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Random Stuff about MOAI
  • She's only ever won or completed a battle by DQ.
  • She usually puts "hehe" at the end of her sentences
  • Intermediate skill, battling style changes based on the situation.
  • Tends to write long run-on sentences and overuse semicolons and dashes.
  • A majority of her posts are for roleplaying.

Owned Pokémon

[Lust] Weavile (F)
One of the Homunculi. Differences distinguishing her from other Weavile include differently colored feathers, bright pink eyes, and an Ouroboros tattoo, the latter two being the best way to identify her as a Homunculus. She is MOAI's first Pokémon, and she is awesome. She will shred you with her freaky fingers.

[Lieutenant Maria Ross] Plusle (F)
Ross works with her partner Seargent Denny Brosch, the Minun. She was chosen as the Plusle of the two because MOAI initially got Brosch confused with Lt. Havoc.

[Nyasha] Exeggutor (F)
Now a happy, plump palm tree, Nyasha enjoys eating potatoes and using the move Stomp. To this day nobody has figured out her coconuts' magnetic properties.

[Luminás] Nosepass (M)

[Drill Grip] Onix (F)
Named for the moves Horn Drill and Crush Grip. She fights using a combination of both, crushing her opponents and bashing them into the ground. She is an epic Onix, and MOAI often uses her as a pillow.

[Solas] Volbeat (M)
His favorite song is Airplanes. His name means "light" in Irish.

[Ohoshihire] Horsea (M)
Hoshi for short. His name means "big star fins" in Japanese, for the day he hopes he will become a Seadra. However, he wants to retain his smooth, spiky form, and does not want to be a Kingdra.

[Dragon Spin] Squirtle (M)
Named for the two moves Dragon Tail and Rapid Spin. Blastoise is the only Pokémon that can learn both of these moves by any method.

[Lioness] Rhyhorn (F)
Companion to Sen.

[Tan-yu] Ducklett (M)
A young deity in charge of a forested mystical site, Tan-yu is the clown of the group and always has something entertaining to do. He usually acts like a little kid, but he can use illusions to his advantage and he has enough power to build his site consisting of a forest surrounding a large pond. He's good friends with Lioness.

[Muffin] Stunfisk (M)
Muffin is the most adorable Maggyo ever. Maggyo is the cutest. If he shocks you while smiling, your Pokemon will faint. Guaranteed. :3

[Teppou] Magby (F)
A young Magby who loves loud noises and enjoys playing with fire. She hopes one day to be able to create fireballs with strength rivaling those of a Charizard's.

[Memento Mori] Duskull (M)
Mori honestly does not care what anyone else thinks. He follows orders in battle, but other than that he does things his way. Remember to die...

[Horst] Geodude (M)
At the moment, Horst can only throw rocks, but he ambitions to be able to shape the earth into horsts and grabens. It will take time and effort to do such a thing, though.

Why would anyone want to turn back time? There’s no meaning in regret. No point in thinking about things I could have done. Because there’s no guarantee that any decision is the right one.
-Ryunosuke, Wild Adapter 6

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