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If YOU were in the anime...

Invader Palkia


Heather because thats my real name. Pretty much what I look like, but dressed better (imo- Magenta top with black stripes, a Black skirt (floofy!), black shoes, and a Shaymin flower hairclip like the one I made) (Thats hair a bit longer then shoulder length, light brown, 5' 03", pale skin) My pokemon would be a Torterra, a Tyranitar (SHUT UP!!!), and a Blissey, and my big aspirations would be to meet Palkia, Arceus and Deoxys ^^

I'd probably be pretty versatile, a Co-ordinater (with Blissey and Torterra) and battler (with Torterra and Tyranitar)

Torterra, T-tar and Bliss would be female (Bliss-obviously, lol.)

Other pokemon in team randomly selected from

Pikachu (male)
Lapras (female)
Metang (???)
Aerodactyl (Male)
Dodrio (female)
Skorupi (female)
Absol (male)
Kabuto (female)
Bellossom (male) (poor thing x3)
Persian (Male)
Glameow (male)

And theres my poorly organized -IF I WAS A CHARACTER IN THE POKEMON ANIME- thing.
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Tragically unbeyachted.
Ooh, you know that kid just down from Daycare in D/P who dresses up as a Pikachu? Poke Kid Danielle? Yeah, that'd be me. I'd be as annoying as hell and have a Pikachu and it'd be great :D


Logic is my bitch
Ooh, you know that kid just down from Daycare in D/P who dresses up as a Pikachu? Poke Kid Danielle? Yeah, that'd be me. I'd be as annoying as hell and have a Pikachu and it'd be great :D
That sounds F*ckin awesome.

Hmm... I definitely be a psychic only trainer, seeing as it is my favorite type. I'd probably just be a random dude that someone other than Ash (god, I hate him) randomly meets.As for a team, I'd only have a few, since I don't like carrying around a lot of Pokemon (seriously, in the game, I hate it). It'd go...

Mr. Mime (because he kicks major ass)
I'd be Jay. :D With my ledgendary Sceptile or something. XP

Also, I'd see what level that darn pikachu is and why it cant beat STARLYS when the anime goes to a new region.


I'd name myself James, because James is a cool name. Then, I'd meet James, and there would be a huge contradiction. In the end, I'd disappear for a while, and after that, appear only when everyone was about to die. I'd be an amazing super hero. My party? I'd get both Espeon and Umbreon, Dragonite, Salamance, and Luxray. With those, I'd spend my life hunting for Mew. Only it can complete my party.


Anything but unremarkable
I'd be Cal, the rabid, Spheal, Smeargle, Castform and Porygon-2-obsessed freak who runs around being generally annoying. He'd probably switch between cosplaying all those Pokémon. He'd be pretty much neutral, but help out in a few situations. His team would consist of Balloon the Spheal, Pablo the Smeargle and Cloud the Castform, and he'd constantly be in search of a Porygon-2 (Probably eventually finding one). He wouldn't be a main character, just a recurring one who would pop up in various places.

...I don't watch the anime, though.


local hellion
I'd just be the random stalker Ash fangirl who enjoys tackling him at the worst possible moment.



:0 interesting.

I know! >3 I'd be a cute little girl (little, not young. just looks it) that wears fluffy dresses and a huge bow that looks like cat ears from the front. And I would meet up with Ash n' Co. in [Region] when Ash is going to get [Badge]. And I'd be all ':0 I've heard of you! battle me and prove that you're strong!' and, since he's Ash, he'd be 'Ok! :3'.

And we'd battle and stuff, and I'd have these Pokemon:

Persian (Male)
Purugly (Female)
Mawile (Female)
Eevee (Male)
Togetic (Female)
Skitty (Male)

and, since he's Ash, he'd prolly win. >: But then I will decide that he's strong enough to help my Eevee, who wants to evolve! and we'll all go and find a Icy Rock so he can be a Glaceon, like he's always dreamed, but Team Rocket steals the rock! so we gotta go get it back! and we do, and then we'd part ways at the end and I'd never be seen again. ; ;


used Bat Credit Card!
Like a previous poster said, I wouldn't over-glorify myself. I'd probably be a somewhat lesser character, only appearing a few times throughout the show. I'd have a Swampert and an Absol at my side (along with a group of other Pokemon,) and I might be a dungeon explorer or something. I'd probably appear if an artifact was stolen from its original location or if someone was trapped in a dungeon.


Wake me up before you Gogoat
if I were in the cartoon I'd be A SECRET AGENT

my team of pokemon would be:

[classified] ([classified])
[classified] ([classified])
[classified] ([classified])
[classified] ([classified])
[classified] ([classified])
[classified] ([classified])


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I'd be Cadet, I'd have a space helmet on and battle armour, I'd be a Gible/Gabite/Garchomp trainer (mostly gible)

Ice tiger

Has claimed your vital regions.
I'd be a random lady with a black leather jacket and black jeans, And I would randomly appear to challenge ash to battles! And the first time I appeared that annoying Paul would be their and i would beat him in front of ash :D and then I would beat ash! But later he would beat me.
my team

Luxray F
Flygon F
Swampert M
Dragonite F
Blaziken M
Umbreon M
And sometimes shiny Charizard M

Crazy Linoone

broke ASB
I'd be..... A Linoone. *shot*

I'll be a random Linoone Ash and Co. meets in Sinnoh one day, and someone from their party (probably Dawn) will try to catch me. I would fire a few Thunderbolts, thrash her Piplup/water type, and get out of there at the speed of 60 miles per hour. Paul will see me, and try to catch me because I can use Thunderbolt and is super powerful and stuff. Just as he is about to battle me, Ash and Co. shows up.

Dawn will be mad because she was trying to catch me first, and Paul will insult her or something. They break out in a big fight, and, during that commotion, I slip away. Only Pikachu notices. Pikachu will alert Ash, and the group will all come after me to try to catch me.

Mean while, I'll be somewhere else, with my awesome trainer, and telling him how people tried to catch me and I thrashed them. In human speech. Ash, Paul, and Co. would find me, and, not noticing my trainer, would all try to fight me. Team Rocket, who has been spying on us, will suddenly drop in and try to catch me with a net. However, I dodged, and Team Rocket catches my trainer instead. Ash, Paul, and Co. starts to panic as Team Rocket blabs about their motto, but my trainer sends out his awesome Salamence and, with a nice Dragon Claw, rips the net apart and lands on the ground. I finish them off with a Return attack.

Ash, Paul, and Co. realizes their mistake in capturing me, and everyone, besides Paul, apologizes. The sun sets, and Ash and Co. leaves and continues on their journey.

The end.

This would make an interesting episode, actually.


Flare up your ideas, be careful not to burn them~
My name would be Eratic(Yes very)
My team would be Cyndaquil,Cyndaquil,Cyndaquil,Cyndaquil,Cyndaquil and (Suprise)Cyndaquil)
I would be the character who would beat all of ashes pokemon captured by team galactic then I would catch them and return them.... (or their clones)
That would be a just great plot twist:)


local hellion
Like a previous poster said, I wouldn't over-glorify myself. I'd probably be a somewhat lesser character, only appearing a few times throughout the show. I'd have a Swampert and an Absol at my side (along with a group of other Pokemon,) and I might be a dungeon explorer or something. I'd probably appear if an artifact was stolen from its original location or if someone was trapped in a dungeon.
You want to be in my fanfiction of doom?

You get to catch after Ash with a pitchfork. :D

*~[insert name here]~*

is watching you.
First up, I would look like this. But without the wings. O-o.

I would introduce myself to Ash & Co. as Za. (Pronouced like Zuh.)

Not long after the introductions, the elite members of team such-and-such attack! I know it's not that exciting. They kidnap Ash & Co. Of course, it's up to me to save them. As Team Such-and-Such take off in their vehicle, I take off after them. Meanwhile, back with Ash and Co.

Team Leader has 'plans' for them. He needs someone to go on a mission to get some artifact that only a person with a pure heart or something cheesy like that can remove from where it belongs. To make sure Ash does as he's told, they're keeping Pikachu and his friends there. As we all know, that's enough to get Ash going crazy. He tries to get out. But, he doesn't have his Pokemon, his friends, or even his idiotic hat. He gets electrocuted.

While Ash is out cold, I attempt to break into Team Such-And-Such's base. I can't even get in.

Eventually, Ash decides to go on the mission. He's given a map, a phone-ish thingy, and a backpack with supplies. His Pokemon are not returned to him, but he does receive a just-hatched ratatatta. He sets out on his mission, really depressed. he meets up with me on the road, and tells me about the quest. I panic, because Team Such-And-Such could do something absolutely drastic if they got said artifact. We break into Team Such-And-Such's base, and I, with my totally awesome team of eeveelutions, act as a decoy while Ash rescues his friends. They return after I've lost, and now they've locked me up somewhere.

Ash & Co. somehow rescue me, we all escape. Ash keeps all of the stuff her got from Team Such-and-Such. We part ways.

A few episodes later, I fight off Team Such-and-Such as they arrive at a village. They're impressed by my total pwnage skills, and Ash challenges me to a battle, calling me Za the whole time. When some random old guys come up and demand to know why I haven't told Ash & Co. the truth, I get really embarrassed, and I leave.

After searching for a while and becomming really confused by a parade as soon as they enter the town which is following THEM, they find me in one of the houses. I refuse to talk to them, and my grandparent explains that I lied to them and that I was supposed to bring them here so they could save our village. At that moment, we hear a crash.

Upon leaving building, we find some uber-powerful legendary terrorizing villagers. Ash & Co. save the day. Then, I disappear, and the grandparent explains that I'm an illusion, and was never really there. I might be found at some later time, helping another town. Oh, also, throughout the whole ordeal I'm really rude and sarcastic. They never do find out what my name is.

Yes, I know, that's totally godmoddy and crap. But, you know what? It won't ever happen and that's just a daydream of mine. You know, a way to escape. I know I have problems, shut up about it.


Judgemental people GTFO
I'll just state that if i was in the anime when i was AROUND the ACTUAL ages of the general main characters, i would of been dating ash lol. I had a crush on him when i was around only a few years older than he is xD;

But now i'm older and love Korrina. But, because i'm not so sure about her age, my being there dating her could be too awkward....(also she never stayed with ash's co very long anyways)

But, yeah, me being a fangirl and getting on the pokemon anime. Its amusing to think about time to time :P My parents once said back when I liked ash that i should be on the pokemon anime as his girlfriend xD good times.