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Profile Archive

Why haven't I already posted here yet? D:
I'll edit in recolors/animated/recolored and animated sprites as I go on~

⋆⋆⋆⋆Indigo's ASB Profile⋆⋆⋆⋆

⋆⋆⋆Active Team⋆⋆⋆


Ability: Static

Personality: Fun-loving, jumpy, and always ready for a battle-all in fun, of course!



Ability: Overgrow

Body Mod: Minty Leaves

Personality: Stuck-up, arrogant, and ready to slap anyone who gets in her and/or her trainer's way. It takes Minty a while to become close and make new friends, but when she does, she devotes herself to her new partner.



Ability: Compoundeyes

Personality: Laid-back, and goes with the flow for the most part. Sweet and friendly, and sometimes sarcastic.



Ability: Sturdy

Personality: Loyal but very stiff and cold sounding, Stoneralla has always been rather upset about her species having "dude" at the end of it, yet her gender being female. Anyone who taunts her based on her name will be smashed, Stoner promises.



Ability: Run Away

Personality: Easily annoyed, Quickflash is a hard worker. Anyone who advises her in the friendliest of ways will be a great nuisance to Quick, and she has a hard time getting anyone on her side.



Ability: Water Absorb

Personality: Friendly and innocent, Aqua is always looking for fun things to do. Because of her similarity in personality to Elektrizität, they play with each other regularly-making sure that Aqua doesn't accidentally get shocked.



Ability: Guts

Personality: Inattentive, flighty, and sweet.


Blind Echo

Ability: Inner Focus

Personality: Echo is amazingly mellow, and almost never disagrees with anyone.



Ability: Technician

Personality: Bloodthirsty and always itching to cut someone's head off, Mia doesn't. Give. A. Damn. about how feminine his name is. He is very irritable, a very dangerous attribute for just how hazardous he is. Mia wishes to evolve into a Scizor, so that he'll actually be able to pick things up with his claws.



Ability: Battle Armor

Personality: Like a well-taken care of dog, this Rasqueon is loyal and affectionate, even though she appears rough.

⋆⋆⋆Indigo's PC Box⋆⋆⋆


Ability: Keen Eye


Ability: Flash Fire


Fire-Stone Pecha-Berry

⋆⋆Stock Arenas⋆⋆

None yet, but there will be some!​
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Your name is MENDATT of ASBER. You have a variety of INTERESTS and UNNECESSARY DETAILS. The INTERESTS will go later on, but the UNNECESSARY DETAILS fit fine up here. You were born between two zodiac signs, the CANCER sign and the LEO sign, which means you're a CUSP. You exhibit traits of both signs, which can be extremely confusing, as CANCER and LEO are just about as much opposites as you can get. Despite being born under two signs representing the elements FIRE and WATER, you prefer to think of yourself as representing the elements AIR and LEMON JUICE. You write long paragraphs a lot. You follow your basist of instincts without a second thought. (You EAT, SLEEP, and DRINK.) You program, and get extremely frustrated when your programming turns glitchy. Enough of UNNECESSARY DETAILS, it's INTERESTS time. You really like PROGRAMMING, especially C++. You like JUGGLING, although you are REALLY REALLY BAD AT IT. You heavily dislike BANANAS, because they are bland and have too many As. You like various types of MACHINERY, and LEGO, and often combine the two to make LEGO MACHINERY, which often works and often explodes. You also make regular MACHINERY, which also works and explodes oftenly. You are beginning to wonder when the character limit for this forum is going to kick in, and decide to mention as a final note that you also like STRATEGY and POKEMON TRAINING.

You have a lot of POKEMON, which you BATTLE with. You like to consider yourself very good at it.



Your name is EIDOLON. You are very very HAPPY and GO-LUCKY, and you don't get OFFENDED easily. The only exception is when someone takes away your OVERLY LARGE SWORD. Yes. You have one of those.
You are the leader of MENDATT'S team. You don't have a very good head for TACTICS, which is why you aren't the tactician, but you are very strong, and rather encouraging to be around.

[/SIZE]Signature Attribute: Swordfighter

Eidolon is not an average riolu, for one reason and one reason alone: He has a sword. He was born in Iron Mountain, which is an ancient cavern on an island, and where you find ancient caverns, you find tombs, and where you find tombs, you find treasure, and armor, and, most importantly at the moment, swords. His is about three feet long, which is average for a sword, but riolu are two foot four. Of course, riolu are also famed for never giving up, which, although rather cheesy, helped here. A few years later, he got captured by Mendatt. Now he has a sword. And he hits people with the sword, because that's what swords are for.

Effects: Eidolon's sword, and the strength he needed to be able to use it, makes him capable of incredible feats of power. Unfortunately, it's size makes him completely unable to move at the speeds he otherwise would.

When Eidolon is sent into battle, his attack is greatly raised (+2), and it cannot be lowered below -4. However, all of his moves with a speed priority of zero have a speed priority of -1 instead. As well as that, using his sword Eidolon can use the moves Night Slash, Psycho Cut, and Slash, but due to the weight of the sword, he cannot use the moves Bullet Punch, Detect, Feint, Quick Attack, and Vacuum Wave.

Your name is SALIASTEIO. You're very SERIOUS, but seems to have an endless supply of APPLES that you eat constantly, which makes it hard for others to take you SERIOUSLY. You get ANGRY easily, and you're very good at TACTICS, unlike EIDOLON.
which means you only have one weakness. You're generally sent out when the OPPONENT sends out something that MENDATT doesn't have anyone better to send out to fight.
Signature Attribute: Appletastic!

Once, when Saliasteio was a little boy, he had an apple. Yes. He had an apple. No. I'm not going to repeat it again.
And he liked it. He liked it very much. As a matter of fact, he liked it so much that he had another apple. And than another. And than another. And than he decided that he would just pick a bunch and snack on them constantly for all eternity. And so he did. And so. He. Did.

Saliasteio is always holding an apple. When he finishes it, he gets another one. From hammerspace a pile at the edge of the arena that doesn't effect anything else in any way, ever.
The apple counts as a held item, and conveys the effects of Leftovers. However, at the beginning of every round, when he's getting a new apple, (He eats his apples really fast) his apple has a 10% chance to be an Smushie Apple, which prevents the aforementioned effect for one round and causes his energy to decrease by 5%.
If he's holding an item when sent into battle, or his apple is removed by Knock Off, Switcheroo, Embargo, or another move that removes or replaces held items, he goes into APPLE FURY!, during which he does 1% more damage and spends 1% more energy, after all other calculations are done. However, every action he has a 5% chance to go cry in a corner over the sadful sadness of losing his apple. (If his item was removed, but not replaced, he gets his apple back at the end of the round.)


Your name is GELIO. You've always wanted to be a GALLADE, but, unfortunately, you can't. You rant about GAMEFREAK'S blatant SEXISM and GENDER DISCRIMINATION a lot. Beyond that, you're not actually very hard to get along with, as long as you're kept off of that topic. You've learned a MARTIAL ART FORM as a way to rebel against mother nature and her sexist outlook. Other than that, you frequently debate a variety of subjects with SALIASTEIO. You also like wearing KIMONOS, although we don't know why. You just do. Your place on MENDATT'S team is quite varied. You can replicate a surprising amount of FIGHTING-TYPE moves, but EIDOLON is already on MENDATT'S team, so that doesn't make much of a difference. Your MARTIAL ART FORM involves a lot of redirection of FORCE, so you integrate a lot of INDIRECT moves.
Signature Attribute – Aikido

There are two unique things about Gelio. One is that she always wears a kimino, for some odd reason. That one doesn't do anything. The other is that she has always wanted to be a Gallade. When she was young, she dreamed of growing up and evolving into one. Then, one day, someone told her that only male Ralts could become Gallade. She rebelled against Gamefreak's Mother Nature's blatant gender discrimination and learned Aikido by watching fighting-type pokemon. She also learned a few other tricks, mostly ones that involved something she could replicate with her psychic powers, since she doesn't have the strength to actually punch or kick hard. Unfortunately, as a result of spending so much time learning fighting-type moves, she doesn't actually know much about the powers of psychic-type pokemon, and isn't as adept at manipulating the very fabric of reality and telling the laws of physics to sit down and shut up as well as others of her kind are.

Gelio gains access to the moves Aura Sphere, Circle Throw, Counter, Detect, Drain Punch, Focus Blast, Force Palm, Reversal, Seismic Toss, Storm Throw, Vacuum Wave, Vital Throw, and Work Up, but loses access to the moves Shock Wave, Confusion, Magic Coat, Disable, Dream Eater, Psychic, Zen Headbutt, Stored Power, Psyshock, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, and Calm Mind.

Your name is SANDRAGON. You're extremely SNARKY, CYNICAL and kind of ANNOYING. You are not, however, good at PAYING ATTENTION, so every once and a while when you SNARK at something people just stare at you blankly and you realize that what you said didn't make sense. You like to EAT, and even that which you don't EAT you CHEW ON. You're also obsessed with the color GREEN. SALIASTEIO and GELIO regard you with contempt, and EIDOLON think you're funny. You don't really have an opinion on them. You get along well with ROTALON, because eventually you're both going to be FLYING GROUND TYPES FTW. MENDATT also calls you anklebiter occasionally, because you bit his ankle once. Well, more chewed than bit.

Your name is ROTALON. You're interested in QUANTUM PHYSICS, as well as FLIGHT and BANANANAS. You are not, unfortunately, a possessor of COMMON SENSE OF ANY SORT. You're incredibly SMART, but not SENSIBLE. You can TWIRL YOUR DRILLHANDS LIKE A PROPELLER, allowing you to FLY FTW. EIDOLON thinks that you are verily sillific, and SALIASTEIO thinks the same. GELIO, however, has taken rather a liking to you because of your LARGE AMOUNT OF BOOK SMARTS. You also aren't very good at spelling BANANDA. You get along with SANDRAGON, because eventually you're both going to be FLYING GROUND TYPES FTW. You can do complicated math in your mind, which perplexes MENDATT, whom hasn't met very many people as talented at math as you, and is surprised to find a drilbur capable of your calibur of calculations.



In progress

SomeGuy vs. Mendatt (Ref: Karkat Vantas(Kammington, Character of the Day, Kam))

Finished, won

Mendatt vs. RK-9(KR-9) (Ref: Arylett of Dawnsborough)
Mendatt vs. Griffin (Ref: Pathos(Moo))

Finished, lost

V Unfinished V


Convenient template for myself said:
DQ Time:
Damage Limit:
Banned Moves:
Restricted Moves:

Miscellaneous information:
Ones I have used

Ones I intend to use

Format: Hextuple battle, 1vs1
Style: Set
DQ Time: 7 days
Damage Limit: 50%
Banned Moves: Non-Contact moves that target multiple Pokemon
Restricted Moves: None
Arena: Chess

A large building containing a giant, tiled floor with a total of 64 tiles, checkerboarded white and black. On the tiles at the far end of each room there are giant pedestals, the ones on one side black and the ones on the other white, and all of them connected to devices on the wall and ceiling by ropes and chains. If you look closely at them, you notice that the tops of the pedestals are actually removable lids, and upon further investigation, the pedestals themselves are hollow, and filled with water.
At the beginning of the battle, each trainer designates all of their sixteen Pokemon with a role. They are positioned on the board as per the rules of chess. One may, instead of commanding a move, spend an action moving one of their pieces, which, as previously mentioned, are the trainer's pokemon. When a pokemon is moved into a space another pokemon is in, that pokemon is not captured in any manner, they just occupy the same space. Contact moves can only be used against pokemon occupying the same spaces as the pokemon using them.

Miscellaneous information: Each team gets three actions for their entire team, not for each pokemon, because that would just be ridiculously ridiculous in a ridiculous manner.
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Trainer description: Byrus (THE VIRUS) is a very shady looking guy dressed in ragged, black clothes. He favours poison and dark types, as well as brutish and intimidating monsters. Oh, and a bunny. May or may not use underhanded tactics...

To do list: Make some fucking signature moves/Attributes. Also put some bios and stuff down for my team.

Elite referee: Currently reffing (will update soonish)
Battles I've finished reffing: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 Pathos vs ole_schooler (14) and Windragon vs Littlestream (15)
Battles I'm in currently: vs bulbasaur
Finished battles: vs Proto_Fan, vs Thunder, vs Lord of the fireflies (Tournament battle), vs Kratos, Vs Pathos (Tournament battle),vs ultraviolet, vs ole_schooler
Record: Won: 5 / Lost: 0 / Wins by DQ: 2 / Losses by DQ: 0 / Draws: 0


k revamping this​
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hi my name is boss and i'm totally kickin' rad
wins: -- / losses: --
battles: []
current battle: []


ability: blaze
item: (none)
exp: 0 / 2
If the heart was judged to be not pure, Ammit would devour it, and the person undergoing judgement was not allowed to continue their voyage towards Osiris and immortality.

ability: guts
item: (none)
exp: 0 / 2
often Jack (informal) A man; a fellow.

ability: effect spore
item: (none)
exp: 0 / 2
mary mary quite contrary.

ability: static
item: (none)
exp: 0 / 3
sickness! disease! wash your hands if you please
Beginner ASB participant

Party Pokemon

(Prince) Piplup [M]
Notes: Loyal to Darksong, he's been with her since the beginning. He's a tough fighter and has a short temper, but never uses a rude tone when talking to Darksong. His favorite pastime is surfing, but of course he doesn't need a board.

(Echo) Cubone [F]
Notes: Echo is an even more fervent fighter than Prince; she absolutely hates losing. The memories of many things in her past drive her on in battle, including friends she hasn't seen for years, and the dead mother inherent to her species. When she was small, she loved to watch Pidgey fly in the sky above her home region, and she joined Darksong while the Trainer was traveling through Kanto. Though she doesn't really pay attention, Echo is actually very intelligent, and often has better strategy than her Trainer.

(Sunaero) Aerodactyl [F]
Notes: Though Aerodactyl are typically fierce, Suanero is surprisingly calm compared to her teammates. Though she is powerful, she thinks things through, and tries not to do anything hastily. This makes her slow sometimes, but she tends to come out on top when she fights. She hasn't been in a battle against another Trainer's Pokemon yet, but she's been training on wild ones when she and Darksong travel. Sunaero met Darksong when the Aerodactyl was resurrected from a fossil that Darksong found underground on one of her many excursions.

(Rosie) Glameow [F]

Received from Superbird as a birthday gift.
Notes: Rosie has long been a traveler, and her goal was to travel around all the regions doing... various things. Though people didn't usually consider her motives right, some of them did, and she traveled with a not-so-small group of other canine and feline Pokemon. But her journey ended prematurely before she even traveled through Kanto, since she had been caught by a Trainer. Though this one seemed nice, Rosie was quickly traded to Darksong. The Glameow is new to Darksong, so she still tries to take advantage of her sometimes.
Rosie can be sarcastic and generally aloof. She's witty, but she's not the most friendly type. But she doesn't freak out easily, and it's somehow overly simple for her to keep a level head. Though she sometimes doesn't think things through before she acts on them. If she could learn to think a little more before acting, she could be an amazing strategist.

(Pandora) Venipede [F]

Received from Blastoise as a birthday gift.
Notes: Pandora, affectionately known by Darksong as "Grumpy Bug," is still unsure of her Trainer, having been received very recently. However, she is eager to go into battle.

(Ling) Zangoose [M]
Notes: Sometimes Darksong teases him and calls him "stupid furball," but he doesn't seem to mind. He's a harsh fighter and is an expert at using his claws to cut things up. He gets hungry sometimes, but Darksong doesn't mind sharing Berries or things like that with him. He can be a handful with his carefree personality, but in battle he suddenly turns serious and fights to the end.

(Melissa) Taillow [M]

Received from Mendatt as a birthday gift.
Notes: Melissa is a new but long-awaited addition to Darksong's team. Despite being male, Darksong insists on keeping his name, since he's named after the plant -- specifically, a genus of mint -- rather than just having a plain girl's name. Melissa, for some reason, isn't annoyed by this in the least. He is very hyper and never seems to run out of energy.

PC Pokemon

Battle Record

Current battles:
- vs. Mad MOAI

Past battles:
- vs. Superbird (epic loss)
- vs. Mai (forfeited)

These Pokemon are not actually real! I may get them in the future myself, but this is also a guide for birthday gifts or other things.

If you want to give me a gift, I particularly like Poison-types, and would also like:

(Rie) Oshawott [F]
Notes: Named after Rie Fu, who sings my favorite Bleach ending song, "Life Is Like a Boat." For some reason the name "Rie," not to mention the song title, reminds me of water. And I suddenly want an Oshawott.

(Tollán) Onix [M]
Notes: A character in my Script Frenzy 2011 graphic novel-type thing.

(Alex) Misdreavus [M]
Notes: I've been listening to "Alice of Human Sacrifice" way too much lately.
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Random Stuff about MOAI
  • She's only ever won or completed a battle by DQ.
  • She usually puts "hehe" at the end of her sentences
  • Intermediate skill, battling style changes based on the situation.
  • Tends to write long run-on sentences and overuse semicolons and dashes.
  • A majority of her posts are for roleplaying.

Owned Pokémon


[Lust] Weavile (F)
One of the Homunculi. Differences distinguishing her from other Weavile include differently colored feathers, bright pink eyes, and an Ouroboros tattoo, the latter two being the best way to identify her as a Homunculus. She is MOAI's first Pokémon, and she is awesome. She will shred you with her freaky fingers.

[Lieutenant Maria Ross] Plusle (F)
Ross works with her partner Seargent Denny Brosch, the Minun. She was chosen as the Plusle of the two because MOAI initially got Brosch confused with Lt. Havoc.

[Nyasha] Exeggutor (F)
Now a happy, plump palm tree, Nyasha enjoys eating potatoes and using the move Stomp. To this day nobody has figured out her coconuts' magnetic properties.

[Luminás] Nosepass (M)


[Drill Grip] Onix (F)
Named for the moves Horn Drill and Crush Grip. She fights using a combination of both, crushing her opponents and bashing them into the ground. She is an epic Onix, and MOAI often uses her as a pillow.

[Solas] Volbeat (M)
His favorite song is Airplanes. His name means "light" in Irish.


[Ohoshihire] Horsea (M)
Hoshi for short. His name means "big star fins" in Japanese, for the day he hopes he will become a Seadra. However, he wants to retain his smooth, spiky form, and does not want to be a Kingdra.

[Dragon Spin] Squirtle (M)
Named for the two moves Dragon Tail and Rapid Spin. Blastoise is the only Pokémon that can learn both of these moves by any method.

[Lioness] Rhyhorn (F)
Companion to Sen.


[Tan-yu] Ducklett (M)
A young deity in charge of a forested mystical site, Tan-yu is the clown of the group and always has something entertaining to do. He usually acts like a little kid, but he can use illusions to his advantage and he has enough power to build his site consisting of a forest surrounding a large pond. He's good friends with Lioness.

[Muffin] Stunfisk (M)
Muffin is the most adorable Maggyo ever. Maggyo is the cutest. If he shocks you while smiling, your Pokemon will faint. Guaranteed. :3

[Teppou] Magby (F)
A young Magby who loves loud noises and enjoys playing with fire. She hopes one day to be able to create fireballs with strength rivaling those of a Charizard's.

[Memento Mori] Duskull (M)
Mori honestly does not care what anyone else thinks. He follows orders in battle, but other than that he does things his way. Remember to die...

[Horst] Geodude (M)
At the moment, Horst can only throw rocks, but he ambitions to be able to shape the earth into horsts and grabens. It will take time and effort to do such a thing, though.
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==> Be the Thief of Time.


You think you're doing PRETTY WELL in the video game SBURB. After all, you are the THIEF OF TIME in the LAND OF CIRCUITRY AND CLOCKWORK. Your STRIFE SPECIBI is almost always set to UMBRELLAKIND.

But when you're not playing SBURB, you are an active BATTLER who enjoys BATTLING with your AWESOME POKEMON TEAM. You are ESPECIALLY FOND of GHOST-TYPES for some reason, but ALL THE OTHER TYPES are good too. ALL OF THEM.

==> View Sylladex.

> [John] Sentret (♂) <Keen Eye>
yes! that is the plan.
> [Dave] Scraggy (♂) <Moxie>
pulling swords out of things isnt how i roll
> [Rose] Litwick (♀) <Flame Body>
I thought you didn't want me to analyze your dreams anymore.
> [Jade] Cottonee () <Infiltrator>
oh noooo!!!
> [Jane] Togepi (♀) <Serene Grace>
Hrm, that's interesting. :B
> [Jake] Drifloon (♂) <Aftermath>
Bingo. *double pistols and a wink*
> [Becquerel] Arcanine (♂) <Levitate>
> [Aradia] Gastly (♀) <Levitate>
i supp0se i am 0k with this
> [Tavros] Emolga (♂) <Motor Drive>
sORRY, }:(
> [Sollux] Duosion (♂) <Magic Guard>
ju2t 2hut up KK
> [Karkat] Archen (♂) <Defeatist>
> [Terezi] Oshawott (♀) <Torrent>
H3H3H3 >:]
> [Vriska] Zoroark (♀) <Illusion>
H8ers gonna h8!!!!!!!!
> [Equius] Riolu (♂) <Inner Focus>
D --> I believe I need a towel
> [Eridan] Squirtle (♂) <Torrent>
wwhatevver landdwwellers
> [Scratch] Porygon-Z (x) <Download>
Each dark pocket, in time, will be filled.
> [Leo] Gallade (♂) <Steadfast>
...well then.
> [Skye] Rotom (x) <Levitate>
> [Aureus] Ninetales (♂) <Flash Fire>
Ah, whatever.
> [Alex] Shuppet (♂) <Insomnia>
Now you're doin' it right.

==> View Alpha Timeline.

> Wins
[vs Blazie] [vs RespectTheBlade I] [vs RespectTheBlade II] [vs Markku] [vs Cypher] [vs Glace] [vs RespectTheBlade IV] [vs Mai II] [with Lord of the Fireflies vs. Whirlpool and RespectTheBlade]

> Losses
[vs sreservoir] [vs Ampharos / vs ole_schooler] [vs Mai I] [vs Zhorken]

> Draws
[vs Blastoise] [vs RespectTheBlade III] [vs Eonrider] [vs Mewtini] [vs Flower Doll]

==> View Future Self's Sylladex.
> Joltik (F) <Compoundeyes>
> Zoom Lens (x1)
> Amulet Coin (x ∞)
> note that anything else is good too!
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DarkHydra's Profile​


Yes. This is me.​

Custom Sprites​

Eclipse, despite not being a starter pokemon, was the first of DarkHydra's pokemon, and so considers himself the leader. He is generally cool and collected, even in the midst of a fierce battle. He has a secret soft spot for Sunrise, and, just what is under his cloak?



Sunrise is generally considered second in command to Eclipse, although this embarrasses her. She is kind and gentle, often helping others to overcome their difficulties. She fights well, although she feels sympathy for those who get hurt, even if they are her opponents. Her yellow scarf is a present from an admirer.



Despite being a starter pokemon, Splinter is not considered a leader, although he aspires to be. This, of course, means he has developed a rivalry with Eclipse. The bandages he wears are apparently proof of his existence as a martial artist, and as a result, he trains to his limits, every single day.



Stripes, oddly, was born without wings, and promptly picked up by a scientist, who made her a new set, which have 'special properties'. She is best of friends with Sunrise, due to their similar natures. Contradicting Sunrise however, she has a fiery temper, and competitive spirit.

Body Mod: W.I.N.G System

Stripes was an unfortunate and rare case for hatchling Wingull, Pokémon who spend most of their life flying – She was born with no wings. Stripes was thrown out of her nest by her siblings, and left to die. She was then picked up by a scientist, working on the field of replacement limbs for Pokémon. He attached several prototype models to her, each enabling her to fly, and each better than the last. Whilst the scientist was working on the latest pair of wings, he observed a wild Wingull fighting a Manectric, apparently trying to protect its eggs. The Wingull was promptly electrocuted by the Manectric, so the scientist, who had grown close to Stripes, was mortified by the thought of Stripes sharing the same fate, so he fitted her with the W.I.N.G System.
The W.I.N.G System’s ‘special effect’ runs by having small lightning rods in them, which are powered up by electric attacks hitting Stripes. This makes her immune to electric moves, and she gets a one turn speed boost of +1 if an electric attack hits her. Once the system has absorbed 100 base power electric attacks, it may overload, meaning it has a 40% chance of inflicting severe paralysis on her, and rendering her unable to fly for one round. If she is hit by an electric attack in this state, it will inflict 10% non type damage on her.​

Current Battles​
None Yet​

Victorious Battles​

Losing Battles​
None Yet​
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CelebiDarkAura's ProfileCelebi

Charmander [F] Xena

A rather cocky Charmander. Xena usually goes out on the offensive side, bluntly attacking as she goes. She plans her moves carefully when in battle. Usually serious in battle, and not so serious out of battle.

Gyarados-f [F] God

God has learned one thing that helped her evolve. She has learned this; "They told me I could be anything i wanted. So I became a god!" This has helped her evolve into one of the most vicious Gyarados!

Tirtouga [F] Artemis

A hasty Tirtouga. She loves, and I mean LOVES to eat. She usually goes in battle to burn off her food. She is very meticulous, and when her trainer makes a mistake (Always, XD) she will do whatever to fix it.

Ralts [F] Dementia

Usually doesn't battle often. She likes to stay in the sidelines and train. When trained enough, she will use strategies she learned to try and take down her foe. She is very smart, and therefore, she can find anyway to beat a foe. She's named after my friend's(whos on another site) RP character, a Gardevoir named Dementia.

Skelitten [F] Sheol

Obtained in a trade, Sheol's trainer does not know anything about Sheol. Sheol appears to be sweet and kind.

Litwick [F] Api Lahir

Api is very calm, yet strong. She sometimes rushes into a fight, but she likes losing, because she learns from her mistakes. Is very trustworthy.

Current Battles;

Winning Battles;
Vs zeKierinator (By DQ)

Losing Battles;
Vs Hawke​
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Trainer Info:


Sylph is a calm sort, not really much for getting angry at the pitfalls around her. She is a Ref and tries to be more creative and active but has found her real world to be getting in her Internet life. She has a friendly rivalry with a fellow ASBer known as Coloursfall. She lives in Canada, like to draw and mess around with her computer when work doesn't get in the way. She loves to play games and is a DnD player in both real life and internet life.

Shop Owner- Moony's Automail Shop
Dex' Registry approver
Money: $217

Current Battles I'm Reffing:

My Pokemon:

1) [Riza] Pidgeotto (F)
Notes: Did you finish your paperwork, Sir.
Name: A character from FMA

2) [Chaos] Vulpix (F)
Notes: ...When did I become a woman?
Name: From a OC of mine...who ironically was male. Oops.

3) [Roy] Charmander (M)
Notes: Tiny Miniskirts!
Name: A character from FMA

4) [Halan] Lucario (M)
Notes: ...Is that so.
Name: Named after a OC of mine

5) [Takumi] Mudkip (M)
Notes: *cuddles on*
Name: Named after a OC and involved with a Espeon on a rival team

6) [Tiny] Rhyhorn (M)
Notes: ...Cupcake?
Name: Named after a OC

7) [Pepper] Growlithe (F)
Notes: Critical hit this
Name: Named after OC

8) [Angel] Skelitten (F)
Notes: *Hunting Stance!*
Name: Named after my old Cat.

9) [Zorro] Zorua (M)
Notes: "Are you going to eat that?"
Name: Named after a OC

10) [Tiamat] Horsea (F)
Notes: Swirling typhoon
Name: The Babylonian Goddess of the Sea

11) [Ming] Ralts (F)
Notes: "That all you got, Kid?"
Name: Named after old OC and twin to Kammu

12) [Hughes] Houndour (M)
Notes: "Want to see a picture of my daughter?"
Name: Named after a character in FMA

13) [Atlanta] Myrid (F)
Notes: *sniffle*
Name: ...I liked the name?

14) [Kammu] Abra (M)
Notes: What will be will be, Sister
Name: Old OC and twin to Ming

15) [Serena] Tsuki (F)
Notes: In the name of the Moon!
Name: Character from Sailor Moon

16) [Yue] Ralts (M)
Notes: *shimmer*
Name: ...its a cool name

17) [Zeno] Natu (M)
Notes: Past, future, still doomed.
Name: OC of mine

18) [Artemis] Nidoran (F)
Notes: *stomps ground and growls*
Name: Greek Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt

19) [Aslen] Swablu (M)
Notes: *preens*
Name: OC of mine

20) [Kali] Duskull (F)
Notes: *cackles*
Name: It looked cool when I tossed the letters together

21) [Mia] Gyarados (F)
Notes: *CRUNCH*
Name: Named after a pokemon in my LG game. How I love her.

22) [Fuery] Buneary (M)
Notes: *pushes glasses up*
Name: Named after a Character from FMA

23) [Xqui] Absol (M)
Notes: Disappointed by your lack in hunting skills
Name: After a awesome character that showed up in a old RP

24) [Joey] Ralts (M)
Notes: Fabulous~
Name: After a OC of mine

25) [Jonathan] Zangoose (M)
Notes: Seventeen years have come and gone...
Name: ....This is blamed on Coloursfall

26) [Kupo] Rotom (F)
Notes: Kupo po?
Name: The sound a Moogle makes

27) [Jackson] Lickitung (M)
Notes: *oblivious to the flour on his face*
Name: Cute old OC

28) [Diego] Houndour (M)
Notes: "Hola Senorita"
Name: OC of mine...seeing a theme yet folks?

29) [Jay] Buneary (F)
Notes: *Hits you with Hammer*
Name: The first letter of my last name.

30) [Darian] Tsuki (M)
Notes: *Tosses a Rose at your feet*
Name: Named after a character in Sailor Moon

31) [Din] Poochyena (M)
Notes: Don't Worry Be Happy
Name: TF2 OC

32) [Nibbles] Munchlax (M)
Notes: *nomnomnom*
Name: An action

33) [Torei] Munchlax (F)
Notes: Cuddle monster
Name: Old OC of mine

34) [Gerard] Totodile (M)
Notes: *licks fangs*
Name: Old OC

35) [Hui] Medicham (F)
Notes: Can kick your face in
Name: ...Looked cool

36) [Badger] Cyndaquil (M)
Notes: *scratches at ground*
Name: The animal

37) [Lux] Seviper (F)
Notes: Cursed by my Genetics
Name: ...Blame Coloursfall. Seriously.

38) [Boy Eevee] Eevee (F)
Notes: Very confused
Name: ...I have no idea. I'm pretty sure this was a cause from my crazy friends

39) [Hall Om Mig] Ducklett (F)
Notes: Step onto target
Name: After the song....yeah...

40) [Louis Gage] Snivy (M)
Notes: Wondering where that damned Poochyena went
Name: TF2 OC...kinda...

41) [Crush] Tirtouga (M)
Notes: Duuuuude
Name: After the awesome turtle in "Finding Nemo"

42) [Jules] Blitzle (F)
Notes: Giving you a bad hair day, everyday
Name: ....The measurement of electricity I think.

43) [Heartless] Litwick (M)
Notes: I stealz your heart
Name: The minions and enemy found in Kingdom Heart I & II

44) [Diana] Gothita (F)
Notes: Moon Dancer
Name: ...I think this is the name of a Moon Goddess.

45) [Bambi] Deerling (M)
Notes: Unsteady legs
Name: After the main character in the movie "Bambi"

46) [Manny] Feebas (M)
Notes: Inner beauty prevails
Name: ...it is a fish...and a man

47) [Alex] Timburr (M)
Notes: This technique has been passed down the Armstrong line for Generations!
Name: A character from FMA


- Look in ASB tab on profile

Wish list

[Jaci] Gible (F)
Ability: Sand Veil

[Mischief] Rotom (M)
Ability: Levitate

[Rasputin] Shinx (M)
Ability: Rivalry

[Shui] Totodile (M)
Ability: Torrent

Money is always good.

And Evolution Stones~​
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>> Enter query: "Chief Zackrai"

One (1) result found.
Chief Zackrai
Profile Image:

Chief Zackrai's Active Squad:
(Male) <Poison Heal>
Signature Move: Barbaric Rage

Having been the hunted by Tailow and other pokemon of the sort in his early years, he had to learn how to hold his own somehow. Being a particularly angry and vengeful Shroomish anyway, Caza would never back down from a fight. After a year and a half of intense training and learning to control his rage in the high peaks of Mt. Chimney and Mt. Pyre, Caza managed to get to a point where his madness actually /helps/ him. However, this rage can only be initiated by the landing of a super-effective attack. This rage is extremely exhausting, and Ramses usually faints after it ends.

Normal Type | Status | 0% Damage | 100% Accuracy | Target: Self | Energy: 10% initially; 50% afterward/ Duration: 5 actions

Effects: Caza becomes furious. It takes 10% of Caza's energy to initiate this rage, and 50% of his energy is drained due to fatigue, regardless of remaining energy level. While it is his greatest technique, Caza can only perform this move once per battle, whether he has healed or not. All of Caza's stats are increased by six stages. After five actions, an additional 50% of his energy is drained. This move can only be used the round after a super-effective move has landed.

Usage Gap: once per match

(Male) <Stench>

(Male) <Guts>

(Male) <Forewarn>

(Male) <Simple>

(Female) <Damp>

(Male) <Anticipation>
Signature Attribute: Sopor Slime Touch

GaMzEe enjoys eating this super-cool substance, called Sopor Slime. When he isn't battling, GaMzEe spends his time by making more of these pies, as well as eating them. He eats them so often in fact, that the slime he naturally secrets has been altered slightly, giving it sedative properties, much like the slime itself. When contact is made with GaMzEe, there is a 20% chance the pokemon making contact will absorb some of the slime, and experience its unnatural side effects. If absorbed, the inflicted pokemon will suffer from a -1 penalty in both attack stats as well as in speed. Because of this, GaMzEe naturally suffers from these penalties, for he is constantly stoned. These effects can be stacked on an already inflicted pokemon, up to four times.

Effects: GaMzEe has a -1 penalty to Attack, Special Attack, and Speed when he is sent out. A pokemon that makes contact with GaMzEe has a 20% chance of also getting these penalties, and the percentage increases to 50% when the opposing pokemon is using a move such as Bite, Crunch, or one of the elemental fangs, as they are directly ingesting the substance while attacking. These effects can be stacked up to -4 in each stat, but the chance of effectiveness does not increase. The effects will negate themselves after three rounds, but they can be gained again if this happens (five rounds if the pokemon is GaMzEe). Poison-type moves that GaMzEe use that have a chance to poison (Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, etc.) have instead the same chance to cause these penalties, which do not stack with the 20% for contact, but instead replace it.

Signature Move: Subjugglate

Type: Fighting | Power: N/A | Stat: N/A | Energy: 25% | Accuracy: 100% | Target: Self | Duration: Six Actions

Effects: GaMzEe can only use this move if he is not stoned. He realizes his true calling in life, and gains a +3 bonus to Attack and Special Attack, and +3 bonus to Speed. STAB moves use 1/3 less energy, subtracted after calculations, and non STAB moves use 1/3 more energy, added after calculations. He also now has a 30% chance to ignore the trainer commanding him, and use any move in his movepool. After three rounds, GaMzEe's bonuses nullify, and all his attacks now require 1/3 more energy to use. If GaMzEe is recalled he is reset, and has the penalties he normally starts with again.

Usage Gap: Once per match; can be used after five rounds.

(Male) <Magic Guard>

(Male) <Simple>

Chief Zackrai's Inactive Pokemon:
(Male) <Hyper Cutter>

Chief Zackrai's Inventory:

Task Complete. Shut down?
Random notes
  • I tend to nitpick the numbers in a reffing
  • I have a million different arena ideas, none of which are likely to get picked up by a referee in the space of a few years. You think my first arena was bad? Wait until you see some of my more complicated ones involving the use of theoretical calculus. By all parties.
  • I was here back in 2008 when the forums recovered from the crash. I put off joining for a few months, though.

Money: $34

  • Novice referee. I suck at this but will hopefully improve.
  • Battler. I suck even more at this and will, in all likelihood, not improve.
  • Procrastinator. The one thing I'm good at. I've been meaning to create this profile since May 2011.

Active Team

Male Ivysaur
Ability: Overgrow
Item: Big Root
EXP: 2/2 + 1/4
Origin of name: Barium burns green, and has some red spectral lines.

http://blazheirio889.deviantart.com/art/Ninetales-278038938 When she will be a Ninetales. Drawn by Blazhy.
Female Vulpix
Ability: Flash Fire
Item: Fire Stone
EXP: 3 - 3
Origin of name: Bromine is exactly the colour of Vulpix.

Male Larvesta
Ability: Flame Body
Item: Charcoal
EXP: 0/5
Notes: Bought from Ampharos

Male Sandshrew
Ability: Sand Veil
Item: Metronome
EXP: 2/3
Origin of name: Aurum, the old name for Gold, is somewhat like the color of Sandshrew.

Female Pachirisu
Ability: Run Away
Item: Leftovers
Origin of name: Oxygen is invisible, in its gaseous state, which serves as white, while, in its liquid state, it is blue.

Female Riolu
Ability: Inner Focus
Item: Soothe Bell
Happiness: 0/6
Origin of name: Bismuth burns blue, and its oxide is yellow. Its natural appearance is like that of steel. When Bismuth evolves, she will bear these colours.

Male Slowpoke
Ability: Oblivious
Item: King's rock
EXP: 0
Origin of name: Lithium burns pink.

Male Bagon
Ability: Rock Head
Item: Lum Berry
EXP: 0/4 + 0/5
This is a gift from Byrus.

Female Snorunt
Ability: Ice Body
Item: Dawn Stone
EXP: 0
This is a gift from RespectTheBlade

Ampharos is Awesome
Female Larvitar
Ability: Guts
Item: Lucky Egg
EXP: 0/4 + 0/5
Move mod: AHBE Rock Wrecker
This is a gift from Ampharos

C/P Active Squad for refs
Barium the Male Ivysaur
Ability: Overgrow
Item: Big Root
EXP: 3

Bromine the Female Vulpix
Ability: Flash Fire
Item: Fire Stone
EXP: 0

Vulkan the Male Larvesta
Ability: Flame Body
Item: Charcoal
EXP: 0

Aurum the Male Sandshrew
Ability: Sand Veil
Item: Metronome
EXP: 2

Oxygen the Female Pachirisu
Ability: Run Away
Item: Leftovers
EXP: 0

Bismuth the Female Riolu
Ability: Inner Focus
Item: Soothe Bell
Happiness: 0

Lithium the Male Slowpoke
Ability: Oblivious
Item: King's Rock
EXP: 0

Bagon the Male Bagon
Ability: Rock Head
Item: Lum Berry
EXP: 0

Pandora the Female Snorunt
Ability: Ice Body
Item: Dawn Stone
EXP: 0

Ampharos is Awesome the Female Larvitar
Ability: Guts
Item: Lucky Egg
AHBE move: Rock Wrecker
EXP: 0


Female Delibird
Ability: Vital Spirit
Item: Choice Specs
Origin of name: Helium burns bright red, like Delibird's fur. It is transparent in its gaseous state, which represents the white part of Delibird's fur.
EXP: 2-2
Notes: This is the only Delibird in the League. Watch that change as soon as I post

Male Ledyba
Ability: Swarm
EXP: 0
This is a gift from Omskivar

Male Gastly
Ability: Levitate
EXP: 0
This is a gift from Omskivar

Tom Morello
Male Tauros
Ability: Anger Point
EXP: 0
AHBE Move: Quick Attack
This is a gift from Metallica Fanboy

Male Chingling
Ability: Levitate
EXP: 0
This is a gift from Ampharos, named because of a running joke between us.
Male Scyther
Ability: Swarm
EXP: 0
This is a gift from LegendarySeeker99. He is named for a character in an excellent fanfic by Scytherider, titled Silver Resistance, of which we are both fans.

Battle records

Awaiting referee

vs. Byrus (Squornshellous Beta Metallica Fanboy)
vs. Ampharos (Byrus)
vs. Dragon (Crazy Linoone)
vs. Blazhy (RespectTheBlade)
Metronome Contest, Magma Storm



vs. Ampharos (Superbird)
vs. Squorshellous Beta (Negrek)
vs. RespectTheBlade (Byrus)

vs. Sonic Rainboom (Squornshellous Beta)

Battle for Asber (Negrek) (shut down due to drama)

No rounds reffed
vs. Patar (Karkat Vantas)


Using Effercon's point system 3/2:0/-1:1 :
Arithmetic mean: 2.750
Geometric mean: 2.711
Harmonic mean: 2.667
Standard deviation: 0.433
Points quotient: 0.916

Total # of battles: 4
Won: 4
Non-DQ: 3
Lost: 0
Non-DQ: 0

Referee Records

The Math Contest
Negrek vs. Zhorken
Chief Zackrai vs. Byrus
CJ Blazer vs. Phantom

Metallica Fanboy and エル vs. The Omskivar and Lord of the Fireflies

Darksong vs. Superbird
Pathos vs. Star69 (DQ)
Silver vs. Mewtini
Phantom vs. DarkAura
blazheirio889 vs. Klutzershy (DQ)

Byrus vs. Kratos Aurion (Rounds 6-end)

No rounds reffed

Promises to referee
  • Crazy Linoone
  • Silver
  • Mewtini
  • Lord of the Fireflies
  • Metallica Fanboy
  • Negrek
  • RespectTheBlade
  • Skyman
  • Squornshellous Beta
  • Superbird
  • Dragon

Reffing Scale
My refereeing scale can be found here. Note that I've decided, on sresevoir's advice to change to a different system for speed increases/decreases. A participant's calculator can be found here, or if that link doesn't work, here.
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♫ Munchkin~ ♪

Gender: Female ♀
DOB: 12/17/95
Moneys: $18


DQ Win/DQ Loss

In Progress
vs. Star69
vs. Denryu

vs. The Omskivar (my Loss)
vs. Coroxn (Draw)


Active Squad

[Sekitan Iki] (F)
{Charmander} <Blaze>
EXP: 1/2

( a.k.a. Kita; determined, feisty, and competitive; sore loser )

Aerodactyl Amulet-Coin
[Menimienai Shi] (F)
{Aerodactyl} <Pressure>
EXP: 0

( a.k.a. Nai; playful and nurturing, but serious about battles )

[Kyohaku-Tekina] (M)
{Nidoran} <Poison Point>
EXP: 0/2

( a.k.a. Haku; focused, competitive, and arrogant about his physical strength and endurance )

[Sora No Dansa] (F)
{Swablu} <Natural Cure>
EXP: 0/4

( a.k.a. Sora; prissy, feminine, literally thinks she's royalty )

[Chishi Ansatsu-Sha] (F)
{Sneasel} <Keen Eye>
EXP: 0

( a.k.a. Chi; a prankster, devious, yet kind-hearted )

Axew Lansat-Berry
[Spear] (F)
{Axew} <Mold Breaker>
EXP: 0/4

( picky and an immature crybaby )

[Hyde] (M)
{Deino} <Hustle>
EXP: 0/4
+ Snatch

( silent but strong-willed, protective )

[Ryui-Ryoku] (M)
{Abra} <Synchronize>
EXP: 0/2

( a.k.a. Ryui; quiet and keeps to himself, but cares deeply for his team )

[Kashikoiga Sairento] (F)
{Slowpoke} <Oblivious>
EXP: 0/4

( a.k.a. Kash; slow to react, but thoughtful, wise, and ambitious )

[Okibona Taishoku-Ka] (F)
{Munchlax} <Pickup>
HAP: 0

( a.k.a. Ku-Ka; eccentric and eager to battle, has a thirst for improvement )


[Okori Yasui] (M)
{Poliwag} <Water Absorb>
EXP: 1/3
( a.k.a. Oko; shy, low self-esteem, and desperate to please trainer )

[Akushitsuna Mojin] (M)
{Drilbur} <Sand Force>
EXP: 0/3
( a.k.a. Moji; short-tempered, violent, yet loyal )

[Arashi No Shishi] (M)
{Shinx} <Rivalry>
EXP: 0/2
( a.k.a. Arashi; smart, agile, hates when plans go awry )

[Kira Hoshi] (F)
{Paras} <Effect Spore>
EXP: 0/3
( a.k.a. Kira; has somewhat of a Napoleon complex - always wants to lead )

[Tiny] (F)
{Happiny} <Serene Grace>
EXP: 0
( quite selfish, especially with healing abilities, conceited/extremely vain )

[Kyofu No Ahiru] (M)
{Psyduck} <Cloud Nine>
EXP: 0/3
( a.k.a. Hiru; pretends to be dopey but enjoys causing pain, malicious, and merciless )

[Sutekina Kanakirigoe] (F)
{Woobat} <Unaware>
HAP: 0
( a.k.a. Kana; ditzy, forgetful, and lazy )

[Totsuzen No Bakuhatsu] (F)
{Numel} <Oblivious>
EXP: 0/3
( a.k.a. Tot; determined, smart, tries hard to be agile )

[Ika No Hisomu] (M)
{Lotad} <Rain Dish>
EXP: 0/2
( a.k.a. Somu; not very bright, but loves a good joke )

[Tsuri Taishi] (F)
{Deerling} <Sap Sipper>
EXP: 0/3
( a.k.a. Tai; energetic, curious, and fun-loving )

[Dokusei Tamariba] (F)
{Gastly} <Levitate>
EXP: 0/3
( a.k.a. Riba; maniacal, sadistic, and uniquely humorous )

[Kowagatte Miakyatto] (F)
{Sentret} <Keen Eye>
EXP: 0/3
( a.k.a. Kyatt; easily discouraged, nervous, and cowardly )


[Chishi Ansatsu-Sha] Sneasel (F) <Keen Eye>
[Senso No Tori] Skarmory (M) <Keen Eye>
[Gekido Eiko] Larvitar (M)
[Kiri No Seishin] Snorunt (F) <Inner Focus>
[Mori Tororu] Seedot (M) <Early Bird>
[Seishinbyo No Chiryo-Shi] Happiny (F) <Serene Grace>
[Kira Hoshi] Paras (F) <Effect Spore>

[Hoyu Shite Kasai] Litwick (M) <Flame Body>
[Nami No Nageki] Lapras (F) <Water Absorb>
[Kaminari-Ryoku] Elekid (M)
[Hidoi Hahaoya] Kangaskhan (F) <Scrappy>
[Jiki Fujo] Beldum (X)
[Kinzoku Sento-Ki] Riolu (M) <Steadfast>
[Ryui-Ryoku] Abra (M) <Synchronize>
[Bukiyona Dobutsu] Bidoof (F) <Simple>
[Yozora No Roketto] Deino (M)
[Yotte Gokana] Spinda (F) <Own Tempo>
[Banira Inryo] Miltank (F) <Thick Fat>
[Oshitsu No Yosoi] Horsea (M) <Sniper>
[Kanshanokimochi] Dratini (M)
[Mirage] Trapinch (F)
[Shinrai-Sei No Hanta] Bagon (M)
[Bomei-Chu No Supai] Gible (F)
[Omakana Kureyon] Druddigon (M) <Sheer Force>
[Henso No Meijin] Kecleon (M)

Amulet Coin (Kusari-Mart)
Black Sludge (Kusari-Mart)
Expert Belt (Grass King's Damage Influencing Centre)
Leftovers (Kusari-Mart)
Light Weight Arm w/ Poison Coated Claws (Moony's Automail Shop) for Chishi Ansatsu-Sha
Lucky Punch (Kusari-Mart)
Moon Stone (ASBCP)
Muscle Band (Grass King's Damage Influencing Centre)
Nevermeltice (Grass King's Damage Influencing Centre)
Rocky Helmet (Kusari-Mart)
Water Stone (ASBCP)

Reserve of Arenas
2vs2 single
DQ: 10 days
Damage Cap: 30%
Banned Moves: OHKO's, suicide moves, Sunny Day, direct healing moves
Arena: Midnight Island

The contenders will be battling on a circular island roughly 50 feet in diameter. It is night, so Sunny Day will have no effect, as there is no sunlight to intensify. The "outer ring" is all a smooth, sandy beach while the "inner circle" (a circle in the center of the island that is 30 feet in diameter) is made of a dense forest. There is a full moon and the ocean is gently lapping against the shores. There is one stream, roughly five feet across, that cuts the island exactly in half. Does that mean it's actually two islands?

Each round, there is a 10% chance of one of the following events occurring:
-If near or within the forest, a Vileplume may accidentally release a bit of Stun Spore, causing mild paralysis.
-If near or within the forest, a Ghost-type Pokémon may suddenly become visible, frightening the battler it appeared closer to, causing a flinch for that one action.
-Within the forest, either Pokémon may stumble across and eat an Oran Berry, healing 5% HP.
-Within the forest, either Pokémon may stumble across and eat a Leppa Berry, healing 5% energy.
-A cloud may cover the moon, bathing the island in darkness for a whole round.
-When on the beach, Dwebble or Crustle may unearth themselves and poke the nearest Pokémon, dealing 1% or 2% damage respectively.

Notes: Earthquake doesn't work on the beach; mud-using moves only work near the ocean or stream, or if Rain Dance is in effect; SolarBeam has 90 base power instead of 120.
Only Basic-stage Pokémon allowed.

3vs3 single
DQ: 10 days
Damage Cap: 33%
Banned Moves: OHKO's, suicide moves, direct healing, weather moves, most Ground-type moves (Earthquake, Mud-Slap, etc.)
Arena: A Bowl of Lucky Charms

Either everyone has been shrunken temporarily or this is one seriously huge bowl of Lucky Charms cereal! Typically, only one Pokémon could fit comfortably on a single marshmallow or oat bit, but if they are small enough or are flexible enough to position themselves appropriately, both battlers may stand on the same piece of cereal. Every edible platform in this gargantuan bowl is floating in creamy, cold, white milk. While this milk is as smooth as and can be used in the same ways as water, Pokémon submerged within it are virtually blind, as you can't exactly see through such an opaque white liquid. Any Pokémon with a flame on its body will receive 1% damage for every action that its flame is submerged. An invisible force-field is in the form of a dome above the bowl, completing it to make a sphere shape - because of this, the Pokémon cannot exit the cereal bowl. The ceiling of a kitchen can be seen far above the bowl.

The oat bits are either an X-shape or in the shape of the number 4. There are various kinds of marshmallows, including pink hearts, blue half-moons, green clovers, purple horseshoes, shooting stars, red balloons, orange "pots of gold", "rainbows" (actually just an arch of pink, yellow, and blue), and golden doors. While it won't happen if the marshmallow is simply floating around, a key-shaped hole will appear in the golden doors if they are drenched with water and/or milk.

At any time, either Pokémon may use one action to consume part of an oat bit (never a marshmallow!) or some milk. The oat will heal 5% health, while the milk will restore 3% of both health and energy. Every round, there is a 5% chance that a giant will eat some cereal with a proportionate silver spoon. While neither Pokémon nor humans within the bowl will be eaten, some bits of cereal may be scooped up and a tiny wave will travel throughout the bowl, which would probably knock most Pokémon into the sea of milk. After this, the cereal will not be replaced, so it will be a bit more difficult to maneuver with less to stand on.

At the end of the round, there is a 10% chance for both Pokémon to munch on an adjacent marshmallow. What type of marshmallow is chosen at random, and they have the following effects:

- Pink heart: Restores 7% health
- Blue half-moon: The effects of Gravity take place for the duration of the next round.
- Green clover: The Pokémon's attacks will all start at a critical hit domain of one higher than normal for the duration of the next round.
- Purple horseshoe: For the next round, the Pokémon's speed is increased by 1.
- Shooting star: For the next round, the Pokémon take the form of each other. They have access to each other's ability and movepool, but the health and energy remains based upon who is commanding the Pokémon. If both nibble on shooting stars, nothing happens.
- Red balloon: For the next round, the Pokémon gains the ability to consensually hover. If it could already hover or fly, its speed is increased by 1 instead.
- Orange pot of gold: The Pokémon's trainer gains an extra $1 at the end of the battle, not exceeding a maximum of $3 as a result of this bonus. If the $3 limit is reached and this marshmallow is nibbled again, the Pokémon instead regains 5% health.
- Rainbow: The Pokémon's type changes each action of the next round to ensure it doesn't receive super-effective damage. At the end of the next round, its typing is returned to normal.
- Golden door (solid): Safeguard is activated for this Pokémon during the next round.
- Golden door (keyhole): The Pokémon gains +1 Attack and Special Attack for the next round.

Other: Only basic- or baby-stage Pokémon may be used.
Concerning the marshmallows, I do mean both Pokémon. So if they nibble on marshmallows at the end of the round, both Pokémon will do so, though the marshmallow nibbled will probably be different for each. In essence, there will never be a round where one Pokémon nibbles a marshmallow while the other doesn't.
Also, just as another note, all Rock-type moves that require the rocks to already be present use cereal pieces instead. As a result, they do 2% less damage after all other calculations.

4vs4 single
DQ: 10 days
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned Moves: OHKOs, suicide moves, direct healing
Arena: Just Another Forest Clearing

Yes, we'll be in Just Another Forest Clearing. Well, more like a huge field surrounded by the forest. Half of the field is occupied by a lake, with four small islands in it. A pile of rocks is lying at the very edge of the field, next to the water. Nothing special really happens... it's just a quiet grassy field, perfect for battle.

Other: Only basic- or baby-stage Pokémon allowed.

3vs3 triple
DQ: 10 days
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned Moves: OHKOs, suicide moves, direct healing, Dig/Dive/Fly/etc. (any moves that would allow a Pokémon to remain out of range)
Arena: The Chessboard of DOOM

Floating in a giant chasm of nothingness is a giant chessboard, upon which we are to battle. It is a standard 8x8 board with alternating black and white tiles. One player's Pokémon will start on the spaces on the bottom of the diagram, and the other player's Pokémon will start on the top; which trainer becomes which colored team is randomized at the start of battle, as well as the roles of the Pokémon on each team. The chessboard's squares are all automatically adjusted to fit the size of the largest Pokémon participating, and any material required for an attack appears for the purpose of the attack, then disappears.

The White Team's Pokémon will start on spaces A1, D1, and H1. Black Team's Pokémon will start on spaces A8, E8, and H8. The Pokémon that start on spaces A1 and H8 are rooks; starting on D1 and E8 are bishops; starting on H1 and A8 are knights. Each Pokémon can use one action to move one space in any direction (the exception being knights, to be explained in a bit) that is allowed by their role. Rooks move one space straight forward, backward, left or right while bishops move one space diagonally per action. All three actions may end up being taken by moving around.
The exception to that is the knight - knights move in their traditional L-shaped movements, but can only move up to two times per round.
Oh, and each Pokémon gets a hat that symbolizes their role for the duration of the battle. These do nothing ;)

A Pokémon's attacks can target a single Pokémon in any of the surrounding squares. Multi-target moves hit all surrounding squares within a 1-tile range - nothing more, nothing less. If, at any time, all six Pokémon involved are within attack range of at least one opponent, all the Pokémon are instantly teleported to random spaces on the board and the round immediately ends so orders don't get too screwed up. Oh, and the whole chessboard is booby trapped - whenever a Pokémon steps on or passes any other space, there is a 10% chance that they will receive 5% untyped damage in a random, unconventional way. The knights should have fun with that...
If a Pokémon is standing on a space on the edge of the chessboard, and a heavier Pokémon is in an appropriate spot, the heavier Pokémon may use an action to push the lighter Pokémon off the board - the lighter Pokémon spends one action falling before teleporting to a random space on the board with 10% less energy.
(So, if a Cleffa is on A3, anything heavier that's on spaces B2, B3, or B4 can push that poor Cleffa off.)

At the end of each round, there is a 15% chance that either Reshiram, Zekrom, or Kyurem will make an appearance. Reshiram will do 10% Fire-type damage to each Pokémon on the Black team, while Zekrom will do 10% Electric-type damage to each Pokémon on the White team. Kyurem is the nice guy - he gives 10% energy to every single Pokémon on the board.
The hats have HP too! (Yes, I lied earlier about their purposes. Shocker? I think not.) They have 15% each, to be exact. Any move can specifically target a hat, or hats can otherwise be damaged by widespread moves. If any participant's hat is completely destroyed, that Pokémon will take 1% more energy, after all other calculations, to perform any move. Moves such as Fire Spin, Whirlpool, Sand Tomb/etc. will prevent a trapped Pokémon from moving from the space they're on until either all positions are randomized or when the move fizzles out. Trap moves such as Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes/etc. are placed on all squares surrounding the user. These traps disappear after two rounds.

Other: A bit too complicated, maybe? o.o
Anyway, at the end of each round, a diagram of the board with each Pokémon's icons to show their positions would be appreciated.

4vs4 double
DQ: 10 days
Damage Cap: 45%
Banned Moves: OHKOs, suicide moves, direct healing, weather moves, Dig, moves that require water/mud/rocks/plants/etc. to be provided
Arena: The Music Room

A giant's bewitched music room, perhaps. Or a witch's begianted music room. In any case, this room (and everything in it) seems to be in gargantuan proportions. Floating in the air in this otherwise empty room are instruments of various kinds. All the Pokémon will always be on one instrument. They start out on a random instrument (each has the same possibility of being picked as the rest) and all teleport to a different instrument every three rounds, at the end of the round. An instrument can be revisited if it is randomly chosen again. The instruments all have their own gravitational pull - meaning it is impossible to fall off the edge of an instrument. Instead of falling straight down, one simply walks on the other surfaces of the instrument. None of the instruments can be set on fire. The effects of each arena on sound-based attacks do not apply to Pokémon with the Soundproof ability. The possible instruments and the effects present on each are as follows:

Harp: A harp tipped sideways so that Pokémon can walk and battle all around the frame comfortably. Any Pokémon that fall asleep while on the harp will sleep for twice the amount of time they originally would have slept for, as long as at least five of the twenty strings remain intact. Strings can be broken by anything sharp or by applying an excess of force. If the strings are broken/cut, any Pokémon that may fall or jump into the center can float around in the center, weaving up and down, and moving as if swimming in air. Any sound-based moves that do damage have a -10 decrease in base power (ex. Chatter (BP of 60) now has a BP of 50). GrassWhistle and Sing have 80% accuracy.

Flute: A flute held horizontally. While on the flute, no Pokémon can be in a bad mood (voiding the effects of moves such as Taunt and Torment). If they so wish, Pokémon may crawl into any holes on the flute and have a very cramped and almost impossible battle within the length of the flute. On this instrument, any ghost-type attacks do an additional 2% damage (after all other modifiers have been applied). GrassWhistle has 100% accuracy.

Drum: A drum. When any Pokémon jumps, it is difficult for him/her/it to stop bouncing up and down on this drum unless either the Pokémon can maneuver itself into a neutral position (Pokémon that fly/hover), or if the Pokémon can stick to the drum's surface (Suction Cups etc.). If any Pokémon over 400 lbs. falls/smashes too forcefully into the center, a hole may appear in the surface, allowing all the Pokémon to battle inside the hollow drum. Sound-based attack moves and Earthquake have 1.5x base power (Chatter (BP of 60) now has a BP of 90), sound-based stat moves now have double the effect (ex. Growl decreases attack by 2 instead of 1). Earthquake also causes every Pokémon besides the user to start bouncing.

Guitar: A guitar floating at such a position that the opening faces straight upward. Pokémon may battle on the surface or inside. An Attract, used while at least two of the six strings are still intact, is twice as severe. Strings can broken by the same means as the harp's strings. Sound-based attack moves have +20 to their base power (ex. Chatter (BP of 60) now has a BP of 80), and any sound-based move whose accuracy is below 100% has an accuracy increase of 10% (ex. Sing (acc. 55%) now has acc. 65%).

Trumpet: A trumpet tipped sideways so that Pokémon can walk upright on the valves' sides. Any Pokémon that falls into the bell spend the next 2 actions sliding through the trumpet and emerging from the mouthpiece. Some self-targeting moves (Howl, Calm Mind, Chill) can be used while sliding along, if they do not require much movement, and does not delay emergence, but others may be impossible (Swords Dance, Defend Order, Magnet Rise). Sound-based attack moves have +30 base power (ex. Snarl (BP of 55) now has a BP of 85), and sound-based stat moves that target the user have double the effect (ex. Growl still decreases foe's atk by 1, but Howl increases user's atk. by 2).
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(F) Stall/Reckless/Defiant
Responds to Windy, Dragon or weird diminutives thereof. An advanced ASB ref who likes to use lots of commas in her reffings, as well as run-on sentences and awkward wording! Also, a half-assed battler who can only win Metronome battles, and would rather record the special abilities and personalities of her Pokemon and draw fanart of herself than actually strategize for a fight. Has a huge ego and a weird sense of humour.

All Pokemon
Storm (F) Rock Head
Stubborn and slightly narcissistic. Storm acts first and thinks later, not really thinking about consequences. She's rather creative and does make good decisions sometimes, but has a hard time trying to explain what she wants to say and appears to be indecisive.
Battles: x x x x

Frozen (F) Pressure
Tricky and inconsiderate. Frozen doesn't care about the consequences of her actions and does whatever she wants, usually making a hugeass mess of shit at the same time.
Battles: x

ed'Rashtekaresket (M) Rough Skin- custom sprite
Named after the great white shark in Young Wizards. He tries not to take sides in any given situation, preferring to do what's best for himself alone. Though he does have a soft spot for those he considers allies or more rarely, friends. You can call him Ed, but he'd really rather you just call him by his full name I mean what's wrong with it honestly you people and your ridiculous nicknames.
Battles: x x

Ivy Rose (F) Adaptability
A team player. Rose is quite cheerful and has a strong set of morals, and is uncomfortable with doing things that might be breaking rules or going against her values. She serves as a sort of conscience for her Trainer.
Battles: x x

Ashglade (M) Serene Grace
A pretty cool guy who knows all about Metronome battles. He has a certain partiality for forests.
Battles: x x x

Eos (F) Intimidate
Body Mod: Second Nature
Before Eos became a part of Dragon's team, she belonged to a Trainer who used her for especially violent Pokemon battles, which often led to severe injuries or even death. As these battles were highly illegal, Eos didn't have much of a chance to meet other Pokemon on friendly terms, and became somewhat withdrawn. Occasionally, her Trainer would forget to feed her or treat her injuries and she'd be weak for a battle or two, leading to quite a few losses.

From her short time with her birth parents, Eos managed to pick up their strong sense of morals, so maiming and killing other Pokemon didn't sit well with her. To cope, she pretended it was all a game, like the games of pretend she would play with her siblings. During battles, Eos would pretend to be someone else; Vesper, a trickster Pokemon with sharp white claws that she remembered from stories her mother would tell. She developed this fake personality and after a while it became almost natural to slip into the role.

As Vesper's personality was completely different from hers, Eos watched dark types or Pokemon with sharp claws to mimic them and their attacks, so her performance would be more realistic. As she watched these battles, she realized that if she continued to play around and only pretend to be serious about these battles she would likely end up dead herself, so her facade became less of a coping tactic and more of an extension of her own personality. Eventually Eos began to take her act too seriously and began to switch to Vesper's personality out of battles or when she was under stress.

When Eos' original Trainer was caught by the League and she was repossessed, she found it hard to believe that she didn't have to fight as Vesper all the time and still keeps up the facade during parts of battles. Eventually, she found a balance between her own fighting style and the one she had the most experience with, though memories of injuries caused by listening to her old Trainer sometimes makes her lash out at Dragon and do whatever she wants instead.

Effects: When Eos' health is 100-76% or 50-26%, she gains and loses the following moves. Her battling style is mostly using special attacks involving light and defensive manoeuvres, and keeping her distance. If a command doesn't fit her battling style (by the ref's discretion) Eos has a 10% chance of not listening and using Calm Mind and getting as far from the opponent as possible instead. Her ability becomes Run Away.

Normal+ Calm Mind, Energy Ball, Aurora Beam, Confuse Ray
- Roar, Scary Face, Frustration, Crunch, Leer, Thief, Swagger, Snarl

When Eos' health is 75-51% or 25-1%, she gains and loses the following moves. Her battling style becomes focused around physical clawing attacks and cheap tricks, as well as fighting in close quarters. If a commands doesn't fit her battling style (by the ref's discretion) Eos has a 10% chance of not listening and using Hone Claws instead. Her ability becomes Intimidate, and the attack drop from it is only in effect while she is Vesper.

'Vesper'+ Sucker Punch, Hone Claws, Shadow Claw, Close Combat
- Magnet Rise, Signal Beam, Charge Beam, Swift, Thunderbolt, Shock Wave

Named after the Greek goddess of the dawn. Her other personality, Vesper, is a corruption of Hesperus, the god of the evening star.
Battles: x x x

Nanasa (F) Pure Power
Meditite's Japanese name is Asanan, and backwards that's Nanasa.
Battles: x x

Exposition (F) Keen Eye
Or Expy for short. As in this kind of expy. She was once an expy of Ruya, a Sableye who was "traded" to Byrus, but she managed to prove herself in her battle against Grass King. Expy is as sly as the next Sableye, but more easily flustered. It takes a lot of shoving around and name calling to actually get her angry.
Battles: x x

Static (X) Levitate- custom sprite
Body Mod: Chainsaw
As of the release of Platinum, five machines with special motors for Rotoms were also released, and having a Rotom, Dragon snapped them up. Static was rather amused by these, destroying whatever Dragon would let it with the lawnmower, or burning things with the toaster oven. After a while, Static got bored of the new machines, and wanted something new. Calling up a friend, Dragon found someone with enough mechanical know-how to make a motor similar to the motor in the machines, and got them to make a new device for her destructive Pokemon. Static was incredibly pleased with the chainsaw form, and uses it just as often as any of his other forms, if not more often. In its chainsaw form, Static is about two and a half feet long, with a metal blade that has jagged edges. The blade is connected to a sphere and box with the motor inside, and can't spin. Basically, a chainsaw.

Effects: Static has the chainsaw form added to the other forms it can become, and can choose to be a chainsaw at the beginning of a battle. Its form exclusive move is Flash Cannon, which can be used like any other move.
Move Mod: Disorienting Spark
Rotoms aren't known for being the stealthiest Pokemon around. Often they run around messing with electronics or playing pranks, just generally causing trouble and attracting attention to themselves. A Rotom possessing an object is even easier to spot than a normal one; bright orange with a telltale glowing aura, often making quite a lot of noise or being very obvious. Fans, washing machines and lawnmowers (as well as a custom made chainsaw!) aren't known for being quiet, more so when being possessed by a mischievous Rotom, and large orange microwaves and fridges aren't exactly inconspicuous. So Static decided to become more stealthy to become a better trouble-maker.

..It failed, to put it bluntly. Static couldn't stop itself from buzzing happily, or sparking with excitement whenever it got close to someone it was sneaking up on. This called for a different approach. Instead of trying to hide from its target, Static focused on dulling their senses so they wouldn't notice it approaching. Through some messing around with different applications of electricity to different organs, Static has figured out how to best disorient its opponents and leave them open to surprises, or more commonly, attacks. Because its Trainer and her team (its test subjects) was mostly made up of animal based Pokemon and ghosts, it didn't have the chance to modify this move for use on machine-like or bug-like Pokemon and so, this attack won't work on them.

Type: Electric / Stat: Special / Damage: 2% / Accuracy: 90% / Target: Single / Energy: 8% / Duration: One Action / Usage Gap: Seven Actions

Effects: Static zaps the target with small clustered sparks of electricity that affect its nervous system. The target becomes disoriented and more open to attack, causing it to have light confusion, -1 Special Defense, and -1 Defense which fades after one round. It also gains a -2 accuracy drop which does not fade.
Static is a trouble-maker, much like any other member of its species. It's always in a good mood and incredibly mischievous, causing the loss of many electronics, breakable trinkets and hundreds of its Trainer's dollars. Static doesn't care. It just keeps breaking stuff.
Battles: x

Vuvuzuru (F) Shed Skin
I forgot Scraggy's Japanese name a while ago (it's Zuruggu) and thought it was something like Vuvuzuela..? Eventually the two words mixed and became Vuvuzuru. She's fun-loving and not a very good gangster, but can pull off a very convincing glare and is quite a good actor. Vuvuzuru loves to mess around and break things, though.
Battles: x

Java (F) Run Away- custom sprite
Sassy as fuck. Java has quite the sharp tongue, and is typically scowling or trying to avoid any eye contact, or at the very least, mouthing off at someone. She feels entitled to everything she can get her paws on because she's shiny, dammit.
Battles: x x

Ratha (F) Poison Point
Battles: x

Valour (F) Torrent
Battles: x

Janchovii (M) Overgrow
His name is a corruption of Servine's Japanese name, Janobii.

Indigo (M) Flash Fire
Named after the colour of his fire.

Seiri (F) Flame Body
From the Greek seirios, burning. Christmas '11 gift.

Troy Sanders (M) Technician
Named after a singer? I dunno about music okay. Christmas '11 gift.

Stacat (M) Shed Skin
From the musical term staccato, meaning short accented notes. Christmas '11 gift.

(M) Swarm
Christmas '11 gift.

(F) Shield Dust
Christmas '11 gift.

Yay (M) Compoundeyes
Christmas '11 gift.

Pokemon that are references to something
Taggerung (M) Swift Swim
Named after the legendary otter warrior in the Redwall series. Tagg for short; also responds to Deyna.
Battles: x

Hunger (F) Guts
Pooooooossibly a Hunger Games reference. Christmas '11 gift.

Sansa (F) Flash Fire
Named after Sansa Stark in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Grey Wind (M) Quick Feet
Named after Robb's direwolf in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Ron DeLite (M) Guts
Named after the Ace Attorney character. Because the actual guy's a huge sissy and the mental image of a Tyranitar with his personality is the best thing ever don't argue.

Aradia (F) Levitate
Named after the Homestuck character. Christmas '11 gift.

John (M) Super Luck
Named after the Homestuck character. Christmas '11 gift.

Feferi (F) Storm Drain
Named after the Homestuck character. Christmas '11 gift.

Rose (F) Poison Point
Named after the Homestuck character. Christmas '11 gift.

Kanaya (F) Trace
Named after the Homestuck character.

Firaga (M) Blaze
Named after the spell in Final Fantasy.

Rosethorn (F) Chlorophyll
Named after the plant mage in the Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce.


Windyragon vs bulbasaur
Windyragon vs Mai
The Battle of (in?) Negrek's Blood
Windyragon vs Wargle

Windragon vs Littlestream
Windyragon vs Pathos
Windragon vs Grass King
Dragon vs RandomTyphoon

Dragon vs Involuntary Twitch
Dragon vs Meowth
Windragon vs blazheirio889

Dragon vs Heavy Lobster

Dragon vs Sunflower: win
Dragon vs blazheirio889: lose
Dragon vs Kratos Aurion: lose
Dragon vs Mad MOAI: lose

Dragon vs Chiropter
The Battle for Asber
The Battle of (in?) Negrek's Blood



not current
Throwing Stars Luxcario Rarity vs Cubone
Totodile vs Control of Dialga vs Barubu vs Lirris
Kusarigamaitachi vs Kratos Aurion vs Pathos !!!
sreservoir vs Lirris
Meowth vs Flora
Lord Shyguy vs HighMoon
Dave Strider vs Empoleon
Scyther vs Darksong
Articuno vs shadow_lugia
RandomTyphoon vs Kai Lucifer

Whirlpool vs Simulator (Suicune)
sreservoir vs Simulator (Rayquaza)

Arena Holding Tank
Arena: Pokemon Stadium

A simple stadium with a hard packed dirt floor and a large pool of water forming a moat around it. The dirt only goes about three feet down before it hits concrete. The roof has been retracted for flying Pokemon, and it's slightly cloudy (treated as neutral weather). People sit in the bleachers around the stadium, waiting for a battle to begin.

Other: Pokemon choices are to be PM'd to the referee, as well as five moves from its movepool to form a moveset. Only these moves can be used during the battle. Chills don't count towards this five move limit, as well as commands that aren't moves like 'throw your opponent into the water'.

Anything NOT from one of these families: Axew, Chimchar, Druddigon, Gible, Mime Jr., Patrat, Roggenrola, Tepig, Timburr,
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vs. Demonickittens - win
vs. Mosh Pit - DQ
vs. Hawke - win -League Championship 2011
vs. Sangfroidish - win
vs. pathos - loss
vs. Steel Scyther - win
vs. Battle for Asber - unfinished 2 action KO *sigh*
vs. Suicune and Kyogre - win
vs. Eifie - unfinished
vs. Whirlpool - unfinished
Metronome Contest - DQ

Rare Candy

Battles Reffed

thunder vs. Patar
~e-ref; completed

Zora of Termina vs. Li'l Dwagie
~e-ref; completed

Crazy Linoone vs. Meowth (Mike the Foxhog)
~e-ref; completed

Byrus vs. thunder
~e-ref; completed

jaketiger1116 vs. Timeline4All
~e-ref; completed

Karkat Vantas vs. Metallica Fanboy
~e-ref; completed

shinyabsol vs. Pathos

jaketiger1116 vs. Sokka217 ?/??/2012

Star69 vs. Munchkin ?/??/????
~in progress

ABCD vs. blazheirio889
~e-ref; in progress; original ref returned

Psychtini vs. Mystic
~e-ref; completed

Lirris vs. Bgreymon
~e-ref; completed

Squornshellous Beta vs. I liek Squirtles
~e-ref; in progress; original ref returned

Kirukitty vs. Eifie
~e-ref; completed

Eishiba vs. Richie ?/??/2012

Jude vs. ole_schooler ?/??/2012
~in progress

Active Squad:

[Chase] Feebas (Male)
Ability: Swift Swim
Approval: Here
Sig. Attribute: The Ugly Duckling

[Rush] Ralts (Male)
Ability: Trace
Approval: Here

[Crystal] Ralts (Female)
Ability: Trace
Approval: Here
Sig. Attribute: Dr. Lucafont's Mental Enhancement Chip

[Fondue] Wartortle (Female)
Ability: Torrent
Approval: Here
Experience: 1, 2
Item: Lucky Egg


[Static] Mareep (Male)
Ability: Static
Approval: Here
Sig. Attribute: Scented Wool
Experience: 1

[Persephone] Chansey (Female)
Ability: Serene Grace
Approval: Here
Sig. Attribute: Levitation
Experience: 1,2

[Inferno] Charmander (Male)
Ability: Blaze
Approval: Here

[Shivers] Snorunt (Female)
Ability: Ice Body
Approval: Here
Item: Nevermeltice

[Blade] Snivy (Male)
Ability: Contrary
Approval: Here

[Splash] Oshawott (Male)
Ability: Torrent
Approval: Here

Computer Terminal:

[Pudge] Tepig (Male)
Ability: Blaze
Approval: Here

[Crush] Tirtouga (Female)
Ability: Solid Rock
Approval: Here

[Llyud] Axew (Male)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Approval: Here

[Mole] Drilbur (Female)
Ability: Sand Force
Approval: Here

[Kuma] Tirtouga (Male)
Ability: Snow Cloak
Approval: Here

[Bloom] Larvesta (Female)
Ability: Flame Body
Approval: Here

[Foo] Tirtouga (Male)
Ability: Sap Sipper
Approval: Here

[Fleck] Gastly (Male)
Ability: Levitate
Approval: Here
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Zhorken's Reffing Scale
(a work in progress)


After each step, if the running damage total is less than 1%, bump it up to 1%.

  1. Base power: Start with the attack's base power. Do any relevant addition to the base base power first (e.g. +10 for Flash Fire, +20 for Iron Fist), then any multiplication (e.g. ×1.5 for Blaze, ×1.25 for STAB, ×⅓/⅔/1½/2 for type matchups). I include absolutely any multiplier here that doesn't specify that it works on the final damage percentage. The number of hits also goes here. Some refs calculate damage for each hit, but I'm not a fan of letting stat boosts compound to ridiculous levels.

    Anyway, divide the result by ten, round downward to get an integer, and stick a percent sign on it.
  2. Evolutionary stages: Find the attacking and defending Pokémon's evolutionary stages on this chart:
    • Tier 1: 1 of 3
    • Tier 2: 1 of 2
    • Tier 3: 2 of 3
    • Tier 4: 2 of 2, 1 of 1
    • Tier 5: 3 of 3

    If the attacker is more than one tier above the defender, add 1% damage. If it's more than two tiers below the defender, on the other hand, subtract 1% damage.
  3. Stat modifiers: Add 2% damage for every level by which the attacker's (special) attack has been raised, and subtract 2% for every level by which the defender's corresponding defense stat has been raised. Do the inverse for lowered stats.
  4. Critical hits: If the attack rolls for a critical hit, take its base power (before any modifiers), divide it by ten and round down. Cap it at 7% and add that to the damage. For multiple-hit moves, roll once for each hit, but cap the total extra damage at 7%.


For damaging attacks:
  1. Base power: Start with the attack's base power. Divide by 20, round up, and stick a percent sign on it. Unlike Negrek, I don't add an extra point for attacks of 100 power or more.
  2. Type: If the user and the attack share a type, subtract 1% energy from the cost.
  3. Evolutionary stage: If the user is fully evolved or a non-evolver (tier 4 or 5 on the scale above), subtract 1%. If it evolves twice more (tier 1), add 1%.
  4. Extra effects: If the attack has a chance higher than 20% to do something other than damage, add 1%. Pretty much anything counts, even something intrinsic to the attack like Knock Off's item removal. If the attack has priority greater than zero (like Quick Attack), that counts, too. The only things that don't are things that are already there for balance, such as recoil damage or lowering the user's stats.
  5. Stat modifiers: If the user's relevant attacking stat is raised, add 1% energy for each level it's raised by. If it's lowered, on the other hand, subtract 1% per level lowered instead.

For fixed-damage or non-damaging attacks:
Follow Negrek's guide, pretty much. However, there are a few differences:
  • I take the user's evolutionary stage and type(s) into account for all non-damaging moves except Substitute, direct healing, and Protect/Detect/Endure.
  • Upkeep moves (Safeguard, Light Screen, and Reflect) cost 3% to set up (and then 1% upkeep per action as usual).
  • Stat-changing moves take 2% energy per level of boost/drop, since each level has twice as much of an effect under my rule. However, they're capped at 6% base energy so that Shell Smash and Belly Drum aren't prohibitively expensive; they already have their own drawbacks, after all.

Status effects

Major status inflictions:
These inflictions stick around if the Pokémon is recalled. Certain things, such as Heal Bell, only affect these inflictions.

Burns: A burned Pokémon usually takes 3% damage at the end of each round, and deals 3% less damage with any attack that requires significant movement. If the burn is cooled (without being fully healed), this can fall to 2% damage/damage penalty; if the burn is aggravated, it can go up to 4%.

Freezing: This is rare, so I'll figure it out when I get there. Something like: if a Pokémon is frozen by Blizzard, it'll be stiff all over, and attacks requiring movement will require extra energy or be impossible. If it's frozen by anything else, a specific body part where the attack struck will be frozen, and any attacks requiring that body part will be impossible. Either way, it'll only last a few actions.

Paralysis: A paralyzed Pokémon starts with a 25% chance to be fully paralyzed, completely preventing an action. This chance fades by 1% whenever the Pokémon passes this check (even if its action fails anyway, e.g. due to confusion).

Poison: A poisoned Pokémon usually takes 3% damage at the end of each round. Further poisoning can raise this to 4% per round; light poisoning (like if Poison Sting just grazes the Pokémon or something?) might inflict 2%/round.

Sleep: A sleeping Pokémon can't carry out most actions, since, well, it's asleep! It starts with a 5% chance of waking up to carry out its action, which rises by 5% each action. (It must spend at least one action asleep, however—if it rolls that 5% chance right away, it will wake up on its next action.) If the sleeping Pokémon takes damage, the wake-up chance rises by an amount proportional to the damage: 5% upon taking 1-5% damage, 10% with 6-10% damage, and 15% with ≥11% damage. After eight actions asleep, the Pokémon wakes up no matter what.

Minor status inflictions:
These inflictions disappear if the Pokémon is recalled.

Infatuation: An infatuated Pokémon starts with a 50% chance to forego its action. This chance fades by 5% whenever the Pokémon passes this check (even if its action fails anyway, e.g. due to paralysis or confusion). If the Pokémon takes damage from the object of its infatuation, this chance fades by a proportional amount: it fades by 5% upon taking 1-5% damage, 10% with 6-10% damage, or 15% with ≥11% damage.

An infatuated Pokémon can be convinced not to skip its action if its commands are worded with its crush in mind. For example, you could tell it to use Swords Dance to show off, or to muster up its confidence and use Lovely Kiss. In these cases, since it bypasses the attraction check, the failure chance doesn't go down. (On the other side of the fourth wall, pursuing your affections isn't conducive to letting them fade.)

Confusion: A confused Pokémon starts with a 50% chance to mess up its action. This chance fades by 5% whenever the Pokémon passes this check (even if its action fails anyway). If it fails this check, it has a 50% chance of hurting itself in doing so, and a 50% chance of simply bungling its attack without hurting itself.

Confusion damage starts at 4%, and goes down by 1% for each 10% the failure chance drops by. If the Pokémon's attack stat is modified, it deals itself 1% more damage for every two stages its attack is raised by, or 1% less for every two it's lowered by. Confusion damage can indeed hit 0%, in which case the Pokémon simply can't hurt itself.

Conditions that may prevent a Pokémon's action are checked in the following order:

  1. Sleep: If a Pokémon is asleep, it can't even think about skipping its move out of infatuation. (Unless it's using Snore or something.)
  2. Infatuation: If a Pokémon skips its move out of infatuation, it can't be held back by paralysis, and doesn't get a chance to loosen its paralysis, either.
  3. Paralysis: If a Pokémon is held back from trying to move by paralysis, it doesn't get a chance to attempt its move but mess up in its confusion.
  4. Confusion: Last but not least...

Anything else is inserted as makes sense, usually before confusion (e.g. Gravity, with pretty much the same reasoning as paralysis) or after it (e.g. Disable—I imagine whatever malevolent force has wormed its way into the Pokémon's brain doesn't need to step in and prevent the move if the Pokémon messes up on its own).
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luxcario's profile

ASB beginner

Luxcario is a ten-year-old ASB beginner with blonde hair, pale skin and he always wears purple trousers, blue boots and a blue-and-green vest thing.
He always holds a Pokeball.

affectionately referred to as the snoozers

[Dopey] <Oblivious>
is asleep
can't use sleep talk

This Slowpoke is one of the deepest sleepers in Asberia. He has an arsenal of surprisingly powerful moves and a great take to battling.

[Spiky] <Pickup>
Every day I'm sharpening!

Spiky is a Zigzagoon. As his name hints, his spikes are as sharp as Sharpedo teeth. When he's not battling, he either looks for items to play with or he sharpens his teeth.

[Creeper] <Pressure>
Just laugh to make them disappear...

It loves to boast about how it's made up of hundreds of different spirits. It also has a freaky habit of moving out of its keystone and into a Haunter-shaped form. He creeps me out.

[Mudkipper] <Torrent>

He hates memes about mudkipz.

[Moo] <Unaware>

He loves stuff. And floating around. And scaring people.

[Big Bouncetail] <Keen Eye>
Fwee! Bouncy!

He bounces on his tail all the time...


vs. Cubone
Cold Storage
Driftveil City's very own Cold Storage. The floor is iced over and crates are stacked high up in piles, some touching the roof. Some crates are even iced over.

vs. ILS

The Sky
MOOF! Yes, that's right. The battle is...up in the clouds. There are several mountains dotted around, connected by bridges of ice, but if a Fire move is used on a bridge, it will melt. It is covered with clouds, but in the middle, there is a huge pool of floating water. If a Pokemon lands on a mountain, every turn there is a 10% chance that a big angry dragon will come out of a hole and attack that Pokemon for 20% of their health.


Current: vs. Cubone

Wins: [none]

Losses: [none]

Draws: [none]

Awaiting referees: vs. ILS

wish list

  • A ref for me vs. ILS
  • A male Dunsparce
  • A Sandile
  • Pecha Berries
  • Mystic Water
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Richie's ASB Profile

Richie's ASB Profile


Richie Cordelia is a newbie trainer, but she's not inexperienced with Pokémon, as she's had her Pichu for quite a while. Despite her experience, she is known to doubt herself and undermine her own self-confidence.

-Active Squad-


Male Pichu
Ability: Static
Come at me, bro!
Pichu, Richie's main supporter, has a do-or-die attitude. Luckly, he and Richie balance each other out, preventing them from making TOO many rash decisons.


Female Chikorita
Ability: Overgrow
Who, me?
Chikorita is a very kind soul, a total sweetheart. Even though she's only in her first stage of evolution, she is a mother figure to young Poliwag. She's very supportive and understanding of Richie's fears and insecurities. She and Richie enjoy lots of quality time together.


Male Gastly
Ability: Levitate
Gastly is a bit..Off. His personality is quite unpredictable, he loves to play pranks, and he's very odd. At the same time, he's quite shy and afraid to battle, but Richie is slowly coaxing him out of his shell.


Male Poliwag
Ability: Water Absorb
*Blink blink*
Poliwag is very quiet, and the baby of the team. His battling style is unknown, because he's never been in a real battle before. However, he and Chikorita ofter engage in mock fights, which he sometimes wins.​


Michelle the Female Cubone
Ability: Rock Head
I don't have to take this!
Michelle is a very troubled soul. Her mother was killed by Team Rocket. Because of this, she feels abandoned and doesn't trust people. People don't trust her, either, but only because she pushes people and other Pokémon away before they can get close, because she fears they'll leave her. However, she seems to have some kind of mysterious connection with Richie, and the two commicate almost telepathicly....



Yu Bejita the Male Meowth
Abilty: Pickup
Yu Is a very cocky little Pokemon, always bragging about his heritage and how Nekoes rule over all other life-forms.


Rick the Male Caterpie
Abilty: Shield Dust
Rick was another one of Richie's first catches, and because of this, the two are very close. Richie has wanted a Butterfree all her life, calling it "The original, better Beautifly", so he was a very prestgious catch for her. Even though she currently has the option to evolve Rick, Richie's decided to keep him the way he is, as she's slightly afraid Rick's kindness and good nature will change when he evolves.

-Battles in progress-


-Battles currently awaiting referees-

vs. Cubone

vs. Darksong
Vs. Eshsiba
I dropped this

City Town
City Town used to be a bustling metro world-renowned for it's creative art of all forms, but in recent years was invaded by Voltorb and Electrode, forcing the people out. Every round, there is a 6% chance that one of the Voltorb or Electrode may wander into the empty field used for battle, then randomly self destruct, causing damage (2% damage if Voltorb, 5% if Electrode) to one of the Pokemon.

Soupfish's Gone Crackers
Soupfish the Magikarp, the mascot of the Fish Jumpers, is absolutely obsessed with soup. She's even gone so far as to build a giant bowl of luke-warm tomato soup for battling in. (how she did that with fins, don't ask.) There are giant crackers floating around for the Pokemon to stand on, and the trainers sit in chairs duct-taped to the side of the bowl. It is possible at any time for a Pokemon to take a sip from the soup if they get hungry, restoring 10% health. However, Grass-typed Pokemon won't enjoy the cannibalistic vegetable taste, and will only receive 5% upon drinking the soup. Fire-types however, will absolutely love the hot taste, and will regain 11% health.
Also, the use of Rain Dance will dilute the soup, causing it to overflow, spilling the contents onto the plate below, which is a plain field with no effects.
Soupfish's Gone Crackers, Second Course

Soupfish the Magikarp, the mascot of the Fish Jumpers, is absolutely obsessed with soup. She's even gone so far as to build a giant bowl of luke-warm tomato soup for battling in. (how she did that with fins, don't ask.) A challenge was issued using this soup bowl arena, but it went without a referre for too long, and the soup went bad.
But now, Soupfish is back with a vengence!
This time, it's still a soup arena, but now...okay, not much has changed. It's still tomato soup. There are giant crackers floating around for the Pokemon to stand on, and the trainers still sit in chairs duct-taped to the side of the bowl. It is possible at any time for a Pokemon to take a sip from the soup if they get hungry, restoring 10% health. However, Grass-typed Pokemon won't enjoy the cannibalistic vegetable taste, and will only receive 5% upon drinking the soup. Fire-types however, will absolutely love the hot taste, and will regain 11% health. Another addition to this new batch of soup is pepper. This soup is slightly spicy, and on each sip a Pokemon takes, there is a 3% chance the pepper will make them sneeze, knocking them off the cracker platform they stand on.
Also, the use of Rain Dance will dilute the soup, causing it to overflow, spilling the contents onto the plate below, which instead of a plain field with no effects, now has a peanut butter sandwich half. The sandwich is a plain arena, except for the fact that it's slightly sticky, which will slow Pokemon down, and pieces of it can be eaten to restore 5% health to any Pokemon.

Cash money~
Chesto berries, lots of them
Water Stone
Oshawott (F)
Magby (M)
Ralts (M)
Munchlax (M)
Pawniard (M)
Tyrouge (All Tyrouge are male, anyway)
Magikarp (Yah, I went thar)
And anything that increases happiness.​
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