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Which skin/style do you use?

What skin do you use?

  • vBulletin

    Votes: 7 5.0%
  • Minimal Dewgong

    Votes: 42 30.0%
  • Axe Murderer

    Votes: 20 14.3%
  • Roar of Time

    Votes: 71 50.7%

  • Total voters


is not dead after all lol
Scyther Slash. Usually I change every month, but it's really soothing on my eyes. I'm fine with dark-colored skin, but bright colored always felt like it was blinding me, though I found out that Scyther is perfect. Not to mention that the Scyther looks cool at the top of the page and I like the saying and text style.


Eh... =P
I use Minimal Dewgong. The reason is the style keeps switching for me and I'm too lazy to switch it back to Roar of Time or Scyther Slash all the time.


i write erotic novels. for children.
I did use Scyther-Slash obbsessivly, but then I got sick of it. Minimal Dewong style.

Anomaly 54

Used to be Cheat Master
I used to use Syther Slash, but I decided to try some other skins and settled on Roar of Time, which is awesome


Somehow remembered her password.
I like to use Minimal Dewgong Style, because It's best for my eyes. Also, I don't have to see the white backround non-transparent sprite avatars. I also can see any text color other than white. And because Dewgong is a cute pie~


New member
I personally use Roar of Time.
Minimal Dewgong's way too bright, Scyther Slash is still bright, Axe Murderer is monotonous, vB is boring, but RoT is nice, dark, and doesn't hurt my eyes~


Strange days ahead
Scyther slash at the minute. Makes a change from axe murderer. Roar of time is cool too, but Minimal Dewgong is kinda harsh on my eyes.

Zora of Termina

forget your high society
Roar of Time. It's way easier on my eyes; I use dark skins whenever possible because if it's too bright I get headaches. I can't stand Minimal Dewgong for that reason.


Tragically unbeyachted.
I propose Rainbow Pikachu Style. It would be tacky and eye-hurting and glorious.

I'm on Dewgong still at the moment.


a million miles of water
if we're suggesting stuff, i suggest godly zapdos style. beautiful and yellow and black.

i was using roar of time but just last night i changed to scyther slash.