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Archived battles


groove out!
Done. Wanted to clarify that you already got the prizes for that first tag-team battle (MF posted it a while ago, and I edited the prizes into your then-unclaimed profile from the last league).

Lord of the Fireflies

Back in black.
Hullo, I don't know if it's the right place to ask, but...

in this old battle against Coloursfall, Kazan the Chimchar (now Porthos) should have gotten 2 exp points, but in the database, it's actually Kaitei the Oshawott (now Athos) that had gotten it.

Now, the tricky part is, I made the Oshawott evolve without double-checking, so I couldn't go back. Now that it has enough exp. to stay evolved, I believe it would be possible to transfer that exp point back to the Chimchar?

Important: I actually never used Athos as a Dewott in battle, only as an Oshawott.