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The "Fwee" Thread

Besides getting some stuff stolen, I had an absolutely amazing summer as a camp counselor. I absolutely adored my co-workers (and animals! Arctic foxes, cavies, and wallabies are great fun, yep!) and never would have thought I'd make such ahh-mazing friends with them. Mailing letters will be super fun for sure! For a first job, I think it went fantastically! That being said it's nice to be back home. :D
I was on the internet, looking up stuff about Fire Red. I came across one of those Hold-Up-and-B-and-you-will-automatically-catch-it-type cheats. I was battling Articuno, and only had a pokéball left. I decided to try it. It worked. I caught Articuno in a pokéball! It was amazing.

Weird coincidence, or legitimate cheat? You decide!
i went back to band camp today, saw my best friends and my boyfriend

happy :3

i hate to double post but i must add

went back for the evening rehearsal, got to watch everyone set drill

from atop the tower on which staff sits

got SO MANY FLASHBACKS to band season of last year and me and my boyfriend's budding romance and my best friend and I's growth as friends and Zelda (anyone who's read my iamnotahobo topic will get this) and my budding friendship with her and just aaaaaaaaaa <33333 so happy so happy so so happy
In Grade 5, I had the bestest of best friends, but he had to move away because of family issues, to Saskatchewan, a few provinces away. But now he's coming back! Only for a year, but it will be great to hang out again!
Guess what I'm typing from people...
That's right. I AM LAPOTOP GOD!
Yeah. I fixed it. Now I'm returning to posting in a normal fashion again!
I know I haven't been doing Cyberspace for the past, like what, week? So I'll be resuming that too.
You posted funnyjunk....

This makes me sad :(

I did the what in the what now? *Googles what the hell funnyjunk is* Huh... I can see the issue here. I think. Don't be sad. :(

But the real reason I came here is now I can watch that moment again and again. Also, finished watching that series today. The end was kinda' lame, but it was still a good show overall.
So, the first part of this is a Grr but I'm putting it in Fwee because of the ending.

So, again, after I had Lunch today, my charger broke. 48 hours after last time. I was gonna try and post on the mobile site but as soon as I got onto the Grr thread, I saw an orange light flash on this lapotop.

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