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The Black Market

Ah, that'd be cool :o I'm trying to save money for the gift exchange, so. Synchronize would be preferable.
Greaser Lala! If you'd like, I'd be willing to lend you just about anyone from my team to use in the tournament.

EDIT: Also blazhy if you want help by my squad to beat in Kratos' face that's cool too.
:0 Mai you are awesome. I don't suppose that you'd lend me Azuraine...? I know it's a lot to ask for and I feel like a greedy bastard OTL
Well, why would I offer up my team if I didn't want Azuraine to break things and get experience? Take him! (Unless Greaser Lala wants him too, in which case she only has eight pokemon and I'd feel a bit bad giving him to you.)
I'll wait for Greaser Lala, then. I mean I already have a team full of buff Pokemon. I just have the world's biggest weakness to rock-types, haha.
'twould be a waste to let my huge reserve of powerful Pokemons go to waste while I'm inactive, so I've decided to give back some Pokemon of mine to their original owners.

The Strand goes back to Byrus
Truflais and Cre go back to Zackrai
Koutus returns to Blastoise
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