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Should Pokemon Revisit Orre?


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Spliced shadow mons = NO. It would take too much effort to do such.

More effort than additionnal endings? XD Of course, by spliced shadow pokemon, I only meant that the shadow pokemon would be more than just having this purple aura, once it's purified, the body horror goes away. :I

Although I am all for actual wild pokemons instead of the pokéspots stuff. It was quite irritating when you forgot some pokésnacks in a spot and got told there's a wild pokemon waiting while you're busy doing something else like, you know, the non-stop Mt. Battle challenge. :c

Probably fishing too. Fishing's fun for getting pokes.
What if you played as a person who was trying to rebuild Cipher? Maybe cycle between him and a protagonist, and near the end of the game choose who you want to be. It might be hard to do convincingly, but if handled well it could be a very nice new feature, I think.
I don't think anything more morally grey than the Colosseum protagonist is going to pop up anytime soon. Not outside of Pokemon Special.
They were awesome, and I loved them. Actually, I probably have some fan fiction based off of a new one somewhere. A few years ago there was work on a fan version, though it didn't get very far ahead of the planning. However, we did come up with a great title: Rise of Shadows. Anyways, for a long time, I've had my own idea for a plot that's pretty dark:

Cipher has successfully taken over Orre, and the hero, now 15 or so, was only two when it happened. The land is pretty dark, with several Shadow Pokémon now running in the wild. The hero works for ONBS, and one day while returning from a delivery a bunch of people are gathered by the chasm that used to be the Under. They say they heard some weird voices down there, and he decides to go down and investigate with his Lvl. 10 Pokémon. (No idea what it should be yet, though not Eevee.) He uses a harness to climb down the way they do in rock climbing, and finds a ghostly girl and an Eevee. The girl explains that during the first Shadow Incident, she was a member of the Kids Grid, though worked more directly than they did. When Wes and Rui when they used a Time Flute at the Ancient Relic to purify the final Shadow Pokémon, some rogue members of Cipher who had followed them attacked Celebi, and in its panic it sent everyone to some other time. She had been in the cave when it happened, and instead of being sent to another time, she'd been changed into a ghost-like girl. After that she went to the Under and fell into a coma-like state, but had recently woke up to find everything had changed. Her Eevee had been in its Poké Ball when it had happened, and while it isn't ghostly, it hasn't aged a day and can't evolve anymore. She convinces him to help take down Cipher, and they form a resistance with some of her friends, now in their 30's, and a little boy who is wanted by Cipher for some unknown reason. They decide the hero will be the main battler because he can naturally see Shadow Pokémon, and he is given a disguise so Cipher won't know who he is. Throughout the game, they recruit new members to help, and try to figure out a way to fix the girl and purify Pokémon, since Cipher has successfully captured Celebi and plan to make it a Shadow Pokémon. In the end, Celebi is made into a Shadow Pokémon in Agate, but the little boy and the ghostly girl's Eevee appear, and reveal that a future Celebi had chosen them to save it by giving them special abilities that would help them purify it. However, to do this, they must both sacrifice themselves and large number of people. The citizens of Agate and several of the resistance members had agreed to sacrifice themselves years ago, and everyone in the town with a special marking dies. Celebi is purified and Cipher is disbanded, but at the cost of several lives, including several allies. In an epilogue the ghostly girl is shown to have been restored to normal by Celebi, and she explains that she was originally going to be among the sacrifices, but because she had been ghostly at the time, she wasn't. She is sad that she no longer has her Eevee to keep her company, and that her friends all sacrificed themselves, but is glad it's over.

...Yet another idea that would make a good fan fic. All of my posts seem to inspire one lately.

Anyways, there are programmers on here, right? Well, if you really want one with a darker plot, maybe if enough people volunteer, we could make our own 2-D version. We'd need programmers, spriters, people to write the script, music composers, and a lot of other stuff, but maybe we could make it work. I participated in a GSC remake project a couple years ago that went pretty far. I think the problem was that there weren't enough programmers to make it. There are good programmers on here, though, and definitely enough spriters, so maybe we could actually make it. Of course, just an idea, and I doubt many of you will take it seriously. Most of my ideas are like that.
Anything with 3-D visual pokemon training sounds good to me. Whether it is in Orre, I don't mind. Just more Collosseum goodness.
Personally, I want a challenge. I don't know about XD but Colosseum seemed harder and more strategic than the average Pokemon game to me and I thought that was a good idea. More epic music would be nice too.
Orre was among my favourite regions.

Especially Pyrite Town. So yes, definitely.
Yeah, XD was probably my second favorite Pokemon game, sometimes I think it was my favorite, and a lot of the reason was the region. I sort of wish there were actually routes in the game, but not exactly ones connecting the cities. I really liked the feel the game had though, so I hope that gets revisited somehow.
Why not have elements with XD in Black and White? Black, being the moralisticly darker protagonist and white the opposite. AWESOME!
I think it'd be tight. I liked the atmosphere of Colosseum and XD. Orre is a cool region overall.

Some changes... Well, they should work to make the game less linear. Some form of wild Pokemon would be good, and the Poke Spots were a good start. However, I think some cordoned off areas in-game where you can pay a bit or something to run into a (small) selection of wild Pokemon in the grass might be good. I.e., the Safari Zone.

Alternate endings where everything goes wrong just aren't Nintendo's style. But I think a few different ways to end wouldn't be bad.

Another way they might shake things up a little is somewhat randomizing the selection of shadow Pokemon the enemies use. Not a big pool or anything, just 3 or 4 different species.
All for it. If there's any way I may be able to help with the 2-D thing Eeveelution was talking about, than I will try..
I'd love it. They has something good with it, it's just that the way they put it out was a bit...rough.
I really liked Orre, and I'd like to see it again, but only if it was done right.

But I want you to know, the energy it took to resist selecting "I'm neutral" and making a Switzerland joke was immense.
Phenac and Agate were gorgeous, want more of it. CoXD were meh games outside the battling but the music <333
Oh man, I adored Colo/XD, and I still do; you bet I'd be willing to see another sequel, especially with the way the ending of XD was just sort of begging for a sequel in my opinion (Folly's growing uncertainty about living a life of crime, for one, and Ardos storming off after Greevil's defeated and that cute little sappy scene took place).
I lost interest in XD pretty quickly for a reason I don't remember. I loved Colo bigtime, though. I'd like to see another game in Orre, but at the same time I don't play consoles much anymore because I don't have my own room to play them in anymore... and if it were on a handheld it wouldn't be as pretty as I liked Colo for. So I dunno.
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