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Absence Sheet

Starting tomorrow, I'm a college student.

This shouldn't mean that much, it just means my reffings won't be quite as prompt as they usually tend to be.
I'm having some issues with my internet provider, so I can only post from my mobile right now, which is a pain. I should have it sorted soon, but I'm going to need a few extra days to get my reffings in. Sorry for the hassle.
i have to buckle the heck down and finish up scholarship stuff; if i am seen posting here before the end of the month, infract me

well now that i've been gone for even longer than intended and all my battles have (presumably) been DQ'd or picked up by e-refs i now have zero reasons to be anxious about returning to asb! take that, brain!

so yeah i should be considered back for the most part now.
pls consider me officially disappear until I adjust to school

you can close battles or put them on hiatus (idk regular procedure here)
I'm a little in-and-out for a while, job interviews, school shopping in hometown, etc. Trying not to let it go past another few days
So my uncle just passed away, and I don't think I'll be able to keep up with battles right now, so if possible I'd like to declare an undetermined absence.
We've just moved house, so I have no internet access at the moment (besides my phone). Might take a few days longer than usual to post.
To add to the moving trend, I head off to university tomorrow. I'm not taking an absence, but I might be a bit less active in the craziness.

UPDATE: I have wi-fi in my room now, so the craziness has decreased.
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I'm more or less back in some capacity. I'll try to get back to reffing in a few days, but all my battles with e-refs should probably continue with them.
Hey, ultraviolet and I still haven't been able to get the internet working... so we'll probably be gone for a few more days... I'm really sorry about this, everyone!
I'm gonna need another week with both my battles. x_x Today was a nightmare, I'm out of town tomorrow, and then it's back to work all week. Sorry!
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