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Meaning behind your Username and/or Usertitle


Shadow Kid
I just want to know, how did you come up with the username that you came up with or perhaps what you put as your usertitle.

My username, Leon, happens to be my real name and sounds really cool, to me. I haven't came up with a cool usertitle yet, but I shall soon.

EDIT: Just made a user title. Shadow Kid is the title I give myself. Not quite the resident of shadows yet. (I'm just a kid, or newbie, right now). Soon, though, I might become the Shadow Resident here. XD
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Well, my usual name when I rp/usual username is Richie Piccolo Cordelia, and it's also a Dragonball Quest reference.
My usertitle refers to my avvie, which currently feature the Prince of Saiyans.
My username is a nickname I wanted to have waaaay back in 5th grade. When I needed a recent username and couldn't think of one, that one popped into my head. The X stands for a (more-recently) made-up last name, Exsalia. Unfortunately, not putting a space between the first and last names usually end up with the word "sEx" being in the middle of my username. >.~

As for my usertitle... *points to signature* =P
Well, some years ago I just wanted a funny-sounding name, I guess, and thought that was a clever choice. Also partially a reference to the "worst ... ever" thing from The Simpsons, and I was a big Simpsons fan at the time(I still like it, though not as much as I used to). I've kept it since that's what people know me as, and it seems weird to change now after all these years as WUE. Though my current nickname of choice elsewhere is Zanreo, which is... pretty much just a random name/word I made up, and thought would sound cool as a nickname.

My usertitle is a bit of an inside joke, and comes from a Google Translate I did once.
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I got my username because I like Absol and shiny pokemon.
I couldn't think of anything to put in my usertitle, so I eventually ended up with what I have now.
I've already explained it, but I might as well do it again, just for fun. So yeah, here in western Finland we have a sort of famous duo of comedians (oh god! *facepalm* comics. Damn you, brain!), known as Ted and Kaj. They used to be on the radio and had a bunch of funny and mad things. A random joke in a sketch went like this: "What's Beethovens favourite fruit?" "Banananaaaaaan(a)" When I think back it was quite lame, but it stuck between me and my siblings as a reference. Then I referenced the reference in a random name I came up with a couple of years ago, namely Nanabshuckle. Nanab is of coure a berry in the pkmn games and the reverse of banan...a, Shuckle is known to carry berries in their shells and is generally quite a cool pokemon. 8 is simply my favourite number for numerous reasons(see what I did there, and before that?), I'm almost a bit obsessed with it ^^; As for the usertitle: part of my real doublename actually means "The one who brings peace". (as a little sidenote for those of you who read my intro, appearently the other part is also danish, and it means spunky :D)
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Basically, my username was inspired by the events of the 1956 Dartmouth Conference. I was trying to explain to Marvin Minsky how sheep's bladders can be used to generate consciousness in artificial neural networks when, suddenly, the ground cracked and split beneath our feet and legions of tiny, horned demons came swarming from the bowels of the earth. I instinctively grabbed as many nearby pots and vases as I could and smashed them against my head, hoping to wake up from this horrible nightmare, but to no avail. By the time I realized that I wasn't dreaming, the little devils were crawling all over me, pricking me with their miniature pitchforks and cursing in their foul language. I knew that there was only one way to save myself and the other Conference attendees before the ancient seal broke: I had to cut off my own left hand and offer it to the old gods as a sacrifice. And so it came to pass that the Countess, who once bathed in the rejuvenating blood of a hundred virgins, was buried alive... and her castle, in which so many cruel deeds took place, fell rapidly into ruin. Rising over the buried dungeons in that god-forsaken wilderness, a solitary tower, like some monument to evil, is all that remains. The Countess' fortune was believed to be divided among the clergy, although some say that more remains unfound, still buried alongside the rotting skulls that bear mute witness to the inhumanity of the human creature.
Back when people I knew and I were still playing Runescape, I private chatted a friend of mine with a question. What that question was I can't remember, but he wasn't answering so a few minutes later I asked him again but this time it had a typo. Every five minutes or so (I was impatient, I know!) I'd retype my question but intentionally keep any previous typos. Eventually I said something like rasroa smrak or something like that, and so I started saying Rasrap Smurf. Rasrap was an acronym the French teacher made up that stands for six of the verbs that use être rather than avoir in the past tense. And Smurf is a little blue thing that lives in a mushroom.

Then later on someone else from school asked me what my username was, so I said Rasrap Smurf. I then continued to make a second account under than name as a joke. Ever since then it's the username I use pretty much everywhere. The good thing about it is that it's pretty much guaranteed to be unused unless someone's pretending to be me. The disadvantage is that it doesn't really seem like a name, and people never seem to know to refer to me as Rasrap or Smurf or what.

And as for my usertitle; I say also a lot.

Edit: it occurs to me that the thing that was misspelled might have been "Runescape" !
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I got the name Nightmane because that is a name I came up with for a pony I made. He was so awesome that I just had to use his name. The usertitle I have is because Nightmane's special talent is dark magic.
inside joke between me and my crush of a year ago. He would consistently attempt to guess what the band teacher was about to say right before he said it, and a few times he was actually right and proceeded to hold it over my head that he'd guessed correctly. This happened three times, and the phrase he guessed correctly each time turned into a username. The first phrase, Polymetric Sesquialtera; the second, Multiphonics; the third, Lilt.
My favorite Pokémon were Charizard and Butterfree. I figured that 1) because Charizard is more popular than Butterfree, 'Charizard' was probably a username used by about fifteen billion people already, and 2) if I called myself something to do with Charizard, I would probably be mistaken for a guy all the time because Charizard is mostly popular among boys. So Butterfree it was.
For me, the origin is fairly simple. For my User Title, that just happens to be my favorite phrase from the game Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. And as for my Username, Dar is what people called me when I was Dark Koala, and it stuck. It's also my general roleplaying name.
Porphyrogenita is a title that was given to Byzantine Empresses if they were born in a special purple room. It literally means "Born in the [tyrian] purple" and I thought itd be a nice name for a Feferi RP account on LJ and I never got around to actually RPing but I liked the name so.
See, on another site I went onto, my friend Aquapal made a roleplay, with her character Aqua, who was a Mew. I decided to join and named my character Aura, who was a Celebi. And Ulqi-chan made her character Dementia, who was a Gardevoir. Then there were more characters in the original RP, and so I just came to really like the name of Aura. Of course, when I wanted to join here, I thought Aura wouldn't be enough of an username, so I added Dark at the beginning of it, to make it seem better.

As for my usertitle, it's a reference to the "One does not simply walk into Morder" meme and the current battle that could save or doom Asber.
I used to be just Dragon, but then I realized I couldn't just use that anywhere and be recognized since that's pretty generic. I picked up the nickname Windy elsewhere, and just mashed the two together.

And my current usertitle's from Ghost Trick!
Flower Doll sorta derived from Flora which is one of my old characters.

The title comes from DeliciousCinnamon's playthrough of Vietnamese Crystal.
My username comes from Dragon Quest IX. It's essentially what it looks like: a moai head, except angry. It's one of the side monster characters you can find around the mountains and kill for experience, money etc.

It's still sort of my symbol because I use this name everywhere. ~

And at the time I posted this, my user title was "You search it with this Google." This is the last line of a real song called "Go Google It."
ultraviolet really doesn't mean a lot in particular; it abbreviates really easily but is still identifiable, it has 'violet' in it and it's not too long or short. I just like how it sounds, really, and I've been using it for most of the time I've been online. It's usually taken, but it's pretty easy to make variants for - so when it's taken I usually go by ultravio-let or ultravioletj or something.

(and guys please don't capitalise or CamelCase it! everyone seems to do this aa)
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