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The Black Market

Azuraine the nidoking with outdated gender issues! :D If I updated his signature attribute I could probably get away with putting attract's accuracy back up to ~80%, but I've never actually used attract with him so. I'll continue to be lazy for a while I guess.

(He has, however, almost been attracted by a male something a while ago when he was represented by the sprite of a nidoran female.)

... I should feel bad about one of my favorite team members most likely hating me but I dooon't. Hm.
I have a rare candy that is of no use to me. Does anybody want to bid on it? What a stupid question these people treat experience points like Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry

Because clearly, dropping to $6 and then getting a refund on 15 Combees doesn't make me any more scared for my money.

...I really need to start reffing more.
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