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The "Fwee" Thread

Yay! Finished the special episode Bidoof's Wish in PMD2/3 for the first time! =D
So many little, random, and very minor things that spark joy in me.
I saw a friend from last year and we kinda caught up. I said how I'd been lagging behind in practice to being absent but I was trying hard to catch up and he said that he said I was a dedicated person when it comes to band. (I always like to hear that I'm dedicated with things since I have a ton of potential motivation- something I realized by about the age of six or seven- but I end up being lazy most of the time.)
I'm also trying to increase my altruism since I think I need to be a lot nicer.
birthday in ten days.
That moment when you realise a friend is reading your fanfic and you two didn't know who each other were until you heard them talking about it. Priceless.
Playing M:tG again, I missed it. UoU My Jund deck is best.

oh really >:o

We could play on Cockatrice sometime I want to play with more TCoD people and not just my boyfriend or strangers all of the time :C

speaking of MtG my Karrthus EDH deck is up to 60/78 now! I'm only missing 18 cards omg and I'm finally actually getting Karrthus himself today I'm so excited
I made it to the top eight at Game Day yesterday (my first time getting into the top 8 ever >:T it was about time... I always have shitty luck IRL even though my decks are built to work consistently. maybe it's how I shuffle) so I got the full art foil Magmaquake and it fits perfectly in my EDH deck eeek (I also pulled my second Akroma's Memorial in one of my prize boosters)

I also picked up a bunch of dragon tokens yesterday, like 1/1 red/green ones for Dragon Broodmother and 5/5 red dragons. I still need a 4/4 token for Broodmate Dragon, but I can always use a proxy until I find one since tokens aren't really important
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Holy Crap

A megacrossover with Adventure Time, Kingdom Hearts, Kirby, Final Fantasy VI & IV, AND Devil May Cry!

Best friggin' idea evar!

I'll probably post it here in a week or so.
I quite honestly am just at the highest point at my life. I feel as if I can accomplish anything I put my mind to (except writing fanfic because depression tore me away from MLP, as stupid as that sounds and is)- even learning a new language/alphabet!

Which I guess makes sense considering that a little over a month ago I was fantasizing about taking my own life. Hooray.


There's even photos seconds after the landing. This is amazing.
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