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The "Fwee" Thread

So, the first part of this is a Grr but I'm putting it in Fwee because of the ending.

So, again, after I had Lunch today, my charger broke. 48 hours after last time. I was gonna try and post on the mobile site but as soon as I got onto the Grr thread, I saw an orange light flash on this lapotop.


Murphy's law to the max, eh?
My musically-inclined brother is trying to teach me how to conduct to the LoZ 25th Anniversary Orchestra CD.

Needless to say, it is a very interesting experience.
Finally learning some stuff in Web Design. Today was on optimizing images in order to make them as small as possible and still good looking. Looking forward to this class.
OTP Feels + Just economics and I'm done with holiday homework!

Bad thing is I don't know what economics is and neither do any of my friends but I emailed the teacher so there's your not-done-homework escuse.

Time to waste time
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