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The "Fwee" Thread

started watching Hetalia after a long series of thoughts which led me to think of Frostagin and Hetalia.
Youtubed it.
I am not disappointed.
*jumps out of plane*
A NEW season of Arrested Development starts shooting this month. After 6 years off air, I still can't believe they're bringing this amazing show back.
I might get to go to Cambodia
Not until the spring but still
That would be SO COOL

EDIt: Also Seoul! KYAAA I really hope I can go!
Holy crap it's on Wednesday‽ I thought it was Saturday or Friday or something. Woot! Even more days of relaxing before practice Monday. Fwee or something.
My Final Fantasy III(VI) and SNES are now working for the first time in five years hell yes.
So first day of school:

long as hell wait for the bus
Sit with people I know on the bus
Get seperated from friends into groups with older students leading us
Play a game like musical chairs where we find out stuff about each other.
Find the Harry Potter fans, two girls and a guy who like the same music, and this dude who is very amusing that likes almost everything I do (we were in the same group and I talked to him to make conversation)
Accidentally spill hand sanitizer on his pants and make everyone laugh, even that dude
Find out there is a gamer's club.

I am going to love school this year, I just know it. I think I'll make good friends :3 it's like TCoD but in real life YES
So many good things, yay

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is a fantastic book so far, and I greatly enjoy reading it.
• First week of school was the booooooomb diggity~
• Aaaaah this new fanfic idea is amazing and I must go speak to Mysti and Frosty about it soon because it has Hetalia in it eeeeeeeeee—
• Oh and that awesome party I just come home from. Thought it was going to be really boring, but it turned out to be really fun! :D
Free. So free. Nothing matters and it's the best feeling in the world.
Can I keep going higher? I don't want to seem needy, Mister Big-Scary-Distance-Between-Me-and-the-Depression-I-Crawled-Out-of-a-Month-Ago. Just don't hurt me again.
Things are getting better. I'm in-between true happiness and... that.
Now I just need to hold out.
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