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Hardest Gym Leaders?


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Lenora's watchog. Hypnosis spam hahaha.

Also, how Elesa's stupidass emolga outsped literally everything. Shouldn't an archen eight levels higher outspeed it or


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Lenora's watchog. Hypnosis spam hahaha.

Also, how Elesa's stupidass emolga outsped literally everything. Shouldn't an archen eight levels higher outspeed it or
Archen has 70 speed; Emolga has 108, a difference of 33 so figure Emolga at level 50 would have at least 33 points of speed more than an Archen. Gym Leaders' Pokémon tend to have better stats than random trainers'.
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Damn Miltank xD

Seriously, she pissed me off so much I traded my lv. 100 Mewtwo from Blue to my Gold and screamed "rollout this BITCH!!" At my gameboy color.
I probably would say I had the most trouble with Whitney in Crystal, and then again in HeartGold. Then again, you could say my team was under leveled, and I did pick Cyndaquil as my starter, so all she had to do was hit rollout.


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That and I've always had problems with Electric-type gym leaders, like Watson. I remember Watson was a bitch to defeat.

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R/B: Misty (Starmie is a pain in the ass)
Y: Never finished (I hated having Pika follow you around)
G/S/C: Clair (Kingdra is nasty)
R/S: Norman (Seriously? TWO Slakings?)
E: Flannery (You have GOT to be kidding me. I always made sure I caught a female Sableye purely to KO Torkoal.)
D/P: Maylene (Lucario is ridiculous)
Pt: Candice (Hail chips away at your team, Abomasnow is insane if you don't have Infernape, and don't underestimate Medicham)
HG/SS: Clair (I just beat her this morning. [I previously had a file, but deleted it after not being able to beat Lance] I ended the battle with just my Tentacruel alive, and it was on 4 HP. Yeah...)

Also, regarding Whitney:

I actually find her to be the easiest gym leader in GSC and HGSS. To quote the user r0kk_0n from Gamespot:

1. Catch Drowzee
2. Trade Drowzee for Machop in Goldenrod Store.
3. Level up Machop
4. Win.
Whitney is easy if you spam Smokescreen or Sand Attack. The only issue I ever had with her was in the original GSC when her Miltank still had Milk Drink. HGSS took that out, making her so much easier.

Let's see who I had trouble with...

RBY: Misty, though I usually just caught a Bellsprout and abused Sleep Powder/Poison Powder/Vine Whip/Wrap, and her Starmie barely put up a fight. I miss Wrap being abusive.

GSC: Whitney until I figured out that accuracy lowing moves are good.

RSE: Dear lord, almost all of the gym leaders were awful. Norman gave me a very frustrating time my first time through Sapphire, and all times after that too. Though he was much easier in Emerald when I was smarter and he was nerfed. Tate and Liza, though. Yuck. And am I the only one who found Flannery to be a bitch with how much she spammed Attract and Body Slam? I saw her use those moves more than any fire type moves. Brawly was kind of annoying when he would spam Bulk Up and then you couldn't damage him physically. Wattson was really annoying too, if you didn't have a ground type. It took me forever my first time through when I didn't know why I couldn't do anything to his Magneton, since I didn't know anything about the steel type then.


DPPt: None of them were really hard, to be honest. Annoying at times, like Maylene, but I can beat them all on my first try.

HGSS: All of the difficult gym leaders just got easier. Bugsy is a little more difficult with Technician Scyther, but not too bad.

BW: BURGH, DAMMIT. My first time through, his stupid Leavanny kept getting so many freaking critical hits, it was unbearable. Now though I just go get a Darumaka and go through his gym within a matter of minutes. Elesa was never difficult for me because her Emolga just switched to the other Emolga. Spam Rock Throw and she's easy as hell. All of the late game gym leaders were a piece of cake.

But Wallace. Damn you Wallace.


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RBYFRLG: Been so long I don't remember, though I can't recall ever having much trouble with Misty. I think Surge was difficult on occasion?

GSCHGSS: Fucking Brock in SS. Whitney was frequently a pain in the ass as well.

RSE: Juan's Kingdra what the fuck. Most of my battles ended with me spam healing until that thing struggled to death. :|

DPPt: I don't think I remember any of them being particularly hard.

BW: Lenora and Elesa were the only ones I had trouble with. I OHKO'd all of Clay's Pokemon, lol.


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Don't think I've posted here yet, so.

FRLG: Misty, mostly. Even when I did have a Bulbasaur...but nothing else in that game really did anything to me. However, if the Elite 4 count...

HGSS: WHITNEY actually wasn't all that bad once I got Quilava to smokescreen it to death. Even then, I still had to use almost all of the 3 or 4 revives I had at that point. Also, Clair. That took me SO MANY TRIES and SO MUCH GRINDING IN THE ICE PATH to defeat. damn kingdra

RSE: Wattson was a ***** whenever I picked anything other than Mudkip as a starter. Sonicboom killed my Geodudes...I swear, I am thankful it just couldn't kill Grovyle while I Fury Cutter'd it to death. Also, Norman. Damn his Slaking. And Vigroth.

DPPt: Quite honestly, I don't really remember anything in these games, aside from Cynthia herself in the Elite 4.

BW: Again, no trouble, except with Ghestis.

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Let me think:

I haven't played any Johto games in ages, so I don't remember what I struggled with. The one recent play through of a Kanto game (my brother's leafgreen) there wasn't anyone who was a particular problem that I recall either.

RSE: Norman was usually a problem, mostly because he's quite a bit above Flannery and there's only the desert with any trainers between them. Also I don't usually have a fighting type, and it probably didn't help that I was still in the 'Attack attack attack' phase. Juan's Kingdra was annoying, and all of the later leaders have been tricky at times because I was under-levelled, but that's just me skimping on the training and failing to employ strategy.

D/P/Pt: I don't recall any major issues. It was a while since I went through Diamond, but I can't recall any major problems. I think Fantina may have been a bit tricky. In Platinum, since I was using only Steel types I had to do a lot of grinding early to get a Wormadam, figuring it was easier than Empoleon (and only after winning finding I could catch Bronzor before the gym that game, having avoided that route to train bronzor). Then I spent half the time with only three pokémon, which wasn't that good for type coverage but they ended up over-levelled, so it wasn't hard, and of course once I had a full team they had the types to take on anything.

B/W: No real problems. I had the monkey for Cilan, of course, Leorna was easy enough because I had an idea of what was coming, because some people found her hard. Thus I could prepare. For Burgh, everything I had trained was useful against something, and from then on I had at least three reserves, since I'm rotating a bunch of as of now 12 pokémon in and out of the team (which I guess needs to be cut down for the E4), so I could pick the best 6 for the gym.


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Red | Blue
Misty - Starmie has such a high defence!
Lt. Surge - His Raichu occasionally gets the better of me...

Brock - Definately a pain without a water type! I usually have to rely on my Nidorans and Pidgey to defeat him for the first time.
Erika - She kicks my "grass" on numerous occasions. I always need to prepare before diving in.

Gold | Silver | Crystal
Whitney - I find her Milktank a force to be reckoned with.
Jasmine - I always struggle to beat her Steelix...

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Kanto: I always have had a problem fighting Sabrina. Of course, the fact I love poison types has nothing to do with that...

Johto: Whitney. Her stupid miltank always is ridiculously hard to beat for some dumb reason.

Hoenn: Wattson. Unless you start with the mudkipz. Then its Wallace/Juan. And a long time ago I had the hardest time with Brawley, but then I got a swellow and got over it.

Sinnoh: Volkner was hard on my first run through of Diamond. Other than that... Maylene was always a toughie before I knew of Lucario's fire weakness.

Unova: The first time Cress was really hard. And then there was Lenora. Plus Iris was kind of hard (I didn't have Ice-types, so it was kind of an even match, which kind of made it difficult)


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Johto Whitney. Her clefairy's metronome is hard (although the first time it rolled Lunar dance. I'm not kidding) and her miltank with it's milk drink.

Clair. I had a Quilava, and half of her pokemon were part water.


Fire emblem is great
Kanto: Misty. Sort of. Nothing else was really that bad except maybe Sabrina. If the Elite 4 count, though...

Jhoto: Whitney. Also Clair. You have NO reason for being that much stronger than Pryce.

Hoenn: Norman.

Sinnoh: Nothing really comes to mind here.

Unova: Lenora, sorta. Elesa, definitely.

I dunno, I found the waiters and Iris/her dad pretty easy, actually.


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Nobody else really sticks out. I've played through all the games a bunch, and sometimes a Leader will be hard just because I've got the wrong team for their type, but Whitney's the only one who's always difficult :/