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Weird Phone Calls


Stangers are just friends you've never met~
So, uh, type up weird phone calls you've gotten.

I've gotten a call for this oil change service. First they asked us to join then they decided we did. So they were all like "When you call back, be sure to mention this" and all that.

And this person called like once a week askng for Wanda Hicks. After they stopped calling my brother got a new speech teacher... Wanda Hicks.

But, aside from that, nothing really.
Oh, I get these ALL the time.

A man always calls me, telling me that my car imsurance has something wrong with it apparently. (It's actually an automated message, says the same thing over and OVER again) I don't even have a car...

And this one time, I got this really weird message. The principal of a school called me and was all: "Your daughter, Yaneli, has been suspended from school." Then I got a text message in Spanish. Yeah. Spanish. And it said: "Hola Yaneli." Apparently some girl named Yaneli used to have my number or something.

I've gotten a lot more than this, but I can't recall them right now.
The other day my brother called some guy accidentally (he mixed up one of the numbers of dad's phone number) and said "Hi dad."
"OI, JIMMY MATE! How's it goin'?"

Uhh, once my mum got a call which was just someone playing saxophone. (It turned out my old clarinet teacher (who also played sax and flute) accidentally dialled her number in the middle of a lesson...)

Oh, and once I totally got a phone call from someone who I didn't know had my number, and they knew the school I went to and the ensemble I was in AND the rehearsal time of that ensemble. But it's a long story!
I occasionally get people calling my home number asking for a John Holmes. I guess that's the guy who last had our number.

I've also gotten calls mistaking my number for the Wal-Mart pharmacy number. (You just switch two digits and you've got it.)

Let's see...
And a whole lot of random automated calls. I kept getting one at the same time every day about a vehicle warranty about to expire (I don't have a car and my mom's car has no warranty.).
"Hello, is this Table Seven?"
"... I'm sorry, I think --"
"Oh, is it Table Five then?"
"... Oh. -click-"
Once my family's home phone kept getting messages from some guy. He kept saying he was almost out of prison and would be home soon... wat.
He doesn't call anymore though.
One night, this drunk guy, named Wilson, (at least that's what he said), called.

He called about three times, asking why I keep hanging up on him. I told him because you're drunk, have the wrong number, and I don't know who you are...

He calls a forth time and asks me if I want him to bring the beer over or not. I told him no, and hung up.

I get another call, knowing it was him, picked the phone up. He starts telling me that I'm his wife and that he is confused if he did something wrong or not... I told him that he did and hung up.

He never called back after that. I laughed all night, it was so great...


Also, when I was out of town with my friend for twelve says, we were upstairs, and got almost ten identical calls. We didn't answer them, but the messages all said "Is this the residence of Sean Wade?" We are still confused about who Sean Wade is.
Well, we keep getting a message from the debt collectors even though we don't owe them anything. That's it though.
Me: Hello?
Me: Err....*hangs up*
That's just a poorly executed prank call, Lucariking. :|

In my experience, the best prank call is just to sing "SexyBack" to someone over the phone.
I haven't had any personally, but my brother is the one who gets all the phone calls since he's the typical "popular kid" at school. So we're used to usually letting him pick up the phone. It's almost always him - more often for him than anyone else.

Anyway, he picks up the phone and hears this:

Him: "Hello?"
Some Creepy Lady: "Heeeey, I thought you were sleeping!"
Him: "... uh... I think you have the wrong number..."

This continued for a while, with him trying to explain it's a wrong number and her getting increasingly pissed off. Eventually he just let my dad on the phone. THEN she realized she had a wrong number.
I won't use real names, but I got this one this morning. My mom's name isn't "Helga Burns" but I'll say that for now.

Me: Hello?
Man: Yes, is Helga Burns there?
Me: No, she's not here right now.
Man: Oh, well, when he gets back
Me: *hangs up phone*

It's kind of obvious that my mom isn't male.
I pick up my cell phone, finding I have a new message.

Person: Hello? Hello? Hello? He.. h.. Who the damn is this?!


They sounded exactly like my best friend's mom, but obviously the number was different. I called them back. Before I could say anything,


Then I hung up. Weird, huh? Mostly the first call.
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ive gotten many voicemails on my cell saying that i now quallify for the dept reduction program... im in credit card dept?! wtf i dont have a frikken credit card! and also i get calls from some man saying hes looking at my property O-O
wtf! ahh! a stalker!

o and i get this call

some lady: Hello? is mark there?
they say there not going to put the pace maker in mom if she keeps doin' wat shes" doin' their taking her off some of her medication.... blah blah blah it continues like this wtf she called before too. I HAVE A RECORDING stating my name so why do these people keep calling? ther has been more weird messegas but i wont list them all.
Oh yeah, once my sister got a wrong number on her mobile nd they didn't realise. So they left an answerphone message that was literally five minutes long, repeating the same bloody things over and over and not realising they had the wrong person. =/
Text conversation I had recently:

Random person: Fwd:whre do i stand? 1. bitch 2.friend 3.More than a friend maybe 4. Best friend forever ...send to 10 people to see where u stand &-@b?th@-<Mxs>

Me: Who r u?

Random person: Matt<Mxs>

Me: ?

Random person: From school ur my daughter<Mxs>

Me: ?

Random person: R u kelli<Mxs>

Me: No. wrong #

Random person: O sorry<Mxs>
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