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The "Fwee" Thread

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I'm doing that [getting Platinum for 99p] tomorrow, too! I'm so thrilled I'll be able to get rid of my old, crappy DS games (Project Rub, seriously?) in a way that isn't trading them in for about 50p. And Platinum! :3
Got it! Currently absolutely loving it - I'm naming all my Pokemon after Buffy characters :)

It's also an absolutely beautiful day out, so I'm playing Platinum out in the sunshine and will be going on a walk with some friends later. *happy sigh*


The Religion section is now a joke
Got to see Star Trek yesterday <3

And my boyfriend <3

And LARPing next weekend <333


local hellion
I got to see my friend for the first time in a week~

She has this hyperactively adorable way of getting our attention (saying "Hey" multiple times in quick succession), and when she did that today we all tackled her. ^^

And I got into Honors Chem, because my teacher was awesome and bumped me up a point! :D


A chickadee in love with the sky
It turns out that most of my teachers seem like they're going to be pretty lenient about me making up the stuff that I missed when I was at Destination Imagination Global Finals for a week. =D And here I am, procrastinating again, but maybe that just can't be helped anymore.

And, I braided a little section of my hair and pulled it back with the rest of my ponytail, and I kinda like it since it's different from my usual hairstyle (a low ponytail) and I think it looks simple yet elegant. =3 So I'm satisfied with that.


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Tomorrow's my last last day of school this year! (but I'm gonna miss my guy friends who are technologically challenged SO MUCH ;~; )

Also I'm feeling kind of popular right now


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WOOOT, 1,000 posts! X3

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Woo school's having fun day tomorrow AND next week.
That stupid spring concert's finally over.....
I finished platinum for my friend, but I don't care if he was using me cause I love playing that damn game.
all finals are done....
and I'm just excited.
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