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Easiest Final Bosses in video games

Professor Wesker

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Even though they aren't really final bosses, they are fought post-game, DarkMan and YamatoMan from MegaMan Battle Network 3. A lot of people had trouble with DarkMan, but just move the hell away when he gets in front of you or if you see a shadow weapon (The bats did add a challenge, though) and you'll be fine. But Alpha (Main storyline and final boss) and Serenade (Post) both made me want to hurl my GBA out the window.

Ocarina of Time Ganon was pathetic. Run around, wait for him to attack, do a barrel roll under his legs, and nail him on the rump (well, tail). Wash, rinse, repeat till you get the Master Sword back, then do the exact same thing as you did earlier but attack his head after you hit the tail. So. Easy.

And don't even get me started on Final Bowser on Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

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Ocarina of Time Ganon was pathetic. Run around, wait for him to attack, do a barrel roll under his legs, and nail him on the rump (well, tail). Wash, rinse, repeat till you get the Master Sword back, then do the exact same thing as you did earlier but attack his head after you hit the tail. So. Easy.
Agreed. Ocarina of Time is a classic but it has a very weak final boss. I really hate the volleyball thing it makes you do with Ganondorf, and then the Ganon part is very boring/anticlimatic. Plus, Ganon himself just looks really strange and unimpressive. All 3D Zeldas since then have been pretty good in this respect, however.

Super Mario Sunshine is my second favorite video game of all time, and has proven to occupy a fairly spacious place in my heart. However, the final boss was extremely weak. For those who haven't played it, Mario fights Bowser while he's sitting in a giant floating hot tub. You kill him by destroying the hot tub, which takes about two minutes.

Actually, a lot of games I've beaten recently have had strange or disappointing boss fights:

Killer7's final boss fight was... odd. It's simply a giant fat man hanging from a string, and, while not technically unloseable, it is unloseable as long as you have a brain of any sort. It is a strange final boss because it is a) not any harder or easier than any previous boss fight, b) not the big bad nor any other significant character at all and c) the game continues for about half an hour even once you beat him.

Okami's final boss, while not especially easy, deserves special mention for being literally just a giant ball. This isn't really acknowledged nor lampshaded by any character in any way.

Assassin's Creed II's final boss is literally a fist-fight with a fat old man. It is as hard as you would expect. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's boss isn't a whole lot better, mostly due to the fact that the fight is extremely anticlimactic and shows no signs of being the final boss.


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Dr.Robotnik's bosses... every single time. Too easy. Especially in the earlier Sonic games, ones that came out on Genesis/Mega Drive.


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Mewtwo in Red Rescue Team :3

One hit with Fly from Salamence OHKO'd the poor guy. Even though he had 900 something health, the attack did more than 2000 damage xD? Yay for lotsa proteins + being level 100~


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Mewtwo's the final boss of the postgame.
Yeah. But Rayquaza was ridiculously easy as well. Maybe I just overtrained my team a bit xD? Charmander smokescreening followed up by Pikachu Thunderwaving and then killing him wiff attacks x3


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Darkrai in Pokemon EoD: eq all his followers because every single one is weak to ground, then proceed to sweep.

Palkia, however, was hard as hell.


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Dragon Age: Origins

The archdemon is a bitch but it's easy if you think about it. They give you four ballista, simply put your main character on the farthest one, and stick the other three on the other ballista.... and shoot the ballista at the Archdemon for ten to twelve minutes before you have to personally stab it to activate the cut scene.

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Megaman 2 had what is quite possibly the most anticlimactic and stupid final boss ever. If you've never played the game before, Dr. Wily turns into an alien that occasionally fires a bullet at you and moves in an easily dodged figure eight pattern, but if you don't use Bubble Lead you die because everything else heals it. Then it's revealed that you just fought a hologram and the game ends with random pictures of Megaman walking! Yay?


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Dead Rising 2: Drink a Painkiller and TK can barely touch you.

Don't do it and he's a bitch. How the hell can the man do so much damage with an effin' microphone anyway?


Lucian from fable 2. You can shoot him once in the foot. Or you don't even have to shoot him, If you wait long enough Reaver shoots him for you. Easiest.


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If you consider the Omega Metroid from Metroid Fusion as the final boss as opposed to the SA-X, then it's probably one of the easiest bosses in the game. Just....shoot its chest with the default B-button shot until it dies. Wow. Tough, ain't it. :/

Also, Meta Ridley from Zero Mission. If you're an average player, you'll probably have around 70-99% of the items and he'll be so easy it's almost sad to watch him fall apart once you defeat him. He's only really difficult if you're going for a low-percent run or a 100%. Low-percent, he'll just be generally difficult due to your low item count, but on 100%, he gets a little faster and more frequent with his attacks and gains a completely new one altogether. But on average, he's about as easy as it gets.


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Star Wars Force Unleashed: Choosing to save Kota is significantly easier than exacting your revenge (but no-where near worth it post game) and is even easier than beatig Vader prior to this choice.

Force Unleashed 2 is majoritively pathetic. Not only is it a disappointingly shor story, but Vader acts like a total weenie...

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