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Profile Archive


busy dizzy lazy
Staff member
Once a trainer has opened an account with the league bank and been approved for a license, they are assigned storage space in the league's computer network for their pokémon and items. Their activities in the league are also recorded and made available as public records, should the validity of their pokémon ever need to be verified.

Profile Archive

Nowadays, you actually aren't required to keep a profile here if you don't want to. Your official profile will always be the one maintained on the ASB tab in your user profile. However, if you'd like to keep up an unofficial profile here, you're welcome to do so.

Your profile can contain anything you'd like: bio information on your pokémon, custom sprites of them, arena ideas, whatever. The only rule is that you get one post here: simply edit it whenever you want to change something rather than constantly posting new profiles.
For a more in-depth profile, see here. This post will be used to hold my (mostly-useless) arena stockpile.

Arena Stockpile
3v3 Single
Style: Set
DQ: 7 days
Damage Cap: None
Banned moves: Anything goes baby!
Arena: Some dive in an indeterminate location

Just some indeterminate bar in the city, this place smells heavily of alcohol, BO and piss. (Don't even -try- the bathrooms.) The patrons are at best drunkard bums and better described as imbibed apes, and the liquor they serve will set off radiological alarms. So what kind of battlefield is this?

Well, apparently when two trainers get drunk they find it to be a good idea to get their Pokémon drunk, as well. Noone really knows why, but it's probably in a similar vein to beer goggles. Of course, neither trainer is in much of a state to issue commands, and their Pokémon will soon be in no state to listen.

Upon being chosen each Pokémon is served gratuitous amounts of alcohol and set off on their way to have a go at each other.. if they can stay on their feet. The barkeep is about as apathetic to this, it seems, as to any other bar fight; and trust they're common.
Moves are selected completely random, similar to Metronome, from the Pokémon's available move pool. Any move may be used, included OHKO's.
Both Pokémon being lit off their arses will have an inflated ego and a boosted pain tolerance and energy; essentially giving them both 150% HP and energy and letting them go longer.
The bar is full of rickety and amusingly destructible objects, as well; and arena damage will become apparent. Apparently, the barkeep doesn't take into consideration supernatural powers. Hopefully soon he will~

Now, bar patrons will probably crowd around and chant a drunken Fight! chant; they may also throw things or get aggressive. Every action there is a 1% chance of a miffed patron trying to start a bar fight with one of the Pokémon, in which case they will lose their action that turn and take 5% untyped damage to knock the sucker out.
Bottles may also find themselves flying at either competitor, and each action there is also a 1% chance of an errant flying object hurling into the ring. Of course, aim is questionable, as is the actual contents of the bottles. There is a 15% chance of is containing more drink that will restore 5% HP to the Pokémon who catches it (Whether with their hand or their face), a 15% chance of it restoring 5% Energy, and a 20% chance of it dealing 3% untyped damage. Finally, at a 50% chance it will miss outright.

And finally, in this state the competitors will be less than capable of holding a steady battle. Every action there is a 5% chance of either Pokémon falling victim to temporary negative effects. There is an equal chance of one of four actions happened:

Falling asleep: The Pokémon will completely nod out, lowering both its defences by 3 stages until awoken and waking up after either 3 actions or after being struck by an offensive move.

Vomiting: The Pokémon will empty its stomach.. all over their opponent's face. This will totally gross their opponent out, and lower their defences by 3 stages for 3 actions.

Falling over: The Pokémon will completely lose its balance and fall right on its arse, causing them to lose that action and be inflicted with mild confusion.

Punchdrunk Swing: The Pokémon will forgo its supernatural powers in favour of slugging their opponent in the face. This will deal 5% untyped damage at 70% accuracy.
Battle Format: 3 vs 3 single
Battle Style: Set, except Baton Pass or similar are permitted
DQ Time: One week
Damage Cap: 45%
Banned and Restricted Moves: Anything can happen (except weather moves, those're banned)
Arena Description: The Anomaly
The Anomaly is, as its name suggests, an Anomaly. Arceus only knows how the battlers got there or how they'll get out, but such is the way of the universe. Also unknown is how anyone can see, being as there are no visible light sources, but it is as bright as a typical midsummers midday. It is, at least to begin with, an infinitely large plain white platform floating in nothing. As the battle goes on, however, that platform changes to whatever is required by the battle - if, for example, there is a fish Pokémon on the field, there will be a large pond to swim in. There will be air for everyone can breathe. If Sandstorm is used, sand appears. And so forth. With one notable exception: the lack of a sky means weather moves cannot take effect. The gravity there is only half of Earth's, so each Pokémon is only half as heavy for things like Grass Knot. This also removes any energy cost that Flyers or Hoverers would need to fly or hover, be they Inherently or Consentually.

The most important effect of the Anomaly is that every Pokémon within it forgets every move it knows, including signature moves, and learns Metronome in their place. Thus, the battle is a truly random one.

Another of the major effects of the Anomaly is that at the end of every round, both battlers' energy is restored to 100%. Not infinite energy, note, so if a Pokémon uses incredibly energy-intensive moves, it could, at least in theory, faint from energy loss.

The last effect of note is that at the beginning of every third round, a random object will appear. Any object, from sardines to submarines, and they can appear in any manner the ref wants. What they do is also entirely up to the ref. They vanish at the end of the round, again in a manner of the ref's choosing.

Additional Rules: Buh. Nothing I can think of, except what I detailed in the Arena Description.
Battle Format: 3 vs 3 single
Battle Style: Set, except Baton Pass or similar are permitted
DQ Time: Six days, twenty-three hours, fifty-five minutes
Damage Cap: 45%
Banned and Restricted Moves: Anything can happen
Arena Description: One week
The Second Anomaly is, as its name suggests, an Anomaly. Arceus only knows how the battlers got there or how they'll get out, but such is the way of the universe. Also unknown is how anyone can see, being as there are no visible light sources, but it is as bright as a typical midsummers midday. It is, at least to begin with, an infinitely large plain white platform floating in nothing. As the battle goes on, however, that platform changes to whatever is required by the battle - if, for example, there is a fish Pokémon on the field, there will be a large pond to swim in. There will be air for everyone can breathe. If Sandstorm is used, sand appears. And so forth. The gravity there is only half of Earth's, so each Pokémon is only half as heavy for things like Grass Knot. This also removes any energy cost that Flyers or Hoverers would need to fly or hover, be they Inherently or Consentually.

The most important effect of this Anomaly is that at the end of each round, both Pokémon in battle will randomly 'evolve' into any other Pokémon. This can be any Pokémon in existence, including Legendaries. This means they gain the new species' ability, moveset, types, everything. Also, the Pokémon are dazed and confused after this 'evolution', so as soon as the first round is complete and the first 'evolution' has taken place, the Pokémon can't listen to any commands and their moves are selected randomly, similar to Sleep Talk.

Another of the major effects of the Second Anomaly is that at the end of every round, at the same time as the 'evolutions', both battlers' energy is restored to 100%. Not infinite energy, note, so if a Pokémon uses incredibly energy-intensive moves, it could, at least in theory, faint from energy loss.

The last effect of note is that at the beginning of every third round, a random object will appear. Any object, from sardines to submarines, and they can appear in any manner the ref wants. What they do is also entirely up to the ref. They vanish at the end of the round, again in a manner of the ref's choosing.

Additional Rules: Buh. Nothing I can think of, except what I detailed in the Arena Description.
Battle Format: 3 vs 3 single
Battle Style: Set, except Baton Pass or similar are permitted
DQ Time: One week
D amage Cap: 45%
Banned and Restricted Moves: Anything can happen (except healing moves)
Arena Description: The Third Anomaly
The Third Anomaly is, as its name suggests, an Anomaly. Arceus only knows how the battlers got there or how they'll get out, but such is the way of the universe. Also unknown is how anyone can see, being as there are no visible light sources, but it is as bright as a typical midsummers midday. It is, at least to begin with, an infinitely large plain white platform floating in nothing. As the battle goes on, however, that platform changes to whatever is required by the battle - if, for example, there is a fish Pokémon on the field, there will be a large pond to swim in. There will be air for everyone can breathe. If Sandstorm is used, sand appears. And so forth. The gravity there is only half of Earth's, so each Pokémon is only half as heavy for things like Grass Knot. This also removes any energy cost that Flyers or Hoverers would need to fly or hover, be they Inherently or Consentually.

The most important effect of this Anomaly is that at the end of each round, both Pokémon in battle will have their moveset and ability replaced with that of another Pokémon. This can be any Pokémon in existence, including Legendaries. Also, the Pokémon are dazed and confused after this change, so as soon as the first round is complete and the first change has taken place, the Pokémon can't listen to any commands and their moves are selected randomly, similar to Sleep Talk.

Another of the major effects of the Third Anomaly is that at the end of every round, at the same time as the changes, both battlers' energy is restored to 100%. Not infinite energy, note, so if a Pokémon uses incredibly energy-intensive moves, it could, at least in theory, faint from energy loss. As though to compensate for this, if a healing move is used, it will fail.

The last effect of note is that at the beginning of every third round, a random object will appear. Any object, from sardines to submarines, and they can appear in any manner the ref wants. What they do is also entirely up to the ref. They vanish at the end of the round, again in a manner of the ref's choosing.

Additional Rules: Buh. Nothing I can think of, except what I detailed in the Arena Description.
1vs1 single
Style: Set
DQ: Standard week
Damage Cap: 30%
Banned Moves: Anything goes
Arena: Golett Temple

So the bizarre ghostly powers of Meowth and Squorn's Golett have merged to collapse them back in time or into an alternate dimension or something. The details are NOT IMPORTANT kind of fuzzy. Basically we're in what seems to be some kind of temple or something. The arena is fairly small, just 20 feet square, and made of a pale brownish stone. The arena itself looks fairly boring at first glance, a simple square room with what appear to be seats carved into the walls for the trainers and referee, but if you look closely there are also Hebrew runes inscribed in the walls. According to the two Golett, they are casting several effects over the arena:

  • ???? - The arena will repair itself if damaged by any means. Which is fortunate, since the stone looks fairly fragile and would shatter under a powerful blow.
  • ??????? - All types of attacks are treated as neutrally effective, regardless of their usual effectiveness.
  • ??????? - Ghost- and Ground-type moves take 2% less energy to use.
Other: Only Golett may be used; they are treated as neutrally affected by all moves as opposed to normal type-effectiveness. Ghost- and Ground- type moves take 2% energy less to perform after all calculations.
1vs1 single
Style: Set
DQ: One week
Damage Cap: 45%
Banned Moves: OHKO's, Sunny Day, anything that need materials that aren't in the arena (Surf, Sandstorm, Rock Tomb, and so on)
Arena: Zubat Hunting Ground

This is a pretty normal, standard field. It's the middle of the night - Zubat awake-time - so Sunny Day will fail and Synthesis would be at reduced capacity, but Moonlight would be at full effect; Solarbeam would take longer to charge up and be less powerful; and so on. Zubat, Golbat and occasionally Crobat will flit around the arena, but they won't actually affect the battle. No, the main effect comes from the fact that Zubat hunt at night, and so every second round, just after the end, the battlers will dart off for a light snack. They both, randomly, eat one of the following things.
Insect - a delicious treat, restores 5% health.
Nectar - sugary and delicious, restores 5% energy.
Pollen - from a Vileplume that's walking by, inflicts mild paralysis.
Fruit (fermented) - turning into alcohol, inflicts drunkenness (identical in effect to mild confusion).
Frogs - oozing with poison, inflicts mild poisoning.
Rodent - struggles madly and hard to hold, costs 5% energy.
Another bat / a bird - big and able to fight back, costs 5% health.

Other: Only Zubat may be used.
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Additional Information
-----About Coloursfall's ASB Team

---About the Trainer
Heralded as a king before I had a birthday

Coloursfall is a 23-year-old male, standing approximately 5'4" and weighing 118 lbs. His hair is brown-blond and cut short, longer on the top than the sides, and his eyes are grey. He favours jeans, tee-shirts, and white running shoes. His first Pokemon was a Meowth, who is now a Persian and an important part of his team. He currently owns 119 Pokemon as of Feb 02, and his favourite type is Normal. He is a referee and a bit of a slacker. He is listed under the following in the ASB Hall of Fame: Top 10 Overall (#9), Top 20 Points Rankings (#3), Received 10 or more ASB Award Nominations, Won 10 Battles, Won a Battle in Five Rounds or Fewer, ASB Legend (2011). He intends to aim for a Normal-based Gym if the ASB league ever implements them.

He was the winner of the 2010 Metronome Contest.

He has a friendly rivalry with fellow ASBer, Sylph.

----Custom/Special Sprites


[Spy] Sneasel (male)


[Zarin] Eevee (male)


[GLaDOS] Porygon-Z (X)


[L'Arc-En-Ciel] Togekiss (male)


[Edward] Persian (male)


[Rinna] Umbreon (female)


[Kate] Glameow (female)


[Stan] Pidove (female)


[Katniss] Taillow (female)


[Finn] Riolu (male)


[Pawblo] Meowth (male)


[Emiline] Dratini (female)


[Baymax] Goomy (Male)
thank you Dazel!

----Nickname Origins/Notes

[Scout] Cyndaquil (M)
Notes: Grass grows, birds flies, sun shines, and brotha' I hurt people.
Name: The TF2 Scout

[Kin] Shroomish (F)
Notes: that which does not kill me will only make me stronger
Name: 金 - gold

[Jacob] Squirtle (M)
Notes: "Mein Sonnenblumen..."
Name: After a character of Sunflower's, Jacob Collins.

[Fulgora] Eevee (F)
Notes: You've been Thunderstruck!
Name: In Roman mythology, Fulgora was the female personification of lightning.

[Spy] Sneasel (M)
Notes: I never really was on your side...
Name: The TF2 Spy

[Zarin] Eevee (M)
Notes: Espeon Get plz.
Name: After an Espeon OC of mine, and Rinna's twin brother.

[GLaDOS] Porygon2 (X)
Notes: Look at me, still talking when there's science to do...
Name: The AI from Portal and Portal 2.

[Rasputin] Shinx (M)
Notes: Lover of the Russian queen~
Name: After Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, Russian Orthodox christian and mystic who is perceived as having influenced the latter days of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their only son Alexei.

[Philharmonic] Chatot (M)
Notes: Evasion Hax go!
Name: After the type of orchestra.

[L'Arc-En-Ciel] Togekiss (M)
Notes: feels pretty, oh so pretty.
Name: French for 'Rainbow'

[Edward] Persian (M)
Notes: i can has Philosopher's Stone?
Name: After the FMA main character.

[Rinna] Umbreon (F)
Notes: Umbreon Get!
Name: After an Umbreon OC of mine, and the twin sister of Zarin.

[Kiki] Bibarel (F)
Notes: durp.
Name: After a Bibarel OC.

[Hiromu] Miltank (F)
Name: after the author of FMA.

[Yzma] Kecleon (F)
Notes: I have a cunning plan!
Name: Kuzco's advisor and the main antagonist of The Emperor's New Groove.

[Jin] Bronzong (X)
Notes: gong.
Name: 金 - Gold

[Sable] Sableye (F)
Notes: *loves on*
Name: After a friend

[Agni] Torkoal (M)
Notes: could kick that lopunny's ass any day.
Name: A Hindu deity, one of the most important of the Vedic gods. He is the god of fire and the acceptor of sacrifices.

[Alphonse] Steelix (M)
Notes: Nii-san?
Name: the second main character from FMA

[Moo] Drifblim (M)
Notes: your face asplode
Name: The sound a cow makes

[Pancake] Dunsparce (F)
Notes: Omnomnom
Name: After the food

[Ingrid] Flareon (F)
Notes: *PUNT*
Name: After a Flareon OC

[Kate] Glameow (F)
Notes: *waves wooden spoon*
Name: After an old OC

[Cookie] Budew (F)
Name: Cookie!

[Cid] Nidorino (M)
Notes: Let's show these pups how it's done!
Name: After the reoccurring Final Fantasy character, but more specifically the FFTA2 version.

[Pipiri] Chansey (F)
Name: Derived from the sounds Happinies make

[Alleine] Cubone (F)
Notes: ;__;
Name: Feminine form of Aelius, meaning Sun.

[Arru] Burmy (M)
Notes: I need to evolve this.
Name: Some letters that sound cool together

[Ganymede] Feebas (M)
Notes: ...this too.
Name: In Greek Mythology, a divine hero whose homeland was Troy. Homer describes Ganymede as the most beautiful of mortals, which led Zeus in the form of an eagle to abduct him for service as cup-bearer in Olympus and as Zeus's eromenos.

[Pike] Spearow (F)
Notes: /stab
Name: a type of long thrusting pole weapon used by infantry

[Spork] Sandshrew (F)
Notes: will kill you with a spork.
Name: the utensil

[Dhart] Zigzagoon (M)
Notes: faster than lightning!
Name: Corruption of 'dart'

[Bard] Whismur (F)
Notes: can sing every Queen song in existence.
Name: a sort of musician, often travelling

[Jasmine] Buizel (F)
Notes: won't take any of your crap.
Name: After an old OC

[Bad Romance] Ralts (F)
Notes: you and me could write a bad romance ♥
Name: The Lady Gaga song

[Haikili] Pichu (F)
Notes: >__<;
Name: In Hawaiian mythology, Haikili is the god of thunder.

[Kaine] Rattata (M)
Notes: Run, run!
Name: FMA character, Kaine Feury

[Havoc] Sentret (M)
Notes: is desperate.
Name: FMA character Jean Havoc

[Pickles] Barboach (F)
Notes: How big is your Barboach?
Name: the food

[Flick] Starly (F)
Notes: tweet?
Name: the word

[Finn] Riolu (M)
Notes: Mathematical!
Name: the main character of Adventure Time

[Orion] Cleffa (F)
Notes: has a boy name.
Name: the constellation

[Poppy] Gible (F)
Notes: *facenom*
Name: the flower

[Tiptaptwo] Doduo (M)
Notes: Say his name out loud. go on.
Name: a weapon in the Final Fantasy games

[Engineer] Phanpy (M)
Notes: eeeeerectin' a dispenser!
Name: the TF2 Engineer

[Alecsander] Teddiursa (M)
Notes: i like soup
Name: After my brother

[Kusa] Aipom (F)
Notes: kekeke
Name: after a friend

[Heavy Weapons Guy] Munchlax (M)
Notes: is so small! is cute to me.
Name: The Heavy Weapons Guy from TF2

[Tobias] Pidgey (M)
Notes: has a red-feathered tail
Name: A character from Animorphs

[Sniper] Horsea (M)
Notes: Snoipin's a good job, mate.
Name: the TF2 Sniper

[Astrid] Smoochum (F)
Notes: *chu*
Name: Derived from the Old Norse elements áss "god" and fríðr "beautiful".

[Jinkosen] Prinplup (M)
Notes: Let's go exploring!
Name: after an OC

[Fledermaus] Zubat (M)
Notes: brushie brushie
Name: German for Bat

[Fu] Growlithe (M)
Notes: 石獅
Name: After Fu Dogs

[Grace] Skitty (F)
Notes: Die Another Day
Name: after an OC

[Bento] Larvitar (M)
Notes: it's like food in a box!
Name: a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.

[Alejandro] Misdreavus (M)
Notes: You know that I love you, boy...
Name: The Lady Gaga song

[Mr Fish] Magikarp (M)
Notes: :shakefish:
Name: he is a fish, and a Mr.

[Katniss] Tailow (F)
Notes: "Real."
Name: after the Hunger Games character

[Radiergummi] Taillow (M)
Notes: /squack
Name: German for 'Eraser'

[Demoman] Exeggcute (M)
Notes: ka-BEWM
Name: The Demoman from TF2

[Ein] Deino (F)
Notes: A B C
Name: German for one

[Jack] Oshawott (M)
Notes: I will have my revenge, Aku.
Name: the main character of Samurai Jack

[Nasca] Sigilyph (F)
Notes: hummingbird
Name: from the Nazca Lines, which Sigilyph is based on

[Raviel] Zorua (M)
Notes: Zydrate comes in a Little Glass Vial.
Name: After the Yu-Gi-Oh card, Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

[Peeta] Deerling (M)
Notes: "Real or Not Real?"
Name: The Hunger Games character

[Adéle] Minccino (F)
Notes: (`・ω・´)
Name: French name meaning "noble"

[Coeur] Woobat (F)
Notes: ♥♥♥♥
Name: French for 'Heart'

[Big Daddy] Excadrill (M)
Notes: /glare
Name: Big Daddies from the Bioshock series

[Medic] Audino (M)
Notes: Did zhat sting?
Name: The Medic from TF2

[Fritz] Joltik (M)
Notes: for SCIENCE.
Name: after an OC

[Sunnyside] Volcarona (F)
Notes: ring of fire
Name: Sunnyside up

[Soldier] Rufflet (M)
Name: the TF2 Soldier

[Jody] Cottonee (F)
Notes: /all the love
Name: after my wife

[Sundae Swirl] Vanillite (F)
Notes: the most delicious
Name: after the food

[Roshan] Emolga (M)
Notes: *ZOT*
Name: Means "light, bright" in Persian.

[Nepeta] Purrloin (F)
Notes: :33 < absolutely purrfect!!
Name: after the Homestuck character

[Marceline] Gligar (F)
Notes: I'm not mean, I'm a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code ♪
Name: sexy vampire lady

[Dakka] Patrat (M)
Notes: dakkadakkadakkadakka

[Jake] Lillipup (M)
Notes: You're so cute, I could just maul you to death.
Name: Jake from Adventure Time

[Stan] Pidove (F)
Notes: Solution - PANIC
Name: After my parents' (female) cockatiel

[Radzim] Archen (M)
Notes: aaaaaaaaa
Name: After an OC

[Margret] Poochyena (F)
Notes: >:F
Name: My Gnoll Barbarian in D&D

[Spunik] Metang (X)
Notes: Cпутник
Name: After the Russian Satalite

[Tootsie] Hoothoot (F)
Notes: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll centre of a Tootsie Pop?
Name: After Tootsie Pops!

[Celestia] Ponyta (F)
Notes: Hello my faithful students!
Name: Princess Celestia from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

[Chiaroscuro] Girafarig (F)
Notes: pushme-pullyou
Name: An Italian term which literally means 'light-dark'. In paintings the description refers to clear tonal contrasts which are often used to suggest the volume and modelling of the subjects depicted.

[Nerthus] Kangaskhan (F)
Notes: Mama's got you UuU
Name: A Germanic Mother-Goddess

[Souta] Lickitung (M)
Name: From Japanese 颯 (sou) "suddenly, smoothly" and 太 (ta) "thick, big".

[Jay] Gothita (F)
Notes: That sure is a thing.
Name: an OC of Moony's

[The King] Deerling (M)
Notes: heralded as a King
Name: it is a mystery...

[Hexxus] Grimer (M)
Notes: Pour me a puke cocktail and take me to the driver!
Name: The Big Bad from Fern Gully

[Mya] Snubbull (F)
Notes: BARK >:F
Name: Diminutive of Mary/Maria

[Hues Tumble] Spinda (M)
Name: PUNS

[Comfort] Slakoth (F)
Notes: Zzzzzzz....
Name: From the English word comfort, ultimately from Latin confortare "to strengthen greatly", a derivative of fortis "strong".

[Nathan] Zangoose (M)
Notes: I'm the Monster
Name: One of the main characters of Repo! The Genetic Opera

[Dumb Rachel] Buneary (F)
Notes: 6u9
Name: Animorphs reference!

[Mine] Wingull (M)
Notes: mine?

[Sparkles] Slowpoke (F)
Notes: /durp
Name: A particular favourite name I use for Slowpokes ingame

[Melody] Tympole (F)
Notes: (ノ´▽`)ノ~♪♪♪♪
Name: ...♪

[Abyss] Metapod (M)
Notes: godamnit Kusa
Name: When you stare into the Abyss...

[Tem] Minun (M)
Name: An OC

[Creampuff] Igglybuff (M)
Notes: ('ε')
Name: My favourite pastry!

[Vanri] Venepede (F)
Notes: Will stab your face
Name: Some letters strung together to resemble 'venom', but to look more like a name.

[Elion] Hoppip (M)
Notes: |・ω・`)
Name: from the end of the word 'dandelion'

[Emi] Dratini (F)
Notes: The Virginal Moon
Name: After a silver dragon goddess in my D&D games

[Davey] Scraggy (M)
Notes: "Wot."
Name: After Sunflower's OC

[Pawblo] Meowth (M)
Name: after my cat

[Marva] Elgyem (F)
Notes: spaaaaace
Name: female variation of 'Marvin'

[Duck] Farfetch'd (F)
Notes: Quack me up
Name: quack

[Charles] Frillish (M)
Notes: my cursed body is ready
Name: after the Jellicent I battle competitively with

[Kelvin] Magnemite (X)
Notes: >( o )<
Name: a unit of measurement for temperature.

[Macbeth] Fennikin (M)
Notes: got the magic stick
Name: The Scottish Play

[Baymax] Goomy (M)
Notes: Are you satisfied with your care?
Name: Big Hero 6!

[blop] Ditto (X)
Notes: blup
Name: bloooop

[Freak Deer] Stantler (M)
Notes: *lick*
Name: *wiggles fingers*

[Ilza] Litleo (F)
Notes: Gonna getcha, lassie!
Name: After an OC of Moony's.

[Aquila] Fletchling (M)
Notes: Carry the Lightning
Name: The constellation of the Eagle.

[Ramuh] Helioptile (M)
Notes: Ramuh's anger calls forth thunderclouds as dark as winter night
Name: A Lightning Summon from FF.

[Shouldra] Honedge (F)
Notes: You okay there, champ?
Name: A character from CoC

[Squiddle] Inkay (F)
Notes: It's Squiddle time!
Name: Homestuck jokes!

----Notable Arenas
---Feel free to use

Found here

----Lists of Many Kinds

-Shiny Stone
-Moon Stone x 2
-Normal Types I Don't Have
-Prism Scale
-I probably will find a reason to use any Pokemon you give, really

Normal-Type Families Needed
-Smeargle (M)

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I've never fought so happily before.
Nothing scares me anymore.
I'm not alone!


Mai is an amazingly successful failure, a referee with a stressed novice title, and a paranoid battler (more paranoid than blazheirio889) that considers any command string breakable. They have a large repository of signature moves/attributes that will never, ever be finalized or written and a flexible style of battling that involves ridiculous amounts of both meticulous planning and "oh whoops I didn't see that." Their favorite types are bug and poison and they're considered the only necessities for victory; ghost types, meanwhile, are viewed with suspicion due to Mai's spotty record with them. Mai has a spotty record with practically every type, however.

As for accomplishments in earlier incarnations of the league, they did fairly well in the 2011 League Tournament and managed to beat down Kratos into forfeiting two rounds before the end of the battle, robbing everyone of at least one EXP. They were in the Battle for Asber, and were one of the few people who actually cared about it when the event was alive. Their representative way up there in the clouds was Tuft, an amazing and overdramatic accelgor who is more of a mummy-priest than a ninja. They were in the Math Contest and the 2012 Metronome Contest.

Their accelgor banner was made by Linoone, and the icon of Tuft (the accelgor) was made by blazhy.

"Love Me Do <3"
Personality: "The mermaid witch; it is in her nature to fall in love. Looking for the feeling that moved her so long ago, she moves with the entire concert hall. Her fortune only turns under the weight of memories and no longer moves toward the future. Nothing will reach her any longer. She will come to know nothing more. She simply allows no one to disturb her minions' playing."
Thoughts: Oktavia. ;_; Sad witch. There is no real reason why she's a ralts and not any other pokemon, except for the fact that ralts was one of my starting pokemon. The name is just a name; her signature doesn't really relate at all.
Signature: Will have more less health and more energy than normal, as well as a classified move that may or may not be monstrous.

"Memry. Odd girl."
Personality: I agree. (Me, too.)
Thoughts: Purely due to her name, I think I'm motivated to try Memry out again. She would make more sense as a torchic, but, I don't have a torchic. I can make do.

Personality: Fiercely protective of any jewel that comes in reach, a bit of a glutton. He can be a bit susceptible to manipulation (damn you, substitute).
Signature: He has gems all over his body. All over it. Diamonds, which can be very sharp.
Thoughts: Dia! At least he's likable... but not quite usable when considering stall. Still, though, despite the general failure that comes along when I use a ghost type he really is okay.
Signature: He is a walking razor, with gems all over his body.


"This is completely ridiculous."
Personality: Misunderstood by most bystanders, but commands respect from his team members. He's slowly but surely come to terms with his status as a shiny, and has calmed down with maturity.
Thoughts: Finally, an early team member I love to pieces! Azuraine is almost definitely the most reliable and easy to use member of my team; although I've yet to actually battle with him as a nidoking I know he'll help bring victory. His movepool is amazing, and the only negative thing I have to say about him is that his simplicity can actually be a bit boring; that's never stopped my fun while I break or plan to destroy things. His signature attribute needs updating, though.
Signature: Viewer Gender Confusion - I want to get rid of it.

"What did you say? I was speaking to someone else."
Personality: Can see into the future, and he knows his future heads quite well. Despite the fact that his gift is genuine, he's crazy.
Thoughts: ... I wrote the signature attribute just for him, doesn't that mean I like it? I'm afraid to use him, honestly, due to his volatility and overall fifth gen movepool; maybe I'll find an opportunity later on. After I build some more shrines.
Signature: Psychic Heritage - see above.

"You don't want to wake the dragon, do you?"
Personality: Demands a crown, and is going to get one eventually. He's also dead, but don't tell him that. Fire cannot kill a dragon.
Thoughts: Fifth gen movepool strikes again, claiming any chance I have of using him! But really, I think I'll enjoy this sometime.
Signature: He's a dragon, obviously; and his signature move will involve him... waking up, so to speak.

"We can just work this out! I know we can!"
Personality: Aggressively optimistic. Very.
Thoughts: Well, I guess having a normal type doesn't quite make you invincible. She seems fun, but the fact that I lost with her is somewhat discouraging. Also the fact that there are a ton of opportunities to get a first and many reasons to pass her up.
Signature: Maybe something about being an airbender? Airbender!linoone have been floating around my mind for a while, but it doesn't fit her character.

"And this is...?"
Personality: Jolly, but analytical and calculating. He won't let that get in the way of a battle, though.
Thoughts: I am... very shocked that there are no other grumpig in the league. Sure, he is my first fully evolved psychic, but he's ridiculously overpowered; I look forward to causing pain and suffering when I use him.
Signature: He might have a signature move involving his species' title.

"We can and must prevail, under the guidance of the swarm."
Personality: Raaamseees! The man in gauze, the man in gauze! He's pretty awesome, and a mummy. He believes in the power of the swarm, and the "Ramses" he speaks of is better known as Genesect. He's pretentious, stuffy, and prideful, but he gets things done in the end.
Thoughts: The Unovan limits strike again, this time claiming my sanity in place of usefulness! I love Tuft. Seriously, if he was from Hoenn or Kanto I can't even imagine what his movepool would be like. Anyway, chaotic and limited but fun to use; plus, he's a bug type! He was also my representative in the Battle for Asber, so I can't hate him.
Signature: Everything. I have no idea, so many ideas have crossed my mind. Priest, mummy, ninja, whatever, he's Tuft.

"You seem to think I view the world as just a bit more rosy than it is. Really, you have thorns lodged in your eyeballs."
Personality: Vain and loves to show off; however, she has reason enough to be proud of what she does. Determined and practical; her innate (over)confidence usually manifests itself as a forceful optimism as well. She likes to improvise and dislikes organization, preferring to do things her own way if she would have to submit to someone else.
Thoughts: For a bug I bought purely to have a first, Kaleidoscope has outperformed herself in almost every possible way. She's sat in the box for a while, but after using her I've come to a conclusion; I love Hoenn even more than I thought, I love the bug type, I love tinted lens, I love interesting movepools, and I love her. Kaleidoscope is beautiful and nothing hurts.
Signature: Kaleidoscope is very, very proud of her status as an insect, and skilled enough with tinted lens. Therefore, everything is bees bugs.

"Though All Men Do Despise Us"
Personality: Irritable and disliked.
Thoughts: I only purchased him to have the first sudowoodo. Eh.

Personality: Cute! Or uguu, if you prefer. Predictably, she's a massive shipper and just like her namesake.
Thoughts: I don't care what everyone thinks, this is what Nepeta would be like. I obtained her off the Black Market and will probably use her soon enough.

"If you want to picture Cassie, think of a short, cute girl with very short black hair, wearing overalls and big muddy boots and looking totally capable of giving a tetanus shot to an angry bear."
Personality: Cautious; careful; kind; compassionate. At least at the beginning.
Thoughts: Mightyena seem great, but they do have limits. I'm not sure how I'll play her when she gets sent into battle. She's a birthday present from DarkAura.

Visser Three
"He looked so much like Ax. So much like Prince Elfangor. And yet, so totally different. The difference wasn't something you saw. It was something you felt. A shadow on your soul. A darkness that blotted out the light of the sun. Evil. Destruction. He was the only Andalite-Controller in existence. The only Yeerk ever to infest an Andalite body. The only Yeerk with the Andalite power to morph."
Personality: Utterly ruthless, and often times reckless.
Thoughts: Animorphs! He's a birthday present from LotF.
Signature: Visser Three can take over bodies, being a yeerk. I just need a better justification.

"It's only three years!"
Personality: Very energetic, and rarely serious, despite her demi-godhood and huge power.
Thoughts: Homestuck! She's a birthday present from Coloursfall.

"I will admit to enjoying sowing chaos and discord."
Personality: Sadistic and fitting for her name, but interesting to battle with. Besides, when has being a little off-kilter ever stopped a pokemon from being on my team?
Thoughts: I always seem to lose with ghosts, but nevertheless I think I want to try again with her. She's a birthday present from Zapi.
Signature: As a banette, she'll pay for her signature move with health instead of energy. After all, unzipping a banette's mouth is very harmful...

Personality: Amazing.
Thoughts: She's the blood of the dragon, and fittingly awesome. Shame a flygon already exists in the league. She's a birthday present from Metallica Fanboy.
Signature: Fire and blood.

Lady Lysa
"Lysa was never brave. When we were girls together, she would run and hide whenever she’d done something wrong. Perhaps she thought our lord father would forget to be wroth with her if he could not find her. It is no different now. She ran from King’s Landing for fear, to the safest place she knows, and she sits on her mountain hoping everyone will forget her."
Personality: At varying times overly cautious and far too aggressive, which is pretty fitting considering my battle strategy. Damn it, she's dead. I mean I knew she was crazy, but that was the good thing about her!
Thoughts: She's a birthday present from Windyragon.

"You can call me cute all you like, I'll even roll over and balance little balls on my nose. Just don't blame me if ice ball is a difficult to control and you get run over..."
Personality: By all accounts more of a demon than an angel, but that's what the name is for.
Thoughts: He's interesting, but even more so when considering the planned signature attribute. I should write it sometime. He's a birthday present from Byrus.
Signature: Someday, he will be a dark type. Probably when he's a sealeo.

"Is... is that a time gear?"
Personality: I thought he was going to be an unnicknamed grovyle because Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but I guess he's not. Consquently, he's just a random cool pokemon that I like.
Thoughts: Treecko look like they'd have everything I need, with effort. Which is perfect! He's a birthday present from Kratos.

"I'm hungry."
Personality: Always hungry; vicious; cannibalistic if necessary.
Thoughts: Animorphs! Contest appeals! Uguutinas! Taxxon is cool. He's a birthday present from bulbasaur.

"Guess what?"
Personality: She's pretty much the team mom of the group, and is really nice.
Thoughts: Yay, surprises! Her origin isn't the only unexpected thing about her; now that I examine it her movepool is quite nice (if a bit limited by the standards I've become accustomed to). I've always liked miltank and she looks to be very useful. She's a birthday present from Omskivar.

Personality: Yet to be seen; I'd imagine with those nonsensical tails she'd become a bit playful.
Thoughts: Seems to have just the right mix of movepool; tricky to use in some situations, but able to dance out of most. I look forward to using her! She's a Gift Exchange present from bulbasaur.


"Congratulations, Katara; you're a bloodbender."
Personality: Well, if you've seen Avatar you'd know what Katara is like.
Thoughts: For a fifth gen 'mon, Katara's movepool seems... oddly delicious. I'd feel a bit odd butchering it to give her the waterbending signature attribute she deserves, so perhaps we might have to go to a signature move. Either way, I like her! She's a Gift Exchange present from RespectTheBlade.
Signature: Obviously, she'll have something to do with the water type.

"You seem a magmar, yet you are not a magmar. What sort of blood sacrifices have you made, creature?"
Personality: A bit entranced in the old ways, to be honest; Oralia still believes her ability is unnatural and gets intensely unnerved by any pokemon not originating from Kanto or Johto.
Thoughts: I'm very optimistic about Oralia, and not just because she's from the first generation. I'm not sure whether I want to rush for the first dragonite yet, considering what I'd be getting myself into, but there's always a chance once I get my huntail, delcatty, noctowl, banette and... You can see where this is going. She's a Gift Exchange present from Skyman.

Personality: Eager and helpful, or at least he'll try to be.
Signature: Perhaps he'll be dead and swap objects, but I think he'd work best as just a top Pomeranian.
Thoughts: He'll be fun to use, whenever I do; certainly him being from gen one coughs up a few questionable moves. I'm sure this is a bit overrated, but really, my scale of value being odd does not mean it's not effective. He's a Gift Exchange present from Coloursfall.

The Guardian of the Park
"Stop the park from being turned into a housing site! Protect the park, the rock of the gods!"
Personality: He's just an ordinary odd person.
Thoughts: Okay at this point saying that he'd be interesting or entertaining to use would be completely pointless, but really. He does have a great movepool! He's a Gift Exchange present from Metallica Fanboy.
Signature: Meditite and medicham have always been, for whatever reason, my default pokemon when considering odd and ridiculous strategies to KO pokemon quickly or creatively. Consequently, he might have something random that makes no sense except in my own mind.

"Gosh, Beauty, that hurts! ... But that's okay. It's what I like about you."
Personality: To be honest I'm not quite sure.
Thoughts: A first! I want one! No, really, I actually do like gorebyss and huntail; it's just that a first is sort of what drove me to be interested in actually getting one. She's a Gift Exchange present from blazhy.
Signature: There will be an unfortunate accident involving her, an everstone, and evolution.

"I demand that you worship me!"
Personality: Bees. My god. She considers herself a legendary in every right, and her hordes of enslaved combee are likely to agree.
Thoughts: So somehow bees beecame our mascot in the Battle for Asber? Considering I helped put in motion the switch from beedril to vespiquen I suppose it's worth something. She's a Gift Exchange present from blazhy.
Signature: She is a god!

"Have you heard from my little birds?"
Personality: Weird and giggly, he's a master of whisperers. Secretive as well; I can't quite recall what happened to him. He's probably dead, though.
Thoughts: Ariados seem lovely, not minding the speed. I'm still holding to the theory that bug types are lucky. He's a Gift Exchange present from HighMoon.

"You know nothing."
Personality: Maybe she's actually Ygritte. Maybe not. She's wise, though, and might as well be kissed with fire.
Thoughts: I'm very, very surprised that there aren't any noctowl in the league yet. She's a Gift Exchange present from Omskivar.
Signature: She can give other pokemon Dream World abilities at will.

"Look, it's a city waiting to be destroyed!"
Personality: Elegant, but still chipper and playful.
Thoughts: Tremble in fear, ghosts and rock/steels alike; it's normalize delcatty time whenever Omskivar and I coordinate battle slots. She's a Gift Exchange present from Kratos.
Signature: Why would I change perfection?!


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[B]Team[/B] - O/X

[Pokemon] Name (Gender) <Ability> @Item

[B]Team _[/B] - O/X

[Pokemon] Name (Gender) <Ability> @Item


[B]Team _[/B] - O/X

[Pokemon] Name (Gender) <Ability> @Item

[B]Team _[/B] - O/X

[Pokemon] Name (Gender) <Ability> @Item

[spoiler="Notes:"]Whatever I have to say.[/spoiler]
[spoiler="Calculations:"]Move: rolls.[/spoiler]
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I liek Squirtle's Profile
A tall, shaggy brown haired eleven twelve year old kid that is usually seen with a white tee and jeans. He lives in Asber, and he is currently looking to dominate the world and kick ass.
Personality: Very fun-loving, somewhat shy, extremely smart, cool, slick and a ladies' man.

Mr. Turtle
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Nickname origin: After my FR Blastoise.
Personality: Fun-loving, shy and smart, like his Trainer. He has learned how to play chess, was entered in a chess tournament and won 1st place.
Item: Wacan Berry.
Body Mod: Asthma
EXP: 2/6
Catchphrase: Knight takes rook, fucker.

Cave Canem
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Item: Fire Stone
Nickname origin: Yes, nickname change. Means 'beware of dog' in Latin.
Personality: The cool, slick and a ladies' man. The other half of his Trainer. He would be jealous of Roosevelt, but the cute girls that his Trainer gets have cute Pokémon.
Catchphrase: Herro, ladies.

Gender: Male
Ability: Imnosia
Nickname origin: Named after a cuckoo clock.
Personality: One head short of a Dodrio, if you know what I mean. Asks what a word means after the definition is said, very ditzy but gives 110% in battle.
Catchphrase: Is it 25 o' clock yet?

Gender: Male
Ability: Quick Feet
Nickname origin: After President Theodore Roosevelt, the man whom the teddy bear was named after.
Personality: Uses his cute looks to deceive both Pokémon and people who don't know him well to get what he wants. His Trainer is okay with it, since it nets him cute girls (hot ones, on occasion).
EXP: 1/3
Movepool Mod: Bubblebeam
Catchphrase: My bloodthirst is unquenchable.

Gender: Male
Ability: Lightningrod
Nickname origin: After Marty, the zebra from Madagascar.
Personality: A very rash speedster who obeys his Trainer, and only his Trainer. Likes to use speed to impress ladies, in other words female Blitzle.
EXP: 2/3
Catchphrase: Wanna see me run to that rock? Wanna see me again?

Gender: Male
Ability: Compoundeyes
Nickname origin: It came from HAMMERSPACE. :D
Personality: Tries to find the logic to everything. Wants to dominate the world like Barney the Dinosaur. :D
Catchphrase: If you look this way you'll see that way, and if you look that way you'll see this way.

Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Veil
Nickname origin: Po's master in Kung Fu Panda.
Personality: Calm, cool and collected.
Catchphrase: Inner peace, inner peace.
EXP: 1/3

Baskin Robbins
Gender: Male
Ability: Ice Body
Nickname origin: The successful ice cream franchise.
Catchphrase: Vanilla or chocolate?

Luke Skywalker
Gender: Male
Ability: Syncronize
Nickname origin: The Star Wars Original Trilogy's protagonist.
Personality: Very awesome with a lighsaber. Frequently battles with Master Fuzzwicking Plant XIV.
Catchphrase: May the Force be with you.

Le Fantôme de l'Opéra
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Nickname origin: A legend of a guy who supposedly haunts a theatre in Paris.
Personality: Reclusive and likes the taste of hamster ass. This guy is really random. Ooh, purple orange juice!
Catchphrase: I will invade.

Stored Pokemon

Mr. Gassatoo
Gender: Male
Ability: Swift Swim
Nickname origin: I DO NOT CARE A SHIT.
Personality: What personality? He just stares at the air, waiting to be a Gyarados. Also farts a lot. Bought from Mike at the low price of $1.
Catchphrase: Herg.

Blue Mage
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Nickname origin: Blue + Final Fantasy= Blue Mage
Personality: Very naïve, and scaredy-cat out of battle. He will not cower even if Justin Beiber appears in battle.
Exp: 1/2
Catchphrase: What did you expect? You were going to win?

Lupus Rex
Gender: Male
Ability: Quick Feet
Nickname origin: Lupus means ''wolf'' in Latin and ''rex'' means king in that language.
Personality: Much braver then his owner. Can see zombies without flinching or feeling an ounce of fear. Sometimes he doesn't know when to back off in dangerous situations.
EXP: 1/3
Catchphrase: I smell the smelly smell of something smelly.

Master Fuzzwicking Plant XIV
Gender: Male
Ability: Leaf Guard
Nickname origin: See McGinnity.
Personality: Arrogant and tries his best. Frequently battles Luke Skywalker.
Catchphrase: MY sword is pointier than yours, basterd.

Sand Man
Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Force
Nickname origin: The bad guy from Spider Man.
Personality: Very drowsy, but in-battle will pay attention even to the smallest thing. Prefers cotton over polyester, oddly.
Catchphrase: Curse you, Spider Man!

Gender: Male
Ability: Regenerator
Nickname origin: Probably after the main character of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Personality: Rash and arrogant.
Movepool Mod: Ice Punch
Catchphrase: I can ride on a ball of air! Fwee!

Api Lahir
Gender: Female
Ability: Flash Fire
Personality: Fiery *badumcrash* Also very proud of being the only girl on the team.
Catchphrase: Burn, baby, burn!

Money: $33
Inventory: None.



vs. Lord of Fireflies (L)
vs. Mewtini (DQW)
vs. Pwnemon (DQW)
vs. Blastoise (DQW)
vs. Mewtini (T)

Record: 3-1-1


vs. Squornshellous Beta

2vs2 double
DQ: A week.
Style: Switch
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned Moves: OHKOs, moves that involve shaking or going through the arena.
Arena: My bed.
Description: Yes, my very own comfy bed. If you see to he right, my messy room. To the left, a wall. The ref will stand on the pillow. Due to the arena being a bed, moves that involve shaking the bed (Fissure, etc.) and going through it (Dig, etc.) are banned. A sink is nearby, making Surf possible. Since the battle is on a bouncy mattress, Bounce's power is x2.
Additional rules: No Pokemon that need water, only basic stage Pokemon.

2vs2 single
Style: Set
DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 30%
Banned moves: OHKO
Arena: The Professor Party

Once a year, all professors (Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan and Juniper) get together for a party. Usually, it's very tranquil with a debate about what region is better. But this year, Oak and Rowan dicovered beer. This year, for this battle, all the proffesors are on a bench, and Elm, Birch and Juniper while Oak and Rowan are cackling wildly with cans of beer in their hands. There is a 10% chance each round a drunk Oak or Rowan wil yell vulgarities or show the bad finger to a Pokémon, causing the Pokémon to spend an action attacking the professor.

4vs4 single
Style: Set, except moves and items that force switching.
Damage Cap: 45%
Banned Moves: None.
Arena: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mega Mix

In the first round this looks like a normal arena, white all over, four walls. But at the end of each round the arena changes into a fighter's homeland! It changes into one of the following:

Mushroom Kingdom:
Mario's homeland. Each time this arena appears, there is a 10% chance Bowser breathes flames on a random battler, which deals 5% fire damage.

Dream Star:
Kirby's homeland. Each time this arena appears, there is a 10% chance Kirby crash-lands on a battler, dealing 5% non-type damage, but will then feel sorry for the injured and will restore 5% energy.

Link's homeland. Each time this arena appears, there is a 10% Ganondorf will appear and deal 5% dark type damage to a battler.

We're here! The first home of Pokemon, all moves gain 1% damage after everything else is applied and there is a 10% chance each time this arena appears Nurse Joy will appear and restore 10% health to each Pokemon.

Note: Each arena (except the first one) stays in play for 2 rounds, and they all cycle in the order seen here (except the first).
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[Eledancia] Gardevoir (F)
Extras: From Kusari as a Christmas present. The name is simply a combination of the words 'elegant' and 'dance' with a feminine suffix. Pronounced 'elle-eh-DAHN-sha'. creative I know

[Lutchrium] Swablu (M)
Extras: From Crazy Linoone as a Christmas present. Lutchrium is... uh, I don't quite remember the origin anymore. Something to do with air in another language, with letters rearranged to make it look/sound better. Alternatively, it's the name of my male skywing dragon in Dragon Cave.

[Sceratio] Trapinch (M)
Extras: Traded from Blastoise. To be re-nicknamed later.

[Yukianesa] Froslass (F)
Extras: Changed the nickname so I could give the name 'Fubuki' to my Lapras. Name comes from BlazBlue. It's Jin Kisaragi's sword, which has power over ice. "Yukianesa" also means something along the lines of "older sister of snow".

[Khionas] Seel (F)
Extras: A combination of the two Greek gods: Boreas, the god of winter, and Khione, the goddess of snow.

[Ua] Skelitten (M)
Extras: Changed the nickname. Ua means flower in some language, also translates into death. Name derived from the Ua Virus in the anime Canaan.

[Phalanx] Cradily (M)
Extras: Had a brainfart when it came to nicknaming. Finally decided on Phalanx, as in the bones in fingers/toes... Yeah... Hey, tentacles are close enough to fingers!

[Fantasma] Nincada (F)
Extras: Name is Spanish for phantom. Yes I'm going to get a Shedinja.

[Raffelesia] Bellsprout (M)
Extras: W00t, nickname change, 'cuz I felt like it. A raffelesia is a big, smelly flower. Apt for a Victreebel, neh?

[Niflheim] Eevee (M)
Extras: Named after one of two primordial realms in Norse mythology, the realm of ice. You can probably guess what I want to evolve Niflheim into now.

[Khao] Typhlosion (M)
Extras: Named after a God of fire character I have.

[Nithhoggr] Seviper (M)
Extras: Named after a serpent-like creature in mythology.

[Retsurai] Luxray (M)
Extras: The name is Japanese for 'furious thunder'.

[Uephota] Dratini (F)
Extras: Her name is black in Greek. It probably isn't pronounced that way, but the Greek symbols looked close enough to English letters. In reference to her darker body colour.

[Stratosa] Skarmory (F)
Extras: Named after a layer of the atmosphere, the stratosphere.

[Ice Car] Swinub (M)
Extras: Another BlazBlue reference. Nickname of a very spammable move (At least against noobs) of Jin Kisaragi's.

[Neodymium] Riolu (M)
Extras: Number 60 on the element table. A type of metal.

[Kayne] Absol (M)
Extras: Name and signature attribute based off of the Mark of Cain and, to an extent, Ragna's Blood Kain from BlazBlue.

[Kohryuu] Steelix (M)
Extras: From Jack as a Christmas present. Kohryuu is the golden dragon that reigns over the four celestial creatures in Chinese mythology: Byakko, Suzaku, Genbu, and Seiryuu. Shiny Onix/Steelix happens to be dragon-like and gold. :D

[Tiger Lily] Shroomish (F)
Extras: From FMC as a Christmas present. Name is the name of my favourite flower.

[Epäselvä] Shroomish (F)
Extras: From Typh as a Christmas present. ...gotta ask for origin of name brb. Found it! Direct quote from Typh: also you know that Shroomish I gave you? The name is finnish for ambiguous. I was thinking of the phrase "this ain't no ambiguous fried something or other." pfffft it was on the side of a bucket of friend shrimp, shut up i was hungry x3

[Vestri] Swablu (M)
Extras: From Grass King as a Christmas present. Vestri is a dwarf in Norse mythology that represents the west, and the west wind.

[Amanita] Shroomish (F)
Extras: From Mike as a Christmas present. The genus name of various poisonous fungi.

[Gossypium] Swablu (M)
Extras: From Mike as a Christmas present. Ahahah I don't even know anymore. I'm running out of Swablu nicknames. Gossypium is the scientific name (or part of it) of the cotton plant. I'll probably end up changing it.

[Mercury] Togepi (M)
Extras: Couldn't think of anything better for the nickname.

[Feng] Swablu (M)
Extras: From Jack as a Christmas present. Feng (or Feng Huang as it is known as in modern times) is the male ruler of all birds in East Asia mythology.

[Ventus] Swellow (F)
Extras: Named after the wind elemental thingy in ToS.

[Ryuujin] Horsea (M)
Extras: From Kratos as a Christmas present. *shakes fist* Anyway, Ryuujin is the Japanese dragon god of the sea.

[Garnet] Starmie (N/A)
Extras: Named for the big red gem in the middle of its body.

[Blossom] Bulbasaur (F)
Extras: Named after my Ivysaur in Mystery Dungeon: Red.

[Koa-Aon] Houndour (M)
Extras: "Hell" in Greek. Again I'm not sure about the pronunciation, but the letters looked vaguely like the alphabet so why not?

[Nightmare] Beedrill (F)
Extras: 35$ for a fully-evolved, not bad. Anyway, the name of my female Beedrill in my FireRed. Surprisingly she's gotten me through a bunch of tight situations.

Surskit (F)
Extras: Bought from Blastoise. To be nicknamed later.

[Glaceize] Sneasel (M)
Extras: Bought from Mike. The name is a mispelling of "Glacies" and also a combination of "glace" and "seize", referring to Sneasel's long claws. ... :|

[Lithose] Dragomelet (M)
Extras: Think "lithosphere".

[Quetzalcoatl] Feebas (F)
Extras: Birthday present from sreservoir. I dunno, Milotic looks serpentine and those ear-thingies remind me of wings. And Quetzalcoatl sounds pretty. :B

[Loa] Cubone (F)
Extras: Birthday present from Blastoise. How did it take me so long to remember to buy a Cubone? Loa is a spirit worshipped in Haiti voodoo religion, and in Persona 3 it's represented by a snake in a skull. ...or something like that.

[Polychaeta] Wyrmal (F)
Extras: Birthday present from Kratos. Polychaeta is the name of a group of worms which are usually marine.

[Amphitrite] Tentacool (F)
Extras: It's my birthday present so I can do what I want with its nickname, Mike >( Anyway, Amphitrite is a Greek sea goddess.

[Adamantite] Anorith (M)
Extras: It's my birthday present so I can do what I want with its nickname, Mike >( Anyway, adamantite is a very hard material.

[Leviathan] Squirtle (F)
Extras: Birthday present from Shadow Serenity. People have said that my avatar on the day of receiving this present was big and blue and scary.

[Ctrl+V] Ditto (N/A)
Extras: Birthday present from Metallica Fanboy. If you don't know what Ctrl+V does, I'm afraid I'll have to kick you.

[Chiaroscuro] Girafarig (F)
Extras: I dunno, the stark contrast between the two sides of the body? :B

[Hailang] Gyarados (M)
Extras: Christmas gift from Crazy Linoone. Hailang is "ocean dragon" in Mandarin. *brainfart*

[Ankoku] Bronzor (N/A)
Extras: Christmas gift from Crazy Linoone. Ankoku is some bell in Japanese mythology iirc... it's in Okami at the very least. :v

[Excalibur] Nidoran M (M)
Extras: Christmas gift from Blastoise. ...the name just seems to fit?

[Taokaka] Meowth (F)
Extras: Christmas gift from Meowth/Mike. Named after a cat-person in BlazBlue.

[omghax0r] Dunsparce (F)
Extras: CHristmas gift from Meowth/Mike. I'm looking at you, Serene Grace.

[Telekine] Larvitar (M)
Extras: Christmas gift from Negrek. iirc it's some big demon thing from Greek mythology.

[Chimera] Volcarona (F)
Notes: Chimera is a combination of two radically different things into one.

[Chir Batti] Litwick (F)
Notes: A will-o-the-wisp sometimes seen on the Banni grasslands.

[Vanitas] Snivy (F)
Notes: Name derived from vain and the Latin word vanitas, meaning emptiness.

[Maharas] Oshawott (M)
Notes: Name of a Telefang creature that looks suspiciously like Daikenki...

[Tanlangquan] Axew (M)
Notes: "Fist of the praying mantis" in Mandarin.

[Adephagos] Deino (M)
Notes: The end-of-the-world scenario in Tales of Vesperia.

[Syrma] Petilil (F)
Notes: The star on the Virgin constellation's robe.

[Acharide] Joltik (M)
Notes: Derived from saccharide (a type of carbohydrate) which is derived from "sugar" in Greek. Also nearly an anagram of "arachnid".

[Kreskin] Zorua (M)
Notes: A mentalist that became popular around the 1970s.

[Maya] Zorua (F)
Notes: Indian deity that governs illusions.

[Mhalairt] Frizard (M)
Notes: Contrary in Irish. Also sounds like “mal air”, French for bad air.

[Yew] Venipede (F)
Notes: Named after a common type of evergreen tree, the foliage of which is poisonous.

[Lapudo] Venonat (F)
Notes: Named after a speed-up spell in .hack//GU; also similar to the genus name of moths, Lepidoptera. In reference to the scarf Venomoth I used in 4th gen UU.

[Coulomb] Rotom (N/A)
Notes: Birthday present from Dragon. Measurement of energy or something like, I suck at physics don't look at me

[Kerning] Scraggy (F)
Notes: Birthday present from Dragon. ... I dunno what the name means durr

[Rictal] Gastly (F)
Notes: Birthday present from Mai. Rictal is the adjective counterpart to rictus, which is a large, often creepy grin. As in rotting corpses often wear them.

[Tachigami] Sandshrew (M)
Notes: Birthday present from Zapi. Name of the brush god who gives you Power Slash in Okami - that god is also based on the mouse.

[Parker] Tirtouga (F)
Notes: Birthday present from bulbasaur. Parker the Turtle, yes, obligatory name. No I don't care that she's female.

[Luciferin[ Eelektrik (M)
Notes: Birthday present from Kratos. Luciferin is the thingy that causes bioluminescence in animals such as fireflies.

[Tachigami] Sandshrew (M)
Notes: Birthday present from Windswept Questant. The Brush God in Okami, based off of a mouse, that gives you the Power Slash technique.

[Rem] Munna (F)
Notes: Must have first Munnaaaa. Named after my in-game Musharna, who's named after the REM phase of sleep.

[Always] Ducklett (F)
Notes: Birthday present from Byrus. Mushy stuff that I doubt you want to know.

[Nephilim] Cleffa (F)
Notes: Won from the Metronome Contest; originally Kratos's. Nephilim are the offsprings of "sons of God and daughters of men"; probably means "the fallen" or something like that in Hebrew.

[Meihua] Mienfoo (F)
Notes: Name means "plum flower" in Mandarin. Also refers to a type of 3-section whip.

[Clairent] Shellder (F)
Notes: Bought from Barubu.

[Deadly Red] Corphish (M)
Notes: Bought from Blastoise.

Torkoal (F)
Notes: Christmas present from... ugh it's so hard to keep track with the new system.

[Tadd] Shroomish (M)
Notes: Where did this thing come from? He has a Toxic Orb? Maybe he came from a Christmas present, but I have no recollection of it... OTL

[Danger Duck] Psyduck (M)
Notes: Now this I remember came from Omski.

[Anti-Rock Cannon] Shellos (F)
Notes: Christmas isn't complete without a trollish present from Kratos.

[Anti-Rock Cannon] Shellos (M)
Notes: Christmas isn't complete without a trollish present from Kratos.

[Brainfart] Whismur (F)
Notes: Yeah... to be renicknamed.

Battles (complete)
vs. Full Metal Cookies
vs. Grass King
vs. Alraunne
vs. Full Metal Cookies (2nd time)
vs. Heavy Lobster
vs. Jack_the_PumpkinKing
vs. Mike
vs. Dwaggun~ (By DQ)
vs. Blastoise (tournament)
vs. Mike (2nd time)
vs. Typh
vs. Kratos Aurion (2nd time)
vs. Kratos Aurion
with Green, vs. Typh and Kam
vs. Crazy Linoone
vs. Doctor Richtofen (tournament)
vs. Mendatt (tournament)
vs. Blastoise (draw)
vs. Negrek (tournament)
vs. L'il Dwagie
vs. Grass King (2nd time)
vs. Dwaggun~ (2nd time)
vs. Whirlpool (tournament)

Battles (incomplete)
vs. ABCD
vs. bulbasaur
vs. RespectTheBlade
vs. Mai

Ref Record

Kratos Aurion vs. Grass King
Scyther vs. Random Typhoon (By DQ)
Lord Shyguy vs. Black Yoshi 99 (emergency)
Dragon vs. Involuntary Twitch
Skymin vs. Pretzzel (emergency, by DQ)
Dragon vs. Mike the Foxhog
Xaldin vs. Zaiella (By DQ)
Loco Mocho vs. Full Metal Cookies
Metallica Fanboy vs. Kam
Crazy Linoone vs. Flora and Ashes (emergency)
Kusarigamaitachi vs. Full Metal Cookies
Jack_the_PumpkinKing vs. sreservoir
Dragon vs. Kratos Aurion (By DQ)
Grass King vs. Xaldin
Crazy Linoone vs. Bobino
Dragon vs. Heavy Lobster
L'il Dwagie vs. Zora of Termina
Negrek vs. Kratos Aurion
Mike the Foxhog vs. Lord Shyguy vs. BlazieAura
Lord of the Fireflies vs. SomeGuy
Kusarigamaitachi vs. Coloursfall (emergency)
Legendaryseeker99 vs. sreservoir (emergency)
Byrus vs. ultraviolet (emergency)
Skylark vs. Hawke (tournament)
Mai vs. Denryu
Big Red Cherry Bomb vs. Zora of Termina
Derpy vs. Wargle
CharizardHammer vs. Clover (by DQ)
Crazy Linoone vs. DJ PON-3 (by DQ)

Lord of the Fireflies vs. Blastoise Fortooate
Pathos vs. Entei and Moltres
Totodile vs. Littlestream
Last edited:

Metallica Fanboy is a huge fan of the Los Angeles based thrash metal band Metallica (duh), and also of rock and metal in general. He dwells in an eleventh-floor apartment at São Paulo, Brazil, although he works for Asber as an expert referee. As a battler, he enjoys Metronome Battles far too much and dislikes wasting lots of time not attacking the opponent. Lastly, Metallica Fanboy has a long-running rivalry with Karkat Vantas.


General Stats

Battles awaiting referees: vs. Grass King @ Elemental Crater, vs. Superbird @ High Temple of Enlightenment.
People I'm battling: The Omskivar and Lord of the Fireflies alongside エル (ref: Skyman/E-ref: bulbasaur), Mawile (ref: The Omskivar). Also participating in The Battle for Asber.
Battles I should be reffing: Grass King vs. Negrek (Last claim: R5), RK-9 vs. Squornshellous Beta (Last claim: R8), Lord of the Fireflies vs. Coloursfall (Last claim: R17), Mai vs. Kratos Aurion [League Championship 2011] (Last claim: R8), bulbasaur vs. Byrus (e-reffing)(Last claim: R28), StarWings vs. Zapi (Last claim: R1), Blastoise Fortooate vs. Le Sabre (Last claim: R7).
Battle record: 6W/2D/2L/7DQW/0DQL
Victory rate: 75% (sans DQ and draws) / 60% (sans DQ) / 86.67% (sans draws) / 76.47%
ASB Awards:
- Nominated Best Referee
- Coupon Distribution and Prehistoric Banter nominated for Best Signature Move
- Dexterous nominated for Best Nickname
- The Pilferbot Room awarded Best Arena, alongside Negrek's The Hax Subway
- Battle against Karkat Vantas @ Doctor Kaminko's Experimental Arena No. 33 nominated for Most Entertaining Battle
- Battle against Grass King @ Castelia City Square nominated for Biggest Upset
- Nominated Best Profile
- Beatle, CAPTAIN CAPSLOCK and Suckern nominated for Best Nickname
Total Awards
1 Award / 10 nominations


The Squad

-The elder members-

Male Aerodactyl / Pressure / Reaper Cloth
Signature Move: Prehistoric Banter
Nickname origin: A pun with -dactyl, as in, finger, toe, which is also a suffix seen both in pterodactyl and Aerodactyl.
Personality: What you would expect from a being hailing from such a distant past -- proud of his former life and incapable of casting sympathetic eyes to the new reality, insisting upon nostalgia. He has a bad tendency to rant and very much despises being interrupted.
History: In the primordial Pokemon world, Dexterous was a fierce hunter who rose through the ranks easily and came to lead his own pack. His convoy of predators was feared throughout the land, even though they had an equal share of epic hunts and simple herbivorism. When death knocked on his door, a bit of his remains found their way into tough amber, which in turn found its way into the hands of the PRO, who brought the ancient creature into a whole new world. He would later come to curbstomp one Bronzor in battle, generating a one-way rivalry towards him that, later, grew mutual when said Bronzor, in evolved form, returned the bash.
Basically: Grumpy old dude.

Male Vigoroth / Vital Spirit / Razor Claw
Nickname Origin: A Megatherium is a pre-historic, elephant-sized sloth. Slaking are thought to be partially based on those.
Personality: Naturally of a Vigoroth, Megatherium is very enthusiastic and hyperactive, to the point of becoming stressed out if commanded to sit still. He seems to enjoy his inherent vigor a lot.
History: Little is known about Megatherium's life before PRO capture, but he's currently on the top of his game, enjoying a position as the team's strongest (even when compared to Dexterous) and loving every moment.
Basically: What you'd expect from a Vigoroth.

Female Carvanha / Rough Skin / Scope Lens
Nickname Origin: How Sharpedo are based on torpedoes. If I recall correctly, Carvanha are also based on some sort of war object.
Personality: Warfare is surprisingly strategical-minded, for all that her kind are viewed as mindless brutes. She comes off as level-headed and able to take things in stride. She also has a talent for crafting plans quickly.
History: When the PRO came to Warfare, she was forced to restrain the violent impulses that marked her wildlife, and slowly came to be horrified by the amount of needless slaughter she and her kind have brought. The perceived calmness she's notable for presently actually stems from the fact her concerns tend to be aimed toward more intrinsical issues.
Basically: Ex-predator with a PTSD.

Male Cranidos / Mold Breaker
Nickname Origin: His kind sure is known for literal headbanging.
Personality: Headbanger has strong violent impulses and seems to enjoy the sight of blood.
History: In his time, Headbanger cultivated a live-hard, die-fast attitude, and lived up to it considerably soon. But then, he found himself revived by the hands of the PRO, that had come to dig his preserved skull from the underground. His recklessness is stronger than ever now, and bloody smashery happens to be his favorite way of enjoying life.
Basically: Bloodthirsty reckless dude.

Female Arcanine / Intimidate
Nickname Origin: It means fast and sudden military attack. That, and it brings Flare Blitz to mind.
Personality: Has a loyal and gentle surface. Her true personality, however, is something of distinctively suspicious mystery. Evolution has brought forth a more menacing appearance and behavior, which often only serves to bolster the headscratching.
History: ???
Basically: Suspicious.

Male Heracross / Guts
Nickname Origin: A striking lame pun between spearheading and a Heracross' horn.
Signature Move: Mercykiller
Personality: Spearhead is a curious case: he loves the thrill of the fight, but hates inflicting pain upon his fellow living beings. He still holds nothing back, knowing that doing otherwise would not only mean easy defeat on his end, but would also be something of a disrespect for whoever he's facing. His way of coping with his contradictory desires is to fight his best, knowing that this is what his foes want, and to give them a chance to surrender if they're close to sustaining serious damage.
History: ???
Basically: A huge wimp.

Female Igglybuff / Cute Charm / Moon Stone
Nickname Origin: Just a name I slapped in there. Although "dare" does ressonate with her personality.
Personality: Daremyth is considerably sassy and is quick to underestimate even obvious threats. She has a defiant demeanor and isn't afraid of provoking enemies four times her size.
History: Daremyth was still about as good as newborn when she became part of Metallica Fanboy's squad. Being surrounded by relatively tough fighters while being considered part of their team has led her to overestimate her strenghts, and winning her first battle ever (a Metronome-based showdown) further reinforced the idea that she was, in fact, way stronger than her size would imply.
Basically: Baby who was raised into thinking she's the awesomest thing ever.

Female Nidoqueen / Poison Point / Focus Sash
Nickname Origin: A deliberate counterpart to Kam's Dangermouse.
Personality: In spite of being larger and more powerful than most foes she'll face, Safetymouse remains timid and somewhat easily startled, which ocasionally leads to amusing events -- although what she can do from a safe distance is no joke.
History: Safetymouse was once charged with the task of finishing Zero off when it got its revenge on Dexterous at the Bane of the Air Traffic (which, by the way, is an active volcano). That task was performed admirably, but next, she had to square off against Dangermouse. As it turns out, she was taken down swiftly; the aftertaste of the battle, however, was strangely bittersweet. Presently, she's extremely confused with her feelings -- which is amusing when one accounts for the fact Confusion was one of Dangermouse's key moves in their showdown. Unfortunately, she hasn't seen Dangermouse since, and wears a never picked up Focus Sash as a memento. She doesn't understand what it means, but guesses her trainer does.
Basically: A deliberate counterpart to Kam's Dangermouse.

Random Number God
Male Shuppet / Frisk / Spell Tag
Signature Attribute: Chance Manipulation
Nickname Origin: The RNG, or RNG gods. Who are so verily evil.
Personality: Random Number God is veritably arrogant and self-indulgent. In fact, he's even prone to telling others to do ridiculous things like kneeling before him.
History: Shuppet are known to hang under the eaves of homes belonging to people who give off the negative feelings this strange species feasts upon. Random Number God and several of his fellows had chosen to pursue the lair of a frustrated battle scientist whose studies on what is usually thought to be dumb luck came to be short-funded. The many Shuppet literally had an open window to all of these studies, and at one point managed to learn from them. Random Number God extracted from this experience the boon of "manipulating luck".
Basically: Luck manipulator with a God complex.

-The references-

Super Macho Man
Male Machop / No Guard / BlackGlasses
Signature Move: Triple Clothesline
References: Super Macho Man, from Punch-Out!!.
Personality: Akin to if not exactly like his nicknamesake, Super Macho Man is a powerful fighter, but with a tendency to grossly overestimate his skills and place the focus of the fighting not on efficiency, but on flashiness and appeal. He also sure seems to dig the riches which actually belong to his trainer.
History: ???

Tyrell Badd

Male Snorunt / Inner Focus / Lansat Berry
References: Tyrell Badd, from Ace Attorney Investigations.
Personality: Again resembling his nicknamesake, Tyrell Badd is a Pokemon of few words, usually spread out among long pauses. Despite coming off as gruff and rude, he has a bright side, and even a soft spot for children younger Pokemon. He also has exceptional attention to details and is often regarded as Wargle-eyed (if you pardon the use of Japanese names for pun's sake).
History: Seems to have something to do with Mike's Sneasel. Also, apparently, the holes on his "coat" all come from a single incident.

Colias Palaeno

Male Butterfree / Compoundeyes / Leftovers
Signature Move: Coupon Distribution
References: Colias Palaeno, from Ace Attorney Investigations.
Personality: Colias Palaeno is a kind soul and very eager to please, but also amusingly naive. He has a strong concern for the Republic of Babahl (his nicknamesake does happen to be ambassador from that fictional country after all) and frequently hands out coupons for goodies which would have to be claimed there, in an effort to help the touristic industry develop.
History: ???

Sweet Bro

Male Throh / Inner Focus / Black Belt
Signature Attribute: IT KEEPS HAPPENING
References: Sweet Bro, one of the titular characters from Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.
Personality: The unfortunate straight man of the duo. Frequently ignores Hella Jeff's warnings about STAIRS, BRO.
History: ???

Hella Jeff

Male Sawk / Sturdy / Expert Belt
Signature Attribute: I TOLD YOU BRO
References: Hella Jeff, one of the titular characters from Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.
Personality: Acts as Sweet Bro's foil.
History: ???

Male Zweilous / Hustle / Cheri Berry
References: The Beatles, in appearance; a part of their fanbase, in personality (a part of any fanbase, to be fair).
Personality: He is a lover of his namesake band; however, his two heads can absolutely not agree on anything about them and argue incessantly, much to the chagrin of anybody that happens to be nearby when they start it.
History: ???

got tiger
Male Glameow / Limber
References: got tiger, a Homestuck meme that originated from a terrible misspelling of "god tier" in Hussie's Formspring. Purugly are tiger cats, which is likely the closest we can get to tigers without Raikou or Arcanine.
Personality: Too goddamn fast to be caught.
History: Has eluded countless with his goddamn speed, including one Andrew Hussie, who too aspires to one day get that fucking tiger. Recently, however, for whatever reason, the goddamn speed has been failing to elude several.

Lord English
Male Kecleon / Color Change
References: Lord English, the nigh-indestructible, time-traveling demon that plays a highly significant role in Homestuck. The resemblance may not be immediately clear, but, green as a base color with the ability to change into several others is something that brings The Felt to mind, as well as English himself.
Personality: Evil, brutal and perpetually angry, Lord English has lofty goals and absolutely no desire for subtlety. He is nonwhere near as powerful as his nicknamesake, of course.
History: Take your own guesses.

Kanine West
Male Snubbull / Intimidate
References: Rapper Kanye West, but most specifically, the incident during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in which he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech.
History: Clearly, he has interrupted many notable Pokémon and people in his lifetime.

-The gifts-

Male Shelgon / Rock Head / Life Orb
Received: from Negrek, during Christmas.
Nickname Origin: What nickname? Also, for the record, I actually do intend to nickname it, but the appropriate time has yet to come.
Personality: Typical of his kind, Shelgon dreams hopefully of the day he'll sprout wings and race through the skies. Also akin to his fellows, he has at many occasions made unsuccessful attempts to take off by leaping off high places. Now he has, of course, settled for the patient wait as his body works towards that goal.
History: ???
Basically: What you'd expect from a Shelgon.

Male Primeape / Vital Spirit
Received: from Karkat, during Christmas if I recall correctly.
Nickname Origin: Ask Karkat. But you can probably tell anyway.
Personality: Distinctively hyperactive, perhaps enough to rival Megatherium. In fact, hyperactiveness-offs between the two aren't unheard of.
History: At one point, he was briefly returned to his former trainer, in order to aid with the 2011 tournament. He won the battle he was in, but Karkat was DQ'd in the round after.
Basically: What you'd expect from a Primeape.

Female Skorupi / Sniper
Received: from Kam, during an occasion I forget now.
Nickname Origin: A lame pun involving Mortal Kombat and the band Scorpions. Her former nickname was Vriska Serket, referencing the Homestuck character; however, I hadn't read it by the time I got the Skorupi. And even when I did, it took a while for the whole thing to sink in.
Personality: True to the awful puniness of her nickname, Sub-Zeroes enjoys her own share of wisecracking wordplay and overly appropriate quips.
History: ???
Basically: Lame puns everywhere.

Male Meowth / Pickup
Received: From Mike, during Christmas.
Nickname Origin: He is an environmentalist. I had this idea out of a sudden when I noticed his ability.
Personality: Once more not betraying the title, Environmentalist has a very strong concern for the, um, environment. People doing anti-ecological things bang his berserk button.
History: ???
Basically: Pro-green.

Male Shieldon / Sturdy
Received: during Christmas, from some kind soul whose identity I currently forget. Sorry about that, kind person.
Nickname Origin: The bastion-like design of his evolved form.
Personality: Fort is a paranoid and dreads a long list of things, but his most notable phobia is that of being struck from behind, where his sturdy head is useless.
History: ???
Basically: Paranoid who hates back strikes.

Female Woobat / Unaware
Received: at my seventeenth birthday, from Lord of the Fireflies.
Nickname Origin: Lord of the Fireflies named her that after her being unaware of how unwanted she was; I kept it.
Personality: Chiroptimism views life not through rose-colored glasses, but rather, through opaque rose-colored glasses. Her stalwart optimism is not in spite of a colder reality, but rather, in spite of anything whatsoever. She acts like she's not even in this reality.
History: Originally bought to be given to Chiropter for his birthday, except he already had a Woobat. Lord of the Fireflies then tried to pawn her off at the Black Market, but none would buy her. Ultimately, he shoved it off gave it to Metallica Fanboy as, again, a birthday present.
Basically: Unaware to the extreme.

Tournament Victory
Male Pawniard / Defiant
Received: For the 2011 Christmas, from Grass King.
Nickname Origin: It mirrors Tournament Defeat, the Sneasel which I gave Grass King for his birthday that year.
Personality: Tournament Victory is the kind of Pokémon who's always striving for the very thing he's named after -- he's ruthless and obssessed with winning. He pulls all stops in any sort of contest, from simple games of chance to epic battles.
History: ???
Basically: Bi-winning.

Scarlet Queen

Female Ekans / Shed Skin
Received: For the 2011 Christmas, from Wargle.
Nickname Origin: The Scarlet Kingsnake, a species of poisonless snake that relies on resemblance to the actually poisonous coral snakes to intimidate predators.
Personality: Very paranoid, Scarlet Queen always feels threatened and is constantly either hiding or barking threats.
History: ???
Basically: A Scarlet Kingsnake.

-The newer members-

Female Torkoal / White Smoke
Nickname Origin: Because that's not really koal she's burning.
Personality: dude remember that time when we wait I fucking love this song
History: Probably something very cloudy.
Basically: Torkoal on drugs.

Male Sunkern / Solar Power
Nickname Origin: Sunkern is the species with the lowest base stat total of all. And note that they've held this title since Gen II.
Personality: Suckern gleefully ignores all of the clear jabs at his usefulness and retains a positive outlook on life. It goes right down to the point he thinks he was nicknamed over a (perceived) ability to practice indirect healing with exceptional talent.
History: ???
Basically: Constantly-mocked Sunkern who's gleefully unaware.

Ankle Biter
Male Totodile / Torrent
Nickname Origin: It's easier to work it out on your own than have me spell it out.
Personality: Brave, stout and very fierce about enforcing his ideals. Currently engages in bitter rivalry with Bastard; his recent evolution has made their duels much different.
History: ???
Basically: Acts like a superhero.

Male Krokorok / Anger Point / Absorb Bulb
Nickname Origin: Plain and simple, he's a bastard. I also thought of naming him "bastardo" but that would sound kind of stupid.
Personality: My nicknames sure don't lie too much. Bastard is amoral and has no qualms about manipulation or greed. When his designs go awry, however, he sheds the suave exterior and gives way to unstoppable rage. Also, he's thoroughly annoyed by Ankle Biter, although evolution changed their fights completely.
History: ???
Basically: Acts like a supervillain.

Female Joltik / Compoundeyes
Nickname Origin: The best I could come up with to reference jumping. I even at one point thought of simply naming her "Jumping Spider".
Personality: Hopkins enjoys a state of perpectual excitement. She also seems particularly fond of acrobatics and actually practices her jumping.
History: ???
Basically: Acrobatic spider.


Female Maractus / Chlorophyll
Nickname Origin: What she aims to be. The whole idea stems from the fact her species does take partial basis from a musical instrument, and besides, they look ambitious to me for some reason.
Personality: Predictably, Superstar is very ambitious and plans on becoming her namesake. She eagerly awaits a chance to get in the Pokemon Musicals and show everybody else how it's done.
History: ???
Basically: Ambitious dudette.

Legal Alien
Male Elgyem / Synchronize / TwistedSpoon
Nickname Origin: More horrible puns.
Personality: Legal Alien is very easily amazed by the most mundane of things. When he takes a liking to any assorted thing, he tends to stare it down and, if possible, hoard it.
History: Obviously, hails from someplace outside this planet. Legal Alien is rather unwilling to talk about his past, but makes it clear he likes it way better at Asber, even if he does find the trainers' endless lust for grand destruction a tad deranged.
Basically: Easily distracted/amazed alien.

Male Luvdisc / Swift Swim
Nickname Origin: Because who would own a Luvdisc seriously?
Personality: Irony is so adamant upon being as ironic as possible at all times, the true personality beneath the ironic layer is unknown by all but himself.
History: Something convoluted, loaded with ironic twists of fate.
Basically: Hipster's favorite.

Female Grimer / Stench
Signature Attribute: Leader in Charge
Nickname Origin: She's a miss, and she's made of lead. And these two factors make a pointless pun.
Personality: Misslead is extroverted and clingy, frequently distributing hugs for all. As you may have guessed, however, her affection isn't very desirable, due to certain physical characteristics.
History: Misslead was borne from a river where the main dumping material was lead. And there was also a badly managed power plant down the river. These two factors have caused her to become eletrically charged. Having lived most of her life this way, she became adapted to it and now has to be electrified at all times possible, even requiring regular recharge.

-The fakemon division-

Male Frizard / Ice Body / Lansat Berry
Received: For the 2011 Christmas, from The Omskivar.
Nickname Origin: Yet another terrible pun for the pile. Frizard, Wizard, geddit???
Personality: Wizard, somewhat unlike what's typical of his kind, has a flair for the dramatic and lives for thrills. He's usually full of energy, specially in battle.
History: ???
Basically: Nothing very specific; the personality field isn't very long, just read that.

Hound Ghostcat
Female Sabitten / Anticipation / Custap Berry
Received: For the 2011 Christmas, from Byrus.
Nickname Origin: Something of an ironic echo, as hounds are usually, if not always by definition, dogs.
Personality: Hound Ghostcat spares little mind for most things around her, avoiding dialogue and several forms of entertainment. Instead, she's focused on a personal goal, and training hard for it. For whichever reason, she seems to herald Wizard as an exception to her dismissive behavior.
History: The exact story is yet imprecise, but Hound Ghostcat is single-mindedly seeking revenge. She's still happy to fight things other than that which she seeks to destroy, if only so it'll help her become stronger and more experienced.
Basically: Revenge hound.

Male Rasqueon / Anger Point
Received: For the 2011 Christmas, from Lord of the Fireflies.
Nickname Origin: Pharaohs were the rulers of the most notable desert-dwelling society in history -- the Egyptians, in case you didn't know.
Personality: Having taken complete leave of his sanity, Pharaoh is very incoherent in his personality, though he has a tendency towards being threatening and arrogant.
History: Before being bought by Lord of the Fireflies and given to Metallica Fanboy, Pharaoh had been briefly owned by another trainer. That trainer, unable to deal with a Rasqueon's atrocious behavior, performed an act of cruelty and abandoned Pharaoh in a desert, with no body of water in sight. Somebody later informed the authorities of this, and just before too long, the Rasqueon was rescued; in the meantime, however, he became insane, and started seeing the sand as a big sea which he owns.
Basically: Nutcase who thinks he's the king of sand.

Male Spraylet / Torrent
Received: For the 2011 Christmas, from Negrek.
Nickname Origin: "Dragon" in Breton.
Personality: Aerouant is very knowledgeable. He's even learned in multiple languages, enabling him not only to understand human speech, but even read and write (although rather shakily, as pens aren't exactly made for his kind). Other fields of mastery of his include history, biology and mythology.
History: Aerouant has, for a long time, admired the Dragon-type. Knowing at least one instance of dragon species that happens to actually be Water/Flying, he also seeks to become draconic himself, although all he got from his quest so far was extensive amounts of knowledge -- pretty boring, really.
Basically: A genius dragon fanboy.


Type Repetition Graph


Where a half-number indicates that a Pokémon will gain or lose this type upon evolution or approval of a given signature attribute (either in planning or undergoing approval process), or a Pokémon of that type is meant to join the squad at some point (e.g. because it was loaned).


Detailed Battle Record
(Fought and reffed)

Battles which I fought to the end:
- vs. Kam @ Adhesive Hole (ref: blazheirio889) (result: I win in round four)
- vs. Psymon @ A built up City (ref: Lars The Turtwig) (result: I win in round two)
- vs. Blastoise @ Goldenrod City (ref: Shadow Serenity) (result: I win in round twenty)
- vs. Kam @ Bane of the Air Traffic (ref: Zoroark) (result: I lose in round eleven)
- vs. Kam & Legendaryseeker99, alongside Grass King @ Metallica Gig (result: Grass King and I win in round eight)
- vs. Grass King @ Castelia City Square [League Championship 2011] (ref: Byrus) (result: I lose in round five)
- vs. Kam @ Doctor Kaminko's Experimental Arena No. 33 (ref: Squornshellous Beta) (result: double knockout before the match even begins)
- vs. Phantom @ The Pilferbot Room (ref: Arylett Dawnsborough, Summergale) (result: I win in round nine)
- vs. Wargle @ A City Ablaze (ref: Negrek) (result: I win in round thirty holy shit)

Battles I fought but which fell apart at some point:
- vs. Zaiella @ Natural Pier (ref: Jack_the_PumpkinKing) (result: Zaiella is DQ'd after round three)
- vs. glitchedgamer @ Route 29 Field (ref: Kratos Aurion) (result: glitchedgamer is DQ'd after round thirteen)
- vs. Big Red Cherry Bomb @ Snowy Fields (ref: Kusarigamaitachi) (result: agreed draw after round two)
- vs. Psymon @ Prehistory (ref: Summergale) (result: Psymon is DQ'd after round five)
- vs. Meowth @ Allebahstian/Babahlese Embassy (ref: Kratos Aurion) (result: Meowth is DQ'd after round seven)
- vs. Karkat Vantas @ MFvsKV V (ref: Squornshellous Beta/Skylark) (result: Karkat Vantas is DQ'd after round sixteen with his last Pokémon at 1% health remaining goddamnit)
- vs. RK-9, alongside Grass King and Chief Zackrai @ Mafia Terminal (ref: Mai) (result: RK-9 is DQ'D after round two)
- vs. Braeburn (ref: pathos) (result: Braeburn is DQ'd after round two)

Battles which I reffed to the end:
- Chaon vs. Xaldin @ Shadow Forest (result: Xaldin wins in round nine)
- Dr Frank vs. ultraviolet @ Old Battle Courtyard (result: ultraviolet wins in round five)
- Kam vs. RandomTyphoon @ Mareepoils (result: Kam uses Explosion at round twenty-two; RandomTyphoon then wins)
- blazheirio889 & Raptorsaurus vs. RandomTyphoon & Kam @ Someplace Boring (result: Raptorsaurus goes down in round four; RandomTyphoon follows suit in round five; Kam ultimately wins in round seven although a screwup would have allowed blazheirio889 one more round that was going to be entirely pointless anyway)
- Sage Noctowl & Big Red Cherry Bomb & moon-panther vs. Steele @ Deserted Island (result: Steele wins in round nine; in case it wasn't clear the arena gimmick benefitted him)
- Mawile vs. RespectTheBlade @ A boat (result: Mawile wins in round four; I make several Old Spice references)
- Barubu vs. ole_schooler @ The School's yard (result: ole_schooler wins in round fifteen)
- Coloursfall vs. Blastoise Fortooate @ Metronome Contest Hall (Metronome Contest Final Match) (result: Coloursfall wins in round ten)
- Crazy Linoone vs. Wargle @ Jar of Air (Cookie Flavor) (result: Crazy Linoone wins in round twelve)
- Windyragon vs. blazheirio889 @ Final Destination (result: blazheirio889 wins in round fourteen)

Battles which I reffed but fell apart at some point:
- geekyfreek vs. Lars the Turtwig @ 3 foot high glass box (result: geekyfreek is DQ'd after round two)
- Dragon vs. blazheirio889 @ Evolution Stone Cave (result: Dragon is DQ'd after round four)
- Claudster vs. <Joseph: Night SHADE> @ A vinyard (result: <Joseph: Night SHADE> is banned from the league for sock puppeting after round four)
- Lars the Turtwig vs. UnderFire @ Ka-BOOM Forest! (result: UnderFire is DQ'd before any reffing is made)
- Magikarp vs. Darksong @ The Internet (result: Magikarp is DQ'd after round three)
- Wargle vs. Togetic @ Lego City (result: Togetic is forced to leave the ASB after round five)
- Blastoise vs. Mawile @ Lavaplume Flats (result: they agree to end it in a draw after round three)
- Daren vs. Lord of the Fireflies @ A simple meadow in a park (result: Daren is banned from the league for sock puppeting if I'm not mistaken before any reffing is made)
- Atmey Detective vs. Silver Panic @ The Very Hard Drive (result: Atmey Detective is DQ'd after round two)
- Meowth vs. sreservoir (result: Meowth is DQ'd after round fucking twenty-seven holy shit dude get back)
- Sangfroidish vs. Skylark @ Generic uncreative field (result: Sangfroidish is DQ'd after round one)
- AbsentNumeral vs. MelloScreamsKillerKarma @ The Fairly Boring Arena (result: AbsentNumeral is DQ'd after round three)

Battles in which I reffed at first but an e-ref took over:
- Squornshellous Beta vs. Karkat Vantas @ The Great Library (e-ref: Pathos) (result: Karkat Vantas wins in round eight)​
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Kam's Squad: Information


Marshtomp Male, Torrent

Kappa is the captain of Kam's Alpha Squad. A charismatic and optimistic leader, Kappa always gives it his all.

Personality: Kappa shows an intense interest in public speaking, and is able to convince anyone to do anything. Once, when a Nosepass got in the road in front of Kam's bus, Kappa came out and talked to the blue rock. After approximately seventy-one minutes, the Nosepass moved out of the way. When asked how he did it, Kappa responded, "Well, I asked him about his mother for a few minutes then asked him to move out of the way. And by "a few minutes" I mean seventy minutes and thirty-nine seconds. Pretty simple stuff."

Although he may be very talkative, his charisma often leads others to follow him wherever he goes. As a result, he is a natural leader, and therefore is the top member of Kam's alpha squad.

History: Kappa was born in a swamp, where he began his career in public speaking by talking to a Geodude for hours on end. He later discovered the Geodude was actually a boulder in the swamp, but that did not dissuade him. His skill at filibustering led to him becoming the most trusted authority in his swamp group.

Kappa came to the PRO office hoping to lecture the authorities there on the evils of capturing Pokemon. During his lecture he was captured by an evil authority.

He eventually was assigned to Kam, alongside Envy the Misdreavus and Zero the Bronzor. He would often have political debates with them, which went about as well as you'd think it would.

His first battle was on a plank in the middle of the ocean alongside the young Envy; the battle ended when the two battlers got bored left to themselves in a deserted area in the middle of nowhere. Kappa did fairly well, considering the circumstances.

His next battle was against RandomTyphoon, during which he faced a Girafarig by the name of Shawn. His attempts to talk to the gorilla only encouraged him, and he was very close to fainting. In a last-ditch attempt to stay alive, he went to sleep. He then was knocked out via reivitale, but he still gained enough experience to evolve.

His bipedal form now lets him carry a microphone with him at all times.

v. Psymon: 1 exp
v. RandomTyphoon: 1 exp

Bronzong X, Levitate

Zero is a strong-willed fellow who rather dislikes pterodactyls.

Personality: Zero has about as much personality as you would expect from a bronze bell. Namely, none.

That being said, his inability to feel emotion is pretty useful in battle, as he's never discouraged. He sticks to his strategies, regardless of how ineffective they seem to be!

History: Zero spent most of his life pre-capture hovering around in a Sinnoan cave. His history gets better after he was caught by the PRO.

He, along with Kappa and Envy, were distributed to Kam, who immediately saw his potential.

His first battle was the one in which he first squared off with his archnemesis... Dexterous. Yes, Dexterous, that dreaded pterodactyl. The battle took place at the adhesive hole, a wasteland of sticky goo. Within two minutes, Zero was taunted into falling flat on his face, at which point he was melted by relentless Flamethrowing.

Later battles proved far more successful; in particular, a battle against Random Typhoon's Cacnea, Rehabit. (His name later was changed to Dexter, oddly enough.) His strategy for the fight consisted of putting the cactus-in-training to sleep and draining its life force.

It would have worked if that plucky cactus didn't happen to use Destiny Bond. Zero was knocked out, but with the experience he gained he now was ready to evolve.

With his new form and gong shape, it was time to get his revenge on Dexterous.

Although initially fighting in a giant volcano seemed like a poor choice for the easily melted bell, he was successfully able to toss his pterodactyl opponent into a huge magma pit. Although he tried hard, Dexterous couldn't help but drop like a stone into the infernal pits below, ranting about the youth of today all the while.

Then a little blue mouse kicked its ass.

But whatever. Revenge is revenge.

v. Metallica Fanboy: 1 exp
v. RandomTyphoon: 2 exp
v. Metallica Fanboy: 2 exp

Mismagius F, Levitate

Envy uses her charms to get what she wants.


vs. Metallica Fanboy: Loss
vs. Psymon: Draw
vs. RandomTyphoon: Loss
vs. Ameroq01: Victory
vs. Sage Noctowl: Loss
vs. Fish and Ships and Blazhy: Victory
vs. Patar: Victory
vs. Blackthorne Steele (metronome): Victory
vs. Metallica Fanboy II: Victory
vs. Risingbadge: Should have been DQ'd looong ago
vs. Metallica Fanboy III (feat. Legendaryseeker99 and Grass King): Loss
vs. Squornshellous Beta: Ongoing
vs. Metallica Fanboy IV: Funny story, actually...
vs. Metallica Fanboy V: Ongoing


Comma Police vs. Parasitic: Round 1 DQ
I Liek Squirtles vs. Pwnemon: Round 1 DQ
Blinkingsky vs. thunder: Ongoing
bulbasaur vs. Patar: Stillborn DQ
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●\Arkra Force!/●

Gendet siremotere quali Rena de Arlos Memoiri oligel.

Trainer Information

Name: Arylett C. Dawnsborough
Role: Novice Referee

Arylett Charnoa Dawnsborough, most often and preferably known as Arylett due to that being her first name (Seriously, don't call me by my full name in a casual setting. It sounds so mechanical.), is a rather ditzy, eccentric, and absent-minded 19 year old trainer who hails from the Johto region, but has a preference for Hoenn and Kanto-based Pokémon. Now dwells in Asber. She has dark brown curly hair, glasses, lightish tan skin, is extremely short at 5'0", and a red outfit of some sort usually. Her first and favourite Pokémon is Novale, her Growlithe. She favours the Fire-type and canine Pokémon, as well as anything that happens to be red, but often will train a wide variety of Pokémon.

Battles: 2

Wins/Losses/Ties: 1/1/0

Awaiting Ref/Open Challenge:
Rainbow Fields


Vs. Zora of Termina (The 70's) (LOSE)
Vs. Chief Zackrai (WIN)


I usually only ref one battle at a time because I like to devote my full attention to one and don't really have the attention span to multitask. So if I'm reffing a battle already, please don't ask me to ref another unless my current battle is inactive or it's a really good premise.

Zora of Termina vs. HighMoon


Metallica Fanboy vs. Phantom

[R1] [R2] [R3] [R4]

Mendatt vs. RK-9

[R1] [R2] [R3] [R4] [R5] [R6] [R7] [R8] [R9] [R10] [R11] [R12] [R14]

The Arkra Team

In order of when each one was obtained. "Original Team" denotes the first Pokémon I purchased when I started in ASB.


[Novale] Growlithe (M)​
Differences: His main body colour is a deepish red.

Notes: Highly protective and adamant, although because of this, he is rather over-eager and often scatters things about, making a huge mess whenever he battles. A bit of a "act first, think later" type. His spirit burns with red hot intensity, so much so, that it turned his fur colour red. He is the mascot of the Arkra Force team. The first member of Arylett's Original Team.

Body Structure: (This is a very subtle thing. Does not need to be noted by custom sprites or anything at all. It indicates the Pokémon's distinguishing traits in body structure, as many individuals from specials will look distinct from each other by means of a slightly different face or something.) Has a very pointed snout. His overall build is a bit bulky and tall. Overall has a very masculine appearance.

Signature Attribute: Red Hot
Novale was born inside of a volcano and has tolerated harsh amounts of heat his entire life. But how was this volcano different than any other? Don't many Fire-types tolerate and live in volcanoes anyway? Well, in this particular volcano there was a special type of fertilizer that humans had their eyes on. As well, several sight-seekers would often visit, take pictures, and generally deface it. The Lord of the Volcano, Entei, had lived long to become extremely resentful of humans, and eventually became unable to control his temper in their presence. Everytime humans would approach the volcano, the Entei would use its immense legendary power to erupt the volcano and fill it with more heat than most Fire-types could tolerate. At first, Novale was overwhelmed by the fierce fiery heat. But after several years of ardent determination to get stronger and adapting to this fiery onslaught, his fur turned red hot and now constantly smokes and sizzles with intense heat even when he no longer lives in the volcano. It's so hot that even small amounts of water evaporate whenever they make contact with him. However, if a large body of water more than Novale's heat can tolerate strikes him, he'll fizzle and burn out and it'll hurt much more than it hurts a regular Fire-type.

Also due to the general increase of body heat over the years, he can also wield immensely hot and intense flames. But because he is not yet fully evolved, however, these flames sometimes become a bit too powerful for him to handle and take a lot out of him. He cannot yet fully control the fierce flames that burn within him.

In heavy rain, Novale is significantly weakened by the overwhelming amounts of water.

Effects: Novale gains a permanent 1.1x bonus to his Fire-type attacks on top of STAB and a super-effective hit. When calculated and if there is a decimal involved, it is rounded UP instead of down. For instance, 6% damage x 1.1 = 6.6 would do 7% damage. However, he uses 3% more energy on any Fire-type attack above 40 base power. Moves at and above 100 base power do not get the 1.1x boost. This also nullifies the super-effectiveness to neutral damage of Water-type attacks at or below 35 base power, receives 1.2x more damage from Water-type attacks above 35 base power on top of super-effectiveness and STAB, gets a -1 Defense/Special Defense the Rain, and Fire-type attacks do 1% less damage to him.

Signature Move: Arkra Nova
From being stuck in that volcano for so long, as previously mentioned, Novale has gained immense fire power. With hard work and training, his trainer managed to teach him how to unleash most of the fire he emanates in a massive burst of searing heat.

To use this attack, Novale channels all of the heat from his sizzling fur. Several tongues of flame come outward from his body as he begins to gather up all of his energy. A ring made of immensely bright red fire forms around the tongues of flames, connecting them and surrounding him. Then he unleashes it. The tongues emanating from his body let go of the ring of fire, and it spreads outwards quickly and destructively, striking all targets in the vicinity, friend or foe, until it slowly dissipates. In doing so, he temporarily sheds the intense heat from his body and loses his ability to use more intense Fire-typed attacks. But retains his heightened weakness to Water-type attacks and Rain Dance.

Type: Fire / Stat: Special / Base Damage: 11% / Accuracy: 95 / Target: All / Energy: 9% / Duration: Two actions; one to charge up the energy and one to unleash it.
Effects: After the move is used, Novale loses most of the positive effects of Red Hot; his 1.1x bonus (but also does not get the 3% energy addition of Fire-type moves over 40 base power). He also loses the 1% damage subtraction from opponent Fire-type attacks and Water-type moves below 35 base damage do super-effective damage and no longer do neutral damage. These effects linger for 4 rounds. However, he still takes 1.2x more damage in addition to STAB and super-effectiveness from Water-type attacks above 35 base damage and still gets his Special Defense/Defense lowered in the Rain by 1. This attack also does not get the 1.1x bonus from Red Hot when used, due to him shedding the very heat that powers up his Fire-type attacks in the first place.

Arkra Nova also has an 8% chance of inflicting a burn.
Usage Gap: Once per battle

[Paine] Treecko (F)​

Notes: Somewhat withdrawn, but very honourable. Has a warrior attitude, but is also docile and not usually unnecessarily hostile. Is on okay terms with the rest of the party, although not really as close to some of them as she could be. Of particular note is her relationship with Vivastos, who she finds annoying. Arylett's "official" starter Pokémon and second obtained Pokémon. A member of the Original Team.

Tint: Darker, blackish tint, darker and duller yellow eyes. Although you can ignore this because it's not really a big difference in colour and more a subtle variation. I tend to give all of my Pokémon tints and subtle variations to their colours. Think Pokémon Stadium and how different nicknames would change the colour slightly but still leave it similar to the base colour. (Notable differences will be noted with Differences and have a different sprite for the Pokémon than the norm.)

Body Structure: Her tail is sort of jagged in shape, and she is slim and tall. Has narrow eyes and a short snout.

[Auralasia] Poochyena (F)​

Notes: Has a jittery and nervous temperament that seems inherited from her trainer, acts nearly identically to her in many ways. Is notably naive like Arylett as well. But one notable difference is that she is quite mischievous and sometimes plays very weak jokes on others. Tends to lead to the joke that she could pass as Arylett's daughter, due to Arylett's heavy association with the Poochyena/Mightyena species. Member of the Original Team.

Tint: Reddish brown tint to her gray and black fur. Her nose is a particularly vivid shade of red.

Body Structure: Is short and of moderate build. Has a particularly long snout and narrow front paws. Also has wide hips.

Signature Attribute: Inner Incension
Auralasia's trainer is a notorious lover of Fire-types, so much so that the insane woman tried everything to get her to become more like a Fire-type. First, in producing her egg, she bred several long lines of Mightyena with Growlithe, Vulpix, and pretty much any Fire-type she could get her hands on in the same egg group. Then, as an egg, the insane pyromani- I mean, trainer, did nothing but expose her egg to light flames from her other Pokémon. Due to all of this, when she hatched, Auralasia began to get a fondness for heat and fire and was immediately naturally more proficient with them. With much energy and heavy training, her trainer managed to bring out the natural heat that Poochyena generate to use attacks like Incinerate and Fire Fang to the point where she could function almost like a Fire-type, being able to use more powerful moves.

Due to the large amount of energy and time all of this took, however, Auralasia became permanently unable to learn several Dark-type attacks and lost her natural proficiency at them. She also became uncomfortable with Water and Ice-type attacks, taking more damage from the former. Auralasia prefers it this way, thinking of Dark as a nasty, mean type and Fire reminding her of the warmth of her egg.

Effects: Like a Fire-type, she gains a super-effective weakness to Water-type attacks. She loses her Dark-type STAB (both in damage and in energy), and gains a Fire-type STAB (both in damage and in energy). Lastly, she loses her resistance to attacks of her own type, and instead takes neutral damage from them.

She also loses the following moves: - Crunch, - Snatch, - Torment, - Taunt, - Ice Fang, - Rain Dance, - Payback

And gains: + Flamethrower, + Flame Wheel, + Ember, + Fire Spin

[Blitzhupe] Mareep (M)​

Notes: A nice guy. Pretty calm and even-tempered. Often the voice of reason and the one who keeps Arylett from getting too neurotic. He tends to like her a bit... too much, however, especially her hair which seems to remind him of Flaaffy fleece and thus, the fleece of his mother. Original Team member.

Tint: Blueish, his yellow is a bit... cooler-coloured. As for his blue, it's more of a rich, royal/navyish colour.

Body Structure: His fleece is particularly thick amongst his kind, and of a more coarse texture. So much so, that his legs are overshadowed and look very small. Underneath it, he has a powerfully-built and bulky body which has high endurance and is designed to carry high amounts of weight. His ears are particularly large and his face is of moderate shape.

[Flarrai] Pidgeotto (F)​

Notes: Stubborn and highly energetic, impish. Tends to make Arylett even more nervous with her somewhat reckless behavior. Despite this, she is also quite cunning and more clever than meets the eye. Has a tendency to be easily offended. Original Team member.

Tint: Reddish brown, a more pinkish tint on her lighter colours.

Body Structure: Her feathers are a bit in a state of constant ruffledness due to her reckless behavior. She has a short beak and a round face. Her entire body is sort of round and plump, but not noticeably fat.

[Alterra] Zigzagoon (F)​

Notes: Extremely hyperactive, but seems to have a large amount of wisdom. Worldly, but clumsy and tends to make mistakes quite often. She doesn't really have the best of luck, poor girl. Original Team member.

Tint: A more vivid brown for her brown spots and a brighter whitish colour for her lighter spots.

Body Structure: Has thinner and softer hair than a few members of her species. It's also rather messy due to her constant running about. She is of moderate build, and has a particularly short tail.

[Valight] Dragonair (M)​

Notes: Serious and thoughtful. Tends to be quiet, but has a great obsession about his Dragon-type heritage, wishing to grow up to become a grand and powerful Dragonite one day. Formerly known as Spoonlight and obtained from the banned member Draider. Considered an unofficial member of the Original Team and a favourite of Arylett's. Often used in battle.

Tint: Deeper, darker, more royal and rich blue, white veering more on the blue side as well.

Body Structure: Particularly snake-like. His face is longer and more angular. His head wings and horns are shorter, and his tail gems are smaller, but particularly lustrous. He is also rather thin and sleek.

[Naz] Zorua (F)​

Notes: Very focused and intense, thinks of life as a mission. Spatially talented, she is good at finding things and navigating her way through places. Doesn't really get along well with anybody on the team because she sees them as "not being focused or serious enough and focusing too much on trivial things." This disincludes Paine, who is the only one that she kinda, sorta likes. Obtained for free via a special voucher before Gen V got implemented in the league.

Tint: Violetish deep purple tinted gray and red.

Body Structure: Mostly average in height and weight. Her eyes are rather large and her snout is more rounded. Has a thicker mane of hair around her neck.

[Falsair] Drilbur (F)​

Notes: Very calm and collected. So much so that she doesn't tend to react much when she takes a hit. Not much to Falsair is cause for alarm, which is a relief to her trainer who often easily panics. Has a casual demeanor and tends to see everyone as equal.

Tint: Duller, somewhat faded-looking colours overall. Her body overall has a more grayish tint.

Body Structure: His claws are sort of dull and his back tends to slouch. His snout is pointed more downwards and he has more narrow eyes.

[Matise] Woobat (M)​

Notes: Sweet and shy, extremely creative. Easily attaches himself to his trainer. He has a fond liking of Philippine Eagles for some reason and wishes to become more like them. A birthday gift from Blastoise.

Tint: Cyanish tint all around.

Body Structure: Has a somewhat wavy-shaped nose and larger wings.

[Zorielle] Kitora (F)​

Notes: Tends to be crazy, often attempting to do a bizarre dance called the "White Girl Elbow Dance" which lacks rhythm entirely and other dances from the 1970's that are jivetacular. Can also be serious though and has quite the temper when aggravated. Obtained as a birthday gift from PLAYER FOXHO- I mean, Mike (AKA Meowth).

Tint: Lighter purpleish tint all around somewhat like a shiny, but still the normal colours. Particularly vivid lighter green eyes.

Body Structure: Is thin and tall. Has a thin and long tail and a particularly pointed snout. The ears are also very pointy and usually stick up. Her mane is a bit longer.

[Vivastos] Spraylet (M)​

Notes: Extremely honourable - does not believe in cheap shots and likes to give enemies a fair chance. Believes himself to be some sort of knight and has a tendency to be a little... well, over the top, shall we say... making for rather amusing antics. Unlike Paine, he doesn't really succeed in making it look cool and thus making him resent her. Obtained as a birthday gift from Kratos Aurion.

Tint: Yellowish tint all around. Has more yellow greenish eyes.

Body Structure: Has a somewhat blocky and clunky appearance. His feathers are messy and his wings/arms are very angular. In fact, his entire body is sort of angular and resembles many geometric figures. Also very masculine-looking.

[Varst] Lillipup (M)​

Notes: A very jolly little guy, who enjoys jokes very much and often is silly. He doesn't take much seriously, but is rather proud of his own power. Without being too arrogant, of course. He is capable of laughing at himself. Obtained as a birthday gift from Mai.

Tint: Has a creamish tint overall; more of a very lightish tannish colour.

Body Structure: Has ridiculously big and cute ears that often flop over. His nose and eyes are also large and quite shiny. Is of average build.

[Satine] Snubbull (F)​

Notes: Rather stubborn and strong-willed, often likes to run around which makes Arylett intensely anxious trying to catch her and make sure she doesn't get lost. She always comes back in the end though, and displays fierce loyalty. For a Snubbull, she is actually rather charming and seen as being pretty, knowing how to manipulate targets of the opposite gender quite skillfully.

Tint: Reddish tint all around.

Body Structure: A very smooth and feminine body. She is sleek, tall, and skinny, possessing wide hips and a slightly hourglass figure. Her fangs are less prominent and her eyes, rather than looking angry all the time as Snubbull often do, are softer and larger, possessing a rather charming and cute look. Lastly, her dress-like body is longer, and more frilly, more resembling a gown.

[Ariadne] Vulpix (F)​

Notes: Extremely intelligent and imaginative, Ariadne is highly skilled at picturing detailed environments within her mind. Amongst Arylett's awed team of this ability, she is nicknamed the "architect." Also, she is fascinated with the properties of sleep and dreaming, aspiring one day to gain the ability to go into dreams and study them.

Tint: A more brownish red.

Body Structure: Her snout is pointy and her tail/crest atop her head are more wavy than curled. However, her face is sort of round. Is of average build asides from that, but possesses small hips and somewhat irregularly sized legs.


[Celestia] Ponyta (F)​

Differences: The body is a pinkish off-white whilst the mane/tail is various hues of cyan and lavender. Also, the mane/tail are more wavy and billowy and her eyes are a brilliant magenta. And she has a pair of vast feathery wings. Lastly, she has a sun-like mark on her flank and golden hooves. (Sprite later.)

Notes: Is very dignified in attitude, acting rather like a queen. She has the grace of royalty and is very wise and kind, willing to lend anyone a hoof who needs help. Particularly if it involves friendship. She is very schooled in the ways of friendship and seeks to learn and utilize its magic. She also can sometimes be quite a bit of a prankster.

Body Structure:Is taller than those of her species, with long thin legs and an overall thin and graceful body. Her mane and tail are longer and a bit of her mane covers one eye.

Body Modification: Large Wings
A pokémon with these wings is considered consensually flying and may expend 4% energy per action to take off or remain airborne with them. It is slower and less maneuverable in the air than pokémon with natural wings. It also takes 1% more damage from rock, electric, and ice attacks after all other modifiers have been applied, and will deal an extra 3% damage when using flying-type attacks.

[Nuvalel] Babydrake (F)​

Notes: A bit finicky. Nuvalel is kind of pedantic and likes to jump on people to correct them. She also has a rather motherly and caring attitude in spite of her pedantic ways, and mostly nags in a well-meaning way.

Tint: Purpleish.

Body Structure: She's a bit rounder and stouter than most of her species and short leaves/arms and legs.

[Elle] Goldeen (F)​

Notes: Somewhat mysterious and quiet, but she acts childish and cute whenever she does speak. (Tends to have a soft speaking voice.) Makes a lot of malapropisms. Behind this attitude though, it is not known what she's really thinking...

Tint: Blueish on the white parts, greenish on the orange parts.

Body Structure: Long winglike fins/tail and a long horn. Her overall structure is graceful, floaty, and pretty.


[Kujata] Caterpie (F)​

Differences: Shiny. More of a brownish golden yellow in tint.

Notes: Has a very casual, tomboyish attitude. She often likes to get physical and rough and tackles those who irritate her. Has a strange design to become a martial artist in spite of having no hands or arms. She uses her little legs though to do a lot of kicking and action, and hits surprisingly hard with her Tackles.

Body Structure: Has some rather big feet which allow her a tiny bit of her kung-foo action. And a very long tail with which she waps things with.

[Viale] Wurmple (M)​

Notes: Extremely sophisticated, he often tries to imitate a horribly done British accent. He enjoys serving others and thinks himself a connoisseur and a fashion expert. Good with colours and matching them, he's a sort of an artist. He's very primp and proper.

Tint: A more pinkish red and a bright vivid yellowish white. Overall more vivid colours.

Body Structure: Has a smoother, less spiky body with smaller horns and spikes. His face is narrow and his eyes larger.

[Tat] Spheal (M)​

Notes: A very kind guy. He's extremely nice to most people, but isn't very outspoken, and keeps his thoughts and opinions secret due to not knowing how to word them. Tat is rather awkward as well, but in an adorkably cute way. Also, he is gay (will be making signature attribute about this later.) and highly enjoys rainbows, as well as the thought of flying despite not being suited to that at all.

Tint: A more greenish teal blue.

Body Structure: Sort of slim and taller than others. Also has smaller fangs.

Misc Info

- I am on a quest to collect fakes. Any Fakemon I don't own, I want it. It is my goal to own one of every Fakemon evolutionary line. I highly encourage the usage of fakes.

- I own the only Babydrake and Goldeen in the league. Now go buy one. :P

- When I ref, I highly take the personality of Pokémon listed in profiles into account. If you don't have a profile, I will make up a personality.

- That language above (it's called Salajuan) is one I made up, you can't find a translator for that. So I'll translate for you. It means: I'll show you what the fire of a red Messenger can do.)
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Quidam's Profile

Holy pickles!

Quidam is always in a very wide and very black sorcerer hat, and a very long and also very black coat. Whether he wears that to hide his real looks or to protect himself from Pidove presents is up to the observer's discretion. Usually he talks a lot, and when he does you have a 50/50 chance of hearing something intelligent. Even if he is very bold when it comes to arguing, he actually never had his ass beaten (...yet).


TCoD ASB League Trainer
Novice Referee
Signature Move Approver
Proud Owner of The Altoram Department Store II


Best New ASBer 2011

Explorers of the Nameless


Nova the fluffily fearsome Altaria
-Natural Cure-
AHBE Move: Mirror Coat

Summary: Nova, as a member of the Original Squad, is a bit of the team's mum. While most of the time she is calm and collected, prepare yourself for an appreciable rampage if you hurt her (kids) teammates - her trainer she doesn't care much though. She is annoyingly competitive towards other dragons (learning Altaria was arguably the weakest of the bunch was quite a shock) and once she is angered, submission and flattery are pretty much your only chance of escape.


Snow the Mawile that may or may not munch you to death
Signature Attribute: Magma Heart

Summary: Also a member of the original squad, Snow, unlike Nova, is actually very rude with new members, as she likes to put them to the test. She always get in mockfights with her fellow hotheaded teammates, especially Liam. Apart from those, she likes to skateboard, chew gum (lots, I mean lots of gum) and wear caps the wrong way.


Thrusk the unexpectedly witty Piloswine
Signature Attribute: Static Fur

Summary: As his title states, Thrusk is quite smart (and not only for a Piloswine) and utterly adores to hide it under his thick "uh wtf" looks. One of his favorite battling strategies is to act dumb in the beginning of the battle to induce a strong sense of security to his victim, then BAM! completely knock them off with advanced math equations.


Baron the hilarious mortifying Lampent
-Flame Body-

Summary: Baron's family was very disappointed when they learned he wanted to become an internationally known humorist. Still, he never gave up, and now that his arms are long enough to hold a mic, he is even more determined than ever before to achieve his goal. However, since his first try in kindergartens and retirement homes weren't a huge success (lots of diapers were changed that day) he is started to think about redirecting his humor or something I don't know.


Peach the awe-inducing Masquerain
-Intimidate & Swift Swim-
Signature Attribute: Drowned In Remembrance

Summary: Peach is very, very scary. And she knows it. Move over Gyarados and Salamence, now that's a frightening Pokémon. She always fly around going all "grrrrr" and "roaaar" and scaring the hell out of the good actors her trainer pays. He is actually in the process of creating a foundation for Halloween, as the real Peach is far too heart-meltingly adorable to tell the truth, right? Right?


Pan the simply life-enjoying Breloom
-Poison Heal-

Summary: Pan's attitude drastically changed upon evolution. Along with a pair of arms grew in him the desire to spread youthful happiness, as he believes nobody is too old to act as a child.


Hook the shabby, gentleman-y Croagunk

Summary: Even though most Croagunk are nasty, filthy and class-less creatures, Hook is a real Sir. Although he uses the same fighting techniques than his fellows, he will always salute the opponent before and after the fight. He's only a back-stabber in the real fight. Besides that, he's the most respectable boxing amphibian you'll find.


Voltari the barking Manectric that wakes you up at five on Sunday mornings
Signature Attribute: From the Wild

Summary: Voltari comes from the wild, and therefore has very rude manners. He will often bite and yelp at strangers for no apparent reason, although he is convinced there is a reason and that said reason is very good but he's just to cool to really search for the reason so he just keeps on barking at the previously stated stranger for the previously stated unknown reason. His trainer sent a letter to a dog training school but haven't received any answer yet. Yeah, now that he thinks about it, he haven't seen that postman since a while...


Liam Richard Townsborough the Fourth the gallantly righteous Furret
-Keen Eye-
AHBE Move: Encore

Summary: Liam is a knight. Never argue with him that rodents can't be knights. His father was a knight, the father of his father was a knight, and the father of the father of the father of his father was also a knight. The father of the father of his father was actually a cook specialized in fried shrimps but that's not the point. It is also not the point that all of them were Lucarios. The point is, he is a knight and as a knight he serves the forces of light and follows the path of wisdom and searches for Excalibur and everything knights do. As a knight, he is also a gentleman who serves the ladies and usually he hates that part of being a knight because he always end up brushing Snow's numerous and prone to unavoidable hug need teeth.


Ryoku the appropriately ass-kicking Medicham
-Pure Power-
AHBE Move: Hypnosis

Summary: Ryoku is very studious and learned most of her battle techniques in ancient scrolls (some of them actually being superhero comics). When she is not at the library or watching Twilight moves in loop (eh), she's at the training ground beating the hell out of her fellow fighters' pants.


Aramis the obviously boss Treecko

Summary: First member of "The Trio", Aramis is usually very depressed about life and has a hard time finding out what's the use of his existence on Earth. He thinks battling has no f*cking sense whatsoever, but he does it anyways because it allows him to forget about the fact that life has no sense.


Porthos the astonishingly not in need of coffee Chimchar

Summary: Second member of "The Trio", Porthos has a very weird fascination over explosives in general. He is usually very hyper, although he knows exactly when it's a good moment to shut up, which is greatly appreciated by his teammates. Even if his battle style looks erratic and badly calculated, he is a very fine strategist and is often found discussing calmly with Keilu about it.


Athos the seriously ice-breaking Oshawott

Summary: Last member of "The Trio", Athos is very overconfident in many aspects of life, but that usually hides an actual lack of confidence in himself. He is also ridiculously clumsy, and doesn't seem to be able to control his tail, hitting every porcelain possible in a two meters range.


Chime the brutally honest Zorua
Signature Move: Echoes of Dementia

Summary: As her title states, Chime is clear as glass. Very, very sharp glass. Although not necessarily aggressive, she always tell exactly what's on her mind, without foggy parts at all (which is very unusual for a Zorua). For her, trickery is a battle affair and shouldn't interfere with her social life.


Nemo the shockingly fearless Solosis
-Magic Guard-
Signature Attribute: I Hold the Thunder

Summary: Nemo isn't afraid of anything. He'll withstand any obstacle to reach his goals, and has an unbreakable confidence in his plasma coating. He'll fight through cold rain, through searing flames, through vicious thunderstorms and even through Justin Bieber cover songs just to feel the unmatched pride of knowing he did it.


Icarus the bewilderingly day-dreaming Togepi
-Serene Grace-

Summary: Even though he's just a baby, Icarus wants to prove he's mature to everybody. He's quite cultivated and serious for a Togepi, maybe even alarmingly so - he's just too mature, so much that he seems to forget to enjoy his childhood, so hasty as he is to finally become a grown-up.


Harlequin frivolously lazy Slowpoke
-Own Tempo-

Summary: Harlequin is so dumb it's not even credible, but his logic is irrefutable. He has an easygoing nature, and usually doesn't really take anything very seriously. He's also pretty straight-to-the-point, which is actually unbelievably rare for a Slowpoke.


Acrobat mischievously hipster Gligar

Summary: Despite being a flying-type, Acrobat likes to listen to quite underground music and read underground books and other subterranean stuff. He's a cynic and can't help but have an opinion on everything, which can be annoying sometimes. Other than that, he's pretty fun to hang out with, as his sarcastic humor is a delight for those who can appreciate it.


Autumn the dauntingly environment-friendly Snorunt
-Ice Body-

Summary: To put it nicely, Autumn has lot of faith in Pokhumanity and loves Earth and all the living beings it supports (she's a naive hippie). She's cheery and colorful, and this loveliness is the only thing preventing Acrobat and Aramis from crushing her heart with the cold truth.


Lupin the socially awkward penguin Ralts

Summary: Lupin isn't really comfortable with crowd and people in general, and thus prefers to stay apart from the rest of the team. He's very happy with that, mind you. Sometimes he considers the option to make friends, but he just can't get along with people; he can just love them from afar. He, however, does find a very reassuring presence in Nova, because of how she reminds him of his mother.


Ruby the will-breaking Absol

Summary: Okay, Ruby is really the one who sees the glass half empty. Then throws it on the ground and stares at you until you cry. She's a hardcore pessimist, and has confidence in none but herself. She doesn't trust anybody. Even her trainer has a hard time getting along with her. Apparently, her bitterness towards humanity was caused by a human she knew in the past, but no one can be sure as she never talked openly about it.


Newton the silent Accelgor

Summary: There is nothing else to say about Newton apart from that. He never spoke a word. His only ways of communicating with others are nodding, imperceptibly shake his head, take deep breaths or muttering a "Hrm." on rare occasions. Weirdly, this hasn't caused any problem with his teammates that now see in him a wonderful listener and wise adviser. Weird how a single gaze can make words obsolete.


Hat the hatted Dunsparce
-Serene Grace-

Summary: Hat likes hats. He wears a top hat all the time, top hat that containing all other types of hats. Apart from hats, Hat finds a hero and model in Charlie Chaplin, whom he venerates as soon as he stops thinking about hats. His objective is to become just like him, an actor in silent films (because his weirdly-shaped mouth make it difficult for people to understand when he speaks) and to wear a top hat (because he's just crazy about them, and the top one is by far his favorite).


Dusk Stone
Zoom Lens
Big Root
Expert Belt
Metal Coat
Lucky Egg (x3)
Wise Glasses
Muscle Band
Rocky Helmet
Life Orb
Eviolite (x2)
Soothe Bell
Toxic Orb
King's Rock
Razor Fang
Dawn Stone

Battle Record


Against I Liek Squirtles
Against Whirlpool

Against Chief Zackrai
Against Blastoise
Against ole_schooler
With Mawile, Against Whirlpool and RespectTheBlade
Against Someguy


Against Byrus [11]

On-going Battles

With The Omskivar, Against Metallica Fanboy and Light Yagami
Against Couloursfall
With DarkAura, Against Coloursfall and LegendarySeeker99
Against Blastoise II

Reffing Record

Completed Battles

Dapper Deathclaw vs. Ampharos
Lucas vs. Whirlpool
Melodic Harmony vs. The Omskivar (E-ref)
blazheirio889 vs. Grass King
Blinkingsky vs. Zapi
Squornshellous Beta vs. Skyman (E-ref, Draw by Request)

On-Going Battles

Effercon vs. Zhorken (E-ref)

Emergency Reffings

Squornshellous Beta vs. I liek Squirtles - round IV
Darksong vs. Mad MOAI - round VIII

Stock Arenas

Somewhat Simple

Arena: Professor Lab

Who's the said professor is not really important. It is a generic Professor Lab were starters are given away and where new trainers begin their journey to become the new Pokémon Champion, then register on Smogon and realize they suck and have their dreams shattered. Oh well. Said Professor (Actually let's just call him Prof. Said) left his town and lab for two trainers to battle, and he might regret it but anyways a bit of reconstruction work is a fart for the Almighty Prof. Said.

Anyways, the battle will take place outside the lab, because we want every move working, you know (There's also a stream for Surfing convenient isn't it). Since starter Pokémon will feel quite at home here, all attacks that match their type have their damage boosted by 2% after all calculations for 2% less energy. Besides that it's pretty much it.
Arena: The Coal Mine

The Coal mine is pretty gigantic, actually. Ran by the Ground gym leader of Unova (fuck whats his name) and connected by various rail tracks and bridges and holes in the walls, it converges to the very center of it where a large arena fine for battling lies. Lighten up by weak lanterns from the vault, the arena itself can contain pretty big battlers, however pokémon in need of water to survive won't be able to battle, as there is no water sources nearby (with the exception of small puddles).

Effects: Since the cave is quite dark, the move Flash have a 25% chance of lowering accuracy two stages instead of one, and moves using great amount of light will have double the chances of their effect kicking in. As only small puddles are at the disposition of the battlers, moves needing a water source (Surf, Muddy Water, etc) will have their base power quartered. Finally, if a pokémon uses a fire move exceeding 80 in power or that is widespread (read: Lava Plume), the workers will panic and hit the pokémon with rocks and shards and pickaxes, dealing 3% ground-type damage, 5% rock-type damage and 7% steel-type damage.

Somewhat Less Simple

Arena: Underground Forest

Several meters under the sands of the Sahara desert grows an otherworldly forest. Nourished by an underground river and lighten up by rays of sun coming from various holes in the vault, this forgotten ecosystem is the home of various plants and animals that live in perfect harmony.
The battle will take place in a vast and mossy plain, in the middle of this huge underground forest. The plain is divided in two halves by a river, wide enough to contain two Wailmers side by side. Since the current is quite strong, battling in the river will cost additional energy. The opposite half can be accessed by a wood bridge dammed by generations of Bibarels, however if the bridge is hit by a strong attack it may break apart. Sharp rocks are scattered throughout the arena, and one must be careful not to fall on those. The vault is high enough for any Pokémon to fly. Tall trees are also scattered on the plain, and home of various bugs and other arboreal Pokémon.


-- Due to the high humidity rate, all Water moves will deal an additional 1% damage and all Fire moves will deal 1% less damage after all calculations, and every mushroom-y Pokémon will gain a permanent +1 boost in special Defense, which isn't erased by Haze and co.
-- An action spent in the river will cost an additional 1% energy for water-type Pokémon and 2% for other Pokémon.
-- A Pokémon thrown against a rock will take 3% rock-type damage.
-- A Pokémon thrown against a tree will take 3% bug-type damage for disturbing its various inhabitants.
-- If the bridge is hit by an attack with 120 base power or higher, it will fall apart and the user of the move will be attacked by a horde of Bibarels that will deal 10% Normal-typed and 5% Water-typed damage.
-- At the beginning of each round, one of each of the following events will happen with equal possibility:

1. A bunch of Combee will fly around the battlers and give some Honey to each, restoring 5% Energy.
2. A Tropius will land near a random battler, offering a banana. The banana restores 5% Health.
3. A group of Jumpluff and Whimsicott will fly on top of a random battler, dropping cotton spores. The affected battler will be considered under the effects of Cotton Spore (-2 Speed) and Cotton Guard (+3 Defence) for the rest of the round.
4. A Nosepass will come rolling around clumsily. It has a 50% chance of hitting a random battler, dealing 5% Rock-Type damage. It will then feel terribly sorry and to catch up it will try to shield the hit Pokémon. For the rest of the round, all attacks aimed at the shielded Pokémon have half of their original accuracy.
5. A Slowpoke will come out of the river and activate the effect of Trick Room for the rest of the round. If Trick Room is already in effect, its duration will be extended by three actions.
6. A Luvdisk will swim to the battlers in the river and give them some help. Each battler currently in the river will regain 3% Health and Energy and will be cured of every status except infatuation.
7. A baby Kangaskhan will come running to the field and will sit there for the rest of the round. If a battler uses a damaging move that is wide-spread or has a chance to expand anywhere else than on the target, the baby will be hit and the mother Kangaskhan will arrive at very high speed and will strike the meanie with a terrible punch, dealing 10% Normal-type damage. Ghost-types are affected by this attack because the said Kangaskhan has the ability Scrappy. She will then flee with her baby.
8. A very noble and snobbish Ninetales will come out of the forest and will brag about the merits of Fire-types. Every Fire-type on the field will gain a +1 boost in Attack and Special Attack because of their increased confidence. This boost is permanent and can only be removed through the use of Haze and other boost-altering moves.
9. A group of Sneasel will appear out of what seems to be nowhere and steal the battlers’ item. If no item is hold, they will deal 4% Ice-type damage the Pokémon instead. The items are recovered after the battle, unless they are consumable (Berries, Air Balloon, Battery, etc.).
10. A lonely Shedinja will appear behind a random battler and transfer some Ghost-type energy. The battler gains the ability Wonder Guard for the rest of the round.
Arena: The fighting Dojo

Yes, the unofficial gym in Saffron City. It is just like in the games, so I won't bother with a precise description. Okay, I will. Walls of wood and floor of tatami, the fighting dojo is ideal for a quick 1 vs 1 fight between two eager battlers, and supervised by the Karate King himself. What most people ignore, though, is that the fighters practice a magical art from long ago, to shield their training spot from those pesky psychic-types next door. The area sports a various array of effects to spice things up, so don't expect a boring battle. At least, I hope so.


I. Fighting-type attacks deal 2% more damage for 2% less energy after all calculations.

II. Psychic-type attacks deal 2% less damage for 2% more energy after all calculations.

III. Flying-type moves deal half damage because of the enclosed environment.

IV. Moves that cause arena destruction aren't banned, but if they were used both battlers would be kicked out (the user sustaining a hefty 25% fighting-type damage, not affected by the damage cap) and the battle would continue outside, and all effects would disappear.

V. At the end of each round, the arena will change, each with equal possibility, and never the same twice in a row.

- Casual Dojo: The battle starts in this arena, and it has no particular effect over the battlers:

- Training Pond: The floor shifts and opens to reveal a pond below. The battlers have to stand on Bamboo sticks, reducing the accuracy of their contact moves by 10%. If they miss because of that, they will fall in the pond, sustaining 2% typeless damage from the fall, and lose an action as well as 2% energy to climb up again. If they are targeted by a contact attack while in the pond, the user will just wait, chilling out and recovering 5% energy. This doesn't count towards the chill limit.

- Training Course: The floor shifts and opens, revealing a heavy artillery of training devices, most of them being very dangerous to approach. If a battler uses a move requiring movement over a wide area, the will inevitably hit one of those machines, sustaining 5% steel damage.

- Training Machine: The floor shifts and opens, revealing a indestructible glass floor with flashing lights all over. This special training floor activates the effects of Trick Room, Gravity and Magic Room. Additionally, the machine absorbs the power of all moves, effectively only leaving contact moves to be damaging. Non-damaging moves still work.
Arena: The Piece Of Land With A Small Pink House That Hangs Up In The Sky

The name fits alright. The arena looks like a piece of land would look like if a giant had dug it out of the surface of the earth to place it several miles in the air, among the clouds, in total defiance of gravity. The land itself isn't very large, about twenty meters in diameter max, and there's a small pink house on the top-left corner of it. Actually the house isn't exactly pink, it's white with a pink roof and pink door and pink window frames, and there's also a small white closing made of wood and, surprise, an small pond enough to fit in, say... a Wailmer? Let's say a Wailmer and a quarter (a quarter of Wailmer). Apart from that and perhaps the most important thing to note is that there's an Apricorn tree in front of the house, and each other round a fruit will pop out, and the battlers will be able to use up an action to pick it up and eat it. If by the end of two rounds the Apricorn is still there, Kurt the Pokéball Master will arrive riding on a flying Slowpoke and pick it up himself, then leave with his Slowpoke activating the effects of Trick Room for the following round (just because he felt like it). The Apricorn rate and effect are as it follows:

9% Chance Each

- Red Apricorn, raises Attack one stage.
- Yellow Apricorn, raises Defense one stage.
- Blue Apricorn, raises Special Attack one stage.
- Green Apricorn, raises Special Defense one stage.
- Pink Apricorn, raises Speed one stage.
- White Apricorn, raises Accuracy one stage.
- Black Apricorn, raises Critical Hit Ratio one stage.

5% Chance Each

- Ruby Apricorn, raises Attack two stages.
- Topaz Apricorn, raises Defense two stages.
- Sapphire Apricorn, raises Special Attack two stages.
- Emerald Apricorn, raises Special Defense two stages.
- Garnet Apricorn, raises Speed two stages.
- Crystal Apricorn, raises Accuracy two stages.
- Onyx Apricorn, raises Critical Hit Ratio two stages.

2% Chance

- Super Extraordinary Amazing Rainbow Apricorn, the eater can now shoot rainbows from his belly for 6% rainbow-type damage (super-effective against EVERYTHING, meaning that yes Pokémon with two types will take double the damage), at the cost of 8% energy.

Apart from that amazing Apricorn tree, Pokémon may fall from the sky sometimes (We're in a sky, so obviously Pokémon have to fall down from it) a different rates, too, but those I won't tell exactly. Up to the ref. The Pokémon falling from the skies seem to be the same over time, and the apricorn guy made a list of them and the attacks they use while falling down.

I. Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple will use Tackle.
II. Poliwag will use Wake-Up-Slap.
III. Mantyke will use Bounce (Down).
IV. Whirlipede will use Steamroller.
V. Diglett will use Scratch.
VI. Makuhita will use Arm Thrust.
VII. Dunsparce will use Headbutt (yeah the sucker has Serene Grace annoying isn't it).
VIII. Stunfisk will use Spark.
IX. Lileep will use Ancientpower.
X. Torchic will use Mirror Move.
XI. Magikarp will use Outrage (once then disintegrate).

There is no way to tell how much Pokémon will fly down to the surface of The Piece Of Land With A Small Pink House That Hangs Up In The Sky, nor which ones they will be and which battlers they will affect or even when they will do, but once they do the battlers are free to use them as they wish. They can kick them out of the piece of land and down towards the other pieces of land under (except the Lileep, since it has Suction Cups it will stay where it lands but won't use any attacks), they can use them to hit their opponent in the face, they can use them as fashionable scarves, whatever.

One more thing, the land has infused the battlers with its Gravity-defying powers, so if the battlers were to fell down from it, they would float back up on it. These laws don't take place when on the actual piece of land, because I want ground-type moves to work dammit (even Earthquake, the piece of land is shakable but indestructible).

Finally, there's a railroad in the middle of the piece of land, and at the beginning of each round there's a rough 14.71% chance the train passes and deals 8% steel-typed damage to a random battler because it was randomly sitting on the railroad.
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Booting up...

Booting up...

Bootup Complete. Login:
Username: Superbird
Password: •••••••

[size=+3]Welcome to Superbird's Personal Computer![/size]​

>Viewing Party.

[Firestrike] Combusken
Ability: Blaze
Item: None
EXP: • • • / 6
Owner's Summary:
Ever since his evolution, Firestrike has been incredibly confident in himself, constantly getting into mock fights with Neitelo and Koiquen. He's also been enjoying his new arms a lot, trying to shake Superbird's hand a lot.

[Gorouna] Geodude
Ability: Sturdy
Item: None
EXP: / 3
Owner's Summary:
Gorouna is a very "down-to-business" type of pokémon. She usually likes to fight, but makes a point to always appear pessimistic and unamused. It's just part of her personality, y'know?

[Dokon] Toxicroak
Ability: Anticipation
Item: None
EXP: • •
Owner's Summary:
Like most Toxicroak, Dokon is basically emotionless on the outside. She does what she's told, but I've known her to put a bit more energy into battling than she does with other things. As of late, she had been watching everything very carefully, sort of like big brother or something.

[Koiquen] Gyarados
Ability: Intimidate
Item: None
EXP: 0
Owner's Summary:
Koiquen, despite being a Gyarados, is a little nervous about life. She knows barely anything about her previous trainer, who abandoned her on the black market, and fantasizes about her past a lot. She loves battling, though, because it helps get her mind off of the less important stuff.

[Drillbud] Ferroseed
Ability: Iron Barbs
Item: None
EXP: • • / 5
Owner's Summary:
Drillbud was given to Superbird as a promotional prize from the grand opening of the Unovan International Airport. Since then, her biggest dream in life has been to be a pilot. Superbird really doesn't have the heart to tell her the truth about that possibility, but he's currently trying to arrange he and Drillbud a ride on one of Skyla's cargo planes.

[Jonathon] Togepi
Ability: Serene Grace
Item: none
EXP: 0
Owner's Summary:
Like all Togepi, Jonathon is extremely energetic and playful. From the moment he fell under Superbird's ownership, he has been playing with all the other pokémon. Unfortunately, he has planted a seed of dislike in the hearts of Dokon and Gorouna in this way, but they can't really hold it against him considering his species and age.

[Quabbel] Frillish
Ability: Cursed Body
Item: none
EXP: • •
Owner's Summary:
Quabbel is a very curious Frillish, and ever since he was entrusted to Superbird he has been in the library at least half of his waking hours. He is becoming very knowledgable in a great deal of subjects, but he's also very refined (or at least he's got enough manners not to shove his knowledge in people's faces unless they ask for it).

[Deru] Houndour
Ability: Flash Fire
Item: none
EXP: 0
Owner's Summary:
Deru is still new to the crowd, and is somewhat secluded. However, she has made friends with Drillbud—the two took an almost immediate turn to the good side, and despite their massive type differences they click together almost perfectly.They mock fight often -- of course, Deru goes easy on his friend.


[Meta] Ditto
Ability: Limber
Item: None
Signature Attribute: Knowledge past Mimicry
Owner's Summary:
Meta is a lot of fun around the house, often transforming into a lightbulb or something and then jumping out and scaring all the other pokémon. Though they don't like him that much, he doesn't really mind and passes it all off as a playful game. He takes pride in being quite unique around these parts -- and his favorite thing EVER is transforming into Legendary pokemon. What fun!


[Amaterasu] Poochyena
Ability: Quick Feet
Item: None
EXP: 0
Signature Attribute: Sun Demigoddess
Owner's Summary:
Amaterasu is a Poochyena of especially unique ancestry. She is the descendant of Amaterasu the Sun God, who is also her namesake. She's different from a normal Poochyena, and as such is sometimes treated more harshly. But around Superbird's household she fits in just fine; she's really good at making friends. When she evolves, she wants to honor the family tradition and go back to Nippon to get more powerful.

[Neitelo] Xatu
Ability: Synchronize
Item: None
EXP: • • • •
Owner's Summary:
Neitelo is a very quiet pokémon, preferring to think about strategies rather than engage in mock fights with other pokémon. But during a real battle, she will not hesitate to give it everything she's got. She vastly prefers special attacks over physical ones, probably because she's better at using them. She recently evolved, and since then has spent a lot of time staring out at the sun.

[Eldrach] Galvantula
Ability: Compoundeyes
Item: none
EXP: • • • •
Owner's Summary:
Eldrach only evolved recently, but in that time he has managed to easily adjust from his cute and harmless appearence as a Joltik to one that strikes fear in the hearts of his opponents. He still likes his trainer a lot, though, and would never even think of attacking him.

[Limonde] Stunfisk
Ability: Static
Item: none
EXP: 0
Owner's Summary:
Limonde was acquired by Superbird only recently. Since then he has sat around the house, talking with the oteher pokemon to get himself acquainted. He's taken a liking to Eldrach lately, and the two often have amazing conversations about electricity.​

>Viewing Items


>Viewing Trainer Information

Rank: Novice Referee
Battle information:

Closing Trainer Information.

Which PC should be accessed?

Logging off...

Saving your settings...

Windows is shutting down...
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Profile Accessed;

Sweet Silver Nightmare's Profile

Battles participated in:

Total 0
In Progress
vs Glace




Awaiting Refs

Awaiting Challengers

Active Squad:
Empress (Snivy) [F]
Item: None
Signature Move: Sassy Dance
(Ability: Overgrow)
A snobby little Snivy with a tendency to look down on her opponents, no matter how big they are. She dislikes getting herself dirty, but seems to enjoy battles, once she gets used to it, and as long as it isn't somewhere dirty...She seems to get along well enough with Volcana. She enjoys surprising her opponent's with different tactics (Aerial Ace, anyone?)

Embraea (Larvesta) [F]
Item: None
(Ability: Flame Body)
Volcana is a sweet little bug, who enjoys being spoiled by SSN. She does, however have a serious side that shows in battle. Her favourite move is Flame Wheel.

Kalona (Buizel) [M]
Item: None
(Ability: Swift Swim)
Kalona is laid back. He tries to make a joke out of everything, even in battle, mostly to distract his opponent. He favours the Razor Wind move.

Female Venonat
Female Kitora
Female Sabitten

My Arenas

3vs3 single
Style: Switch
DQ: Standard week
Damage Cap: 30%
Banned Moves: OHKO's, chills limited to 5/pokémon, direct healing moves limited to 3/pokemon.
Arena: Standard Pokemon Stadium

A normal, run of the mill stadium (with retractable roof, allowing for Weather moves), with stands for spectators and all. Its mostly made out of marble, however, and is extremely prone to damage from Area attacks, like Earthquake.
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I still haven't made a profile but now I haven't


Snivy[Smugleaf] Snivy (Male)

He will always scoff at you. No matter who or what you are. EVEN A GROUDON WILL BE SCOFFED AT

Growlithe[RK-9] Growlithe(Male, Intimidate)

A pretty great bro, bros bros and doesn't afraid of bro

Venipede[Bugophobia] Venipede (Male, Poison Point)

A venipede caught in honor of a bro I know.

Pawniard[NinJAD] Pawniard (Male, Inner Focus)

Will ninja anything possible to be ninja'd. Prefers the name "JAD"

PC: None D:

Areas: None
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Joltik x ∞
Murkrow, Super Luck

also: rare candies, moon stones, lucky eggs, soothe bells
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Transmission Loading... Loading... Fixing this and that...​
Username: Glace​

Transmission Loaded.​
Password: ********​

Glace's ASB Profile

The Raspberry Heaven's Active Squadron

[Suijin] Squirtle ♂
Ability : Torrent
Item : Water Stone
EXP : 1/2
Calm and friendly, he is. Loves to swim in rivers and prefers spicy food. He can withstand wasabe.

[Hunt] Shinx ♂
Ability : Intimidate
Item : Razor Claw
EXP : 0/2
Usually prefers to be isolated, though at times he can be hostile to those he has never made an acquaintance to.

[Ice Queen] Snorunt ♀
Ability : Inner Focus
Item : None
EXP : 0/5
A shy, timid Pokemon who is actually quite mischievous despite her innocent appearance. She prefers to be treated as royalty.

[Flaress] Vulpix ♀
Ability : Flash Fire
Item : None
EXP : 1/0
She is extremely sophisticated and dislikes those who act immature. The Vulpix and Good Sir spend much time discussing serious matters.

[Good Sir] Ralts ♂
Ability : Synchronize
Item : None
EXP : 2/3
Sig. Move : Da Lecture
Like Flaress, he is extremely sophisticated and dislikes loquacious beings. Good Sir prefers solitude when thinking thoroughly about certain disputes.

[Officer] Stunfisk ♂
Ability : Limber
Item : None
EXP : 0/0
Sig. Attribute : Unreal Citations
Sig. Move : Strike Three
This guy knows every corner of the law. He will not hesitate to give someone a makeshift citation until they obey the law.

[System34] Porygon ⚪
Ability : Download
Item : None
EXP : 0/0
System34 reprograms itself everyday, causing it to attain a different personality daily. This is known to get on others' nerves.

There are no Stored Pokemon in the PC.


Razor-claw : Razor Claw
Water-stone : Water Stone

Balance of Money

Battle Database​

Referee Rank : Novice
Reffed Battles : Darksong vs. Mai, Zapi vs. Conrad

Battle Record

vs. Sweet Silver Nightmare : DQ Win
vs. RespectTheBlade : Loss
vs. Mawile : Loss

Battles in Progress

vs. Mai

My Arenas

3v3 Single Battle
Style: Set
DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 40%
OHKO's, any moves causing mass destruction, water, electric, ground moves over 80 Power (To keep malfunctions from occurring), and healing moves are banned (3 Chills/Pokemon)
Arena: Pinball Field

Your classic Pinball game you'd find in an old arcade. Pokemon cannot break through the plastic ceiling, and trainers stand outside of the machine ordering their commands, assuming the Pokemon are able to hear them clearly.

At the start of each round, a pinball is launched and has a 10% chance of hitting either Pokemon, though if it does not, the pinball travels through the "flippers," not having any other effect. If a Pokemon is hit, the strike deals 5% Typeless Damage, and there is a 10% chance that Pokemon will flinch.

Pokemon are able to use the parts of the machine to their advantage (i.e. bouncing off a bumper) to increase the power *of any physical attack by 1-2%, the choice belonging to the referee. The referee may also decide whether the action would truly power up an attack.

There is a 3% chance of a Pokemon getting a bonus each round, enhancing a random stat by 1. The maximum amount of bonuses that can be earned by one Pokemon is 2.*

Additionally, any time a Pokemon defeats another, a bonus is awarded to them, having the same effect as said above. Max. amount of bonuses is the same.

Other: Pokemon cannot be returned, as the plastic has been somehow charmed by my wonderful Gardevoir to repel any return beam from a Poke Ball. This means that Teleporting outside of the machine will fail as well.*
It's also flame-retardant, so all fire moves can be withstanded.*
The Weather moves Rain Dance and Hail cannot be performed, as the covering will deflect them. Sunny Day can, however, due to it shining through. This means that moves involving the sky will not be able to be performed.*
Usable Ground attacks will have minimal effect, usually dealing 1/4 their usual damage due to the lack of actual ground.
Moves that may cause mass destruction include Explosion, Selfdestruct, and strong attacks of the typings of water, electric, and ground (Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Thunder, etc.) are banned.
The referee watches the battle on the bonus board.

Logging Off...​

*Click* *Click*​
Shutting Down...​
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> booting up...
> accessing profile
> loading Pokémon data
> reticulating splines
> please wait...

Meowth's ASB Profile

originally from England, Zoroark now resides in Asber, where he is employed as an elite referee and runs a game corner. About 5'9" tall, he has short, slightly messy, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and rectangular glasses. His favourite Pokémon include Meowth, Lucario, Alakazam, Zoroark, Weavile, Scrafty, Blaziken and Floatzel, and his first Pokémon in Asber were Felix, Nikolai and Megumi. His favourite type is Dark, followed by Fire, Psychic and Dragon.

Ɵ Pokémon

Felix Yusupov ♂
Ability: Pickup
named after an insanely rich Russian nobleman who organised the assassination of Rasputin.

Megumi Kitaniji ♂
Ability: Inner Focus
"now, Player, we play for keeps."
Move Mod: Me Time Is Free Time
named after one of the major villains from The World Ends With You.
Theme Music: The World Ends With You- Déjà Vu

Nikolai ♂
Ability: Synchronise
"ah, my lovely witches!~".
Body Mod: Hyperinquisitiveness
named after a playable character from Luminous Arc.

Tommy Wiseau ♂
Ability: Illusion
named after Tommy Wiseau of The Room fame, the greatest actor in the world.

Gimme Cat ♂
Ability: Limber
"meow! I'm mad!!".
named after an enemy from Final Fantasy IX, a cat who tricks the player into giving it valuable items and then runs away.
Theme Music: Final Fantasy IX - Battle Theme

Hindenburg ♂
Ability: Aftermath
a class of zeppelin airship made in the 1930s.

Ability: Download
Move Mod: Download Freeware
a unit of data equivalent to a billion gigabytes.

Lutra ♂
Ability: Swift Swim
Lutra Lutra, the European otter.

Aeris Gainsborough ♀
Ability: Static
"you're so cute, Miss Cloud."
named after Aeris Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII.

Jenkem ♂
Ability: Levitate
Body Mod: Psychedelic Smog
jenkem is a fictional hallucinogenic drug from Internet hoaxes and media outcries, made by fermenting human sewage for months and then inhaling the fumes.

Vosseledone ♂
Ability: Sniper
I... don't even know what this stupid name is. A genus of octopus maybe. I just wanted to name the damn thing something :B

Schist ♂
Ability: Solid Rock
some variety of rock.

Seto Kaiba ♂
Ability: Pickup
antihero in the YuGiOh! anime who is very snooty and rich. This is turned up to eleven in the parody series, YuGiOh!: The Abridged Series.

Cloud Strife ♂
Ability: Trace
Body Mod: Buster Sword
named after the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, who weilds a ridiculously oversized sword.
Theme Music: Final Fantasy VII - Boss Theme

Freya Crescent ♀
"to be forgotten is worse than death."
Ability: Sand Veil
named after Freya Crescent from Final Fantasy IX, member of a rodent-like race called the Burmecians.
Theme Music: Final Fantasy IX: Freya's Theme

Charlotte ♀
Ability: Insomnia
as in the book Charlotte's Web. Which I haven't ever read in my life. I just needed a name for my spider. :V

Phoenix Wright ♂
Ability: Blaze
has evidence to back up his points. But by "evidence" I mean fireballs.
protagonist of the first three Ace Attorney games.

Theme Music: Won the Lawsuit! - The Victory Does Not End

Miles Edgeworth ♂
Ability: Tangled Feet
"I was hoping to come up with a question while I was objecting, Your Honor... I didn't".
prosecutor in the first Ace Attorney game, central character in the next two, and protagonist of the most recent and next-coming. He wears a cravat that looks like Pidgey's chest feathers a bit :3
Theme Music: Solution! - Splendid Deduction

Franziska von Karma ♀
Ability: Intimidate
will not stand for your foolish foolery.
another prosecutor from the Ace Attorney series, who has a whip that she likes to use on anyone whose foolery she will not tolerate.

Theme Music: Great Revival - Franziska von Karma

Manfred von Karma ♂
Ability: Levitate
yet another prosecutor. Father of Franziska, and Miles Edgeworth's mentor. Incredibly underhand, sinister, and menacing, like a Gengar. also dead.
Theme Music: Court - Guardians of the Law


Godot ♂
Ability: Intimidate
"The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over".
Body Mod: Funky Eyegear
OH WAIT ANOTHER PROSECUTOR. Not sure why he's a Shinx tbh :v
Theme Music: Godot - The Fragrance of Dark Coffee


Kay Faraday ♀
Ability: Inner Focus
"you can call me Kay, 'kay?".
Move Mod: Great Truth Burglar
named after Kay Faraday from Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, a self-proclaimed master thief who only steals to expose criminals and stuff.
Theme Music: Kay Faraday - The Great Truth Burglar (with lyrics)


Ema Skye ♀
Ability: Adaptability
will claw your face off. Scientifically.
the assistant from the final case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
Theme Music: Ema Skye - Turnabout Sisters Theme 2005

Detective Gumshoe ♂
Ability: Pickup
bumbling yet lovable detective from the Ace Attorney series.
Theme Music: Detective Gumshoe - I Can Do It When It Counts, Pal!

Jean Armstrong♀
Ability: Serene Grace
creepily androgynous French chef from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- Trials and Tribulations.
Theme Music: Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations - Trés Bien

Apollo Justice ♂
Ability: Swarm
protagonist of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. His fringe looks a little like the Ledyba line's antennae.
Theme Music: Won the Lawsuit! - Our Victory

Quercus Alba ♂
Ability: Chlorophyll
main antagonist of Ace Attorney Investigations who looks alarmingly like a Shiftry.
Theme Music: Quercus Alba - The Enemy Who Surpasses the Law

Shi-Long Lang ♂
Ability: Quick Feet
Lang Zi Says: fuck it imma bite you
Move Mod: Lang Zi Says
Interpol agent from Ace Attorney Investigations. Overly obsessed with what Lang Zi said.
Theme Music: Shi-Long Lang - Speak Up, Pup!

Sho Minamimoto ♂
Ability: Pressure
"any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon".
a main antagonist in The World Ends With You. Obsessed with mathematics and has an alternate form that looks like a lion.

Theme Music: Someday (The World Ends With You)

Neku Sakuraba ♂
Ability: Adaptability
"and now here you are, a Crayon Warrior".
protagonist of The World Ends With You. Somewhat dark and emo, but eventually learns to open up.
Theme Music: The World Ends With You - Twister

Yoshiya Kiryu ♂
Ability: Trace
"but Neku, I thought you couldn't afford to lose? Give up on yourself, and you give up on the world".
partner character from The World Ends With You.
Theme Music: The World Ends With You - Calling

Shiki Misaki ♀
Ability: Cute Charm
"Pants. Off. NOW!".
partner character from The World Ends With You.
Theme Music: The World Ends With You - Long Dream

Beat ♂
Ability: Rock Head
"hook me up wid sum curry, yo"
central character in The World Ends With You who is cery thick-headed and has a skull on the front of his cap.

Theme Music: The World Ends With You - Transformation

Little Mac ♂
Ability: Guts
main character of Punch-Out!!.
Theme Music: Punch-Out!! Wii Theme

Mr Sandman ♂
Ability: Insomnia
"tell yo' FACE to leave mah fists alone".
Move Mod: Dreamland Express
Body Mod: WVBA World Champion
final opponent in Punch-Out!! Wii, and next-to-last in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!. His gimmick is putting people "to sleep" by punching them.
Theme Music: Punch-Out!! - Mr Sandman's Theme

Soda Popinski ♂
Ability: Anger Point
"I drink to prepare for a fight. Tonight I am very prepared!".
Move Mod: Za Moyo Zdorovye!
Russian opponent from the Punch-Out!! series. Originally known as "Vodka Drunkenski", but due to alcohol censorship and offending the Russkies he was changed to Soda Popinski. So he gets smashed on soda. Yup.
Theme Music: Punch-Out!! - Soda Popinski's Theme

Great Tiger ♂
Ability: Pure Power
"is bache ko bolo ki apni maa ka dudh peeke ayee!".
Indian opponent from Punch-Out!!. Wears a turban, which Meditite's head looks like.

Theme Music: Punch-Out!! - Great Tiger's Theme

King Hippo ♂
Ability: Pickup
Enormous fighter from Punch-Out!! who eats a lot.
Theme Music: Punch-Out!! - King Hippo's Theme

Aran Ryan ♂
Ability: Moxie
"yeh've probably got cheeseburgers in those gloves, have yeh, Mac?".
Irish opponent from Punch-Out!! Wii. Fights very dirty.
Theme Music: Punch-Out!! - Aran Ryan's Theme

Cecil Harvey ♂
Ability: Poison Point
named after the protagonist of Final Fantasy IV.
Theme Music: Final Fantasy IV - Battle Theme

Cruithne ♀
Ability: Levitate
"but which moon are we talkin' about?".
3753 Cruithne, a Near Earth Asteroid mistakenly thought to be Earth's second moon.

Quoth ♂
Ability: Super Luck
quoth the raven: "nevermore".


Faris Scherwiz ♀
Ability: Pickup
Body Mod: Gender Cloak
a player character from Final Fantasy V. She are pirate.

Syldra ♀
Ability: Intimidate
a sea monster from Final Fantasy V who is Faris' childhood friend.


Ability: Clear Body
an alloy of silver and gold, the Beldum line's shiny colours.

The Sugar Puffs Monster ♂
Ability: Static
mascot of Sugar Puffs cereal, who bears a striking resemblance to Electivire.

Longcat ♂
Ability: Keen Eye
is looooong.

Axel ♂
Ability: Blaze
"got it MEMORISED?"
member of Organisation XIII from Kingdom Hearts II, who controls fire.

Theme Music: Kingdom Hearts II - Thirteenth Struggle

Gelert ♂
Ability: Early Bird
dog from an old Welsh legend about a king who returned home to find his dog soaked in blood and his son missing, and killed the dog believing it to have killed his son. He then heard the boy crying, and discovered him alive and well next to the corpse of a wolf the dog had saved him from.

Bahamut ♂
Ability: Anger Point
regular summon from the Final Fantasy series, known as the king of dragons.

Alodea ♂
Ability: Poison Point
a genus of plants I saw in a Biology textbook once and liked the sound of.

Simon Belmont ♂
Ability: Inner Focus
protagonist of Castlevania.
Theme Music: Super Castlevania IV - Simon's Theme

Ramblin' Evil Mushroom ♂
Ability: Effect Spore
mushroomoid enemy from EarthBound.
Theme Music: EarthBound - Battle Against a Mobile Opponent

Mr Saturn ♂
Ability: Sand Veil
"ZOom BOiNG DinG".
race of creatures in the Mother series who are basically tiny heads with whiskers and feet.

Theme Music: EarthBound - Hi Hi Hi (Saturn Valley)

Mr Batty ♂
Ability: Unaware
batlike enemy from Mother 3.
Theme Music: MOTHER 3 - Mr Batty Twist

Snacker ♂
Ability: Rough Skin
shark from Banjo-Kazooie.
Theme Music: Banjo-Kazooie: Rusty Bucket Bay

Boggy ♂
Ability: Snow Cloak
polar bear from the snow level of Banjo-Kazooie.
Theme Music: Banjo-Kazooie - Freezeezy Peak

Fireheart ♂
Ability: Adaptability
fights well for a kittypet.
main character of the Warrior Cats books. The ones I've read anyway.

Lionheart ♂
Ability: Adaptability
deputy of ThunderClan from the first few chapters of Into The Wild.

Bluestar ♀
Ability: Adaptability
leader of ThunderClan in the first five Warrior Cats books.

Spottedleaf ♀
Ability: Adaptability
medicine cat of ThunderClan in the first Warrior Cats book.

Runningnose ♀
Ability: Adaptability
medicine cat of ShadowClan. Even though he can't cure his own cold.

Skops ♂
Ability: Sniper
boss of the fifth world in Rayman, the best game ever made.

Theme Music: Rayman - Skops is Going to be Sorry

Mr Creosote ♂
Ability: Liquid Ooze
character from a sketch in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life who eats until he explodes. It's better than it sounds.

L'espirit D'escalier ♂
Ability: Own Tempo
Body Mod: Presque Vu
French for "staircase wit", the phrase for those times when you think of a witty response to someone but only after the conversation is over and everyone's left.

Moar Krabs ♂
Ability: Shell Armour
a YouTube fad involving Mr Krabs in a weird pose, flipping and distorting to the tune of "Gentle Breeze" from Trauma Centre: Under The Knife 2.

Theme Music: Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 - Gentle Breeze

Shellder ♂
Ability: Skill Link
named after Shellder, the Pokémon that it is. ...well okay I havent thought of a name for it yet.

Kabuto ♂
Ability: Swift Swim
see above. But replace "Shellder" with "Kabuto".

Nostalgia Critic ♂
Ability: Pressure
"hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't have to".
one of That Guy With The Glasses' characters in a show where he reviews old TV shows and movies. Usually awful ones.

Snivy ♂
Ability: Overgrow
yeah, no name for this either.

Oshawott ♂
Ability: Torrent
or this.

Notch ♂
Ability: Sand Force
Internet alias of Markus Alexej Persson, creator of Minecraft, the other greatest game ever made.
Theme Music: Minecraft Everyday

Ability: Hustle

Yami ♂
Ability: Mummy
Japanese for "darkness" or something. And looks like "Yamask". Yeah I suck at nicknames.

Ace Denchura ♂
Ability: Compoundeyes
pet detective

Quina Quen ♀
Ability: Own Tempo
"I do what I want. You have problem?".
a playable character from Final Fantasy IX with a long, hanging-out tongue who likes to eat strange things.
Theme Music: Final Fantasy IX - Quina's Theme

Raocow ♂
Ability: Own Tempo
"oh man, that sure was a thing".
named after an incredibly eccentric French-Canadian LPer. Seriously look him up on YouTube, cat planet cat planet.
Theme Music: Raocow's Sand Canyon

Ability: Iron Fist
אמת (emet), Hebrew for "truth", is the word that must be written on a golem's head to animate it. Removing the א turns it into מת (met), meaning "death", and deactivates it.

Pinky ♂
Ability: Keen Eye
gee Bwain, wot d'you wonna do t'night?
Theme Music: Pinky and the Brain Theme

The Brain ♂
Ability: Guts
the same thing we do every night, Pinky; try to take over the world.
Theme Music: Pinky and the Brain Theme
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The Doctor's Quarters​

Active Squad

[Baseskor (Bass-esqe-score)] Trapinch
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Experience: 0/4 to Vibrava
Notes: "You has food?"

Approval Here

[Rift] Gengar (F)
Ability: Levitate
Experience: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-
Notes: *Evil Laughter*

Approval Here.~~~
Trade evolution.

[Rage Against the Machine] Bronzong (X)
Experience: 1-2-3-4-5
"Metronome makes me cry". A gift from Togetic the eggcelent.
Approval Here.

[Carrie] Quilava (F)
Experience: 1-2
"mmm...popcorn!" A gift from Shadow Serenity the swift.
Approval here.

[Slayer] Larvitar (M)
Experience: 1-2-
"I'MMA FIRIN' MEH LAZEH!" A gift from Metallica Fanboy...the...um...inspiring?
Approval here.

[Spectre] Snorunt (F)
<Inner Focus> @Dawn Stone
"I'm an Italian submachine gun, hell yeah."
Approval here.


[Basilisk] Seviper (M)
<Shed Skin>
"oh whatever." A gift from Kratos the wealthy.
Approval Here.

[Furry] Zigzagoon (F)
"my name gets changed too much." A gift from Kam of the round table.
Approval here.

[Ascalon] Beldum (X)
<Clear Body>
Experience: 1-2-3
Approval Here.


-Dawn Stone *Equipped to Spectre
-Free card flip voucher



[Nipper] Carvanha
Ability: Rough Skin
Experience: 0/2 to Sharpedo.
"Touch me and you die."

Approval Here

[Pervy Bunny] Buneary (F)
<Run Away>
"just waittil I evolve...I WILL BE FAMOUS!" A gift from Patar the destroyer.
Approval here.


[Cliff] Aron
Ability: Rock Head
Experience: 0/4 to Lairon.

Approval Here


[Nightstalker] Scyther
Ability: Swarm
Experience: 0/1 + Metal Coat to Scizor.
Notes: "I dun like doctors."
Approval Here

[Alnwick] Magikarp (M)
<Swift Swim>
Experience: None.
"I'm awesome." Approval Here.


Vs Superbird

2 Wins |1 Losses (Dammit)|0 Draws

Vs. Sage Noctowl Vs. Full Metal Cookies Vs. moon-panther

vs. Alraunne

Vs. Kam

Wins by DQ

vs. X-Scissor.

Money: $10​
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Info: Hi, I'm Ammpharos. In real life I'm Cory, a small, whiny 16-year-old who enjoys watching sports and doing any thing that has to do with the Fine Arts. Playing Instruments, Acting, Singing (not dancing though, no co-ordination right here), I'm in for all. I'm also from Canada, and proud of it.

The old me was Heavy Lobster. He was a smaller, whinier version of me. But that was the old, and this is the new.

NOTE: This is updated faster than my Personal Profile's ASB info, so some of this is not quite official but will be in a short while

The Active Crew

(Caber) Gurdurr [M] <Sheer Force>
Current Battles: 1 Completed Battles: 1 2
Name Origin: The Caber Toss, an event at the Highland Games. It involves throwing a giant wood pole

(Hohner) Chingling [M] <Levitate>
Current Battles: 1 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: The type of Harmonica used for the first rendition of Jingle Bells (which was also the first song sung/played) in space

(Romero Diazi) Buneary [M] <Run Away>
Current Battles: 1 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: The Genus of rabbits, Romerolagus, and a species of the Genus, R. diazi, also known as the Volcano Rabbit. I think this is the best nickname I have right now

(Preveza) Horsea [F] <Sniper>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: The Greek city of Preveza, whose football club's insignia features a seahorse

(Dopplegäng'd) Flaaffy [M] <Static>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: He thinks he's me. I find it flattering

(Constantine) Prinplup [M] <Torrent>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: There were many emperors named Constantine, though he is specifically named after Constantine "the Great", founder of Constantinople. This is of course referencing that he will soon be an emperor penguin


(Zorrilla) Alrunnik [F] <Stench>
Current Battles: 1 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: Feminized version of "Zorrillo", another name for the western spotted skunk, which means little fox in Spanish


(Gemini) Klink [X] <Minus>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: It means double or something. As a Klink is two distinct things, it makes sense
Signature Attribute: Engineered Rivalry

Unbeknownst to many, industrial products such as bolts, beams, and gears are not all manufactured by the same company. In reality, the industrial business is a lot like any other, with different companies fighting over their buyers, though they do not often use advertising. The hardest part about purchasing something from these companies is that it is often very difficult to distinguish two different iron beam from each other.

Sadly, such a fate happened to affect Gemini. Before becoming a Klink, "minigears" are assigned their partners for life, literally repelling all others until they find their twin. In this case however, the two minigears chosen to become Gemini were actually manufactured half way around the world from each other. The first gear, the classic blue-nosed specimen was created right in Unova. While the alternate pink-nosed design was created all the way in the far-off region of Orre. These two were still destined for each other though, and as such they finally did connect.

While together they are known as Gemini, they are so different that they have adapted different names for each other. The blue-nosed gear is Castor, and the pink-nosed is known as Pollux. These names are derived from Greek and Roman myth, where Castor and Pollux were twins known as "the Gemini". While in mythology the two twins had few differences, these twins are polar opposites. Castor is the strong-willed, rule-obeying, battle-hungry minigear that assumes the top position, while Pollux is a snarky, witty, lazy, and relatively anti-battle minigear who rests at the bottom of the Klink.

Because of their differences, Castor and Pollux have always argued. Castor is usually focused enough in battle to resist the urge, but sometimes his counter-part just drives him up the bloody wall. Because of this, there is a small chance every action that the two will waste their time arguing instead of acting. If they are ordered to Chill however, they have no chance of arguing for the next three actions.

However, there are advantages to being manufactured diffferently. The most prominent is that each minigear was made to excel in a certain aspect of attacking. Castor is all about brute force, while Pollux prefers to enforce more tactical strategies (when he actually decides to battle). Therefore, each Klink can sacrifice a bit more energy when using a direct-damaging attack to either increase its power or increase the chances of a secondary effect activating.

Effects: Gemini's two minigears, Castor and Pollux, were manufactured in different places. Because of their differences, there is a 5% chance each action that the two will not perform their action and instead argue. However, if they Chill, the effect disappears for the next three actions. Castor, being built to increase damage, can be ordered to increase the BP of a direct-damaging move by 10. Pollux, being made to utilize secondary effects, can multiply the chances of a secondary effect occurring by 1.5 when a direct-damaging attack is performed. Only one effect can be performed at once, and each effect can only be ordered once per round. To use the effects, Gemini will use 1.5x the energy normally used to perform the attack.

(Magni) Feebas [F] <Swift Swim>
Current Battles: 1 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: Short for "Magnificent".

(Little Ball of Awesome) Cottonee [F] <Prankster>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: So one can sing the "Little Shop of Horrors" theme to her name!
Christmas Gift from Lord of the Fireflies

The Reserve Crew

(Fubuki) Lapras [F] <Water Absorb>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: Ask blazhy for that. This was one of her generous gifts, and I liked the name, so I kept it
Christmas Gift from blazheirio889

(Pyrrho) Scizor [M] <Technician>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: A shortened form of Pyrrhocorid, a type of bug also known as a "red bug"

(Sefer) Golett [X] <Iron Fist>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: The Sefer Yetzirah, a Jewish book that makes some mention of Golems


(Paraná) Alomomola [F] <Levitate>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: The Paraná River in Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina that houses the Black Ghost Knifefish, which sounds a lot like her based on her signature attribute
Signature Attribute: A Ghostly Past

As a young Alomomola, Paraná did not see all of the allure of helping those in need. While all of her friends would go off on their “healing classes”, Paraná would travel off towards the local Frillish Colony. Here she learned the ways of the ghost fish, and the culture of the Frillish. Though she could not phase through things, or have connections with the dead, she appreciated the culture of the Frillish much more than her own. Thus, it was to her horror when her colony, after being attacked by a rampaging Gyarados, had been decimated in one of her absences, and there was nothing she could do. She watched as her friends and family died around her, not knowing powerful enough healing techniques. Unable to live with the shame of being an Almomola that could not heal, she left her ravaged colony to look for a new life.

Paraná drifted through the vast oceans for weeks, falling into hysterical hallucinations caused by pain of loss, hunger, and loneliness. After over a month of this, poor Paraná came upon a beach, and she lay there in the cold sand, wanting to die. If not for Sefer the Golett finding her mere hours later, she would have passed away like the rest of her colony. Sefer dragged Paraná to Denryu, his trainer, and they debated what to do with this poor specimen. At this point the Alomomola opened her eyes, and she saw the Golett, and knew she had a new plan of action. Paraná had always felt more intone with ghost-types, and now she wished to become one.

She spoke with Sefer, and the emotionless golem agreed to the seemingly impossible task. The two performed what at best could be called experiments, transferring ghost-type energy in to Paraná. It was a horribly painful experience, but the Almomola lived through it. After working for over a day straight, Paraná had become what she always dreamed of being, a ghost-type. Really all that had changed on the outside was the fact that she was now a dark purple colour, and her eyes a blood red. But on the inside she felt like an entirely new person. She could harness new moves, have connections with the dead of her colony (albeit small ones), and even float above the ground if she tried hard enough. All in all, Paraná finally felt that she had a reason to live.

Effect: Paraná is Ghost and Water-type. She also has the ability Levitate, but as this is not her natural ability she loses 2% energy/round. This means she can battle on arenas that would not normally support Water-Pokemon that cannot manoeuvre on land. The experiments that were done on her by Sefer weakened her slightly mentally (as did the time floating at sea), so she will start the battle with –1 Sp. Def. However, because she is now Ghost-type, she gains +1 Sp. Atk to start the battle, as Ghost-types are formidable in that stat category. She also went through the following move changes.

Lost Moves: Aqua Ring, Heal Pulse, Psychic, Helping Hand, Return, Healing Wish, Aqua Jet, Wake-Up Slap, and Mirror Coat

Gained Moves: Hex, Ominous Wind, Shadow Sneak, Curse, Dream Eater, Nightmare, and Hypnosis

Signature Move: Oceanic Séance

As a ghost-type, Paraná gains the use of moves she would not normally have access to, and loses some from her arsenal. But as Paraná became a ghost-type through unconventional ways, she has learned a quite unconventional move. After becoming a ghost-type, Paraná began to realize that she had formed a sort of makeshift connection with the dead. More specifically, those who died in the vicious rampage in her colony.

When Paraná performs Oceanic Séance she closes her eyes and begins to chant some ancient hymn in the Frillish language. These words begin a connection with one of her dead comrades, and when she opens her eyes after finishing the chant, she will see a hazy projection of whomever she summoned up, while her opponent will just see a pink haze beside Paraná. As Paraná is not a full-fledged ghost-type, she has no control over who will be summoned. Each Almomola along with there effect on Paraná is listed below.

Vitez – Vitez is Paraná’s father, a fierce knight in the Alomomola infantry. When Vitez is summoned Paraná feels encouraged, and will begin to attack more ferociously in her father’s honour, giving her a +2 Attack stat boost.

Briga – As Paraná’s mother, Briga is overly protective and will never be at peace unless her daughter remembers to be defensive in battle. Thus when she is summoned Prijetnja gets a +2 Defense stat boost.

Gore – Gore is Paraná’s older brother, and a menace of one. As children Gore would chase his sister around their cave indefinitely. Thusly, seeing him gives Paraná a +2 Speed stat boost.

Malo – Malo is Paraná’s relatively whiny little sister. While Gore would chase Paraná, Paraná would return the favour on her younger sibling. However, Malo was much more evasive, and thus the memory of this will give Prijetnja a +1 Evasiveness boost.

Šaman – The main healer of Paraná's colony was the mysterious Šaman, a claimed fortuneteller who was amazingly good with medicine. As a very spiritual person himself, when he is contacted Šaman will cure Paraná of one status ailment that she is suffering from.

Ljubav – Ljubav was Paraná's one time boyfriend in the colony. Apparently this relationship was the result of a lot of luck, so when Paraná sees the poor soul she will remember how luck is sometimes in her favour, and will have her critical hit rate increased by 1.

Ghost-type / Self targeting / 7% energy / Indefinite duration

Effect: Prijetnja randomly summons one of her dead friends or family members, and they give her one of the stat boosts or other support that is listed above. The family member remains in contact with her until she uses the attack again, or her concentration is severely disrupted, in which the effect of the summoned Alomomola disappears.

Usage Gap: 2 Rounds

(Anatina) Golduck [F] <Cloud Nine>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 1 2
Name Origin: A female form of anatinus, the scientific name for the platypus

(Eileen) Wailmer [F] <Oblivious>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: A name that looks and sounds sort of like baleen :/

(Iron Tooth) Axew [M] <Rivalry>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: Well, when he is a Haxorus he'll have axes for tusks. This made me thing of axes from Minecraft, then iron axes, etc. Essentially, my mind went off in a crazy direction and I came up with this relatively OK name
Signature Move: Elemental Bane

Being a Dragon-type, Iron Tooth is particularly good at defending against the four types commonly referred to as "elemental": Water, Grass, Fire, and Electric. However, this Axew has never been the type to simply play defensively. No, Iron Tooth prefers to attack the opponent rather than let them slowly fade away. So Iron Tooth has developed a special technique that he believes will help him be a much more powerful Pokemon.

Iron Tooth charges forward at his opponent, mouth open wide. As he does this he harnesses a special kind of energy he found deep within his body. Energy that he normally uses to deflect against elemental attacks is reversed, and instead he uses this power to increase his own offensive ability. As he runs forward his tusks begin to grow a dark-purple colour, the shade usually used to categorize Dragon-type Pokemon. He strikes his opponent with his tusks, leaving a much larger mark on Elemental Pokemon.

However, as he is using energy that is usually defensive against such elemental Pokemon, he is able to adjust the power of the move based on how risky he wants to get with losing his defensive capabilities. The more powerful the attack, the longer he loses his resistance. This is regardless towards whether the attack misses or not. The table is below.

7% power: 1 action, 6% energy
9% power: 2 actions, 7% energy
11% power: 3 actions, 8% energy

Even though this attack is Dragon-type in its making, the attack is not conventional and thus other Dragon-types do not feel weak against this attack, actually resisting the attack quite effectively.

Dragon / Physical / 7%/9%/11% / 85% / Single / 6%/7%/8%
Effects: Iron Tooth strikes his opponent with his tusks using a special type of Dragon energy. This attack is considered super-effective against Electric, Water, Fire, and Grass-type Pokemon, while it is resisted by Dragon-type Pokemon. After this move is used Iron Tooth loses his resistance to elemental types for a certain amount of time, depending on the power of the attack.
Usage Gap: 2 rounds (6 actions)

(Iisa) Cubone [F] <Rock Head>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: NOT LISA, IISA! Nag-iisa, the Filipino word for "Lonely"

(Monsutābōra) Electrode [X] <Static>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: The Japanese Pokeball, feminized

(Knossos) Shellos [M] <Storm Drain>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: Another Greek area, the Knossos Palace, was an architectural feature in Crete. The palace was one of the first places to use storm drains

(Unesco) Sigilyph [M] <Magic Guard>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, of which the Nazca Lines (the basis for Sigilyph) are a world heritage site

(Bentley) Cryogonal [X] <Levitate>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley, one of the first people to photograph snowflakes, resulting in beautifully magnified pictures that have been collected in books
Birthday gift from bulbasaur

(Dēng Lóng Yú) Chinchou [M] <Illuminate>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: Chinese Chinchou
Birthday gift from Lord of The Fireflies

(Chelsae) Skorupi [F] <Sniper>
Current Battles: 1 Completed Battles: 1
Name Origin: A corruption of "Chelae", the correct term for arthropod claws, or pincers

(Hera) Heracross [F] <Guts>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: Hera, a Greek goddess. Yeah, it's really only because her name is in her name, if you see what I'm saying
AHBE Move: Mach Punch

(Deity) Bidoof [M] <Simple>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0

(Ra Viksmo) Darumaka [M] <Hustle>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: His previous owner,'s name, backwards, with a a space in the middle. Ra is also the Egyptian sun god
Obtained in a Black Market deal with The Omskivar

(Skar) Skarmory [M] <Keen Eye>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: Hmm, I wonder

(Elva) Ralts [F] <Synchronize>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: The Inheritance Cycle character who was "blessed" by the protagonist, and ended up being able to foresee any and all dangers
Christmas Gift from bulbasaur

(A Stoner) Dwebble [M] <Shell Armor>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: I would say for you to ask Blastoise, but I believe it's obvious enough
Christmas Gift from Blastoise Fortooate

(Jink) Murkrow [M] <Super Luck>
Current Battles: 0 Completed Battles: 0
Name Origin: Ask Neggy
Christmas Gift from Negrek


Soothe Bell (attached to Hohner)
Dragon Scale (attached to Preveza)
Lucky Egg (attached to Constantine)
Lucky Egg (attached to Zorrilla)
King's Rock (attached to Gemini)
Razor Claw (attached to Skar)
Black Belt (attached to Caber)
Petaya Berry (attached to Dopplegäng'd)
Prism Scale (attached to Magni)
Muscle Band (attached to Romero Diazi; Christmas Gift from blazheirio889)
Sun Stone (attached to Little Ball of Awesome)

Current Battles

VS Whirlpool
[11] VS bulbasaur
VS The Omskivar
VS Munchkin

Completed Battles

Overall Record: 6 - 2 - 0 - 1 - 0
Wins - Losses - Draws - DQ Wins - DQ Losses

VS ole_schooler VS Mawile (Win)
VS boss (DQ Win)
[11] VS Blastoise Fortooate (Win)
VS Lirris (Win)
[11] VS Grass King (Win)
VS bulbasaur (Loss)
VS Pathos (Loss)
VS Mai (Win)
VS Coroxn (Win)

Current Reffings

Coloursfall and Legendaryseeker99 VS DarkAura and Lord of the Fireflies

Completed Reffings

Gummy VS Steel Scyther (DQ)
ole_schooler VS Legendaryseeker99
BlackTitress VS Legos (DQ)
[11] RespectTheBlade VS Glace
Mawile VS Glace
sreservoir VS RK-10
Legendaryseeker99 VS sreservoir (Completed by blazheirio889)
Superbird VS Karkat Vantas (DQ)
Darksong VS Richie (DQ)

Awards and Nominations

Most Improved Battler
Biggest Upset
([11] VS Grass King)
Best Nickname (Dopplegäng'd)
Role in ASB Halloween Mafia 2011 (Fishing Brother with bulbasaur)​
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Might as well start one of these, though knowing myself I probably will fail to keep it updated. It's not required though so OH WELL.

About Me

Heyo, I'm Zapi! I'm a fourteen-year-old female nerd, and there isn't much else to say about me. That adorable little sprite above was made by JelloJolteon2000 of GTSPlus.net, by the way.

Active Squad of Awesome

Violet - Ivysaur (F)
Ability: Overgrow
Experience: 2/6
Item: None
Notes: Violet's friendly, bubbly, and eager-to-please personality masks a love for the dark and creepy. Ghosts, the undead, dark magic...she's very fascinated with that sort of thing. This leads her to follow Persephone - a real actual ghost! - around all the time. The Gastly doesn't seem to mind much, as the two are quickly becoming good friends.
Name Origin: A really old Ivysaur RP character of mine, whose personality I don't even remember.

Johanna - Axew (F)
Ability: Rivalry
Experience: 1/4
Item: None
Notes: Despite being a tiny Axew, Johanna believes that she can kick the ass of any other dragon - her size or not. She has even found a way to use her adorable looks to her advantage; by appearing weak and vulnerable, she can easily lure in her opponents and hit them hard when they're not expecting it. Jo is also a bit of a tomboy, and works better alongside male Pokémon than fellow females, due to having more respect for the former.
Name Origin: Johanna Mason from the Hunger Games series.

Wally - Ralts (M)
Ability: Synchronize
Experience: 2/3
Item: None
Notes: For a psychic-type, Wally...well, let's just say he isn't the brightest crayon in the box. He will often rush into things without thinking them through, which never ends well for him. To make up for his lack of intelligence, Wally is shown to have great physical capabilities for his species. He aspires to evolve into Gallade - or at least get his trainer to buy him some cool bionic parts - someday so he can better utilize these capabilities.
Name Origin: Wally Beetles, aka Numbuh Four, from Codename: Kids Next Door. Also could be a reference to Wally from R/S/E if you prefer.

Julian - Sentret (M)
Ability: Run Away
Experience: 0/3
Item: None
Notes: Julian is self-obsessed, in that he believes himself to be the rightful king of all the other Pokémon in Asber, or even in the world. He shows little to no empathy for others, as long as he comes out on top. However, he also can be a bit of a coward, and is quick to flee when the going gets tough.
Name Origin: King Julian, the ring-tailed lemur character from the movie "Madagascar".

Persephone - Gastly (F)
Ability: Levitate
Experience: 2/3
Item: None
Notes: Persephone has a rather dark sense of humor. She is amused when other Pokémon are injured, or if things don't go their way. Most others think she's mean and tend to stay away from her, but she swears it's all in good fun! She also has a secret love for flowers and flowery things, but the only other Pokémon that knows about this is her best friend, Violet the Ivysaur.
Name Origin: Greek goddess of spring and flowers, and queen of the Underworld.

Xapi - Pichu (F)
Ability: Static
Happiness: 0
Item: None
Notes: Xapi hold most humans, especially her own trainer, in high regards and aspires to be more like them. She has even taken on many of Zapi's interests out of admiration for her. Of course, she'd never even think about saying this aloud: Everyone is convinced that she thinks all humans are complete idiots, and that she only has the same hobbies as her trainer so she can prove she's better than her.
Name Origin: Basically, the name of an OC of mine. It would take way too long to explain how I got the name.

Demyx - Buizel (M)
Ability: Swift Swim
Experience: 0/3
Item: None
Notes: (Thanks so much to Denryu for this birthday gift!) Demyx is kind of a bumbling idiot and tends to screw up everything he does. On top of that, he's quite the coward and doesn't like fighting very much. That's okay, though - Zapi loves him to death anyway. The only thing he seems to be any good at is playing his sitar, although no one is entirely sure how he acquired it or learned to play it.
Name Origin: The character from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Vexen - Snorunt (M)
Ability: Ice Body
Experience: 0/5
Item: None
Notes: He's a scientist. Experiments are what he does, yes. Vexen treats life as if it were a "grand experiment" of sorts, and approaches every problem as a scientist would - by forming a hypothesis and a method of testing it. His actual scientific experiments usually end up being virtually useless, though. (This one was a birthday present from blazheirio889, thank you so much!)
Name Origin: Another Kingdom Hearts character.

Lexaeus - Larvitar (M)
Ability: Guts
Experience: 0/4
Item: None
Notes: Although he's one of Zapi's physically stronger Pokémon, Lex doesn't say a whole lot, leading most to assume he's unintelligent. As of yet, no one is able to confirm whether this is actually true or not. (B-day gift from Windyragon! Thank yous~)
Name Origin: Yet another character from Kingdom Hearts.

Mafia Terrorist - Oshawott (M)
Ability: Torrent
Experience: 1/2
Item: None
Notes: Thanks for this present, bulbasaur! I'll figure out a personality for him later, when I'm feeling less lazy.
Name Origin: A role in Mafia... that should be obvious enough.

Excalibur - Snivy (M)
Ability: Overgrow
Experience: 0/2
Item: None
Notes: Excalibur seems to be completely insane. He believes himself to be a "holy sword" with "the power to tear through space" or something like that. He immediately declares everyone he sees a "fool!", and jabs his cane (seriously, where are my Pokémon getting this stuff?!) right in their faces for good measure. Not even Zapi has the patience to put up with him, so he remains in her PC. For now.
Name Origin: The best Soul Eater character. One of my favorite fictional characters ever, in fact.

Nepeta - Meowth (F)
Ability: Technician
Experience: 0/3
Item: None
Notes: Nepeta is a shipper. In order to keep track of all her favorite pairings among Zapi's Pokémon, she has her own personal "shipping wall" where she draws all of her ships in chalk (again, no clue where she gets the stuff). Some of the others think she's adorable, but the grumpier ones are just annoyed by her presence. (birthday gift from Control of Dialga! thanks!)
Name Origin: One of the trolls from Homestuck.

Vriska - Joltik (F)
Ability: Compoundeyes
Experience: 0/4
Item: None
Notes: Vriska is a manipulative bitch, and is always meddling with others' lives in any way she can. To constrain her a bit, Zapi has chosen to keep her in the PC for the time being. Knowing the "spiderbitch", as some have nicknamed her, she'll probably manage to cause trouble even from there. (thanks so much to Quidam for this birthday present!)
Name Origin: Another Homestuck troll.

Xaldin - Spearow (M)
Ability: Keen Eye
Experience: 0/3
Item: None
Notes: Xaldin is very sadistic, finding happiness only in watching others suffer. He's quite mean and unpleasant to Zapi's other Pokémon, and they tend to avoid him, which is a good thing - Xal prefers to be left alone most of the time.
Name Origin: Yet another character from Kingdom Hearts! Dear Lord... I promise this is the last one. Or is it?!

Alfonso - Sandile (M)
Ability: Moxie
Experience: 0/3
Item: None
Notes: Al is incredibly lazy, preferring lounging around in the PC all day to actually participating in battles. He also has a huge appetite and a seemingly bottomless stomach, and will eat almost anything he can get his teeth into if he's hungry enough. (danke for the birthday gift, Mai!)
Name Origin: An alligator-based villager from the Animal Crossing series.

payapa-berry Payapa Berry (bday present from Blastoise Fortooate)
kings-rock King's Rock (i dont remember ever buying this but i looked in the birthday center and didn't see anyone getting it for me so...i don't really remember why i have this lol)

Wins (1) | Losses (1) | Draws (0) | In Progress (2)

vs. Conrad [link]

vs. Skyman [link]
vs. clearpikmin (win by DQ) [link]
vs. MysticMoon [link]

Stock Arenas

Simple Arenas
~Outdoor Field~
The battling, for the most part, takes place on a 'stage', which is simply a rectangular patch of sand in the middle of an open, grassy field. The 'stage' is large enough for medium-large Pokémon to easily maneuver and aim their attacks. At each of the four corners of the 'stage' are three medium-sized rocks usable for attacks such as Rock Tomb. The sand is soft enough to easily Dig through, as is the soil on the field surrounding it. There is also a pool in the center of the 'stage' for water-type Pokémon who need it.

Pokémon are free to move away from the 'stage' as they please, although they won't find anything but and endless, flat expanse of grass. Flying-types also have unlimited space in the air, since it is outdoors.

Advanced Arenas
None yet, though several are in the works.

CRAZY Arenas
None yet.

Feel free to use these arenas if you like.

I don't own any of these things yet -- this is just for gift and trade ideas.


R1: Taillow (M) <Guts> | Shinx (F) <Intimidate>
R2: Horsea (M) <Swift Swim> | Timburr (M) <Guts>
R3: Solosis (F) <Magic Guard> | Litwick (either gender) <any ability>
R4: Shellder (either gender) <Skill Link> | Trapinch (M) <Hyper Cutter> | Feebas (F) <Swift Swim> | Shuppet (M) <Insomnia> | Dwebble (M) <any ability> | Scraggy (M) <any ability>
R5: Machop (M) <No Guard> | Igglybuff (either gender) <Cute Charm> | Teddiursa (M) <Quick Feet>
R6: Golett (X) <Iron Fist>
R7: Absol (either gender) <any ability> | Deino (F) <Hustle>
R8: I don't expect anyone to actually get me anything from R8, but if you do, absolutely anything from it would be lovely!

Any pokémon from earlier generations is fine as well, these are just some of my favorites.

- Dawn Stone
- Damage influencing items for the types I have on my team
- Any kind of berry -- Colbur, Kasib, or Payapa would be preferred

To-Do List
- Make/request custom sprites for Violet, Wally, Julian, Excalibur, and Alfonso. Maybe Xapi and Demyx.
- Make some sig moves/attributes already, derp.
- Finish typing up the eight billion (okay more like four) arenas I've attempted to make.
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