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The "Fwee" Thread

happy cause I got to teach English for a while on friday, and I'm also getting better with drawing more realism stuff like an eye. Thank you Mark Crilley for also helping me with manga pictures.
First day of school was awesome. I have maybe two teachers that are just kind of... there. The rest seem pret-ty awesome. Also experienced the joy and deliciousness of open campus during lunch.Yay.
-sees aushun
-listening to piano version of scary monsters and nice sprites

[spoiler="feels" gif]

i don't even know why
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Yay! Finally got onto a good laptop! =D Just gotta get used to the positioning of the "L", "P" and "=/+" buttons. It has Chrome as well!
And HQ YouTube! It feels so good! It glitches most of the time but still. =D
one of my friends just shipped me copies of the world ends with you and ace attorney
she really did not have to do this
football game
memories <333333

we're all at equilibrium now! I'm on good terms with everybody I've been intermittently fighting with/hating since last spring, and I've got a boyfriend and a best friend and I'm in college and life is fucking good.
Got new clothes, new binders, notebooks, etc. New School year is awesome.

Also just got the Hunger Games so whooooo~
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