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What Games Are You Playing?

so i just finished mother 3


perfect game
-Replaying Chrono Trigger DS
-Playing Animal Crossing City Folk
-Waiting Anxiously for paper mario sticker star
-Trying to get back into MK7

Yup I'm a busy gamer
beat Dead Space again last weekend, replaying Metroid Prime (I'm up to artifact collection) in preparation for replaying Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Just got Child of Eden. Waiting for the PlayStation Move to charge so Ican start.
Other than Black 2? I play FIFA 13 a bit, but it's not really a play-through, there is no story or anything, I'll just have a game with my brother or whatever. Soon I will be playing the new Professor Layton game as well! I saw the advert earlier and now I'm well excited. Anyone who likes puzzles and the like should go play the Layton games
Zenonia 4 is pretty fun, but I'm focusing on White 2. Now that I've beaten the champion in W2, maybe I'll get around to finishing Majora's Mask, Final Fantasy IX, Platinum, all those other games I haven't beaten.
Playing Terraria. Accidentally summon the Eye of Cthulhu the same night one spawned naturally. Killed both of them.
Other than White 2, I'm playing The World Ends with You. I might pick up from where I left off in Okamiden as well, but I'm too lazy right now |D
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (Mask of Miracles? one of those). Taking a little break because playing for hours on end with 3D on full is killing my eyes oops
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