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The Black Market

Since Pwnemon is banned can we have his pokes

(What happens after this, out of curiosity? Does the sold pokémon/item remain in limbo until someone buys it, or do you just delete these and give the purchaser brand new ones? Doesn't matter much here because there's no EXP or anything, but what would happen if there was?)
I add the pokémon/item's info to the front post, then delete it from your account. I'll recreate them if someone buys them; if not, they're deleted in a month.
I'd like to sell Trade my

[Magikarp]Apollo 13[Female]
Swift Swim.

For I guess...I dont know, something suitable.

Oh, can I buy that Skeliiten for $12 (on the first page)
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I'd like to confirm it. I've got over $12, so might as well.
But I shall buy it.
so I have a Pichu that I'm never going to use.

<Static> (m)

he hasn't got any happiness. pokemon are good, money is better!
bugophobia (Female Venipede) <Poison Point>

7$ or another pokemon but I want 7$. :V
[Cré] The unknown Baltoy
Ability: Levitate

It has 3/4 experience, and I believe some coming in for a battle that is still going on, so evolution, soon, for anyone who wants it. I'll accept pokemon or money, but preferably a Heracross or another pokemon.
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