back. Plus my friend Ricky is with us in that class.
We also managed to make a pyramid for section pictures this year.
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