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Activity pit of doom


Uh, I didn't do it.
It's getting sad around here.

ASB's dead, Mafia's been dead, and roleplaying before that...

TCoD's dying.

Any ideas to boost activity? Like, say, advertising? *Hasnoidea*

Obviously we can expect a boost in activity with the new games, but that might not last. Ideas?


onion witch
It seems like we're all waiting on each other to make posts, and no one does, so we just kinda sit here.


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I'm up for any ideas anyone has :(

I've noticed fewer threads recently and decided to make threads every time I get the idea for one rather than thinking "nah, it'll annoy people!" but I can't think of what else I could do beyond just being a bit more proactive about posting here.

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According to Negrek, if anyone wants to take up the ASB baton they should contact her. We just need someone who is experienced and willing enough to run it.


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Hahah I wish but no, #tcod's been in basically the same boat for years. It hasn't been getting any quieter I guess but it isn't showing any signs of making a comeback either.

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sobble squad
The important thing is not the amount of posts, but what you post. You could make fifty posts in the Games forum, but that's not exactly contributing to the forum.


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Staff member
I've been under the impression a large amount of the activity dip is because of the "server busy" messages. I couldn't quite judge it personally since they don't show up for admins, but I know one forum I went to started showing that message all the time and I just gave up trying to go there regularly after a while.

In which case it could get somewhat better once I manage to actually get the time to move the forums.


New member
Yeah, things should improve once we get a new server, but it's unlikely to rebound to what it was anytime soon.

Condensing and pruning things here might help. For instance, the creativity section seems really spaced considering the activity it gets.

Also bringing new things to the table and discussing interesting stuff that is already here could help, perhaps? (New Phoenix Wright? Edward Snowden and lack of online privacy? Pet photo thread?)


Staff member
i personally think it's because there's not really anything new to discuss in serious business, and that that ASB/Mafia/SZ etc. have all slowed down or are empty. those are the kinds of things people come back for: arguing and playing games. lots of people that have left were mostly here for ASB or something.


Fire emblem is great
...because I have no idea what to post here.

I just read the entire thread so far and was thinking "I don't know what to post because I don't really have anything to input on this subject" and then I was like, "wait a sec."

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You can't just say 'open ASB', you need someone who is actually able to open it. Who is willing capable of that? Probably only people that are super busy, if anyone.

Getting refs and such would come later, if the person running ASB was quality.

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I think if ASB is brought back, it should be run by multiple people. With a divided workload (and the added help from the ASB Control Panel, which I hope is brought back), even if someone running it gets busy there will be enough people in control to keep it running smoothly.