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ASB Rules

Just a general announcement: I've gone through and updated everyone's bank balances, pokémon teams, and inventories to account for all the transactions made after the hack. If you're still missing something, please send me a PM or VM about it.

With that out of the way, keeping up with things should be a bit easier and I can start working on actual improvements/reffing and so on.
Wait, how do you claim experience for non-evolving Pokemon?
It's the same as for evolving pokémon.

Once awards start being pumped out -- presumably when the contest ends -- I'll make an official post on which Pokemon get awarded experience and how much.
At which point, I will add the appropriate amount of experience to all the pokémon.

If your pokémon gets experience from a battle, I'll add it as soon as I close the battle (add tags to it). If it's been a while and your pokémon still doesn't have its spoils, I may have missed it, and you should post in the PRO about it.
They cannot be bought from businesses, as you'd probably understand.

You can buy them from people who own them at the Black Market (or perhaps you'll receive them as gifts), and they are occasionally given out as prizes for special events that never finish. Alternatively, at the Lacuna Labs, you can take 3 exp from any pokémon (who perhaps don't need it) and condense it into a single rare candy.
I believe Buizel should be added to the list of Consentually Flying Pokémon, as it has been shown to be able to do so in the animé
...actually, I'm going to go ahead and okay this. It would seem kind of wrong to give these guys short shrift if we're saying dragonair can fly. Dragonair does have some pokédex entries that at least reference the ability, but buizel hasn't been around very long and so far as I know dragonair didn't get any in-game reference to its flight capabilities until FireRed. So enjoy your helicopter sea weasels, I guess.

Might as well update the flying and hovering lists for Gen V while I'm at it.
should hydreigon not get at least the vibrava/flygon of both inherent hover and consensual flight, with its levitate ability and the ability to learn fly?
Litwick is a candle. Candles can't float, or be suspended without touching something from the bottom. Lamps, however, are strung and hung from the ceiling, able to 'hover' above the ground. Same with shandeliers.
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