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PMD/PMD2:Tough battles


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What were some of the toughest battles that you managed to win?

For me, it was the Luxio tribe. If it wasn't for my Skitty's ability to Sing, I may not have won.


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Rayquaza when I was Cyndaquil.

Moltres in everything @.@ God, that should've been the second-to-last boss, not Groudon. He was way too easy.

*KOs Groudon in 3 hits*


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For Mystery Dungeon 1, it was Articuno. Powder Snow really hurts, and my partner had to be a Chikorita...

Dungeon 2... There were a lot of hard ones, most people would agree with that. Of most note was Darkrai. The battle dragged on for too long and every attack missed. Combine that with everybody asleep, too...
For PMD1, well, I never really had a problem with bosses. I always had a technique for every boss. Rayquaza was usually easy; I'd just link all of my moves and do every move at once on him. One time, my Seviper KO'D him. It was fun. :D

I had trouble with almost EVERY boss in PMD2 though. I hated Primal Dialga the most though. Ugh. It used Roar of Time every time I got there. BOOO!!

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Luxio Tribe was harder than Primal Dialga for some reason to me. Grrah, so many of them! (And I'm a Water-type, even harder!)

And the Grand Master of All Things Bad and his Minions are VERY difficult, I got beaten three times. Still haven't beaten them. So many, gah. I really need to level up. (I'm at Level 38.)

For the first PMD? I had difficulty with all the bosses. And since I've restarted the game as a Treeko, things are even harder. (Legendary Birds, I'm looking at you.) I can only imagine how much more challenging Rayquaza will be now. (At least on my first playthrough, I had Ice Beam!)


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For Explorers of Time, it was Dusknoir because I was a Munchlax. I suspect that it will be the same for Darkness, because I am a Meowth.


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Heck, I still can't beat Primal Dialga.

It's annoying that you have to go through Hidden Land without Grovyle to get to Temporal Tower. I'm completely out of items. At this point I'm tempted to cheat a little and get tons of Pure Seeds through Wondermail just to get through Hidden Land again.

I tried 20 or so times to beat Dialga(all failed attempts), because of lack of items, Intimidator, Roar of Time, and Skitty's Normalize.

Fake Groudon is a pain too, but thanks to Copycat I got 87 damage on him. Too bad I can't Copycat Roar of Time.


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For me it had to have been.......Dusknoir. Hated him with a passion. The Luxio tribe was super easy for me. I am Torchic and one Flamethrower would roast them.
Grand Master of All Things Bad and his Minions were kinda easy. Died once from Dugtrio and lack of items.
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Mine would have to be
Darkrai and his squad.
Fortunately, I had Sure-Hit Attacker on, so at least my hits landed...


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I found the Luxray Tribe pretty difficult. Dusknoir was pretty easy, really. Violent Seeds are just about the best things in PMD2. Darkrai and The Grand-Master of All Things Bad made me a bit depressed, but I got there in the end.


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I can't think of any right now, except for Darkrai.. The Minions/Followers/Whatever were sort of easy, but the boss himself was hard. My attacks kept missing, but luckily I had Non-sleeper and he soon ran out of PP for attack moves, so he was forced to use Double Team (his evasion was all the way up), Hypnosis (it didn't work), and Nightmare (I couldn't fall asleep).
The easiest battle ever was in my previous file on Time. I was a Skitty with a Turtwig, and I beat Primal Dialga on my first try.


The Grand Master was actually pretty easy for me. Discharge took out all but Diglett, Dugtrio and Wigglytuff in a hit, another Discharge took out the former two and then repeated uses of Discharge and Water moves from my partner took out the latter. xD

Darkrai was also relativealy easy, at least as far as spending two hours to get up to him and then beating him first try goes. Rhyperior prevented the use of a sweeping Discharge, so we were forces to throw Seeds at just about everyone and then try to take out Rhyperior. Once it was out, I swept with Discharge. The end of the battle was actually fairly interesting - he (the main boss) got both me and my partner to sleep, and he started attacking us in our sleep (along with Bad Dreams) until one more attack would have killed either of us. Fortunately my partner woke up right then and used a Torrented Hydro Pump to do... I think it was 200+ damage, only narrowly beating him. :D