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Would you like to have children?

Do you want kids?

  • Yes

    Votes: 22 35.5%
  • Not really

    Votes: 30 48.4%
  • I don't know

    Votes: 10 16.1%

  • Total voters
Long story short: no.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I actually wouldn't mind adopting kids; I just don't like them younger than 5 or 6.
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Actually, I'm not sure if I can handle 3 or four kids!! I am having a hard time right now babysitting three 3 year olds!!
I've never been that big of a fan of little kids, but at the same time I've never imagined myself not becoming a father. I'd like them (I think two would be good for me) to be biological as well, just a personal preference. I think my parents have done a really good job of raising me, and I like to think I'll inherit a few of the same parenting traits. People tell me I'd make a good father a lot, and I find it really flattering.
I am unsure! I like children and I think I would find parenting rewarding, but I honestly don't think that I'm old enough yet to really know whether or not it's something I would want to actually do. Being an uncle would be fun, at least.

I'd 100% adopt if I did, though, since artificial insemination seems like the dumbest thing to me when there are kids right over there with no parents.
It's not one of my major life goals, but I would like to have kids eventually. I think I'd like two, but with a larger age gap so I don't have to deal with two babies at the same time. I do find younger kids rather obnoxious, but I think it would worth dealing a couple to watch them grow into (hopefully) good adults.
Yes, I would like to have children in, like, fifteen years when I'm married.

...although I keep thinking about how many ways there are to be an absolutely horrible parent and I would want to name my child Mordecai which people seem to think is stupid for some reason.
Yes but only two.
Though I don't think I would be a good mum I am too absent minded for that kinda thing.
Sure do, but I don't have to carry the things in my belly, so I'm going to have to relay this question to an eventual partner.
They cost a lot and I think they're only really useful if you're going to grow old and die. I'm optimistic that those two things won't happen to me so I don't need children. I'll just get a puppy.
Right now...I'll pass. In the future...sure, why not? I mean, I love kids and all but it's a responsibility I'm not sure I can handle at the moment.
i love children and children love me, but i can only handle them in small doses. one kid is enough for me, a daughter preferably.
My answer is neither yes nor no. I do not need children, but I am not scared of the responsibilities, as I am halfway through my 20s. I have a desire to nurture, protect, teach, and care for, and for responsibilities that would take over my life. I have found such outside of being a parent, and I am ready for it. I don't think I would have children, because I'm not interested in sex.
Ew, no. Who'd want to have some gross slimy babies that were kicking inside you for nine months and that were like going to hell and back just to give birth to if you can't get anesthetics that will suck all of your sleep time out of your ever loving self just to see them grow up with teenage adolescence and exaggerated emotions that will likely make them consider suicide if you don't spoil them every moment imaginable and then see them grow up in the crap ass economy we call America and force them to struggle just to live daily life to the point where they'll murder me to get an assload of inheritance?
Eh. Babies are only cute so you can tolerate keeping a kid around.

I would like to have a child someday, but I'd probably be that overenthusiastic parent that always tells their kid, "YOU CAN AND MUST TELL ME EVERYTHING," so while I would like to, it's probably not the best plan.
Honestly, I don't like younger children all that much and feel like I'd be a failure of a father, so probably never.

I've got lots of time to change my mind, but I love the idea of being able to change the mind and raise a little bugger kid that's smart and stuff. (I mean, like I'm two grades ahead my age in an accelerated program. Imagine another child like that.)

Sure, younger kids are kinda annoying; I see it as being part-parenting. I think I'd like to put in that work and do something about it. :>

(Adopting is a thing I'd like to do. It's wonderful to take in another kid as your own who... god knows where they'd be otherwise.)
i have two goals in life: be a marine and be a daddy.

being a parent seems like one of the greatest pleasures in life. i'm great with kids and kids gravitate to me, i think it'd come naturally.
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