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Would you like to have children?

Do you want kids?

  • Yes

    Votes: 19 33.9%
  • Not really

    Votes: 29 51.8%
  • I don't know

    Votes: 8 14.3%

  • Total voters


This is something I think about a lot. I am very curious if other people want kids in the future. I do.

If you do want to be the mom or dad of a child, do you know how many you want, and which genders? What about names? I am constantly thinking about if I want children or not.

As of right now, I want four kids-- two girls and two boys. I have always wanted to name my children Isabella, Alice, William, and Samuel. But obviously it depends on the father of the kids as well, for their names.

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Maybe I'll change my mind about this some day, but I really don't want to have children. Mostly because I think I would probably love them very much, and I don't know how I could survive watching them go through all that shit that happens. You know, they'll get bullied and harassed and rejected and hurt and just generally have to go through those things that happen to people. It's too awful to think about.
Nope, not at all. I want to have a life without having to taking care of little kids. I wouldn't be able to stand the screaming, for one thing (I'm very sensitive about sound), and raising a baby would just stress me out (and cost loads of money...) I'm way too lazy and irresponsible to be a mother... and honestly I just don't like small kids and babies. Even if they were my own.
Also, having biological kids is completely out of the question. I really don't want to give birth or be pregnant, way too uncomfortable for me. In the unlikely case I decided to have kids, it would have to be an adopted child that was already 9-10 years old or something. I'd rather just be an aunt for my brother's future kids.
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No because I don't like ickiness and I'm not very patient with creatures that don't listen/understand entirely what you're saying. If I find taking care of a dog is hard when my parents are doing most of the work, taking care of a baby is going to be the worst thing ever.
I know people say that your instinct will make you not care about that and love them anyway, but from my current point of view I find the idea of instincts changing what I think about things that much to be terrifying. It brings up worries about free will and the like into my mind.


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Not very interested in it, but if I were I'd adopt. I do like kids, though, I just don't think I'd make a good parent in the long term.


dunno yet
probably leaning slightly towards "yes" however. not for a long time yet though, and the only way i'd be able to have any would be to adopt so it'd take a long time anyway probably

i kind of want to be at a place where i can say my social anxiety doesn't interfere with my life before i can have kids, if i do have them.


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Yeah, most likely. I love kids. I only really want one, though. Adopted or not, I don't care. Which is a good thing, considering I seem to be leaning towards women at this point in time.


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I dunno. Kids are expensive, yo.

(as in, to keep, rather than obtain. Although, thinking about it, obtaining them would actually be really expensive as well. Boooo)

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I do quite like the idea of shaping the beliefs and values of my own children.

Not too thrilled about the other responsibilities and expenses though.


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nooope. kids are mad gross! also i don't really feel like being responsible for tiny developing people because wow i don't think i'd be a great parent.

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I do quite like the idea of shaping the beliefs and values of my own children.

Not too thrilled about the other responsibilities and expenses though.
Also, babies because adorableness.

And I think it would be a good experience overall.

But the best part is showing them Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Pokemon.


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While I do think I would make a good parent — I am quite excellent and friendly with kids — I do not want children of my own. I may consider adoption later in life, but having a child is the worst thing you can do for the planet.


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I don't think I'd be opposed to children, like, way far down the road. And only if I and any partner I may have are 100% committed to it.


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it's kind of weird because i really really really want to be a dad. i know this absolutely in my bones. i want to raise a kid and help them grow and i want to be responsible for the life and happiness of another human being and give them a great family life.

but i also know for a fact that i don't want this to happen for at least another 5-10 years. if i'm being honest, i'm not mature enough to be a parent at the moment. not to mention i still want to finish my degree, travel the world a bit, do a masters and sleep with a lot more people before i settle down and raise a family.


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The "not really" is not a vehement enough negative for me. Children suck.

Sangfroidish wins this thread, tho.

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Wow en thinks kids are adorable, mind blown.

Agree with Negrek, 'not really' does not express my negativity on this subject. Kids are gross.