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Additional Information
-----About Coloursfall's ASB Team

---About the Trainer
Heralded as a king before I had a birthday

Coloursfall is a 23-year-old male, standing approximately 5'4" and weighing 118 lbs. His hair is brown-blond and cut short, longer on the top than the sides, and his eyes are grey. He favours jeans, tee-shirts, and white running shoes. His first Pokemon was a Meowth, who is now a Persian and an important part of his team. He currently owns 119 Pokemon as of Feb 02, and his favourite type is Normal. He is a referee and a bit of a slacker. He is listed under the following in the ASB Hall of Fame: Top 10 Overall (#9), Top 20 Points Rankings (#3), Received 10 or more ASB Award Nominations, Won 10 Battles, Won a Battle in Five Rounds or Fewer, ASB Legend (2011). He intends to aim for a Normal-based Gym if the ASB league ever implements them.

He was the winner of the 2010 Metronome Contest.

He has a friendly rivalry with fellow ASBer, Sylph.

----Custom/Special Sprites

[Spy] Sneasel (male)

[Zarin] Eevee (male)

[GLaDOS] Porygon-Z (X)

[L'Arc-En-Ciel] Togekiss (male)

[Edward] Persian (male)

[Rinna] Umbreon (female)

[Kate] Glameow (female)

[Stan] Pidove (female)

[Katniss] Taillow (female)

[Finn] Riolu (male)

[Pawblo] Meowth (male)

[Emiline] Dratini (female)

[Baymax] Goomy (Male)
thank you Dazel!

----Nickname Origins/Notes

[Scout] Cyndaquil (M)
Notes: Grass grows, birds flies, sun shines, and brotha' I hurt people.
Name: The TF2 Scout

[Kin] Shroomish (F)
Notes: that which does not kill me will only make me stronger
Name: 金 - gold

[Jacob] Squirtle (M)
Notes: "Mein Sonnenblumen..."
Name: After a character of Sunflower's, Jacob Collins.

[Fulgora] Eevee (F)
Notes: You've been Thunderstruck!
Name: In Roman mythology, Fulgora was the female personification of lightning.

[Spy] Sneasel (M)
Notes: I never really was on your side...
Name: The TF2 Spy

[Zarin] Eevee (M)
Notes: Espeon Get plz.
Name: After an Espeon OC of mine, and Rinna's twin brother.

[GLaDOS] Porygon2 (X)
Notes: Look at me, still talking when there's science to do...
Name: The AI from Portal and Portal 2.

[Rasputin] Shinx (M)
Notes: Lover of the Russian queen~
Name: After Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, Russian Orthodox christian and mystic who is perceived as having influenced the latter days of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their only son Alexei.

[Philharmonic] Chatot (M)
Notes: Evasion Hax go!
Name: After the type of orchestra.

[L'Arc-En-Ciel] Togekiss (M)
Notes: feels pretty, oh so pretty.
Name: French for 'Rainbow'

[Edward] Persian (M)
Notes: i can has Philosopher's Stone?
Name: After the FMA main character.

[Rinna] Umbreon (F)
Notes: Umbreon Get!
Name: After an Umbreon OC of mine, and the twin sister of Zarin.

[Kiki] Bibarel (F)
Notes: durp.
Name: After a Bibarel OC.

[Hiromu] Miltank (F)
Name: after the author of FMA.

[Yzma] Kecleon (F)
Notes: I have a cunning plan!
Name: Kuzco's advisor and the main antagonist of The Emperor's New Groove.

[Jin] Bronzong (X)
Notes: gong.
Name: 金 - Gold

[Sable] Sableye (F)
Notes: *loves on*
Name: After a friend

[Agni] Torkoal (M)
Notes: could kick that lopunny's ass any day.
Name: A Hindu deity, one of the most important of the Vedic gods. He is the god of fire and the acceptor of sacrifices.

[Alphonse] Steelix (M)
Notes: Nii-san?
Name: the second main character from FMA

[Moo] Drifblim (M)
Notes: your face asplode
Name: The sound a cow makes

[Pancake] Dunsparce (F)
Notes: Omnomnom
Name: After the food

[Ingrid] Flareon (F)
Notes: *PUNT*
Name: After a Flareon OC

[Kate] Glameow (F)
Notes: *waves wooden spoon*
Name: After an old OC

[Cookie] Budew (F)
Name: Cookie!

[Cid] Nidorino (M)
Notes: Let's show these pups how it's done!
Name: After the reoccurring Final Fantasy character, but more specifically the FFTA2 version.

[Pipiri] Chansey (F)
Name: Derived from the sounds Happinies make

[Alleine] Cubone (F)
Notes: ;__;
Name: Feminine form of Aelius, meaning Sun.

[Arru] Burmy (M)
Notes: I need to evolve this.
Name: Some letters that sound cool together

[Ganymede] Feebas (M)
Notes: ...this too.
Name: In Greek Mythology, a divine hero whose homeland was Troy. Homer describes Ganymede as the most beautiful of mortals, which led Zeus in the form of an eagle to abduct him for service as cup-bearer in Olympus and as Zeus's eromenos.

[Pike] Spearow (F)
Notes: /stab
Name: a type of long thrusting pole weapon used by infantry

[Spork] Sandshrew (F)
Notes: will kill you with a spork.
Name: the utensil

[Dhart] Zigzagoon (M)
Notes: faster than lightning!
Name: Corruption of 'dart'

[Bard] Whismur (F)
Notes: can sing every Queen song in existence.
Name: a sort of musician, often travelling

[Jasmine] Buizel (F)
Notes: won't take any of your crap.
Name: After an old OC

[Bad Romance] Ralts (F)
Notes: you and me could write a bad romance ♥
Name: The Lady Gaga song

[Haikili] Pichu (F)
Notes: >__<;
Name: In Hawaiian mythology, Haikili is the god of thunder.

[Kaine] Rattata (M)
Notes: Run, run!
Name: FMA character, Kaine Feury

[Havoc] Sentret (M)
Notes: is desperate.
Name: FMA character Jean Havoc

[Pickles] Barboach (F)
Notes: How big is your Barboach?
Name: the food

[Flick] Starly (F)
Notes: tweet?
Name: the word

[Finn] Riolu (M)
Notes: Mathematical!
Name: the main character of Adventure Time

[Orion] Cleffa (F)
Notes: has a boy name.
Name: the constellation

[Poppy] Gible (F)
Notes: *facenom*
Name: the flower

[Tiptaptwo] Doduo (M)
Notes: Say his name out loud. go on.
Name: a weapon in the Final Fantasy games

[Engineer] Phanpy (M)
Notes: eeeeerectin' a dispenser!
Name: the TF2 Engineer

[Alecsander] Teddiursa (M)
Notes: i like soup
Name: After my brother

[Kusa] Aipom (F)
Notes: kekeke
Name: after a friend

[Heavy Weapons Guy] Munchlax (M)
Notes: is so small! is cute to me.
Name: The Heavy Weapons Guy from TF2

[Tobias] Pidgey (M)
Notes: has a red-feathered tail
Name: A character from Animorphs

[Sniper] Horsea (M)
Notes: Snoipin's a good job, mate.
Name: the TF2 Sniper

[Astrid] Smoochum (F)
Notes: *chu*
Name: Derived from the Old Norse elements áss "god" and fríđr "beautiful".

[Jinkosen] Prinplup (M)
Notes: Let's go exploring!
Name: after an OC

[Fledermaus] Zubat (M)
Notes: brushie brushie
Name: German for Bat

[Fu] Growlithe (M)
Notes: 石獅
Name: After Fu Dogs

[Grace] Skitty (F)
Notes: Die Another Day
Name: after an OC

[Bento] Larvitar (M)
Notes: it's like food in a box!
Name: a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.

[Alejandro] Misdreavus (M)
Notes: You know that I love you, boy...
Name: The Lady Gaga song

[Mr Fish] Magikarp (M)
Notes: :shakefish:
Name: he is a fish, and a Mr.

[Katniss] Tailow (F)
Notes: "Real."
Name: after the Hunger Games character

[Radiergummi] Taillow (M)
Notes: /squack
Name: German for 'Eraser'

[Demoman] Exeggcute (M)
Notes: ka-BEWM
Name: The Demoman from TF2

[Ein] Deino (F)
Notes: A B C
Name: German for one

[Jack] Oshawott (M)
Notes: I will have my revenge, Aku.
Name: the main character of Samurai Jack

[Nasca] Sigilyph (F)
Notes: hummingbird
Name: from the Nazca Lines, which Sigilyph is based on

[Raviel] Zorua (M)
Notes: Zydrate comes in a Little Glass Vial.
Name: After the Yu-Gi-Oh card, Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

[Peeta] Deerling (M)
Notes: "Real or Not Real?"
Name: The Hunger Games character

[Adéle] Minccino (F)
Notes: (`・ω・´)
Name: French name meaning "noble"

[Coeur] Woobat (F)
Notes: ♥♥♥♥
Name: French for 'Heart'

[Big Daddy] Excadrill (M)
Notes: /glare
Name: Big Daddies from the Bioshock series

[Medic] Audino (M)
Notes: Did zhat sting?
Name: The Medic from TF2

[Fritz] Joltik (M)
Notes: for SCIENCE.
Name: after an OC

[Sunnyside] Volcarona (F)
Notes: ring of fire
Name: Sunnyside up

[Soldier] Rufflet (M)
Name: the TF2 Soldier

[Jody] Cottonee (F)
Notes: /all the love
Name: after my wife

[Sundae Swirl] Vanillite (F)
Notes: the most delicious
Name: after the food

[Roshan] Emolga (M)
Notes: *ZOT*
Name: Means "light, bright" in Persian.

[Nepeta] Purrloin (F)
Notes: :33 < absolutely purrfect!!
Name: after the Homestuck character

[Marceline] Gligar (F)
Notes: I'm not mean, I'm a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code ♪
Name: sexy vampire lady

[Dakka] Patrat (M)
Notes: dakkadakkadakkadakka

[Jake] Lillipup (M)
Notes: You're so cute, I could just maul you to death.
Name: Jake from Adventure Time

[Stan] Pidove (F)
Notes: Solution - PANIC
Name: After my parents' (female) cockatiel

[Radzim] Archen (M)
Notes: aaaaaaaaa
Name: After an OC

[Margret] Poochyena (F)
Notes: >:F
Name: My Gnoll Barbarian in D&D

[Spunik] Metang (X)
Notes: Cпутник
Name: After the Russian Satalite

[Tootsie] Hoothoot (F)
Notes: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll centre of a Tootsie Pop?
Name: After Tootsie Pops!

[Celestia] Ponyta (F)
Notes: Hello my faithful students!
Name: Princess Celestia from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

[Chiaroscuro] Girafarig (F)
Notes: pushme-pullyou
Name: An Italian term which literally means 'light-dark'. In paintings the description refers to clear tonal contrasts which are often used to suggest the volume and modelling of the subjects depicted.

[Nerthus] Kangaskhan (F)
Notes: Mama's got you UuU
Name: A Germanic Mother-Goddess

[Souta] Lickitung (M)
Name: From Japanese 颯 (sou) "suddenly, smoothly" and 太 (ta) "thick, big".

[Jay] Gothita (F)
Notes: That sure is a thing.
Name: an OC of Moony's

[The King] Deerling (M)
Notes: heralded as a King
Name: it is a mystery...

[Hexxus] Grimer (M)
Notes: Pour me a puke cocktail and take me to the driver!
Name: The Big Bad from Fern Gully

[Mya] Snubbull (F)
Notes: BARK >:F
Name: Diminutive of Mary/Maria

[Hues Tumble] Spinda (M)
Name: PUNS

[Comfort] Slakoth (F)
Notes: Zzzzzzz....
Name: From the English word comfort, ultimately from Latin confortare "to strengthen greatly", a derivative of fortis "strong".

[Nathan] Zangoose (M)
Notes: I'm the Monster
Name: One of the main characters of Repo! The Genetic Opera

[Dumb Rachel] Buneary (F)
Notes: 6u9
Name: Animorphs reference!

[Mine] Wingull (M)
Notes: mine?

[Sparkles] Slowpoke (F)
Notes: /durp
Name: A particular favourite name I use for Slowpokes ingame

[Melody] Tympole (F)
Notes: (ノ´▽`)ノ~♪♪♪♪
Name: ...♪

[Abyss] Metapod (M)
Notes: godamnit Kusa
Name: When you stare into the Abyss...

[Tem] Minun (M)
Name: An OC

[Creampuff] Igglybuff (M)
Notes: ('ε')
Name: My favourite pastry!

[Vanri] Venepede (F)
Notes: Will stab your face
Name: Some letters strung together to resemble 'venom', but to look more like a name.

[Elion] Hoppip (M)
Notes: |・ω・`)
Name: from the end of the word 'dandelion'

[Emi] Dratini (F)
Notes: The Virginal Moon
Name: After a silver dragon goddess in my D&D games

[Davey] Scraggy (M)
Notes: "Wot."
Name: After Sunflower's OC

[Pawblo] Meowth (M)
Name: after my cat

[Marva] Elgyem (F)
Notes: spaaaaace
Name: female variation of 'Marvin'

[Duck] Farfetch'd (F)
Notes: Quack me up
Name: quack

[Charles] Frillish (M)
Notes: my cursed body is ready
Name: after the Jellicent I battle competitively with

[Kelvin] Magnemite (X)
Notes: >( o )<
Name: a unit of measurement for temperature.

[Macbeth] Fennikin (M)
Notes: got the magic stick
Name: The Scottish Play

[Baymax] Goomy (M)
Notes: Are you satisfied with your care?
Name: Big Hero 6!

[blop] Ditto (X)
Notes: blup
Name: bloooop

[Freak Deer] Stantler (M)
Notes: *lick*
Name: *wiggles fingers*

[Ilza] Litleo (F)
Notes: Gonna getcha, lassie!
Name: After an OC of Moony's.

[Aquila] Fletchling (M)
Notes: Carry the Lightning
Name: The constellation of the Eagle.

[Ramuh] Helioptile (M)
Notes: Ramuh's anger calls forth thunderclouds as dark as winter night
Name: A Lightning Summon from FF.

[Shouldra] Honedge (F)
Notes: You okay there, champ?
Name: A character from CoC

[Squiddle] Inkay (F)
Notes: It's Squiddle time!
Name: Homestuck jokes!

----Notable Arenas
---Feel free to use

Found here

----Lists of Many Kinds

-Shiny Stone
-Moon Stone x 2
-Normal Types I Don't Have
-Prism Scale
-I probably will find a reason to use any Pokemon you give, really

Normal-Type Families Needed
-Smeargle (M)

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