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The "Fwee" Thread

whelp... the trip hasn't been what i expected. it has been fun, but slow. week one is done (as today is monday of week 2.) we leave next monday to come home. i think we leave later tonight for paris.

maybe the reason i can't enjoy it is what i found out before i left. i was texting the girl i really like while sitting in atlanta. we were talking and she told me that she liked me. i went into "holy-shit-what-is-this-magic" mode. something made me think this the night before, but i wasn't 100% percent sure.

EDIT: i know texts mean nothing... and we wound up skype-ing for 3 hours last night. cant wait to go back home.

/me sighs
I got a kindle as a slightly late birthday present! :o It can hold over 1400 books, so this is handy. I never thought I'd get one; I love good old fashioned books too much, but I've had to concede defeat because my house is completely coming down with them.
I've been having a successful online message conversation... entirely in Swedish after three weeks. Okay, my Swedish is faaaaaaaaaaaaar from perfect, but the other party understands and can respond, despite my grammar being shite, my vocabulary being shite, basically writing crap Swedish.
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I bought Adventure Time season one just a few minutes ago! Pretty reasonable price, if I do say so myself, and I can't wait to watch it, eeeee~
Checked my ex's facebook profile.

The world did not end.

Thank god for deep breathing.

It took a little preparation, but I'm going to be okay.
:D I think my internet is finally back to normal! I haven't lost connection all day ^^ Huzzah!
yay I'm appreciated glad you enjoy the forums LuckyLapras C:

now tl;dr my Magic collection has grown satisfactorily

Last Friday I finally decided to commit to the EDH deck I've been playing with on Cockatrice, and I now have 34 of the 78 cards I need for it! (the other 22 are basic lands lol) I've been at my boyfriend's for the weekend and his best friend has a lot of old, rare cards he's planning to give away soon anyway, so he let me have all the ones I could find that I needed. I don't actually have a copy of my commander yet (Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund) but I'm hoping to find him tomorrow. I still have two more stores I haven't checked yet: a store in Knoxville that almost has a complete set of the Power Nine, and a local store I didn't have time to visit on Friday. I also didn't spend a lot of time looking in my normal Magic haunt on Friday and I plan on picking up more miscellaneous stuff after I get home tomorrow.

I'm so excited! Once it's done I'm going to get one of those big ol' Commander boxes for it! I'm wondering what kind of sleeves I should get for it, too. Some chintzy generic things with dragons on the back? I don't want to choose some official MtG sleeves because there's none with any Jund-related art, and since Jund is three colors I don't want to just buy mana sleeves either because those have either one color or all five. So should I'm leaning towards sleeves of a solid color... but what color? Brown? That's what red, green and black would probably make if you mixed 'em together... I spend a lot of time thinking about the boxes and sleeves I put my individual decks in. It's my form of christening them.
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I could possibly be getting a computer from the college high school and can possibly use it at home!

eeee something good has happened :D
This just made me happy for some reason, makes me want a Mareep IRL. Also good news everybody! I will be filthy rich at the end of this summer! (it's nice to be a bit spoiled)
*slaps everyone with money*
Lastly, I HAS MINECRAFT!!! (well, a cracked version, but I realized that my buddy can buy it as a gift for me, but I'll do that later)
We talked again. It stared out with her asking me if I knew why she liked me.

*she looks at me* because your a sweet funny caring guy what's there not to love plus. why do you like me?

i wanna go home
Kyaaa I got like the cutest dress ever X3
I'll have to take in the straps a little but who cares it's so cute XD

Got an amazing new computer
And $50 in Steam and Knights of the Old Republic I&II
My boyfriend's found an apartment he likes about 15 minutes out of town (as opposed to living two hours away). I really hope the utilities won't end up being too much... Since he did so bad his first year (really I was the only person in my circle of friends who didn't) at uni he's going to community college this semester, and fortunately we have like three in town and he's found one that offers courses in the major he's switching to. So it really looks like he's going to get to move down here semi-permanently! With any luck I might be able to work out becoming independent enough to move in with him... getting a job and actually having an actual bed for myself and a hot shower for more than a couple nights at a time will be really nice.

In less life-altering news, I picked up a Kresh the Bloodbraided for free from a friend of a friend from a different circle of friends when we were drafting his old cards last night for fun. Another card down for my EDH deck! Another friend of mine (incidentally, the resident judge at our FNM spot) has a Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund and he's gonna bring it Friday night to work out a trade. So I'll have my commander, too! I still don't have the most expensive pieces of my deck but I do have 51 of the 78 cards I needed now and it feels good to get that far in just a week or so.
We're playing this piece in community band.

It's stunningly gorgeous and not very difficult... which is great for me, because I'm playing clarinet for this concert and I've only been really playing clarinet for two months. More importantly, it was composed in memory of a victim of leukaemia — a disease that's affected the lives of a few people I know.
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