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Quidam's Profile

Holy pickles!

Quidam is always in a very wide and very black sorcerer hat, and a very long and also very black coat. Whether he wears that to hide his real looks or to protect himself from Pidove presents is up to the observer's discretion. Usually he talks a lot, and when he does you have a 50/50 chance of hearing something intelligent. Even if he is very bold when it comes to arguing, he actually never had his ass beaten (...yet).


TCoD ASB League Trainer
Novice Referee
Signature Move Approver
Proud Owner of The Altoram Department Store II


Best New ASBer 2011

Explorers of the Nameless

Nova the fluffily fearsome Altaria
-Natural Cure-
AHBE Move: Mirror Coat

Summary: Nova, as a member of the Original Squad, is a bit of the team's mum. While most of the time she is calm and collected, prepare yourself for an appreciable rampage if you hurt her (kids) teammates - her trainer she doesn't care much though. She is annoyingly competitive towards other dragons (learning Altaria was arguably the weakest of the bunch was quite a shock) and once she is angered, submission and flattery are pretty much your only chance of escape.

Snow the Mawile that may or may not munch you to death
Signature Attribute: Magma Heart

Summary: Also a member of the original squad, Snow, unlike Nova, is actually very rude with new members, as she likes to put them to the test. She always get in mockfights with her fellow hotheaded teammates, especially Liam. Apart from those, she likes to skateboard, chew gum (lots, I mean lots of gum) and wear caps the wrong way.

Thrusk the unexpectedly witty Piloswine
Signature Attribute: Static Fur

Summary: As his title states, Thrusk is quite smart (and not only for a Piloswine) and utterly adores to hide it under his thick "uh wtf" looks. One of his favorite battling strategies is to act dumb in the beginning of the battle to induce a strong sense of security to his victim, then BAM! completely knock them off with advanced math equations.

Baron the hilarious mortifying Lampent
-Flame Body-

Summary: Baron's family was very disappointed when they learned he wanted to become an internationally known humorist. Still, he never gave up, and now that his arms are long enough to hold a mic, he is even more determined than ever before to achieve his goal. However, since his first try in kindergartens and retirement homes weren't a huge success (lots of diapers were changed that day) he is started to think about redirecting his humor or something I don't know.

Peach the awe-inducing Masquerain
-Intimidate & Swift Swim-
Signature Attribute: Drowned In Remembrance

Summary: Peach is very, very scary. And she knows it. Move over Gyarados and Salamence, now that's a frightening Pokémon. She always fly around going all "grrrrr" and "roaaar" and scaring the hell out of the good actors her trainer pays. He is actually in the process of creating a foundation for Halloween, as the real Peach is far too heart-meltingly adorable to tell the truth, right? Right?

Pan the simply life-enjoying Breloom
-Poison Heal-

Summary: Pan's attitude drastically changed upon evolution. Along with a pair of arms grew in him the desire to spread youthful happiness, as he believes nobody is too old to act as a child.

Hook the shabby, gentleman-y Croagunk

Summary: Even though most Croagunk are nasty, filthy and class-less creatures, Hook is a real Sir. Although he uses the same fighting techniques than his fellows, he will always salute the opponent before and after the fight. He's only a back-stabber in the real fight. Besides that, he's the most respectable boxing amphibian you'll find.

Voltari the barking Manectric that wakes you up at five on Sunday mornings
Signature Attribute: From the Wild

Summary: Voltari comes from the wild, and therefore has very rude manners. He will often bite and yelp at strangers for no apparent reason, although he is convinced there is a reason and that said reason is very good but he's just to cool to really search for the reason so he just keeps on barking at the previously stated stranger for the previously stated unknown reason. His trainer sent a letter to a dog training school but haven't received any answer yet. Yeah, now that he thinks about it, he haven't seen that postman since a while...

Liam Richard Townsborough the Fourth the gallantly righteous Furret
-Keen Eye-
AHBE Move: Encore

Summary: Liam is a knight. Never argue with him that rodents can't be knights. His father was a knight, the father of his father was a knight, and the father of the father of the father of his father was also a knight. The father of the father of his father was actually a cook specialized in fried shrimps but that's not the point. It is also not the point that all of them were Lucarios. The point is, he is a knight and as a knight he serves the forces of light and follows the path of wisdom and searches for Excalibur and everything knights do. As a knight, he is also a gentleman who serves the ladies and usually he hates that part of being a knight because he always end up brushing Snow's numerous and prone to unavoidable hug need teeth.

Ryoku the appropriately ass-kicking Medicham
-Pure Power-
AHBE Move: Hypnosis

Summary: Ryoku is very studious and learned most of her battle techniques in ancient scrolls (some of them actually being superhero comics). When she is not at the library or watching Twilight moves in loop (eh), she's at the training ground beating the hell out of her fellow fighters' pants.

Aramis the obviously boss Treecko

Summary: First member of "The Trio", Aramis is usually very depressed about life and has a hard time finding out what's the use of his existence on Earth. He thinks battling has no f*cking sense whatsoever, but he does it anyways because it allows him to forget about the fact that life has no sense.

Porthos the astonishingly not in need of coffee Chimchar

Summary: Second member of "The Trio", Porthos has a very weird fascination over explosives in general. He is usually very hyper, although he knows exactly when it's a good moment to shut up, which is greatly appreciated by his teammates. Even if his battle style looks erratic and badly calculated, he is a very fine strategist and is often found discussing calmly with Keilu about it.

Athos the seriously ice-breaking Oshawott

Summary: Last member of "The Trio", Athos is very overconfident in many aspects of life, but that usually hides an actual lack of confidence in himself. He is also ridiculously clumsy, and doesn't seem to be able to control his tail, hitting every porcelain possible in a two meters range.

Chime the brutally honest Zorua
Signature Move: Echoes of Dementia

Summary: As her title states, Chime is clear as glass. Very, very sharp glass. Although not necessarily aggressive, she always tell exactly what's on her mind, without foggy parts at all (which is very unusual for a Zorua). For her, trickery is a battle affair and shouldn't interfere with her social life.

Nemo the shockingly fearless Solosis
-Magic Guard-
Signature Attribute: I Hold the Thunder

Summary: Nemo isn't afraid of anything. He'll withstand any obstacle to reach his goals, and has an unbreakable confidence in his plasma coating. He'll fight through cold rain, through searing flames, through vicious thunderstorms and even through Justin Bieber cover songs just to feel the unmatched pride of knowing he did it.

Icarus the bewilderingly day-dreaming Togepi
-Serene Grace-

Summary: Even though he's just a baby, Icarus wants to prove he's mature to everybody. He's quite cultivated and serious for a Togepi, maybe even alarmingly so - he's just too mature, so much that he seems to forget to enjoy his childhood, so hasty as he is to finally become a grown-up.

Harlequin frivolously lazy Slowpoke
-Own Tempo-

Summary: Harlequin is so dumb it's not even credible, but his logic is irrefutable. He has an easygoing nature, and usually doesn't really take anything very seriously. He's also pretty straight-to-the-point, which is actually unbelievably rare for a Slowpoke.

Acrobat mischievously hipster Gligar

Summary: Despite being a flying-type, Acrobat likes to listen to quite underground music and read underground books and other subterranean stuff. He's a cynic and can't help but have an opinion on everything, which can be annoying sometimes. Other than that, he's pretty fun to hang out with, as his sarcastic humor is a delight for those who can appreciate it.

Autumn the dauntingly environment-friendly Snorunt
-Ice Body-

Summary: To put it nicely, Autumn has lot of faith in Pokhumanity and loves Earth and all the living beings it supports (she's a naive hippie). She's cheery and colorful, and this loveliness is the only thing preventing Acrobat and Aramis from crushing her heart with the cold truth.

Lupin the socially awkward penguin Ralts

Summary: Lupin isn't really comfortable with crowd and people in general, and thus prefers to stay apart from the rest of the team. He's very happy with that, mind you. Sometimes he considers the option to make friends, but he just can't get along with people; he can just love them from afar. He, however, does find a very reassuring presence in Nova, because of how she reminds him of his mother.

Ruby the will-breaking Absol

Summary: Okay, Ruby is really the one who sees the glass half empty. Then throws it on the ground and stares at you until you cry. She's a hardcore pessimist, and has confidence in none but herself. She doesn't trust anybody. Even her trainer has a hard time getting along with her. Apparently, her bitterness towards humanity was caused by a human she knew in the past, but no one can be sure as she never talked openly about it.

Newton the silent Accelgor

Summary: There is nothing else to say about Newton apart from that. He never spoke a word. His only ways of communicating with others are nodding, imperceptibly shake his head, take deep breaths or muttering a "Hrm." on rare occasions. Weirdly, this hasn't caused any problem with his teammates that now see in him a wonderful listener and wise adviser. Weird how a single gaze can make words obsolete.

Hat the hatted Dunsparce
-Serene Grace-

Summary: Hat likes hats. He wears a top hat all the time, top hat that containing all other types of hats. Apart from hats, Hat finds a hero and model in Charlie Chaplin, whom he venerates as soon as he stops thinking about hats. His objective is to become just like him, an actor in silent films (because his weirdly-shaped mouth make it difficult for people to understand when he speaks) and to wear a top hat (because he's just crazy about them, and the top one is by far his favorite).


Dusk Stone
Zoom Lens
Big Root
Expert Belt
Metal Coat
Lucky Egg (x3)
Wise Glasses
Muscle Band
Rocky Helmet
Life Orb
Eviolite (x2)
Soothe Bell
Toxic Orb
King's Rock
Razor Fang
Dawn Stone

Battle Record


Against I Liek Squirtles
Against Whirlpool

Against Chief Zackrai
Against Blastoise
Against ole_schooler
With Mawile, Against Whirlpool and RespectTheBlade
Against Someguy


Against Byrus [11]

On-going Battles

With The Omskivar, Against Metallica Fanboy and Light Yagami
Against Couloursfall
With DarkAura, Against Coloursfall and LegendarySeeker99
Against Blastoise II

Reffing Record

Completed Battles

Dapper Deathclaw vs. Ampharos
Lucas vs. Whirlpool
Melodic Harmony vs. The Omskivar (E-ref)
blazheirio889 vs. Grass King
Blinkingsky vs. Zapi
Squornshellous Beta vs. Skyman (E-ref, Draw by Request)

On-Going Battles

Effercon vs. Zhorken (E-ref)

Emergency Reffings

Squornshellous Beta vs. I liek Squirtles - round IV
Darksong vs. Mad MOAI - round VIII

Stock Arenas

Somewhat Simple

Arena: Professor Lab

Who's the said professor is not really important. It is a generic Professor Lab were starters are given away and where new trainers begin their journey to become the new Pokémon Champion, then register on Smogon and realize they suck and have their dreams shattered. Oh well. Said Professor (Actually let's just call him Prof. Said) left his town and lab for two trainers to battle, and he might regret it but anyways a bit of reconstruction work is a fart for the Almighty Prof. Said.

Anyways, the battle will take place outside the lab, because we want every move working, you know (There's also a stream for Surfing convenient isn't it). Since starter Pokémon will feel quite at home here, all attacks that match their type have their damage boosted by 2% after all calculations for 2% less energy. Besides that it's pretty much it.
Arena: The Coal Mine

The Coal mine is pretty gigantic, actually. Ran by the Ground gym leader of Unova (fuck whats his name) and connected by various rail tracks and bridges and holes in the walls, it converges to the very center of it where a large arena fine for battling lies. Lighten up by weak lanterns from the vault, the arena itself can contain pretty big battlers, however pokémon in need of water to survive won't be able to battle, as there is no water sources nearby (with the exception of small puddles).

Effects: Since the cave is quite dark, the move Flash have a 25% chance of lowering accuracy two stages instead of one, and moves using great amount of light will have double the chances of their effect kicking in. As only small puddles are at the disposition of the battlers, moves needing a water source (Surf, Muddy Water, etc) will have their base power quartered. Finally, if a pokémon uses a fire move exceeding 80 in power or that is widespread (read: Lava Plume), the workers will panic and hit the pokémon with rocks and shards and pickaxes, dealing 3% ground-type damage, 5% rock-type damage and 7% steel-type damage.
Somewhat Less Simple

Arena: Underground Forest

Several meters under the sands of the Sahara desert grows an otherworldly forest. Nourished by an underground river and lighten up by rays of sun coming from various holes in the vault, this forgotten ecosystem is the home of various plants and animals that live in perfect harmony.
The battle will take place in a vast and mossy plain, in the middle of this huge underground forest. The plain is divided in two halves by a river, wide enough to contain two Wailmers side by side. Since the current is quite strong, battling in the river will cost additional energy. The opposite half can be accessed by a wood bridge dammed by generations of Bibarels, however if the bridge is hit by a strong attack it may break apart. Sharp rocks are scattered throughout the arena, and one must be careful not to fall on those. The vault is high enough for any Pokémon to fly. Tall trees are also scattered on the plain, and home of various bugs and other arboreal Pokémon.


-- Due to the high humidity rate, all Water moves will deal an additional 1% damage and all Fire moves will deal 1% less damage after all calculations, and every mushroom-y Pokémon will gain a permanent +1 boost in special Defense, which isn't erased by Haze and co.
-- An action spent in the river will cost an additional 1% energy for water-type Pokémon and 2% for other Pokémon.
-- A Pokémon thrown against a rock will take 3% rock-type damage.
-- A Pokémon thrown against a tree will take 3% bug-type damage for disturbing its various inhabitants.
-- If the bridge is hit by an attack with 120 base power or higher, it will fall apart and the user of the move will be attacked by a horde of Bibarels that will deal 10% Normal-typed and 5% Water-typed damage.
-- At the beginning of each round, one of each of the following events will happen with equal possibility:

1. A bunch of Combee will fly around the battlers and give some Honey to each, restoring 5% Energy.
2. A Tropius will land near a random battler, offering a banana. The banana restores 5% Health.
3. A group of Jumpluff and Whimsicott will fly on top of a random battler, dropping cotton spores. The affected battler will be considered under the effects of Cotton Spore (-2 Speed) and Cotton Guard (+3 Defence) for the rest of the round.
4. A Nosepass will come rolling around clumsily. It has a 50% chance of hitting a random battler, dealing 5% Rock-Type damage. It will then feel terribly sorry and to catch up it will try to shield the hit Pokémon. For the rest of the round, all attacks aimed at the shielded Pokémon have half of their original accuracy.
5. A Slowpoke will come out of the river and activate the effect of Trick Room for the rest of the round. If Trick Room is already in effect, its duration will be extended by three actions.
6. A Luvdisk will swim to the battlers in the river and give them some help. Each battler currently in the river will regain 3% Health and Energy and will be cured of every status except infatuation.
7. A baby Kangaskhan will come running to the field and will sit there for the rest of the round. If a battler uses a damaging move that is wide-spread or has a chance to expand anywhere else than on the target, the baby will be hit and the mother Kangaskhan will arrive at very high speed and will strike the meanie with a terrible punch, dealing 10% Normal-type damage. Ghost-types are affected by this attack because the said Kangaskhan has the ability Scrappy. She will then flee with her baby.
8. A very noble and snobbish Ninetales will come out of the forest and will brag about the merits of Fire-types. Every Fire-type on the field will gain a +1 boost in Attack and Special Attack because of their increased confidence. This boost is permanent and can only be removed through the use of Haze and other boost-altering moves.
9. A group of Sneasel will appear out of what seems to be nowhere and steal the battlers’ item. If no item is hold, they will deal 4% Ice-type damage the Pokémon instead. The items are recovered after the battle, unless they are consumable (Berries, Air Balloon, Battery, etc.).
10. A lonely Shedinja will appear behind a random battler and transfer some Ghost-type energy. The battler gains the ability Wonder Guard for the rest of the round.
Arena: The fighting Dojo

Yes, the unofficial gym in Saffron City. It is just like in the games, so I won't bother with a precise description. Okay, I will. Walls of wood and floor of tatami, the fighting dojo is ideal for a quick 1 vs 1 fight between two eager battlers, and supervised by the Karate King himself. What most people ignore, though, is that the fighters practice a magical art from long ago, to shield their training spot from those pesky psychic-types next door. The area sports a various array of effects to spice things up, so don't expect a boring battle. At least, I hope so.


I. Fighting-type attacks deal 2% more damage for 2% less energy after all calculations.

II. Psychic-type attacks deal 2% less damage for 2% more energy after all calculations.

III. Flying-type moves deal half damage because of the enclosed environment.

IV. Moves that cause arena destruction aren't banned, but if they were used both battlers would be kicked out (the user sustaining a hefty 25% fighting-type damage, not affected by the damage cap) and the battle would continue outside, and all effects would disappear.

V. At the end of each round, the arena will change, each with equal possibility, and never the same twice in a row.

- Casual Dojo: The battle starts in this arena, and it has no particular effect over the battlers:

- Training Pond: The floor shifts and opens to reveal a pond below. The battlers have to stand on Bamboo sticks, reducing the accuracy of their contact moves by 10%. If they miss because of that, they will fall in the pond, sustaining 2% typeless damage from the fall, and lose an action as well as 2% energy to climb up again. If they are targeted by a contact attack while in the pond, the user will just wait, chilling out and recovering 5% energy. This doesn't count towards the chill limit.

- Training Course: The floor shifts and opens, revealing a heavy artillery of training devices, most of them being very dangerous to approach. If a battler uses a move requiring movement over a wide area, the will inevitably hit one of those machines, sustaining 5% steel damage.

- Training Machine: The floor shifts and opens, revealing a indestructible glass floor with flashing lights all over. This special training floor activates the effects of Trick Room, Gravity and Magic Room. Additionally, the machine absorbs the power of all moves, effectively only leaving contact moves to be damaging. Non-damaging moves still work.
Arena: The Piece Of Land With A Small Pink House That Hangs Up In The Sky

The name fits alright. The arena looks like a piece of land would look like if a giant had dug it out of the surface of the earth to place it several miles in the air, among the clouds, in total defiance of gravity. The land itself isn't very large, about twenty meters in diameter max, and there's a small pink house on the top-left corner of it. Actually the house isn't exactly pink, it's white with a pink roof and pink door and pink window frames, and there's also a small white closing made of wood and, surprise, an small pond enough to fit in, say... a Wailmer? Let's say a Wailmer and a quarter (a quarter of Wailmer). Apart from that and perhaps the most important thing to note is that there's an Apricorn tree in front of the house, and each other round a fruit will pop out, and the battlers will be able to use up an action to pick it up and eat it. If by the end of two rounds the Apricorn is still there, Kurt the Pokéball Master will arrive riding on a flying Slowpoke and pick it up himself, then leave with his Slowpoke activating the effects of Trick Room for the following round (just because he felt like it). The Apricorn rate and effect are as it follows:

9% Chance Each

- Red Apricorn, raises Attack one stage.
- Yellow Apricorn, raises Defense one stage.
- Blue Apricorn, raises Special Attack one stage.
- Green Apricorn, raises Special Defense one stage.
- Pink Apricorn, raises Speed one stage.
- White Apricorn, raises Accuracy one stage.
- Black Apricorn, raises Critical Hit Ratio one stage.

5% Chance Each

- Ruby Apricorn, raises Attack two stages.
- Topaz Apricorn, raises Defense two stages.
- Sapphire Apricorn, raises Special Attack two stages.
- Emerald Apricorn, raises Special Defense two stages.
- Garnet Apricorn, raises Speed two stages.
- Crystal Apricorn, raises Accuracy two stages.
- Onyx Apricorn, raises Critical Hit Ratio two stages.

2% Chance

- Super Extraordinary Amazing Rainbow Apricorn, the eater can now shoot rainbows from his belly for 6% rainbow-type damage (super-effective against EVERYTHING, meaning that yes Pokémon with two types will take double the damage), at the cost of 8% energy.

Apart from that amazing Apricorn tree, Pokémon may fall from the sky sometimes (We're in a sky, so obviously Pokémon have to fall down from it) a different rates, too, but those I won't tell exactly. Up to the ref. The Pokémon falling from the skies seem to be the same over time, and the apricorn guy made a list of them and the attacks they use while falling down.

I. Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple will use Tackle.
II. Poliwag will use Wake-Up-Slap.
III. Mantyke will use Bounce (Down).
IV. Whirlipede will use Steamroller.
V. Diglett will use Scratch.
VI. Makuhita will use Arm Thrust.
VII. Dunsparce will use Headbutt (yeah the sucker has Serene Grace annoying isn't it).
VIII. Stunfisk will use Spark.
IX. Lileep will use Ancientpower.
X. Torchic will use Mirror Move.
XI. Magikarp will use Outrage (once then disintegrate).

There is no way to tell how much Pokémon will fly down to the surface of The Piece Of Land With A Small Pink House That Hangs Up In The Sky, nor which ones they will be and which battlers they will affect or even when they will do, but once they do the battlers are free to use them as they wish. They can kick them out of the piece of land and down towards the other pieces of land under (except the Lileep, since it has Suction Cups it will stay where it lands but won't use any attacks), they can use them to hit their opponent in the face, they can use them as fashionable scarves, whatever.

One more thing, the land has infused the battlers with its Gravity-defying powers, so if the battlers were to fell down from it, they would float back up on it. These laws don't take place when on the actual piece of land, because I want ground-type moves to work dammit (even Earthquake, the piece of land is shakable but indestructible).

Finally, there's a railroad in the middle of the piece of land, and at the beginning of each round there's a rough 14.71% chance the train passes and deals 8% steel-typed damage to a random battler because it was randomly sitting on the railroad.

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