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What Pokemon move would you learn in real life?

Arylett Charnoa

Barely existent.
Female sex
I'd also, like a lot of people, want to learn Fly. It'd be a pretty sweet move and pretty much, is my favourite move in the games. If not that, then Psychic. Because man, that would be cool.


Will be online more, I swearz!
Fire Punch. I'll be UNBEATABLE in Karate. And Thunder. If someone annoys me, I SHALL SMITE THEM! And maybe Confuse Ray.


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Hydro Cannon

For instances like this.

Please go away
(1 min. later)
I said go away
(2 min. later)
I am getting annoyed her
(3 min. later)
Agility is my definite first choice (if it lets you use psychic moves faster then it also speeds up thought processes, even if I never use it for anything else). Teleport and psychic come second and third.

But it can't all be practical! Discharge and magma storm and draco meteor and, come to think of it, slash.


Actually more of a harmour fan
Probably either Captivate or Flatter, and possibly Attract. Although, maybe I'd have a few Destiny Knot problems if I learned Attract. xD


Willst du?
Yeah, but I have a black belt in Taekwondo. Jump high kick! *Keeps going and crashes*
So. I've kicked Tea Kwon Do people's ass, because all they do I throw a defensive side kick, where I side-step and punch 'em in the side of the head. :D *Laughs at crash*
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is not dead after all lol
*Falls to Attract.*

Then again, Substitute would be cool - I'd simply ditch the Substitute with one of my friends while the real me hung out with someone cooler. Though, I don't think they'd be convinced if it was just a crocodile-resembling doll.


local hellion
^ NightDaemon, i seriously just died of laughter XDDDD

uh, so i'd agree with attract. i'd use it to make my crush fall in love with me! <3

but then i'd feel horrible. so i dunno


is not dead after all lol
You seriously just died of laughter? Well, now I feel horrible. I'll make sure to say a few apologetic words at your funeral.

I would abuse Attract in that same way, too. I'd probably end up doing it to, like, three or four different guys and then cause some big dilemma.


Back in action!
I would definitely learn either Sketch, Sing or Rage. I often do those.

I would like Rage best, because then the more people bother me (really easy) the more I can get away with hurting them... XP