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Profile Archive


DOB: 30/6/1992
REFEREE: haha no
HONOURS: "Most Entertaining Battle 2011" (shared with Zhorken)
"Best Nickname 2011" for Mimbulus Mimbletonia the Maractus.


items or money (I have too many pokemon)
not reaper cloths (they're neat items but I have three)
lucky eggs are great if you're a moneybags
reffing is neat too

write sig attributes/moves for Oubliette, Dmitri, Circe (?)
sort out this profile
fill in other URLs



Reaper-Clothx3 Lucky-EggDusk-StoneDragon-ScaleDawn-StoneSun-StoneEviolitePrism-ScaleKings-Rock
Rapidash Deuce ♂<Flash Fire> +Medium Wings
battles: vs. Chaon, vs. Zhorken, vs. Blaziking
Nidoqueen Gwenfair ♀ <Rivalry>
battles: vs. Chaon, vs. Byrus, vs. Crazy Linoone, vs. Blaziking
Metang Warfare ⚪ <Clear Body> +Teleport
battles: vs. Crazy Linoone
Lanturn Xiaoyu ♀ <Volt Absorb>
battles: vs. Blaziking, vs. Byrus
contests: Metronome Contest round 2
Kecleon Circe <Colour Change>
battles: vs. Karkat Vantas
contests: Metronome Contest round 1
Mawile Button ♀ <Hyper Cutter>
battles: vs. Zhorken
Duskull Theresa <Levitate>
battles: vs. Dr Frank, vs. Blaziking
Shuppet Oubliette ♀ <Frisk>
battles: vs. Byrus
Murkrow Rook ♂ <Super Luck>
battles: vs. Bobino, vs. Sage Noctowl
contests: Metronome Contest round 2
Mienfoo Chiomara ♀ <Regenerator>
battles: vs. Crazy Linoone
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Even though it is still Under Construction...

Zexion’s Profile

Welcome to Zexion’s PC, where you will find the owners Pokemon, Items, and Battle Record.

Time’s Active Squad
Flame the Male Cyndaquil <Blaze>
Exp. 0


Star the Unknown Starmie <Illuminate>
Exp. 2 XX


Piggly the Male Swinub <Snow Cloak>
Exp. 0


Sparky the Female Shinx <Intimidate>
Exp. 0


Ninja the Male Nincada <Compoundeyes>
Exp. 0
Body Mod.- Gills


Who the Female Hoothoot <Keen Eye>
Exp. 0


Iron the Female Aron <Rock Head>
Exp. 0

Lil' Drakey the Female Babydrake <Serene Grace>
Exp. 0

King the Male Slowpoke <Oblivious>
Exp. 0

America the Male Rufflet <Sheer Force>
Exp. 0

Stored Away
Glyem the Female Elgyem <____>
Exp. 0

Vinny the Female Bellsprout <Chlorophyll>
Exp. 0

Time’s Items

Time’s Battle Record
Win/Win by DQ/Loss/Loss by DQ/Draw

Battles Won
vs. jaketiger1116 (Ref. Negrek - Skylark)

Battles Lost

Battles Drawn

Battles in Progress
vs. Totodile vs. Barubu vs. Lirris (Ref. Wyndragon - Greaser Lala)
vs. Le Sabre (Ref. Zhorken) Emergency Ref needed
The Battle for Asber

Battles Awaiting Refs
vs. Sypl vs. golden999 vs. ole-schooler

Open Challenges

Zexion’s Wishlist
Riolu (M) <Steadfast>
Snivy (M) <Overgrow>
Sandile (F) <Moxie>
Pidgey (F) <Keen Eye>
Turtwig (M) <Overgrow>
Machop (F) <Guts>
-Any Evolution Stone
-Focus Sash
-Black Belt

To-Do List
- Wait patiently for Negrek to return and approve/not approve him as a ref.
- Gain some patience.
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Derpy's profile of fun and love

Seedeth (F) Run away
Nicknamed after Seedeth the Aipom from my fanfic
Personality: A very flirtatious Pokemon. Doesn't really like fighting, but will do so if she has to. Doesn't like to use direct attacks, she prefers messing with Pokemon's minds with moves such as attract or captivate. Likes both genders, but normally prefers females.

Vena (f) Chlorophyll
I think she was named after a Bellsprout Pokemorph in a fanfic.
Personality: Vena is quiet and shy. She doesn't speak much, and when she does it is in hushed tones. Her passion comes out in battle, where she attacks with much vigor and energy.

Robbie (m) Torrent
Named after Robbie Williams
Personality: Can be very depressed some days, and extremely happy and maniacal on others. This does not show in battle, however. During battle he tries his best and has a steadfast, determined outlook on battle.


Muffin (m) Unaware
Named after my Swoobat.
Personality: Quite dozy and lazy. Likes to sleep for long periods of time.

William (m) Shed skin
Named after my ev trained Scraggy.
Personality: Easily distracted and hyperactive. Loves shiny objects and wishes he had pick up.

Snap (f) Moxie
Personality: Loves to fight and spill blood. Quite vicious and nasty to anyone in her way.

Aries (m) Prankster
Named because he is a sheep and Aries is my sign.
Personality: Despite his ability, he is a very calm Pokemon. He doesn't care who he fights, as long as both fighters enjoy themselves.

Spectre (f) Levitate
Personality: Jokey, likes to make pranks. Often uses Muffin or William as the target of her jokes.

Buster (m) Shed skin
Personality: "Why me? ¬¬"

Sonichu (m) Static
Personality: He has none

Personality: Very brave, but also full of himself.


Hearts on fire (m) Flash fire
Personality: Determined and loyal. Willing to prove himself.
Notes: One arm is made of fire. This will be implemented in a mod later.

Current Battles:
Vs Jude

Battles won
Vs Psymon
Vs Wargle

Battles lost
Vs Legandaryseeker99

Pathos vs DarkFireDX

To do list
Become a ref (somehow)
Become more involved in asb. :p
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Anomaly 54 - Profile​

A trainer originally from Hoenn, Chris (Aka Anomaly 54) has a small but dedicated team. Who he's never used before.


Torchic - M
Name: Torchy
Name Origin: Named after my first ever Pokemon
Battle Style: Torchy likes to try and stay away, using moves like Fire Spin, Toxic and Flamethrower to keep his opponent on their toes.

Zangoose - M
Name: Zan
Name Origin: Short for Zangoose
Battle Style: Up close and personal, with a hint of stealth.

Lotad - M
Name: Lomm
Name Origin: Lomm berries.
Battle Style: ???

Weedle - F
Name: Vizor
Name Origin: The glowy red eyes of Beedrill
Battle Style: ???


- Whismur
Phantom's Profile


Phantom prefers using pokémon native to Kanto. She wants to work with a small team and working with them to help them be the best they can be.​

Other Names Used: Charizard2K, Hawke​

Active Battles:


Ties: 1
Vs Greaser Lala

Active Team


Kadan the Male Charmeleon
Ability: Blaze
Item: Razor Claw
Kadan (Kay-dan) was Phantom's first pokémon. His "go in hot" battle style once got Kadan into a trouble as a Charmander. Now that he's grown up a little he's battle style is more to cover his tracks before attacking; though he still packs a pretty hot punch, and he still sets the occasional ref on fire.


My Dark Soul the Male Gengar
Ability: Levitate
Item: Reaper Cloth
Soul is quite the prankster, but that is just off the battlefield. In battle his style is all about manipulating his opponents. His pranks are now even more extreme since he's evolved into a Gengar.


Blitz the Female Manectric
Ability: Lightningrod
Item: Dawn Stone
Blitz is the only pokémon on Phantom's team that is not native to Kanto. Phantom didn't actually intend to get the little Electrike, but that only made Blitz want to prove herself to Phantom with unwavering loyalty. She will never let Phantom down and will fight with everything she's got. Her hard work became her own reward when she became the first member of Phantom's team to evolve.


Fl'hight the Male Aerodactyl
Ability: Rock Head
Item: Shiny Stone
Fl'hight's (Fla-ight) fighting style is all about intimidation, it's about getting in an opponents face and flashing his razor sharp teeth before clubbing them in the head with a rock. He's has anger issues, but that sometimes comes in handy... especially when you're an Aerodactyl.


Boatmurdered the Male Gyarados
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Razor Fang
Boatmurdered is the newest member of Phantom's team, given to Phantom from Skyman in a hush-hush black market exchange. Phantom payed quite a bit for this Gyarados. She hasn't gotten to know him, but she's hoping he was worth it.

Phantom's PC Box
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TruetoCheese's Swiss ASB Profile

Current Battles:
Vs. Stala @ Generic Arena Place Land
Vs. Deadfan22 @ An Flooding City

Battles looking for a ref:
Vs. ole_schooler Vs. Totodile @ Route 1

What the dickens are you doing here? I'm not even a ref!

Win/Loss/Draw Ratio:

No one's beaten me...?

Quick Squad (For Refs):
[sprite=party]skorupi[/sprite][/URL] Madeline | Skorupi | Female | Battle Armor

[sprite=party]cacnea[/sprite][/URL] Prickles | Cacnea | Male | Sand Veil

[sprite=party]psyduck[/sprite][/URL] No Brainer | Psyduck | Female | Cloud Nine

[sprite=party]poliwag[/sprite][/URL] Bilberry | Poliwag | Female | Water Absorb


*Madeline did not have time to put a quote here, she was to busy scrubbing her claws.*
Skorupi | Female | Battle Armor | 0 Exp
Nickname Origin: Erm...the result of a lack of cool trivia about Skorupi and general weirdness.
Personality: Madeline would be what some call finicky. An incessant neat freak who yearns to keep herself and her immediate surroundings (including her team members, much to their annoyance) spotless. Which would be very hard when your birthplace and home was a marsh. Her irritation, and disappointment, at her cleaning failures are portrayed by vigorous hissing and unending clicking of her fore-claws, and occasional short bursts of her equally short temper. Has a very strained relationship with Bilberry.
Met: Fed up with the damp annoyance of the mud that just wouldn't stay away from her segments, Madeline stormed out of the Great Marsh in a fury. In her ignorance to the direction she was going, her beautiful segments needed more attention, she bumped into a certain trainer. Has been with him on his relatively clean journey ever since.


"So you see, the psychological effect of having smooth bark, contrary to rough, wild bark, is certainly enourmous to any perennial wood plant."
Cacnea | Male | Sand Veil Illuminate | 0 Exp
Nickname Origin: If you can't understand this, then you probably can't read anyway.
Personality: Prickles exudes an air of loftiness about him, being lazier and larger than normal Cacneakind, as well as being born in a different, more orange hue. He is often seen mingling with some flowers and yawning in delight, his complaint when asked to converse regularly with others results in a huff of "But they move so fast...". His trainer, hell-bent on locating and exterminating the source of Prickles' lethargy, infers that it may be the numbing secretions of a Cacturne's needles being formed too early, and Prickles' addiction to licking his arms to keep them shiny. The real reason for his hate of non-plantkind, something he does not know himself, is that a spiteful spirit nestled itself within him when he was young, and has grown with Prickles, forcing him to adapt to unnatural circumstances and beckon hate from his own kind.
Met: Funnily enough, far outside the sandy boundaries of Route 228. He was located cheerily discussing plant anthropology with a sycamore, and when that got tiring he hitched a joyride in a certain trainer's backpack. Finally located when said trainer sat down for a lunch break with his Pokemon, and found inside his pack a curious lack of sandwiches and a smiling Cacnea.
Signature Attribute: Jack-o-Lantern

There once was a man who had a love of fire, a burning passion that made him ire.

But a man like he, he bore no shame. He declared he was a botanist to astonishing acclaim.

A friend to fire and a friend to grass, he declared from the rooftops during Sunday’s mass.

He then fell from the sky and broke his back, leaving him in pain inside his worn old shack.

Not one soul had ever put trust in him, only stealing his life whim by whim.

Soon he bore dire anger for fellow man, and he formulated a very passionate plan.

He would find all the plants, protect them he would.

Then set fire to the humans, let them burn as they should.

He walked into the blaze a happy soul, laughing and cheering through his final toll.

He did not walk out, to the plants’ dismay. He died that day, he died that day.


The eternal sandstorm encompassing Sinnoh’s Route 228 is not a very natural phenomenon, breaking the mildly cold climate of the region. This is not because of a sudden change in regional weather, but events of a more spiritual nature.

Before Sinnoh had been completely overcome by modern tides, a small village had stood inside the sea-worn valley of Route 228, a small town very similar to Celestic in the mainland. In the town was said to be a very joyous, patient and passionate man, old man Kelvin. He was spontaneous for his age, dancing and prancing about, proclaiming to the heavens his love for his greenhouse and his love for the sun. But a freak accident left him in great pain and forced the populace into a slow and steady show of inconsideration to him.

Being the passionate man he was, he never forgave them for forgetting him. Reports state he burned the town to the ground, then walked into the inferno himself, waving cheerily to his greenhouse, the only building left untouched by his blaze.

Hikers and trainers passing through the Route 228 sandstorm at night occasionally reported sightings of a will-o-wisp like figure floating amongst the sands, eternally searching, but always staying far from the humans. Time had bent his will and twisted his ambitions.

Old man Kelvin’s spirit searched for a vessel, a shelter from the curse of the sandstorm he brought, the sand would forever douse his fires and leave him in eternal pain. He had watched his garden plummet to the vicious sand, and the grit tore anger into him. He would search for a rough, harsh and powerful grass type to shelter his flame. The Cacturne and Cacnea were the only ones that had prevailed in the sandstorm he brought, and he feared leaving the site of the blaze as he may spread the accursed sand wherever he went. The Cacturne always sensed when he was close, and banished him far away from them with malevolent energies, in turn protecting their children furiously.

One fateful night, he came upon a bright orange sphere nestled in the sand, lying still and asleep like a child. His heart welled with fire; there were no Cacturne in sight, and this beautiful orange Cacnea lay unaware. He delved his spirit of fire through the pores in the sand dwellers skin. He had seen pumpkins akin to the baby; the children from the village had loved the jack-o-lanterns he carved.

He was reborn that day.

With time, the infant grew with the spirit inside him. When his parents had realized what was held inside him, they fled in shame and fear. Prickles was left with only the burning spirit of old man Kelvin to nurture him. With time, his mouth grew into a malevolent smile to let the flame within him breathe, his flower wilted and out sprouted a knotted stem. He felt himself get larger, more bright and more, more fiery with every breath he took, slowly shedding his former self to be reborn anew.

Effect: Prickles is considered to be a Grass/Fire type on all occasions (weather, STAB, W/R, etc.), on evolution to Cacturne his secondary type will be Fire and not Dark (he will still be a Grass/Fire type).

Prickles’ shines a fiery light from within himself, shunning the darkness around him and embracing the flame. He loses and gains the following moves:
-Faint Attack, Payback, Nasty Plot, Switcheroo, Fling, Dark Pulse, Sandstorm
+Flame Wheel, Flame Charge, Inferno, Will-o-wisp, Fire Punch

On evolution, the glands in his body that produce deadly poison (along with major healing glands) will be unable to do so. The spirit of old man Kelvin influence overcoming them, giving him more fire based abilities as a gift for nurturing the old flame:
-Toxic, Venoshock, Acid, Poison Sting, Poison Jab, Smellingsalt, Synthesis, Pin Missile, Embargo
+Sunny Day, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Fire Blast

Due to the unnatural energy residing within him, he cannot use Natural Gift, Secret Power or Hidden Power.

When wandering the desert on Route 228, attempting to find prey, Prickles realized that he illuminated the area around him, allowing him to be seen even under the harsh cloak of the sand (Prickles’ ability is now Illuminate instead of Sand Veil, he is no longer immune to Sandstorm’s damage).

No Brainer
"What do you mean there's something on my head?"
Psyduck | Female | Cloud Nine | 0 Exp
Nickname Origin: A play on Psyduck's cranial difficulties, either they have no brainpower, or all of it! Nickname playfully shortened to Nob for awesomeness.
Personality: The personality of your friendly neighbourhood jet plane. Nob likes everything to be delivered to her at speeds far beyond light, the day can't go away fast enough to her. She thinks at lightning speed, eats at lightning speed and speaks at lightning speed. If you can't keep up with her, she's probably halfway to the next city by now. Contrary to this keenly jovial speed, she is very ignorant of her surroundings and is often found carrying a myriad of assorted objects on her head. This blind first, ask questions later nature results in many an awkward situation where the shy Nob has found many an irate picnicker perched upon her head.
Met: Literally pulled a certain trainer headfirst into one of Kanto's nondescript ponds via fishing rod. She was so fidgety, she ended up catching herself in the process before the soggy trainer realized he was underwater. Later on, when trying to catch an Abra with a supposedly empty Pokeball, Nob completely annihilated the opposing Abra with what appeared to be incredibly painful mind maneuvers.

Poliwag | Female | Water Absorb | 0 Exp
Nickname Origin: Named after bilberries, which have a coating of blue but are actually black in colour. Poliwag's are supposedly similar, albeit less fruity.
Personality: Bilberry is a very timid gal, often found sulking by the nearest water source, attempting to clean any grit or leaves that have stuck itself to her oily coating. While her failures in this field appear to be less common, they really put her in a slump when they happen. In turn, anyone who removes the offending object from her coat receives endless praise, loyalty and hugs, in reverse she will place a holy mark of death upon anyone who crosses her. Bilberry is a very grateful Pokemon, after the numerous life or death encounters that have plagued her, making her very cautious and smart on occasion. Having a back up plan for any nameable (and several unnameable) apocalypses is quite handy. Has a very furious rivalry with Madeline and cannot actually speak as of yet, but her plethora of facial expressions are abundant.
Met: The awkwardly rectangular pond of Route 6 lay host to numerous picnickers, including a certain trainer and his band of lovable misfits. They sat down to eat a few oddly coloured berries, so called bilberries. Madeline, tired and hungry after the trek and having finished fervently washing her claws, had located a very large bilberry just floating on the surface of the pond. Several attempts later, and a discussion with a trainer on whether he would become a human bridge, she leapt in the water and hungrily dug her claws into the berry. In retrospect, that's where Bilberry's timidness came from.


-Plentiful quantities of the cashbucks
-Gligar (Hyper Cutter)

Todo List:
Somehow stumble into becoming a ref!
Somehow begin earning a steady amount of cashbucks!
Somehow become less awesome!
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no, I am busy right now yes maybe over the weekend -- which weekend, who knows

should do metrocon judgment.

exist vs v-create

[size=+2]things of note[/size]

  • yes, mai, you can borrow what you like, as long as I don't veto it. just mention as much in the black market citing this. don't forget to return it.
  • there is a certain arrangement regarding 765.

[size=+2]acceptable bribes[/size]

  • things with experience
  • rare candies
  • things currently in battle
  • reffings
  • do not care buyable things
  • money is acceptable
  • will take anything, just won't care

will pay 2*rarity + $20 per exp or thereabouts for things with exp > 0.


am dump slightly-usable junk that I might want later

perl -nE'if (/\*\s+(.*) the (\w+) (.*)$/) { print "\n" if defined $a; $a = 1; print "[$1] $3 (", lc substr($2,0,1), ") <" } elsif (/Ability:\s+(.*)$/) { print $1, ">" } elsif (/Item: (.*)/) { print " @ $1" } elsif (/(\w+) Modification:\s+(.*)$/) { print " {\L$1\E: $2}" }'
perl -E'srand shift; for (1..$ARGV[0]) { printf "%06f ", rand for 2..$ARGV[$_]; printf "%06f\n", rand }'
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Battles Won:

vs. Richie

Battles Lost:

vs. Mad MOAI

Current Battles:

vs. Luxcario

B]My Team:[/B]

Rex (M)
"Hi. Did you bring me food?"
If Rex could be described in a few words they would be: Hungry, destructive, and Krokoroc. Rex is constantly hitting people up for food, money to buy the food, and their shoes. Shoes are yummy. He loves utterly destroying the area around him, preferably using Earthquake or Bulldoze. And, well, he's a Krokorok.
Name Origin: I don't know. It just seemed right.

Drake (M)
"I'm sexy and I know it."
Personality: Drake loves mirrors. He loves his face. And he got SWAG. No one knows why, but ever since his trainer and the other pokemon have known him, he's always liked to show off. None of the pokemon want to tell him this, but Nuzleaf aren't exactly the prettiest apple on the fence. They just have to live with him. He uses moves like Swagger and Attract just to show off.
Name Origin: Drake is named after the Seedot pokemorph in Richie's fanfic, Pokemon: Final Mutation. Even though their personalities are NOTHING alike.

Luna (F)
"Touch me, and you get a Bone Rush to the head."
Personality: Luna has always played a tough girl attitude. Unlike most Cubone, she is over the sorrow of losing her mother. In fact, every full moon, which most Cubones see their mother's face in, Luna screams at it, keeping everyone awake all night. She's never been in a battle, so no one knows what moves she likes.
Name Origin: Named after the thing that she screams at once a month -_-'

Mr. Cuddles (M)
*laughs uncontrolably*
Personality: Mr. Cuddles is very hyperactive. That's really all I need to say. Oh, and he hasn't seen battle, so preffered moves are unknown.
Name Origin: Just LOOK at him!

Togepi (M)
Personality: Despite his ability being Serene Grace, Togepi has anger management problems. It's probably due to the fact that he was never able to get out of his egg properly. Everyone tries explaining to him that all Togepis are like that, but he just won't listen. He has not been in a battle. But we're guessing he likes Metronome.
Name Origin: It's a Togepi. Figure it out.

Aquanalee (F)
"Just leave me alone..."
Personality: Very unpredictable, and prefers to wing it instead of going by a plan. After careful interrogation she finally revealed her past. She is the daughter of a royal Kingdra, one who rules a powerful settlement of aquatic pokemon. Aquanalee had swam away from home, (for reasons she will not reveal) and was caught by Dar soon after.
Name Origin: I've heard that name before, and I've always wanted to name a water Pokemon that.

Flavia (F)
"I'm here for ya."
Personality: Flavia will do anything for her friends, from treating wounds to carrying people across the ocean. Aquanalee is very grateful for her, since now she is not Dar's main form of water transportation.
Name Origin: My English teacher had us read a book, and Flavia was the daughter of a Sea Captain.

PC and Item Storage:
Katrina (F)

Wish List:

Cash, to get Rex some shoes and Togepi therapy.
A Thick Club for Luna.
A happiness-raising item. (Also for Togepi.)
An Axew.
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Ricky490's ASB Profile

This trainer is currently preparing to enter the fascinating world of ASB, but first he must describe a little bit about himself. A boy in Johto who has dreamed of raising his own team of pokemon ever since he was young. Then, on a fateful day, he went to the laboratory and received his first ever pokemon. Ever since, he was traveled the world to some more interesting pokemon and he is still searching to this day. Here are the creatures that are currently at his hand...

Current Team

Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Summary: Rick's starter pokemon from Johto. Ferocious is a wild beast in field, however, he does come up with a strategy when needed to defeat an enemy.


Gender: Female
Ability: Quick Feet
Summary: Rick's first caught pokemon. Rebel is not one that works with the crowd, however, she is rather loyal to Rick and will work hard to ensure a easy victory.


Gender: N/A
Ability: Soundproof
Summary: Shocker has a rather interesting mindset. It has incredibly speed, however, prefers paralyzing his foes and possibly using Self-Destruct as a last resort.


Previous Battles

Current Battles

Battles Awaiting Ref
vs. Dar

Compete in a battle
Gain money for a Kecleon and a Croagunk​
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Eevee Kitty Scale

I didn't realize you could put a scale up! So I guess I'll do that.

I use Negrek's scale a lot but it changes and sometimes I deviate from that so I'll just detail everything here. Also I'm open to disagreements; this isn't set in stone, if there's a better way to do something, I'd like to do that instead!


  • Move a decimal to the left for the base percent (90 = 9%, 95 = 9.5%, 736 = 73.6%)
  • Base * STAB * type if appropriate * anything else multiplicative (abilities, etc.)
    *.5 double-resistance, *.67 resistance
    *1.5 weakness, *2 double-weakness
  • Additive ability bonuses, items, stats (2% per stat).
  • Can't be lower than one that would be silly.
  • Unless the Pokemon is immune, in which case do *0 after after everything else.
  • Also round down at the end.

Damage Costs
  • Base/20 rounded up, plus twenty if the base power is greater than or equal to 100.
  • If STAB -1% energy
  • If the effect has a 21%+ chance of occuring, +1% energy
  • 1+ priority is +1% energy
  • Items, etc.
  • Can't be lower than one that would be silly.

Other Costs

This is the same as Negrek's scale.

Mean Statuses

All but the last two stay upon the Pokemon returning to its Pokeball.

  • Burned: 3% damage per round applied at the end of the round (counts toward cap), which can be increased to up to 5% if the burn is aggravated. Detract 3% damage from any physical attack.

  • Frozen: A frozen Pokemon becomes incapable of general movement without expending extra energy. The freezing can be concentrated on specific parts of the Pokemon's body to make it impossible to move those parts, but still possible to use other parts (a Pokemon with frozen arms can still run and kick).

  • Paralysis: When paralyzed, a Pokemon starts out with a 25% chance of being unable to move, and attacks that require significant movement may not work as well. Every time it tries to move and is successful, the chance goes down by 2%.

  • Poison: Regular poison is 3% per round and is added at the end of each round; severe poisoning starts out at 1%, increasing by 1% per round until it becomes capped at 10%.

  • Sleep: A sleeping Pokemon starts out with 5% chance of being able to wake up, which increases by 5% every action, and if it's hurt.

    • 1% to 5% damage: +5%
    • 6% to 10% damage: +10%
    • 11% to infinity% damage: +15%

    After eight actions asleep, the Pokemon will wake up regardless.

  • Infatuation: When infatuation happens the Pokemon starts out with a 50% chance of failing any move. If it passes its Attraction check, the chance of failing goes down by 5%. Damage will reduce the chance of failing, too:

    • 1% to 5% damage: -5%
    • 6% to 10% damage: -10%
    • 11% to infinity% damage: -15%

    After fifteen actions, the infatuation fades away regardless.

    A trainer can word their commands to convince the Pokemon that attacking is okay, and then for that attack the failure chance is treated as if it's just gone down by 25%, but there's always at least a 5% chance of failure if you do this. The total failure chance does not actually change, and the number of turns until it fades does not go down.

  • Confusion: Starts at 50% chance of failure. This chance goes down by 5% for every successful attack, and whent he Pokemon takes damage.
    • 1% to 5% damage: -5%
    • 6% to 10% damage: -10%
    • 11% to infinity% damage: -15%

    After fifteen actions, the confusion fades away regardless.

    A confused Pokemon will struggle to complete attacks, attacking the wrong Pokemon, using the wrong move, hurting itself, or failing to do anything at all. Results and damage are circumstantial, but self-inflicted damage from confusion won't go above 5%.


If Pokemon have a speed tie, whoever commands first goes first.

Double Team creates base speed/12 rounded down for clones.

Weather moves last for six actions discluding the turn they were used on.

Disable is a long-duration move that lasts five actions.

50/25/25 health healed for Rest per action, energy expended per action rather than all on the first action.
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Trainer Info:

*coming soon*

My Pokemon:

Beatrice (F)
Notes: Tweet
Name: ????

Lucy (F)
Notes: ♪~Nous sommes du soleil~♪
Name: Means "light"

Euclid (M)
Name: SCP Foundation item class
(Gift from my dearest Colours <3)

Mondo (M)
Notes: Is the third strongest member of this team
Name: After Mondo Mole, a boss from Earthbound

Zeus (M)
Notes: Hello, Ganymede~
Name: After the Greek god

Tyri (F)
Notes: <(o^w^o)>
Name: After an OC of mine

The Innocent (F)
Notes: Chocolatey orangey goodness!
Name: The snack cakes
(Gift from Zora of Termina! <3)

Lollipop (M)
Notes: ♪~Suckin' too hard on your lollipop~♪
Name: That Mika song
(Gift from HighMoon! <3)

Holly (F)
Notes: Sweetest little scruff-muffin~
Name: Named after my dog
(Gift from my beloved Coloursfall <3)

Darwin (M)
Notes: You ever wonder about things?
Name: After Charles Darwin

Caesar (M)
Notes: I have only just met you, and I love you!
Name: After an old dog of mine.

Wish List:

Eevee (Male)
Riolu (Male)
Budew (Male)
Phanpy (Female)
Igglybuff (Female)

But really, I love all pokemon. Get me anything and I'll love you forever. Unless you get me a Luvdisc. Then I'll be forced to kill you.

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