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The Metronome Contest


The Metronome Contest

Asber loves Metronome. The only people in Asber who don't love Metronome are the ones that happened to live in those cities that get reduced to a pile of smoking ash. Many Metronome battles have taken place in the ASB. The latest trend is to do battles that are essentially the same as Metronome battles, but with the twist that the random moves will be called by themselves, meaning Pokémon unable to learn Metronome are allowed to compete as well. All in all, trainers in this league can absolutely not get enough of randomized moves.

It was only a matter of time before the Metronome business was expanded to reach that one other place wherein moves are used: the contest halls.

Appeal Stage​

During the appeal stage, all contestants will be dealt a set of four moves. Then, they may pick up to three moves from the set they have been dealt, and use them to build an appeal. The moves can be combinated or reordered or instructed to be used in a specific way or any plausible twists, as long as the moves themselves are not changed. Doing simple actions that are not moves is still admissible. The first round will take place in a standard contest arena. The second round will have tag appeals with two Pokémon out at a time, each one being dealt their own sets of four moves. They may only use the moves they have been dealt -- never the teammate's. Additionally, each trainer will be dealt a randomly picked setting for their appeal to take place in. Finally, the third round will be more flexible. All contestants will be dealt three sets of moves, allowing them to use up to three Pokémon in the appeal -- though if the entrant so chooses, they can be two or one Pokémon. If less than three Pokémon are used, the trainer can pick which Pokémon gets which set. Also, any setting from the second round can be used in the appeal, and four other settings will be made available. And, lastly, the Pokémon used for the third round will be allowed to take the form of an evolution or pre-evolution (but not an indirect evolutionary relative -- thus, a Vaporeon can be used as an Eevee, but not as a Jolteon).

Battle Stage​

The final round battle stage will not merely be a Metronome match, as contests priorize style and, for that to be achieved, there has to be some degree of control from the trainers over the commands. Therefore, like in the appeal stage, contestants will be dealt a set of moves -- this time, five moves -- each round. Again, only up to three can be picked, and as long as the move themselves are not changed, any plausible twists can be added. Chills can also be commanded over actual attacks.


- First place: $60, a buyable Pokémon of the winner's choice and the Metronome Ribbon
- Second place: $25, a buyable rarity 1~4 Pokémon of the winner's choice
- Third place: $15, Kratos' Nephilim (Cleffa).
- All Pokémon participating will receive one point of experience.

(by the way, I have the Metronome Ribbon done, but, fifteen bucks for whoever can make a better one)

Other rules​

Despite this being the Metronome Contest, all Pokémon, even if unable to learn Metronome, are allowed to compete. Also, any held items, move mods and/or body mods coming with a Pokémon will be disregarded.

I, Metallica Fanboy, will act as the head judge for this contest. Secondary judges are Mike the Foxhog and Kratos Aurion.


Up to 16 people may participate. If there are not sixteen contestants two weeks after the contest was opened, then, if the number of entrants is below eight, the contest will still receive entrants; if it's above eight and even, the contest starts; if it's above eight and odd, then the contest will wait for one more entrant, then start.

The moves will only be dealt once the contest starts, and Pokémon sendouts are made after that, so, your registration posts won't be anything but registration posts.

It's recommended but not obligatory to include your profile's link in your registration posts.
Sorry, Flareth and Zora of Termina, you both joined after the 16th entrant.

Anyway, I'm impressed. I sure did expect to fill up fast, but within about 18 hours? Now that's the draw of Metronome. At least as long as it doesn't call Roar or something.

Anyway, welcome to the first appeal round. Let's recap on the rules -- you're using a standard contest stage for an arena (you can mess with the lighting, but only before the appeal begins). From the four moves you will find beneath your name in the list beneath this introductory text, you may pick up to three and twist them however you may like (of course, as long as it's plausible, and as long as it's still the move you were dealt). You can also still command non-attacks, so as long as at least one more you were dealt stays.

I went ahead and color-coded the moves. If it seriously bothers you, just say it. If any of it is unreadable in the style you're using, just highlight it. Also, in case you're wondering, it's all readable in Scyther Slash style (which is not my personal pick, just stating). deary me with all those normal-type moves minimial dewgong users are in for a nasty highlight trip

Power Whip / Spider Web / Future Sight / Ember

Fly / Gastro Acid / Air Slash / Razor Wind

Spacial Rend / Sleep Powder / Focus Blast / Acupressure

Baton Pass / Faint Attack / Growl / Nasty Plot

Earth Power / Mist / Comet Punch / Shadow Ball

Payback / Sky Uppercut / Take Down / Destiny Bond

Big Red Cherry Bomb
Psycho Cut / Mist / Judgement / Dark Void

Stomp / Foresight / Minimize / Double Team

Dizzy Punch / Haze / Energy Ball / Dark Pulse

Overheat / Shadow Claw / Smog / Dragon Dance

Dragon Pulse / X-Scissor / Dragon Rage / Ice Shard

Aqua Ring / Mist / Overheat / Comet Punch

L'il Dwagie
Poison Tail / Captivate / Poison Sting / Frenzy Plant

Cosmic Power / Sandstorm / Outrage / Barrage

Endeavor / Double Hit / Triple Kick / Thrash

Squornshellous Beta
Selfdestruct / Crush Grip / Spark / Shadow Claw

You can use any Pokémon. The deadline for posting commands is 10 days unless you've justified taking your time in the Absence Sheet. The eight highest scoring will qualify for round two. Good luck. After all, I sure would fail to get anything out of some of these sets.
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