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The "Fwee" Thread

Found something to distract me from my horniness...

The character of Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds is played by quite a good-looking man. He's also a pretty decent portrayal of Asperger's. Excuse me, I need to go... fantasize.
Ahahaha went to the Anime Festival today and acted like a total derp with my friends XD
And then and then sexiness contests and picture spam and damn Nata why are you so sexy ahahaha I'm so going to beat you at aegyo tomorrow XD

Don't mind me XD
It's cold in my house, I'm wearing sweatpants, fuzzy house boots and a sweatshirt. Playing Final Fantasy II while my 3DS charges, its a day off and i feel good.
Just finished five hours worth of math homework! Once this hectic week is done, I'll let myself get B2 and W2! :D
Managed to play most of Ruins of Alph and Lavender Town on the keyboard, which is cool, because for the latter I didn't have sheet music! I had originally printed it out for my brother to play—the one that can freaking play anything—but decided to try my hand at it. Surprisingly piano isn't that hard after learning French horn, which is double cool, and it sounded pretty sweet! Even if I only did one hand and abandoned the other part I was supposed to play at the same time 8D
Took a couple seconds and slapped a new banner together. :3

I think I'll go to the costume shop and see if they have morphsuits. :3 They sound like fun, and I wish to be a Slenderman for Halloween.

So in the theater program here we have Bigs and Littles. Littles are freshmen, Bigs are upperclassmen who are like mentors for the clueless freshmen.

I met my Big Bro and Big Sis over a month ago and the first time I met them they were both like "oh we give HUGS here" and they're both super sweet and totally awesome.

Also I think I like college better than high school.
Found a shiny Geodude on Platinum! =DDD
Also, I made the effort to get back here with mobile internet, and I should be good so long as I'm not on here all the time. =P
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