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Beginner ASB participant

Party Pokemon

(Prince) Piplup [M]
Notes: Loyal to Darksong, he's been with her since the beginning. He's a tough fighter and has a short temper, but never uses a rude tone when talking to Darksong. His favorite pastime is surfing, but of course he doesn't need a board.

(Echo) Cubone [F]
Notes: Echo is an even more fervent fighter than Prince; she absolutely hates losing. The memories of many things in her past drive her on in battle, including friends she hasn't seen for years, and the dead mother inherent to her species. When she was small, she loved to watch Pidgey fly in the sky above her home region, and she joined Darksong while the Trainer was traveling through Kanto. Though she doesn't really pay attention, Echo is actually very intelligent, and often has better strategy than her Trainer.

(Sunaero) Aerodactyl [F]
Notes: Though Aerodactyl are typically fierce, Suanero is surprisingly calm compared to her teammates. Though she is powerful, she thinks things through, and tries not to do anything hastily. This makes her slow sometimes, but she tends to come out on top when she fights. She hasn't been in a battle against another Trainer's Pokemon yet, but she's been training on wild ones when she and Darksong travel. Sunaero met Darksong when the Aerodactyl was resurrected from a fossil that Darksong found underground on one of her many excursions.

(Rosie) Glameow [F]

Received from Superbird as a birthday gift.
Notes: Rosie has long been a traveler, and her goal was to travel around all the regions doing... various things. Though people didn't usually consider her motives right, some of them did, and she traveled with a not-so-small group of other canine and feline Pokemon. But her journey ended prematurely before she even traveled through Kanto, since she had been caught by a Trainer. Though this one seemed nice, Rosie was quickly traded to Darksong. The Glameow is new to Darksong, so she still tries to take advantage of her sometimes.
Rosie can be sarcastic and generally aloof. She's witty, but she's not the most friendly type. But she doesn't freak out easily, and it's somehow overly simple for her to keep a level head. Though she sometimes doesn't think things through before she acts on them. If she could learn to think a little more before acting, she could be an amazing strategist.

(Pandora) Venipede [F]

Received from Blastoise as a birthday gift.
Notes: Pandora, affectionately known by Darksong as "Grumpy Bug," is still unsure of her Trainer, having been received very recently. However, she is eager to go into battle.

(Ling) Zangoose [M]
Notes: Sometimes Darksong teases him and calls him "stupid furball," but he doesn't seem to mind. He's a harsh fighter and is an expert at using his claws to cut things up. He gets hungry sometimes, but Darksong doesn't mind sharing Berries or things like that with him. He can be a handful with his carefree personality, but in battle he suddenly turns serious and fights to the end.

(Melissa) Taillow [M]

Received from Mendatt as a birthday gift.
Notes: Melissa is a new but long-awaited addition to Darksong's team. Despite being male, Darksong insists on keeping his name, since he's named after the plant -- specifically, a genus of mint -- rather than just having a plain girl's name. Melissa, for some reason, isn't annoyed by this in the least. He is very hyper and never seems to run out of energy.

PC Pokemon

Battle Record

Current battles:
- vs. Mad MOAI

Past battles:
- vs. Superbird (epic loss)
- vs. Mai (forfeited)

These Pokemon are not actually real! I may get them in the future myself, but this is also a guide for birthday gifts or other things.

If you want to give me a gift, I particularly like Poison-types, and would also like:

(Rie) Oshawott [F]
Notes: Named after Rie Fu, who sings my favorite Bleach ending song, "Life Is Like a Boat." For some reason the name "Rie," not to mention the song title, reminds me of water. And I suddenly want an Oshawott.

(Tollán) Onix [M]
Notes: A character in my Script Frenzy 2011 graphic novel-type thing.

(Alex) Misdreavus [M]
Notes: I've been listening to "Alice of Human Sacrifice" way too much lately.

"Caged birds accept each other, but flight is what they long for." - Tennessee Williams

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