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The "Fwee" Thread

after a terrible first day of rookie camp i quite enjoy marching band so far! the people are awesome, too :D
band camp next week :D
Been feeling something about a friend of mine, but I didn't know how to say it and I've been scared, but today I learned she feels the same way.

And I'm so happy and relieved.

Since we've become friends because of the internet, we can't exactly meet for a year or two, but God.

I feel so much happier
I'm very excited because after years of watching them happen in various cities all over the US, LeakyCon is finally coming to London and it is in ten days and I have a ticket ahhhhhh
Ohhh man if I'd known that adblocking the whole Youtube comments section makes everything so much better I would've done it sooner |D
Now I don't even accidentally have to look at all that bullshit on videos I like!

mmmmh yeah life is good
So, I'm trying to do something about the dead RP section.


Side note, just finished my first day at my new job. My legs hurt. I'm not sure when my shift starts tomorrow. But I feel good. Made some money.
New music is always a plus. Letting some STRFKR play while I fiddle diddle diddle around on the Internet. Also walked around downtown in a knight helmet my friend made and got a lot of pictures with random people, so that was fun.
By some miracle, my perfect boyfriend is online when it is 2:30 AM there and I am so happy now!!! :D Like so happy, like I am tearing up and he hasn't even replied yet! I am so happpppy!!!
Had an amazing time talking with my wonderful girlfriend ^_^ I can't wait until she gets her phone fixed! I shall be falling asleep with a smile upon my lips tonight, that I can guarantee the world :)
so i'm on vacation at the beach with my extended family. in this house there is a pinball machine. on the wall by the machine are plaques with the top five high scores since 2008. I figured that they probably reset the machine at the beginning of each year, then take the five scores in the scoreboard at the end of the year and put them on the plaques. so in other words we realized that if you can get your name on the scoreboard, it's gonna be on a plaque the next year.

so my cousins and i are playing. we're all struggling to do well in this game - it's an achievement when any one of us breaks 10mil points, which as i will reveal is not at all impressive. then my dad plays and in his first game gets 51mil. the lowest high score on the machine is 79mil.

so we're like "yeah uncle trent's definitely gonna get on the scoreboard by the week's end" except none of us expected it'd be /today/. he now has the fourth high score in the machine, 116mil, and it's only the second day we're here, so i have every reason to believe that if he plays again he may be able to pass the next high scorer (126mil). the idea of having my dad's name (or well, he put in the family name, even though he's not blood-related to this family since it's my mom's side haha) up on the plaque to see if we come back here next year is kind of the best thing ever. i knew my dad was good at pinball and other games requiring dexterity like that (he beat my record in a Mario Party minigame by three seconds - and when my record is eight seconds, three seconds is one of those improvements that requires inhumanly fast reflexes to get) but i wasn't expecting him to get a high score, and certainly not on the SECOND DAY. it's like, what, his eighth time playing the machine, when my older cousins have been playing almost nonstop the past two days and none of them have broken 20mil. dayumn.
So, in the process of fleshing out an RP, and just finished the sketches for a bunch of NPCs. Might just leave it as is, for now. In case designs need to be reworked to avoid cloning someone's OC unintentionally. Or something.

EDIT: I dun finished the RP. :3 I feel like this is important because it just might revive some activity there.
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I just ate, like, half a gallon of ice cream. I feel fat.

And strangely I am totally okay with that. >____>
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