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The "Fwee" Thread

-two crossover ideas that might actually work
-headache is going down
-actual sparring today
Good day.

also shippings. lots of shippings.
*stupid fangirl giggle*
Got an awesome maths set for school. Nice big pointy compass. This better be fun. And it has a nice green colour to it as well. =D
Tomorrow I am starting my very last year of high school. And as much as I will miss the place I certainly won't miss a majority of the people in it.
SO NOW I'M ACTUALLY PART OF THE IB PROGRAMME. (This could end up in the Grr thread in a month or so?)

My teachers seem alright and my courses aren't too terrible ehehehe let's see how long I last
I AM ABSOLUTELY ON /TOP/ OF THINGS HERE AT UNI OMG. I feel so much better about myself and my life than I ever have before. On top of the world baby ^^ music therapy major that doesn't stay up til midnight working on practicum reports, i am SO PROUD OF MYSELF ^^
Might trade with friend for some MTG cards I need. Plus I got the 2013 iPad app and shelled out the extra $10 for premium. Aaaand hoping to get the new two deck pack in a month or so.
Dad bought me a few college shirts, some band, some football.
And I checked off on "suicides"/"head hunters" for the first time even though I was in the worst spot of anyone in the line. (two freshman who couldnt keep tempo to my left and the tallest trombone player to my right-and im the shortest in the entire low brass section) Plus I can verify that I know how to spin a baritone by the top valve ring and I'm getting better at keeping my horn up. Yay. I'm less incompetent now.
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