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The "Fwee" Thread

Been playing Yellow. Got my Pikachu named Sunlight, Ivysaur is Vermifuge, a Charmeleon Immolation, and just caught Vortex the Abra.
Vortex is currently Mega Punching Magikarps to death.
It hit me today that even though I own an accordion, I don't know how to play it and it's also kind of broken.

I should go get it fixed and then learn how to play it, so that then I'll be the coolest kid in this entire city.
I got my sisters to join Chore Wars! They want me to draw stuff for them so they're going to pay me in gold pieces, apparently.

Also my art looks really good lately. The chair I drew today looks like a chair.
So, in honor of the speed gamers' pokemon marathon which starts this evening, my friend and i have made a little agreement to have a speedrun race while watching the marathon. He'll be playing emerald, and I'll be playing platinum. We have a few stipulations- We'll be fighting in set style, and we're not allowed to purchase escape ropes or repels. We have to fight every trainer and collect every item (within reason) and are allowed any guides to help. We also need to, in addition to beating the game, clear one master rank contest and the battle frontier. My friend has also set this certain quality-check for legendaries- we're to reset until we find a legendary with one of six preferred natures and two preferred stats whose IVs total 40 or higher

All in the space of about a week.

I'm sightly worried, but it'll definitely be a fun challenge. Plus, if we don't finish the race in the short space of the marathon, we've agreed to continue afterwards. I'm excited!

Oh, and aside from this, I'm getting a new laptop in a couple of days as well.
So while I was on vacation I bought a sexy leather satchel. Just successfully added my initials to it without losing the sexies.

Also new camping gear I bought should be awesome.
Camp is almost here! It's still a week away, but I'm just SO excited! Also I asked my friend if she wanted to catch a movie sometime and she said she'll try to find time so that's also freaking awesome.
Earlier today I finalized plans to spend Saturday night at a friend's house and then go with her to Cedar Point (an amusement park) on Sunday.
finally completed summer school. which means i can finally do all the things i planned to do over the summer.

un-productivity: here i come!
Today is 11 months with Jaketiger <3

This! I'm a day late but I'm on vacation and I have poor signal at the condo :P Anyway, it's just so fantastic that any girl would put up with me for eleven months, especially one as amazing as Hippy <3
I finally finished the last of the books I had to read before I could reread the Callahan books! I am so excited to be reading them again! Even the smell of them is deliriously happy-making.
A friend of mine randomly bought me Bastion and shockingly, it actually works on my laptop! I also managed to get an Articuno off of the GTS for a Dratini, which was kind of nice.
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